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hi nattan and petrina, very inspired by all your breastfeeding efforts.

yeah have u all experienced any constipation by the baby huh? all along my baby will poo each day. except for the last two days. now i breastfeed baby exclusively latch on as she rejected bottle even with EBM inside.

yeah read website tat for breastfeeding baby shouldnot have constipation. issit true huh? i am worried cos first time mum. any advice huh? when i should go see PD on this huh?

oh yes, can share whether what solid food to start for baby of 5 to 6 months huh? banana, avocado etc huh? what organic brands are good for baby huh?is happie melt good huh? or happie yogi good?

jus to share the baby market at expo has lots of baby brands on diapers and baby stuffs ...from 5 oct...at expo
No constipation. Just 5 days no poo record.. After which she poo regularly every 2 days once. Might be tummy adjusting. No worries.

I starting solids ard 6-7mths depending on her needs. Start small then once they have swallow reflex then can continue le.

Healthy timez or bellamys, earth's best all good. I used on #1.

Healthy timez more for teddy bear biscuits, bottle food.
Bellamy's for teething rusks
Earth's best for cereals.
Sunbelle, no constipation but there were a couple of times he didn't poo the whole day until just before bedtime :p My friend who breastfed her baby exclusively said her baby could go a whole week without poo. It's normal cos breast milk is very digestible and if your baby's digestive system is strong, there can be very little waste. Don't be too concerned.

Re food, I think it's a bit trial and error? Depends on the baby's taste also.. Heinz has an organic range as well, can try. But I think the best is make your own puree. Buy organic veg and steam then blend to make puree. You can make a big batch then freeze in small batches for future use. Healthier and more economical
hi petrina and nattan,

thank you so muchie for your advices and also suggestions

i have saved all your messages in my handphone for reference in two months time hehee

guess wat? today i drink prune juice, ABC juice and yet when she drink whole day breast milk latch on still din poo poo leh...hmmhmm last time usually after ABC sure poo...like wat petrina says, maybe she is adjusting ..i will monitor the situation closely .......

thank you
Hi nattan, petrina n eni
Really admire u gals feeding schedule.. How u gals rest?? Not tired somemore need to wakeup midnite to feed.. May i know how long is each time when u latch on? Really peifu..

I am a silent reader n hv been try hard to bf but supply run super low due to twins n hv to take care them well.. My maid sucks n cant help me so only me n my mum take care both bbies..;( hv 4 times blocked ducts n engorgement to high
fever issue as dun know how to massage n now at 3rd mth, can only pump 20ml each time.. Sadz.. Keep try hard hope to increase my supply now as already know how to massage.. Anyone got experience whether is it too late to increase supply? Sigh.. If i pump frequently, my supply more miserable so makes me more sad on why spend so much time to pump when nothing much..;( hv no time to latch too as when bb latch on, sure cry after tt then hv to feed fm again.. End up really no time to nap.. My boy super cranky at night n hv to wakeup every 2 n a half to 3hrly each time.. So tired n sleepy tt i really worry will fall sick if lack of sleep since cant afford to be sick with 2 bbies to take care..;( so really admire u gals on how u do it??

Btw gals, how u gals manage ur pump parts after each pump? Do u all always use detergent n sterilize it for 6-7 times per day if is exclusive pumping or?? Need advise on this too as find so tired to keep wash with detergent n sterilize it last few mths... Thk u all.
any breastfed babies having change in poo recently? my boy used to have yellow grainy poo but recently it became like a yellow cream paste and ultra smelly?
Hi Joanne, I co-sleep with my baby so I can just turn and feed him on demand. Previously my supply was also low as I was not disciplined in pumping at night after latching. But I decided to get up to pump after my baby goes to sleep and gradually my supply increased. I also make sure I drink a lot of fluids. My massage lady also advised me to use a hot compress or hot glass bottle to encourage milk flow and it rally helps. Use it while pumping to help unblock your milk ducts

