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hi smilez,

how is your baby doing huh? heheheh my gal currently is drinking littie from bottle - we are trying to change that hehee

heheh she keeps on wanting to stand now....

hi nattan and petrian and moi : how are you all huh? groovy? everything okie on your side huh?

cyn : coping well huh? mi still taking care of my baby and realise that they seem to change behaviours recently....she will always cry before sleeping. is tat a trend in baby huh?

Thk u moi for all the link and information..;) did u try on any of the herbs? Btw, can we really take so much of domperidone? Anybody here did it? As my bro send me this article found on eb n send to me.. Makes me afraid to take to so many though it really helps me to continue hv breast milk but only consume 3 times 1 pill a day.. If i consume more may hv more milk too but safe for bb?

"In June 2004, the FDA issued a letter warning women not to take domperidone, citing unknown risks to parents and infants, and warned pharmacies that domestic sale was illegal, and that import shipments from other countries would be searched and seized. Domperidone is excreted in breast milk, and no studies on its effects on breastfeeding infants have been reported in the literature."
Hi Joanne, I'm taking fenugreek 3 capsules x 3 times a day and domperidone 2 tablets x 3 times a day. The fenugreek was prescribed by LC and the domperidone was prescribed by gynae.

This really helped to increase my supply, from having to supplement with fm at every feed to supplementing only once a day now.

The pharmacist told me not to take domperidone beyond 3 months. So far I've taken for 2 months and no side effects. I'll probably stop once I reach 3 months.
<font color="aa00aa">sunbelle,
So far things are fine as I'm still on leave. Will be going back to work in a month's time (taking own leave).

Now, my challenge will be introducing bottle to bb since he has been latching directly since birth.

Realised that I drop more hair recently as our pregnancy hormones are drastically reduced. Hope I won't have bald patches.</font>
Thk u bzmommie for ur update.. Ur gynea asks u take 2 tab each time too? Didnt know tt we can take more than 3 mths.;( but motilium really help me increase my bm supply back after almost stop few wks ago.. Wonder shd i take 2 tabs each time to increase more too.. But i already take it for few mths, wonder wht will be the consequence if take more than 3 mths? Anyway, i scare if stop n milk supply drop? Will tt happen??

Thk u moi for the link again..;)
Hi Sunbelle, I'm coping fine, just trying to enjoy the last of my maternity leave before going back to work in less than 2 weeks' time...

Babies generally will fuss before sleeping if you don't recognise their cue to sleep, ie yawning and rubbing their eyes and ears. Try to put away all forms of stimulation eg sounds and visuals the next time you see your baby showing signs of tiredness and quickly put her to sleep in a quiet environment. Over-stimulation makes babies cranky

Joanne, I used to take a fenugreek and blessed thistle tincture capsule (Motherlove) 3x a day, but now I take a single fenugreek capsule from GNC once a day only. As for domperidone, I have not tried it as I don't know how the drugs may affect the baby. Anyway since the fenugreek works, I decided not to take other supplements. I believe these supplements help to boost the supply for a while but the best way to increase and keep the supply up is letting your baby latch. So keep latching and pumping to keep your milk flowing
Hi Joanne, yup the domperidone 2 tablets x 3 times a day dosage was prescribed by gynae. But I'm starting to slowly decrease the dosage before I eventually stop.

If bm supply drops, I'll just supplement more with fm. After struggling with bm supply issues for nearly 4 months, I've decided not to stress myself over giving fm. After all, most of us were given fm ourselves and I think we turned out ok!

If you are using domperidone, do note that there are two brands, Mortilium and Doridone. Both are 10mg tablets, but Mortilium costs $18 for a box of 30 tabs, while Doridone costs $1.10 for a packet of 10 tabs. Big difference in price!
Eni, yeah, not fair to us ! M getting real n real anxious . 2 weeks more! Urgh..
Used to need ot occassionally, nw i tink i will just fly home!

