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Hi, can I join the FB group as well?
My boy is born on 1st June too

Into the 9th month now .... looking back at her newborn photos and videos from delivery room to yesterday .... time flies and she totally looks different very week .... ~^_^~

Just wonder if fellow mummies can share their knowledge with me on the followings~

1. Milk consumption is dropping quite drastically from 150ml (6th month) to 60~90ml (now each feed). Her menu is congee meal (with vege & eggs & minced meat) for lunch, steam fish (almost 1/5) for dinner and twice fruit puree (afternoon snack and after dinner snack). Total milk powder consumption a day dropped from 650~700ml to 300ml. (Worried and see her chubbyness gone and can feel she quite bony when carrying).

2. Over the last 1 month till now, around 2~3am she starts to prone with backside up (knees in) and seems like "digging in" ... and then cries and wake up .... after comforting and carrying for awhile, she doze off and when placed onto the bed, she very soon change posture back to "backside pointing up when knees in" ... and the same cycle repeats almost every hour till morning 6~7am for her normal breakfast milk-time. Then in the day, these wont happen. Some told me this is "colic" but my surfing from internet on colic doesnt seem to have such symptons... anybody know what's wrong with my baby plz?

<font color="aa00aa">Yes, time really flies fast.

1) I can't really answer you as my baby still likes milk very much and we don't really feed her much solids. However, I think it may be a good idea to reduce her solids intake, or mix the milk with her food?

2) Is it because she's learning to crawl?
In the day, she may be busy with or distracted by other activities to practise it, so she may do it in the night. I don't think it's colic unless she takes too much "gassy" food such as broccoli, peas in the day.</font>
Agreed, Times flies really fast ...

1) Most of my friends &amp; even my relative told me, once baby start solids food they will reject their Milk. The reasons why is because Milk is tasteless while solids foods is tastely.
As my son also 9mths (born in Jun), now his main in-take still is milk. Only every sat when we go over to my parent-in-law house for lunch than they will cook congee (with veg, minced meat or fish) for him. Other than that he will have once or twice a meal of cereal mix with milk to drink.

But my PD told us that once they start to crawl &amp; walk they will slowly lose the weight.
Hi Bernard,

It is a passing phase. Dun worry so much. Try to expose your baby to different food . Yeah they will soon learn all food is good

Hi Moi, so good to hear from you ;)
Thanks Moi, Shirley and Sunbelle .... I will try convince my wife again with the same reasonings given by fellow mummies and hope she can accept the "fact" that our baby girl is growing up normally now ... :p

Yesterday night I notice my dd starts to crawl forward successfully in small steps (even the day before she crawls (slide) backwards) .... guess its time for me to put her sleep on the mattress (floor) with me instead of sleeping on the single bed (with detachable handrail one side) ... :D
Just wonder if any mummies/daddies here have started bring the babies for enrichment courses (like swimming? playgroup? music? shichida? leftbrain course? etc) .... I surf the websites and forums on these kind of enrichment courses but its really very expensive (per session) and I really wonder if its worth to invest now or later ... *sigh*

Btw ... any thoughts on childcare after 18mths(half day if my SAHM wife agree ~ those with kindergarten in CC type) and choice of kindergarten (3hrs)(PCF or MFS (NTUC) or Church or Private)? I went to YWCA (Outram) last week and was told they dont have classes for childcare for Yr2012 babies ... *scared* ... wonder if we need to start early in registering for it cos' our babies are Dragon Year (baby boom) ...
<font color="aa00aa">sunbelle,
*waving* It's good to hear from you too!
How is your LO now? Started to be more mobile?
Mine still can't crawl

I've not started mine on enrichment classes though some fellow parents have done so. There are programs like gymboree, Kindermusik that caters to young babies from 6 months old.

Since your wife is a SAHM, I think those 2-hourly or 3-hourly classes should be fine. There's no need to send your DD to half-day childcare service as the fees are not much cheaper than full-day service since they have to reserve a place for you even after your DD went home.

Which type of program will depend on your budget, convenience (accessibility) and curriculum (exposure) that you want for your child. Shortlist a few and call to enquire about the registration procedure, program outline, etc. You may need to find one that suits your DD's naptime, else she'll be cranky. Or, adjust her naptime.

You can also buy or DIY flashcards. There are lots of free resources online. Google for it. If you intend to buy, Popular book store have quite a wide variety. Personally, I think it's not necessary to get those with red words. As long as the words are large and pictures are clear, they're fine.