Re sterilizing pump parts, I only wash and sterilize once per night, then put on paper towel to air dry before storing in an air tight container. After each use, can use an anti-bacteria wipe to clean before storing, then put the container in the fridge. I've been doing this since I started pumping on my friend's suggestion. Hope this helps.
Hi nattan
Oh.. Need antibacteria wipe? Where to get it?
Sigh.. I thot we must always sit to bf so very tiring.. So u co sleep already then wun there be a risk tt u press on bb when u fall asleep? Wonder how to sleep n latch bb as tts a gd idea but wun the other breast leak n very messy end up?
Joanne you can get the wipes anywhere like even from supermarkets. Use those labelled food safe. I think cos I sleep with bb, I'm more alert than usual. I'm very aware where he is. If you sleep latch,one side will definitely be engorged and leak. You must wear breastpads to soak up the leakage and try to wake up every few hrs to pump, good for increasing your supply too. Or you can switch sides at night to let bb latch the other side. If I'm too lazy to wake to pump, I do this :p
Joanne: i buy a huge lock lock.. boil water in the box using microwave.
then put all the parts into the box n cover. it will self sterilize.
to me no need to use boiling water. hot enuff can le.
usually sterilize in the morning.. then everytime after using, i'll wipe with dry tissue and use the same water to soak.
before using just fling water away or wipe dry before using.
water is still clean, i treat it as rinsing.

i leave my funnels n bottles in box over night then rinse n boil water n soak every morning.
i use pump 2x a day. so not very dirty. if i need to use 3rd time i usually will use running water to rinse before using.

that is how i store n wash in office.
hi cyn,

thank you very much for sharing.

jus to share that my baby gal poo poo this morning ..so happie to see it and praise her for it. we mums are funny, poo poo last time, seems to have to clear it..when no poo poo, also worry heheeh from this on, i have always clearing poo poo is good hehehe
Hi J03,

take it easy, is all about regular pumping for breastmilk. all the ladies here have put in lots of effort to pump.

jia you!
Ginger, its norm on the change in poo.

Hi ladies, my son poo has slight blood stains in his last 2 poos. Have u all encounter before? Not sure what I ate but I rem previous month also encounter b4 after I eat KFC, same for this 2days ago... But this time, slightly more obvious...
Hi Joanne,

A lactation consultant told me that other than massage, block ducts could also be due to the incorrect size of breast shields.

I can totally understand the lack of sleep part. Previously, my baby keeps waking up every hourly, (sometimes if we are lucky) 2hrs but now she manages to sleep at night for 6-9hrs straight after a visit to a consultant for sleep assessment.
Hi pep
Wah.. What did the sleep consultant does to makes ur bb sleep so long.. Going back to work soon so cant afford to keep wakeup.. Is it expensive n how they did it?? Thk u..
Hi Joanne,

When I first visited the consultant 2 weeks ago, she asked me what is wrong with my baby etc before saying that my baby need to undergo sleep assessment.

The consultant will then ask a series of questions like how we feed the baby, routines etc and you have to show her what you normally do..

For my case, it was established that everything we did was incorrect(despite the fact that my CL was an experienced lady who handled many babies), from how we feed her to burping to putting her to sleep..

Putting things in the right perspective was a little tough esp since she was 2 months old at that time but you have to follow her instructions strictly.

I think I spent more than $150 for that session. I observed what they do and use and I bought the Zaky hand (even though they did not ask us to buy) to try to mimic closely how they put her to sleep.
Ginger, your baby's poo can change with your diet. For example the other day I had ban-mian twice in consecutive days. My son's poo had an obvious ikan bilis smell from the fried ikan bilis added to the noodles! If you eat durian, the smell may be even stronger. Similarly the consistency of the poo may change also, perhaps due to the change in fat levels in the bm?

Sunbelle, haha.. ya.. when there's poo, complain about the mess, when no poo, worry whether the baby is constipating. But I always like my son to poo at least once or twice a day. It lets me know he had enough to drink and the colour lets me know his digestive system is healthy

Shawnjas, I've never heard of blood in the poo before... perhaps you should check with your PD?

Hi pep81, just curious where did you see your sleep consultant?
bzmommie, yes, I have heard about oatmeal being a boost to bm. I've been eating oatmeal regularly, but now I am eating it every morning for breakfast. I have bought 2 bottles of fenugreek, but will hold on to them for awhile.

Cyn, these past two weeks, baby started feeding more often. Sometimes every 1-1.5 hours. Still not sure whether i should wait for the demand to kick in first before taking fenugreek or eat fenugreek now to increase and get ready for the possible increase of milk I have to provide for my baby.

One of the concerns is her fussing and crying when she is given the bottle. As soon as i give her my breast, she would feed and stop crying. I don't want to make it a habit of giving her my breasts. I am working now and I'm afraid she won't feed with the bottle when i am at work. My heart so pain seeing her cry with streaming tears
Seriously, i am beginning to think that I have made a mistake by starting work early.

