(2012/06) Jun 2012

<font color="0077aa">Calling all Jun 2012 mummies...

I just tested +hpt these few days. EDD expected to be 4 Jun 2012. Waiting to visit gynae to confirm. :D</font>

Congrats Sapphire!

I'm an EDD Apr 2012 mummy, was gonna see the Apr thread then realised WOW the June thread is up!

Welcome welcome!!!
<font color="0077aa">Thanks, LittleDd! Guess I'm just KS to test so early. Jun thread up also means you're nearer to 2nd trim
Hey! wow! so good to see a June one! =)
I was aiming for a end June - early july actually. lol.

I am a May Mommy
hi mommies

I have an extra brand new (in box) tube of Elancyl Stretch marks Prevention Cream (150ml, expiry dated Jan 2015), bought from Guardian Pharmacy, would like to let go at S$30. Retail price is S$47.30. Self collection in the west/central area. If keen, please PM me. Thanks very much!

Hi, I tested positive with blood test yesterday. But very early in pregnancy , only 45.5 IU/L. So baby most probably out in June. Havent seen gynae yet. This is my second baby
Hi I tested postive last friday, just wonder any one got any pregnancy systoms, i only got sore breast, frequent urine at night and tired...other than that nothing. Should i be worry how come i got not much systpoms ?
<font color="0077aa">yip, thanks for dropping by

welcome, fisherbaby, shirley and babiesmeme!

babiesmeme, it's still early. for my #1, i got spotting at wk 6 and ms started ard wk 7. hopefully this time round i get none of these.
I've got no symptoms either. Every pregnancy is different. Maybe symptoms will show later. Don't worry, think happy thoughts
Hi ladies,

I just tested positive yesterday evening... not sure i'm in how many weeks though.. but feeling super excited. When i'm with my no.1 (girl-2.5yrs) i had no symtomps at all... smooth thru out the whole pregnancy...

babiesmeme, me too had the same thing as you... other than tat, im eating alot more den usual! Esp craving for spicy food!

Congrats to everyone btw!
hee... saw this jun thread today... wow... hee... congrats to mummies to be this month... i am from march thread... smiles...

Can I know who's your gynae? I'm trying out NUH Dr Chua coz it's near to my place. Prefer lady gynae...so far other than tired I have no other symptoms, hope it stays this way
But I just felt that my waist disappears &amp; tummy is bloating out. I know it's too early, but just feel that I'm growing flesh everywhere!
shirlykoh, me too! kept feeling very bloated tummy very big, despite my already big tummy... it's making things worst.. i shld be in my week 5 now.. going to see gyane next week!

i'm going to see Dr Benjamin Tham at TMC.

My previous gyane was Dr Lawrence Ang.
<font color="0077aa">I'm still undecided on which gynae to go to. Tentatively made appt with dr sl goh at kkh on 12 oct. Still hoping to find a female gynae that has an earlier slot and charges not so high. Can't wait to do the first scan!</font>
Hi junior me, thank you for your congratulations, so kind of u.

Shirley, my friend recommended a lady doc at nuh by the name of dr Su lin lin. Patient n caring. U might want to Try her out?

I'm also considering Which gynae to use, previously used dr Tc chang at tmc. I stay at woodlands... So far from everywhere.
Hi all, I just tested positive a few days ago too. Waiting to set up gynae Appt to confirm. Due date is 4 June. Congrats to all mummies-to-be here!
Hi ladies,
congratulations i tested tve last nite too( clearblue digital says 1-2 weeks). According to my gynae Dr Phua Soo Mear, my uterus lining has thickened n this tiny black dot in the ultrasound might be the sac. Gynae says cant determine if the pregnancy is safe till 2 wks later. crossing my fingers.
Hi ladies
Just tested positive today , clear blue says 3+ which means about 4 weeks preg? This is my 2nd pregnancy , not very planned actually . Still in a state of shock .
Welcome Welcome!


it's my second pregnancy too... think i'm like more chill... hahah.. excited though.. cos the gab between my #1 and this will be about 3yrs, so consider just nice.. hehe!
I jus experienced spotting
so went to see gynae straight away. Was given progesterone pills to stablish pregnancy. Quite scary
hi mummies,

I am April 2012 mummy..Congrates to all mummies here...