Joanne, our bb r born on same day!
Hi Joanne,you are welcome
Hope everything is getting better for you! My baby girl is now pushing away her milk bottle during feeding time. This was this weekend. She only wants my breast. Now I'm afraid she won't feed properly when I am at work.
I can't believe how much I cringe now with the thought of going to work in the morning. I absolutely hate it. Heart pain when not with baby..
You hang in there too. At least you are still on leave now. Still can enjoy waking up together with your baby.

Thanks moi for the link. Yes, ordering from Amazon was a bit dear. I think there is somewhere in Singapore that is also selling Mother's Milk, but they are expensive. I wonder why can't these people charge us accordingly, rather than jacking up the price.

Hi there bambi, Yes, definitely not fair to us! Sometimes I get angry at the system, but what to do.. Enjoy your 2 weeks with baby.
AND when you start work, make sure you fly home punctually if you can help it. I am the same. I won't wait a minute longer. My baby is more important.

for those asking for member addition to the facebook group, pls identify yourself here first.. cause there r many new additions and our babies' photos r exposed so we wanna be caution with our invites.. Thanks
hi, i just arrived at this thread. i have an older child who's 6yo and a younger child born earlier in june this year. can i join the smh june fb group?
Thks bzmommie
Wonder why the big difference in price for both drug too? N their function is same right? Hmm..

Hi bambi
So coincident..;) wht time ur bb born? Also fr tmc??

Hi eni
Yes, i will fly home too after work especially i will miss not only one but two bbies so much.. Dun think will hv mood to work too..;(

Returned to work already but taking lots of leaves becoz my #1 who I've just enrolled in childcare since September keeps getting sick! Arrghhhh.. Wanted to get very very very mad. Because when she's sick she'll stick to me like crazy and cries mama mama all the time.
It's fine if I don't have the younger one. But now with the younger one as well, who is still nursing, and I need to pump as well, and work in office, and LACK OF SLEEP BECOZ THE SICK KID ALWAYS WAKE UP AT NIGHT!!! Going to be crazy

Hopefully she'll get better soon. Today is 7th day of fever already. Going to bring her to doctor only tonight becoz hubby happily goes for his retreat!!!. Last last week she has fever for 7 days.

Some more my hubby. Join this catholic group, he said NEED to go for retreat twice in a year. What the heck? And why HE CHOOSE TO GO AFTER BABY BORN NOT DURING MY PREGNANCY???????????


Even though he said he has sacrificed his retreat he still go back home instead of staying in the retreat house.
AND HIS RETREAT IS IN JB some more??????

He said he need to gain something spiritual etc, but look at me ranting and cursing here. So he's free from sin but I gained sin.
<font color="aa00aa">groovy2009,
You really need the support and help from him, esp. during this period when #1 is sick &amp; #2 is still a baby.

Is it possible to speak to someone from his religion group to talk some sense into him or see if he can postpone the retreat till things are better?</font>
huhu.. He actually goes retreat just like if he goes to work, from 6 AM, goes home at 6 pm..

He asked me if he needs to be at home or not, and I said up to you lor. Yesterday he's at home..

For me, I gets very very tired if I'm at home, my #1 will stick to me like crazy, then I need to still latch my #2, or pump, in both cases will make my #1 keeps crying when I do so if she has her fever..

He already paid for his retreat that's why I think he doesn't want. The problem I want to rant is why he choose these time? But then if I really looked back before that it's her mother passed away period then he got no time to go. But then don't know also he never really discussed with me when can he go. And of course I didn't ask as well.. Maybe NEXT YEAR I REALLY NEED TO ASK HIM WHEN WILL U GO WHY NEVER DISCUSSED WITH ME?????

He's the type super blur one never prepare early..

Some more last Monday my baby jab, he paid for it never asked why so expensive!! It turns out the doctor also injected pneumococcal that we can pay using medisave but the nurse never asked us if want to pay using medisave or not but he paid using cash already cannot revert! ARGHHH!!!
Sometimes I can get really crazy about his blur ness, especially about $$.