Joanne, I feel sad with you when I read about your struggles. Stay positive and don't give up. Are you drinking enough water? And are you taking calcium supplements? You must drink a lot of water especially if you want to breastfeed your twins. Sometimes I drink for the sake of drinking until i feel like vomitting. I am still taking the same multi vitamins (prescribed during my pregnancy) now together with the calcium supplements. I am also taking Mother's MILK HERBAL TEA, but had to order from the States through Amazon. Check this link. http://www.amazon.com/Traditional-Medicinals-Organic-Mothers-16-Count/dp/B0009F3POY
Have you talked to your OBGYN or lactation specialist? Please don't be too hard on yourself okay if you cannot pump enough. Everyone is different.

As for the pump, yes, I sterilize it EVERY time i use it, even when I pump at 2a.m. I wash it first with soap in warm water before sterilizing it. It is a lot of work, but hubby and I don't want to take the chance. I guess washing it in hot water is also alright.

Ginger, no change yet in my baby's poo, but her urine smells stronger now. But from what I've read and heard from friends, the older our baby gets, the smellier their poo will be. Especially when they have started solids.

Mommies, does your baby poo everyday? My baby doesn't anymore. Sometimes she didn't poo for 2 or 3 days and when she does, holy moly, it is ALOT!!

Sunbelle, agree with you. I am so happy when my baby poos.

Shawnjas, have you seen the pediatrician? I don't think it is normal for baby's poo to contain blood. The only time my baby's poo was different was when I ate a lot of spicy curry. Poor baby. Not only she fussed so much, but her poo was watery. I swore off spicy food after that one incident.
Thk u gals for ur advise on bf.. U gals r my role model..prefer pump than latch as bb oways dun drink enough now.. So time spend more to latch then feed.. Hence, i hope exclusive pumping every 3 hr can help me get more milk.. Just tt wonder is it too late now at 3rd mth? ;(

Hi eni
No.. Not taking any calcium supplement, didnt know tt calcium can encourage more milk??? Hv been taking the small pkt of anlene n ammum.. Does it help or enough?? Btw, where to buy calcium supplement? Few wks ago, i notice i cant stand up when sit on the floor.. My legs bone no strength but after i take anlene 4x calcium, can stand up easily now.. Can imagine how much calcium we lost after giving birth.. Btw, wht brand of calcium supplement u bought? Think i really need tt and i thot drink milk will do but not really true..;(

Btw gals, i still hv obinmin not finish during last pregnancy, can we take it now to treat as multivitamin??
Hi Joanne,
It was my OBGYN who prescribed me with the calcium supplement when I had my 'after birth' check-up with her. She said new mothers do need Calcium supplement.We covered everything from doing the pap smear to breastfeeding my baby. The supplement is called Caltrate 600+D. I am lactose intolerant and have been drinking Vitasoy instead to get some fluid milk in me. As for the multi-vitamins, it was actually my baby's PD who told me to continue and when I informed my OBGYN, she agreed and topped up my supplies for another 4 months.

I had very strong joint pains too, especially my knees and I still have them. Sometimes it is hard to get up from sitting down/laying down. It is better now, but not gone.
Hang in there ok, I'm sure it'll eventually get better for all of us
Joanne, latching is definitely better than pumping as the baby can empty more milk from your breasts than your pump. After pumping, I usually can still hand express out some more so the pump is not 100% effective. You can let your baby latch on after pumping to send the message to your brain to produce more milk. Whether this is too late or not, I think it's still worth a try since you have 1 more month of leave to go. Don't give up yet

Re calcium, actually studies have shown that you don't need to supplement if you are already consuming 1000mg of calcium a day as per your age group. But as I can't be sure I get that amount everyday, I take a 600mg Caltrate 600+D tablet everyday to supplement and also drink Horlicks as it is calcium enriched also. I don't like to drink maternal milk :p If you drink Anlene/Anmum, it should be fine. If you want to eat the tablet, you can find it any pharmacy.

Re pregnancy supplements, yes it's ok to finish it.
Hi my bb girl was born on 18 June 2012. Just went back to work last week.

I have a son born in Jan 2009.

I sent a request to join the FB group - my name is Leona. Hope can be approved!
Re baby's poo... my baby poos on alternate days now. And sometimes it's A LOT. So much that the poo leaks out from the back when I put my baby down to change him.