Or, try home-schooling? There are many websites that parents share their experiences and resources.

Bring your baby to parks, museums or even the beach to let her tread in the grass, sand, etc.</font>
Wow.. suddenly this thread is alive again! :D

Hi Sunbelle, Moi... good to know you ladies are doing well.

Hi Bernard.. nice to see a dad in this forum
You're quite a rare sight.

Milk consumption will drop when you introduce solids to them, but bear in mind that solids are just supplementary foods at this stage as milk is still the primary food. So, if you want baby to drink more, cut down solids to 2 meals max and reduce the portions. Main thing is just to get them used to new tastes, not necessarily replace meals unless yours is a big eater like my boy :p He can eat 90ml of puree/cereal and still drink 150-180ml milk. Yes, he's getting very heavy and taller, but he's also extremely active too!

Now most babies are learning to sit, crawl, stand, etc or all at the same time, so sometimes they can do that even when they are suppose to be sleeping! It's just a passing phase. You can get those toys that encourage them to crawl like toy cars. My boy likes to chase after moving things ;)

I've not enrolled him in any class at the moment cos he's already in full-day infant care. He gets enough stimulation already I think and at this stage, I think it's quite unnecessary to spend more money on classes. I think those activities Moi suggested are good enough.
Hi Moi n Nattan ,

Mi miss chatting in this thread too. My gal now likes to stand n wanting to walk. I m really concerned as she tends to cruise anywhere in the house.

Moi: each baby development is different. Dun compare n u will not feel stressed.

Dear all, I have not enrol my gal in any program cos tot of letting her have a childhood first before exposing her to the programs...maybe wait til she is older. but of cos if the program is good, is worthwhile letting her go try.

Nattan : I also placed my baby at infant care . She jus got brochitis so stressed with using the machine ..

Yo, are u all planning your baby first year birthday ?
Hi Bernard,

For what I know PCF only accept child at 4yrs old. Is better to call n check with them. My boy is currently 9mths+, right now I got no intend to sent him to any enrichment class as I want him to enjoy his childhood first. Mostly likely will sent him to half day childcare once he right 2yrs old. As I try not to be a kaisu mummy..
Hey Sunbelle, hope your gal gets well soon. My son is also having coughs and running nose. Think the aircon too cold at night and he caught a cold. But it's not very serious cos he's still eating and playing well. Just need to dress him more warmly at night.

I'm planning to have a simple celebration at a cafe for the 1st birthday, inviting only family, colleagues and close friends (total 30 pax or less). For his full month, we invited more people including family and a lot of church friends, so trying to keep it simple and smaller this time round.
hello all..happened to pop by and saw that the thread is still active!
Time flies...One year ago, we were all in our third trimester and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little ones..and now they are almost one year old.

nattan, how are you? know that you are not on facebook...and have not met you before! some of us mummies working in town had lunch gatherings
hihi, i also a JUNE mummy and today my dd is 10th months!!! Time really flies real fast!!!
my girl also coughing and having a flu. ever since she is in IFC, every two weeks she falls sick.

Has been on antibodies, nebuilizer and all kinds of medicine and it seems to be taking longer for her to recover and now i'm thinking to bring her go TCM.
Times really flies very fast ...
I thank god that so far my boy only fall sick once during the dec due to flu + slight cough. Other than that I can say he is a strong boy.

As my sister &amp; cousin told me that to prevent them to fall sick, try not to let them sleep in air-con for overnight when they are not yet 1yr. If really cannot tahan the hot weather than just on the air-con at 24 temperature let the room cool first before sleep than off it and on the fan.
Hi Kadice
Nice to see you here also. Yes I don't have FB :p So do post here if there are any lunch gatherings! I work near City Hall so can meet in the vicinity.

Hi Ivy, my son is in IFC too since 4mo, but he has only been sick twice.. Every 2 weeks is quite serious.. you may want to check if the IFC has proper hygiene standards in place? Other than that, can try some supplements to strengthen her immunity. Are you still breastfeeding? If not, can try Childlife Colustrum with Probiotics. I would not recommend TCM at such young age, but you can try and see..

Hi Shirley, my son sleeps in aircon room but I set the temp to 27-28C if not he can't sleep when it's too warm. I make sure the cold air is not blowing at him directly and that he is properly dressed in long sleeves and pants. I let him wear soft shoes if his feet feel cold also.
Nattan: I am working at suntec now, previously at raffles place. we should do lunch one of the days next week?