In the doctor I need to be the one talking. Then also forgot to mentioned to doctor last monday that my elder child also has runny nose.
Only mentioned sore throat cough. But I am to be blamed as well so blur that day too.
I have already put in my mind never ever made my 2nd child go for pneumococcal vaccination early as all my friends said not necessary during baby time injected 3 times, if older can inject 2 times only cheaper.

In the end the doctor already injected and we never asked why twice injection each one is what.

Becoz that day I carry my elder one who is stick to me and she keeps whining huhuhu mama huhuhu mama so I can't think also. Hubby carries the young one he should be the one asking what???

We both blur parents sometimes I keep asking why??? I was raised in a non blur family leh! Both my parents are super attentive always thinks lots of things
<font color="aa00aa">ICIC.
I think both of you are stressed, esp. you.
Yes, having cash in hand is important but since he'd already paid for it, there's no use blaming him and yourself over it.

My hubby is also like that and I always have to tell him in advance about such stuff, and so, usually I'll handle it. And, I would suggest bringing baby for jab w/o the elder kid if possible so that you won't be distracted by #1.</font>
moi, ya lor I won't bring my #1 if she's not sick.. I thought went together becoz #1 also need to see doctor becoz she has fever. Sigh..
the thing that made me most angry this morning is:
- My baby wake up in the morning. I latch, then I asked my hubby how much EBM I have in the fridge in total, in how many mls, whether it's enough for 5 feed or not. In the end, hubby only said not enough, then put down 1 frozen EBM..

I pump, then when I saw my fridge got 6 bottles of EBM already, 3 full, 3 not full. Where got not enough??? My hubby never count that I will still pump before going to office. My last pump is 5 hours before baby wakes up. Baby drinks where got fully empty breast meh?????????
that's why he also never listen to instruction properly. I only asked him to count properly how many MLs in the fridge then let me know. Instead he so smart just said not enough. And he did report to me twice, I already asked him to count twice some more, already said to him 1 bottle is 200 mls if full, if not full need to see how much and let me know the total.. sigh...
Because when my #1 is sick I don't really want to give frozen EBM to #2. Because I know my body also produced antibodies to fight germs from #1 so it's better to give the fresh one. siggghhhhhhhhh..
<font color="aa00aa">What's done is done so please cheer up and not dwell on it.

Yes, sometimes Men really make us <blink>mad</blink> with their non-attentiveness and other behaviour. But, we're the one who choose our partner right? What to do? Gotta bear with it lor.</font>
hahaha ya lor moi..

I used to be the most blur in my family, but never thought got someone more blur blur than me..
Maybe so that I can bully him instead huehehe.. *positive thinking..
Groovy, you 2 make a cute couple haha. I suggest that you jot down a daily routine, stick it to your fridge and make him read it and perform the tasks written on it everyday. Once a habit of reading and performing the routine is formed, it should smoothen things out.

As for his religious belief, I can't really comment on that, some are really staunch and some are like myself, follow everything as guidelines to life but focus on nothing, never too much into any religion. You just have to sit down proper with him and iron things out.

And the situation at the doc, yeah crap happens sometimes, I was at TMC GP clinic once with my wife and our then NB bb girl to seek urgent treatment for her reflux. We both were at such a lost seeing our girl puking all the stuff we fed that when the dispensary nurse told us that they've run out of the medication for acid reflux, we just blur blur nodded without expressing our dismay, took the prescription and head off to search on our own.

Only after we reached home and fed her the medicine we've bought at Guardian Bishan then I thought to myself, how can a renown baby hospital run out of any medicine supply and still got the cheek to charge me full charge? Afterwhich, my wife n I were both ranting together at home at the unbelievable situation we've encountered... haha our reactions were ultra slow loh.

Usually I'm sharper than my wife, but whenever we're with our girl, I appear to be the more blur one... haha

Hope this lightens things up for you, go hold a family meeting with your hubby and work things out.
Hi ladies,

how you all been doing huh? groovy : hope u are all better now leh...

maybe next time we can all go for same enrichment class together when our babies older hehehe any one shortlisted any good ones ? any good ones in parkway parade huh?
Hi Sunbelle, I'm back to work already so seldom visit this thread. How are you coping? Who lives in the east side? Maybe can meet up some day with our babies
<font color="aa00aa">nattan,
Are you in the FB group? Most of the mummies stay at East area and they've organised quite a number of meetups already.