I have 1 bottle of New Obimin which bought last Thursday and take only 1 tablet.

Let me know if anyone interested
hi all,

congratz all mummies here!

i was tested positive a few days ago too! this is my 2nd pregnancy as well. My daughter is turning 3 yrs old this Dec. Seems that there are some mummies here who are the same as me...;)

my first gynae apptment is at 13 Oct..as she's really packed. hence i cant cfm my edd.
<font color="0077aa">welcome, michelleT, favoured, Wan Ling, shermine and m_int!

shermine, u could be 5 weeks or more.

Fisherbaby, don't be too worried. spotting is quite common. i had it during my 1st preg. btw, how many weeks u're in now? when was ur last menses date if u dun mind me asking?</font>
I have sad news. After work I started bleeding. When to see the gynae and he said baby was unstable. Given pills and asked to go home.
At home, I started bleeding more. Went to KK a&amp;e and had blood test taken. Went home to wait for phone call. Doctor called me at 1 am. Said he HCG levels had fallen instead of risen.
Baby was lost.
I couldn't help crying most of the night. Even now I feel very sad. Sad that I never got to know that baby...
Hi fisherbaby, i am in same situation as you few weeks back.
Did you take blood test to know what cause is that?
fisherbaby sorry to hear about that.. pls stay strong and take care now.. its nature's was of selecting only the fittest .. i read a story of a mummy in another thread where her dr tried all sorts of methods to keep the baby, the baby did manage to survive through the pregnancy but was born with so many birth defects..
I took a blood test, but only know that the HCG had fallen to 14. Was not told about the cause. Doc says she also doesnt know. Perhaps it's unhealthy or perhaps it's other reasons. I do have borderline hypothyroidism, not sure if that's a cause too. Very depressed. Though I know it's all God's will, but I'm emotionally still very shaken. I find myself talking to that unborn baby and crying each time I do that.
Dear Fisherbaby,
Hugz. My gyna mentally prepared me by saying dat 1-2 in 10 pregnancies miscarry n usually its due to some chromosome defects in the embryo. so it might be nature's grace. stay strong k. mine's also unstable so im on progesterone.

I had a miscarriage earlier this year too. Don't be sad. Maybe as the others had said, it might be due to some defects. In this case, it will be better for you. Friends also told me that maybe this particulart baby is not fated to be here. I am sure you will be preg again soon.

Take care
Thank you for all encouragement and support. I had been in tears much of the morning. I am calmer now. It was quite an experience, super frightening followed by overwhelming sadness and disappointment. I will never forget this incident and how I survived it with many of your kind words. May God bless all of you Mummies out there. I will pray for your safe pregnancies. (something that made me even sadder was that I lost my baby on the day of my first baby's birthday. I was so frightened by the bleeding that I didn't spend much time with last night before I left for a&amp;e --- she stays overnight at my mom's place)
Sorry to hear about that. You must stay strong and take very good care of yourself. May God help you to pull through this.

Anyone here can tell me when to take the pregnancy test at home?

My menses is late for one week already, and tested using the Guardian test strips (cheapest one SGD7.95) last night, but the results turned to be negative. Is that I'm testing too early? Or the test strip is not sensitive enough?

Try and test using another brand. I also used the Guardian one-step pregnancy test kit twice (1 day and 4 days past my menses due ) and both negative. Today I tested again (6 days past menses due) with another brand, "Fortel" from Watsons ($8.60), and came back positive.

All the best!
<font color="0077aa">welcome, all the new mummies here.

Precioushow, u can make appt with gynae already. Best to go ard 6 wks as that's abt the time u can see heartbeat.

What a nice new thread... I just went to my gynae yesterday.. my EDD is 5th June!
This is my 2nd baby.

I m already feeling sick.. did not feel like this with my daughter

HiHi mommies... first time mom and I've just tested positive 2 days ago and not sure how many weeks preg but have been trying for more than a year no news and suddenly it happen still in denial state.

Btw is it ok to tell ppl tat your are preg b4 3 months its like a myth that the old ppl believe.

Trying to find a gynae now to confirm the pregnancy not sure which one is good thou. Any recommendation would like to find one at Gleneagles