Ivy: Are you the Ivy from the other mummysg forum?
Hi Kadice, oh.. Petrina works at Suntec too. Sure we can do lunch one of these days. But next week cannot cos I'll be out of town.. maybe week of 22 April? Can PM me ;)
Hi mummies,

Ur kids birthday coming soon.. interested to do customize candies?? U can what app me at 98251515 (Yan Yan) for more information.. Thank you
Hi Mummies .... wat's your plans and arrangement for the First Birthday Celebration??

I have been looking all over the forums and internet regarding booking a venue (indoor play-area) and found that its quite limited and pretty expensive. Anybody have any good suggestions other than Gymboree, Polliwogs, explorErkid, Gogobambini, LittleGymn, Jumperzillas, Amazoniafun, fidget, jwtkids, roycekidsgym?? :p
HI Bernard,

Can try:
1. Happy Willow @ fusionopolis. New &amp; less crowded.
2. Tickle Tickle @ delta swimming complex. More suitable for 1yo as they feature toys and role play. But less space for guests
3. HortPark
4. The PLayhouse @seb's bistro http://www.rochesterhouse.com.sg/rochesterhouse.com.sg/Kids_Parties.html
5. Hockey pockey @ suntec

I had mine for my first 2 @ Hortpark whereI planned own "play ground" which I arranged toys rental like bouncing castle and ball pits and balloon sculptures to be featured during the parties.

Depends on ur budget and theme, no. of guests as well. Hope this helps

Hi everyone,

I'm having a hard time finding a perfect venue for our son's 1st birthday party.

Indoor: I have searched most of the indoor playground venues but the problem is limited 2 hours party time. The adults will not have enough time to mingle and eat besides supervising their children to play.

Outdoor: Great for everyone and duration is flexible. I can hire bouncy castle and ball pool. But the weather is hard to predict these days!

We don't mind going a little over with the budget. Approximately 40 guests and 15 children.

Our son's birthday is on the 1st of June.

Please if any mothers could help me to solve my dilemma.

<font color="aa00aa">Since you're willing to spend a little, why not book a hotel or club (e.g. Safra) function room instead?</font>
Dear mummies,

I have 3 packs of Merries diapers (M size, taped) just bought a month ago.

I overstocked and my child has upgraded size, so am looking to sell these 3 packs. Selling at $20 per pack (retailing $26.95, 64 pcs). Buy all 3 packs at $57. Please PM me if interested. Self collect at Tampines, Bedok, Tanjong Pagar or Suntec (or can arrange to meet if near these areas).

For those mummies who is still not ion our FB group please send your email to me, I will give you the invitation 9296 8633
. I seldom check this site .
Hi mummies, like to ask for your babies 1 year old birthday, do you celebrate before or after the birthday ( if it falls on a weekday)? Any taboo or rules to follow. ? ?
Hi Jan, is always better to celebrate before rather than after..jus to share I order from Mei Hao catering n food good
Hi Jan, is always better to celebrate before rather than after..jus to share I order from Mei Hao catering n food good
hi mummies,

i'm jul2010 thread mum. Just to check any of you will be buying hello kitty / princess theme balloon for your kids bday party? If yes, I like to buy over. Just 1 big size and hopefully u can gv me a cheaper price ;). My girl's bday party will be on 20 July. PM me or whatsapp me

Thanks mummies

Dear Mummies,

sorry to disturb.

I have one tin of isomil step 3 in 900 g.
My son stopped drinking milk so letting go at 35 bucks.
Expiry - 29 may 2014
Self collects at either lavendar mrt or cityhall mrt
8168 8873
thank you.
Hi Mummies, any plans for your babies (18months) childcare (playgroup) arrangement yet?? I am starting to make visits to childcare centers now to make enquiry on fees and vacancies .... seems like most of the centers are now full and only some will take waiting list (pay non-refundable registration fee first).
Checkup at 32 weeks
Baby is 2.3kg. Bb put on 0.5kg in 2 weeks since last visit. Gynae said he's very happy with the progress of baby. He estimated bb will be around 3.3kg at birth.

The bad thing is my vaginal swap test results came back and I have heavy growth of Lancefield Group B Streptococcus. But Gynae is quite positive. He said at least it's detected early and treatment can b given. I have to be on antibiotics tablets twice a day and he also gave instruction in the hospital letter to give me antibiotic drip during admission

Hi dear can u share how the experience like? I still contemplate to eat the oral antibiotic as I read alot and its not helping me ☹️
please share with me?

Thank you