For West area, there's a gathering this Sunday at CCK.</font>
Moi, I didn't join the FB group as I want to keep my FB page private. If there are meet-ups do let me know here

Hi Adeline, how're you doing with your bb?
Yes would be nice to meet up when there's a chance..
<font color="aa00aa">I don't organise the meetups which are planned as and when there's demand. In addition, the host &amp; location will be different &amp; updates are usually done in FB or via Whatsapp. There is now talk of a Christmas gathering but details are not out yet. It's better to join the FB group for updates &amp; other discussion from child rearing to breastfeeding. I don't log in here often &amp; found it a hassle to repeat any discussion already posted there. U can always create another FB account for that purpose if u want to keep your main one private. Anyway, it's not that others will "disturb" you. So far, I don't think any of our privacy is breached unless by FB programmers.</font>
Hi all mummies,

My son is going to start on solid food soon. Should I start with infant cereal first or fruits and vegetable? I also want to find out what brand is good? Hope you can share your tips and experience
Hi Nattan, we are both doing great! My lil girl is 4.5 months now. How are things going at your end with your bb? Where abts do u live?

Moi: where do you live?
Ivy, how old is your son now. Usually it's recommended to start solids only after 6mths, but actually you can start with very diluted cereal like rice from 4mths onwards. Plain rice powder (can grind the rice yourself or buy organic rice powder for babies) is recommended as it is least likely to cause an allergic reaction. Do not start fruits and vege till your baby is able to swallow properly from a spoon and has no allergic reaction to cereals (meaning no diarrhea, vomiting, etc). Best is to consult your pd on when and what to feed.

Adeline, I'm also doing ok.. back to work since mid Oct so I've recently placed my son at infant care
I live in Bedok.
hi mummies! long time didnt log in here already. Nattan: how r you? fb group is really active these days..
Moi: Who r u on fb?
I stay in the east but never attend any meet ups before leh. Next time can jio me!
Hi Nattan, thanks for sharing. My son is 22 weeks now. My pd asked me to start him on solid around this time. I'm looking at the organic baby rice for him to start with. What brand would you recommend? Is Bellamy's good? How old is your baby?
Ivy, did your pd explain why you should start your baby on solids before 6 months? My pd recommended starting after 6 months but he also said I may give 1tbsp rice cereal mixed with breast milk if baby is often hungry. So far I'm waiting till he seems more keen to try solids. My baby is now 4.5 months old

I ordered Earth's Best organic rice cereal for him online cos it's highly recommended by other customers. Bellamy should be quite good too.
Hi Kadice, I'm doing fine
Baby is happily attending infant care everyday. He seems a lot happier than being looked after by daddy at home.. LOL.. What about yourself? Who's looking after your baby?
my mil is taking care, so every morning have to send him there before work. and my mum takes care once a week, heez;)

there are so many brands of cereal...which website did you order earth's best from? cheapest huh? cant get in retail?
Nattan: One of the mummies on fb send us the link that shows test were done on Earth Best Wholegrain Rice Cereal and it contains arsenic.
I wanted to buy that brand too because it had good reviews but now not too sure.

Kadice: where do you live?
Nattan and I are at the east too. I have not attended any gatherings too cos too far for me.
Kadice, I order from iHerb.com cos it provides free shipping for USD60 and above. Prices are cheaper than if you buy locally.

Adeline, really?? I've not heard of the news. Will go and check it out. Thanks!
As my baby boy at 4+ mths coming to 5 mths having two teeth. Is it too early or just normal ? As the teething problem give him difficulty for sleep n drink milk.

Adeline: I stay near tanah merah..you?
I have not attended any gatherings either. FB mummies had a couple in Punggol area already right

Talking about solids, there are so many brands of cereal out there. really no idea which one to choose from. and im not sure if i should start with cereal or pureed food