Re supplements... I'm taking Obimin too. My gynae prescribed it to me after I delivered, so I just continued taking it. The package instructions say it's suitable for lactating women too, so I'm intending to take it until I stop bf.
for me is the opposite. if my boy latch he drinks very little and will fall asleep. he drinks much more from bottle. think the cuddling during latch warms/secure him so he sleeps. so i pump the milk and feed via bottle then hand express out the rest.
Hi eni, nattan and bzmmomie
Thks so much for ur advise and being so helpful.. Ok, shall get the calcium tablet fr guardian..;) n wil continue my obmin.. Whether is a success later in bf or not, at least i tell myself tt i hv try my best..;) yes, agree tt pump dun empty our breast well so i oways do hand express after pump.. Hope is able to empty my breast n hope not too late to tell my brain to give me more milk.. Pray hard..;)
I have been pumping almost since day 2 in the hospital. The first month was tough cos I had oversupply issues and engorgement was so bad. Being inexperienced and yet kiasu wanted to producing as much milk as I can, I continued to pump and latch occasionally. I have to confess as much as I enjoy the bond latching with baby, maybe initially my girl took longer to drink and I always felt so hot and sweating during latching, I preferred to pump and share the burden of bottle feeding with the CL and my hub. Plus I was trying to figure out my supply.

I started pumping like every 3 hourly and then by and by when I finally got a hang of it at the end of the first month, I started to stretch the timing a little cos being alone at home with baby, just find it hard to have time to pump so often. I have to admit that washing and sterilizing the parts are a real hassle esp when I used to need to pump in the middle of the night. I actually have 3 full sets of the pumping parts so I always have a clean set at any time. I will wash them in one big batch and sterilize them.

Now my pumping schedule has been more or less fixed at 4x a day - sufficient to cover my girl's daily requirements of close to 800ml.

But eating and drinking to replenish our body's requirements is really very important. BF is really not easy and it's sheer determination that make the mummies push on. It is a personal choice - I feel that if BF has become such a stressed and painful thing for any mummy that she is depressed, stop doing so then. Don't let BF take away the true joy of enjoying time with your baby. Babies will soon grow up and you don't want to regret than the first 6 months u spent all your time being depressed about BF and not enjoying the joy of babyhood.

I am still eating like a cow and drinking like a camel. My girl just turned 3 months and I celebrated that by returning to my exercise regime. LOL! I think you guys know how much of a regular workout freak I can be. hopefully it will help me tone up and feel more like myself.

btw, did anyone here just join the FB group? Do say hi and identify yourselves.
Going back to work on 1st Oct.. Have been trying to schedule all my pumping session according to if I go back to work.

I realize my milk supply is lower than when I get back to work during my #1's time!!
The reason is because my left breast is not productive at all! It only half the supply of my right and half the supply I used to have last time

But right now my supply is totally just nice to accommodate baby needs. And I found it is difficult to increase the left breast supply now.

But last time my #1 is not latching at all when I went back to work, that time I can produce 220+ml each pumping session, totaling about 1 L everyday. This time around, I only produce about 140-180 ml (Left boob only 60 ml, right boob 120 ml) each pumping session
.. And the same, I pump 4 times a day. (but some of the session I only pump a bit because I am still latching).

This time around my #2 has not shown any latching strike and I hope she wont!! Otherwise I might not be able to accommodate her demand huhuhu..

Mummies who are total latch when reaching home, how is your schedule?
Do you pump first if baby still not hungry? (example: last feeding at 5, you reach home at 6.30 but last time u pump is at 1 pm)

I remember one of the reason my #1 not wanting to latch anymore might be because I pump first and leave her only a little milk when she latch. huhu..
I found the reason why my left breast lower supply:
- In the early stage I very very rarely pump milk, because I have mastered latching in public. Last time during my #1 time, I always pump milk before I went out, usually after I latch baby! Becoz I am still afraid to latch in public that time.
- I latch more on my right side in the early stage because it feels heavier than my left (as the boob is smaller, therefore easier to get filled). Last time during my #1 time I always latch my left and pump my right becoz my right breast has shorter nipple difficult to latch (which right now during #2 has become protruding out therefore easier to latch!)
- I drink pregnancy milk when I was pregnant with #1, and when I pregnant with #2 I rarely drink that milk and just eat Calcium tablet
- Becoz of the above reason, soon after #1's birth, both breast produced colostrum. For my #2, the left breast is not producing colostrum yet, need to squeeze real hard to see, in a few hours after birth. And that might be the reason why I have lower supply on my left breast too!!

Just my few cents, and next time if I ever get pregnant again, I will definitely drink the pregnancy milk diligently!

And you know what, my #2 is a lot bigger than my #1! About 1 kg different every month! She drinks a lot more than #1! So why is the lower supply :'(

My left breast used to be super powerful. Always producing at least 1/3 more than the right side. My total amount after each session around >200ML. Then recently, my left breast like decided to go on strike - blocked milk ducts and super engorged - milk cannot come out. My hub helped to massage and finally cleared the blockage. The supply from the left has dropped to be the same as the right now.

Do you guys have one boob bigger than the other? My left is much bigger and it's obvious (at least to me). sigh.

ironically as well, my left boob initially was bigger thsn right (before giving birth to #1). During my #1 time it is about same size.
Now becoz of the half supply, it becomes smaller
Groovy, pregnancy milk helps to increase supply ah? No wonder. I drank very little..dislike that taste:/

My milk supply is insufficient so gotta supplement. Sometimes only miserably 20ml. Well, to me every drop counts. To be honest, life during maternity leave would be super relexed if baby only drinks FM loh. Haha. Anyway just gotta persevere.
Am New to June forum.. Previously from July but bb came out on 30 june! Dread the day I need go work! Can't bear to b apart from my precious one..
Halo mummies, just requested to be join the FB group.
So long nv been to the thread.. Super busy. Looking forward to join some of the gatherings..
Any mummies have their menses back?
My menses came back super early this time round and cause a drop in my milk supply.. Now trying hard to build back again.
Nattan & Eni: been busy lately looking for a maid cos I observe my mil last week & confirm she couldnt cope alone with my elder son and my Bb. Now Filipinos fast grabbing & it's expensive to have one.
I brought my son to pd last Friday as stool has blood again. Pd checked his rectum got tears so most likely due to too much force when pooing though his stool are watery.
Also did a stool culture test (48hrs) & result is norm. Given a cream to apply & tore recover le..
Joanne, I'm sure the supplements will help us. Not only for our milk supply, but also our bones. Stay positive
My knees are also still weak. Sometimes, I feel SO old! We are all in this together. I also use my hand to express whatever milk left after using the pump. Usually there is always some left.

Groovy, all the best. This is my 3rd week of working and I still feel sad (and still cries) when I have to leave my baby in the morning. Heart pain. But it is slightly better now for me.

Bambi, welcome
My baby girl was born on June 29
Yes, It will be a tad hard when we have to go back to work, but I'm sure you'll get through it like me. I miss her so much when I am not with her and my heart is not 100% at work, but knowing my baby is safe at home, it does help. Like what my OBGYN and baby's PD said, they (our babies) will be okay, it is mostly US who have to go through the separation anxiety. It is not fair, however everyone has to do what is right for them and what they feel comfortable with, also the financial aspect is a factor too.

princessdella, you are not alone. Mine just came 3 days ago and I cried buckets fearing that my milk supply will drop.
I've read when someone latches and pumps regularly, they will not get their period, but seems like everyone is different. It was so upsetting at first. I thought there was a slight drop in mine on the first day or two, but it hasn't been too bad. I am diligently pumping when I am not latching and drinking a lot of fluid, including the milk tea. Hopefully everything is going to be okay. I managed to pump 260 ml in one sit yesterday afternoon. Been massaging my breast too. I think i have a little engorgement on my right breast now. A bit hard..Hopefully, it'll be okay by tonight. It normally takes 24-48 hours for my engorgement to subside. trying to stay positive...

Shawnjas, I am sorry to hear about your baby's tear. I hope he is not in pain. I don't think so though. I'm glad you brought him to see the PD.
Hope you got a good maid. Yes, maid now is ex! Very the pekcek.

Take care all mommies.
Hi Eni
I just bought the calcium pills u gals mention few days ago but i notice there is this 200 vit D and 400 vit D packaging.. May i know which one ir gynea prescribe to u??

Btw, if ur bb born on 29th June, why r u back at work so soon?? My bbies born on 30th June and now i am clearing leave as save my 4th mth maternity leave to next year..;)
Hi Joanne,
As for the calcium pills, my OBGYN prescribed me with 400 vit D. I eat twice a day. Morning and evening. Going to stock some more soon as mine is running out soon.

I'm already working because I took a very early maternity leave. I started 2 months before my due date. Starting work only 2 months after delivery hasn't been easy for both my physical and emotional state...VERY HARD to leave my baby when I have to walk out of the door to go to work. Terrible feeling
Will not recommend to any Mommy to start that early..
Thk u Eni for ur advise.. Oh, i thot one day eat one will do.. Ok, will take 2 pills fr tomorow onwards..
I see..ya, am expect will miss bbies so much tt i save all my leave n never touch at all during first half year n rather use it now.. At same time to prepare my elder son for coming exam..;) but time flies, soon i will hv to go back to work too.. Sadz..;(
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<font color="aa00aa">pep81,
Can you please PM me the contact details of the consultant for the sleep assessment as you do not accept PM? TIA!</font>