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Kadice, generally rice cereal is the most basic food to start baby with cos it's least allergenic. After that can try brown rice, wheat, oats, purees etc. Must give the baby a few days to get used to 1 type of food before introducing a new one to look out for any allergic reaction.

HI Shirley, I'm not sure whether that's considered early or normal, but your pd should be able to advise. If he has problems drinking or sleeping, your pd can prescribe an oral gel or medication. But do take care of his milk teeth by cleaning regularly. My friend's 5yo daughter didn't have very good oral hygiene from young and recently had to go for a dental op (under GA!). It was very scary for the child and his parents...

Hi Kadice, i live at Tanjung Rhu. We are all close by we should arrange for a gathering.

Yup most of them in Sengkang or Punggol.

Yup i agree with Nattan to start with rice cereals first and work your way through veg then fruits. I am also deciding which brand to use. Any mummies can help?
Adeline, ya.. we live so close to each other

I bought Earth's Best but since reading the news about arsenic, I'm going to buy a new box from Bellamy instead. Aussie/NZ products should be safer than US ones?
<font color="aa00aa">snowdoll,
I stay at West side and had attended only one gathering so far.
For East side, there were gatherings at Nex, Bishan, Sengkang, Punggol from as early as August.
Check that space for updates on X'mas gathering.

My FB nick ah? It's a secret lor. Wahaha!</font>
Jewel, I think the administrator is Petrina..

Moi, u mean u dun want to reveal your name on fb ah...so cant link moi to your name ah? okok...haha

nattan &amp; adeline: i am also still deciding the brand of rice cereal to use...my parents kept saying normal ones will do...hmmm
Hi Nattan, there's no particular reason. My pd just asked me to let my baby try a tsp of baby rice (mix it with my breast milk) and see how he reacts to it. Then increase the feed slowly afterwards. I went to look for Bellamy's at MarketPlace while I was at Paragon, but it was out of stocks

Hi Shirley, your boy has teeth very fast. My boy was born on 1 Jun. No teeth yet. But drooling a lot now and wanting to chew all the time. I think it's coming.
Ivy_T: I think your boy teething is coming. Try to give them chew on something for comfort. As my boy drool alot before the teething problem whenever he see something he will just put into his mouth and chew. sometime we dont give him he even open his mouth and chew at the table for comfort. When the teeth is coming that the headache cos refuse to drink milk &amp; water and keep crying cos i think is painful.
Nattan: Yea i will look into Bellamy. What about Healthy Times?

Any mummies can recommend brands of organic rice cereals, need to decide soon as will be starting my LO on rice cereals when she turns 6 months. Gosh its unbelievable how far we have come to where we are now.
Hi Nattan,
I forgot where do u buy your medela? Did u buy freestyle or Pisa?

I'm thinking to get another pump but still considering which one to buy..

Did your dealer also sell Ameda funnel?
Hi Shirley, I bought a few teethers for my boy to chew. So I hope he won't get too grumpy when it happens.

Hi Nattan, I have finally found Bellamy's baby rice at an organic store in town. Tried it on my boy today and he wasn't interested at all. I will have to keep trying.

For those who are interested to try Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice (4m+), you can order it online through The Organic Grocer.
hi ladies,

can you all share on how do you all go about preparing the solid food huh? i am quite clueless over the whole tin ..

and can share how many milk feeds do a baby need after they started on solid food huh?

good to see the thread active again leh...nattan : good to see you talking here hehee
moi, petrina, groovy hehehe
Hi Ivy, thanks for the suggestion, will check it out. As for baby rejecting food, it happens so just keep trying till he accepts it.

Sunbelle, for cereals, just follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. If you mean home-cooked food, there are many books and websites with baby recipes. Usually for baby's first solid foods, they are just simply steamed and finely pureed. Can try pumpkin, carrots, sweet peas, potatoes, etc. Re milk feeds, i'm not sure...depends on individual babies and how many feeds you replace with solids. At the beginning, I'll replace 1 milk feed with semi-solid, then gradually increase as baby gets used to it.
hi nattan,

thank you so much for sharing on the preparation of baby food. tink the lazy me should start on the reading up of the preparation like how to freeze stock etc.

yeah thinking of whether issit worhtwhile buyng jumperoo as it is pretty expensive and occupy space leh. cos i oso dun wan like buy and use for a shortwhile only then hor, no use anymore. cos dunno when no. 2 coming oso leh...
Sunbelle, I plan to make batches of pureed vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, etc to freeze, then when needed, thaw and mix with fresh breast milk or rice cereal. For fruits, I prefer to use fresh ones and scrape them with a spoon to feed the baby cos some fruits like apples will turn brown or crystalise easily when frozen.
crystal, my bb born one day before yours. last check was 7.1kg, 67cm. how big is yours?

my son starting to feel curious about our foods. was trying hard to grab my bubble tea yesterday when i was drinking. but i wan to drag till 6mo then start him on solids.
hey mummies, did not log in after given birth. hope everyone is doing good.

Crystal: my bb girl was born on 5th June, check at 5 month was 8.16kg 68cm. she drinks very little milk, like 90ml per feed, 600+ml within 24 hours, so in fact i don't know where she gains her weight, maybe becuz i stopped breastfeeding after 2mths so FM made her fat.

Sunbelle: i started to give my girl soild from 4 mths, not like no.1 started at 6 mths. i gave fruits, apple, grapes, banana...whatever i have. then gave her porridge if i happened to cook for no.1. just cook pork bone soup, then use it to cook the porridge. btw, found a recipe to make super soft porridge. wash rice and leave in a container in the freezer for half a day. then use the frozen rice to cook porridge, it won't take too long for the rice to get soft. so you can add whatever you like to make diff type of porridge. spinach, pumpkin, carrot, fish or pork rib. the soup base is tasty so i guess all bb will like it.

Groovy: cheer up, don't stress yourself and your hubby. mine is even worse. got once asked him to make additional 30ml FM cuz i was cuddling my girl to sleep, he told me he hates to make milk. so i am very used to carry bb with 1 hand and use the other hand to prepare FM myself. so far for both 2 girls daddy did not feed them, did not change diaper for them at all. and worse thing he can leave both girls to me and go out for dinner with his friends. still msg me to find things for him when i am FREE. lol, he did not notice that i had never had dinner at home since i return to work. cuz once i am home i had to take over my no.2 and let my mil eat. same time coach no.1 for her homework and practise her piano. what can i do, i only can say he made me a superwoman, super super mad woman. haha


Your baby has the same birthday as mine! Wow that's a very good weight. What is her birth weight?

Mine I think about 7.5 kg only now in 5 mths old.

My husband still helps out but sometimes he will work overnight while playing games. I don't know what he's doing but sometimes I will see him when he's playing game instead of working. Then after that on weekend will ZZzzzzzZZzzzz because he did it overnight. When he is at home, my maid usually won't take initiative to ask if need helps or not. If not, she will. Or I will ask hehe. Lucky I have maid otherwise will go insane.

Nowadays is better because I stopped pumping overnight. I can't make it because my #1 keeps waking up at around 5 AM then look for me. My younger one sleeps around 11 to 12 midnight. Then if I pump afterwards I will sleep at 1 AM. As such I keep getting sick because 1 day only sleep 4-5 hours in total
Groovy, she was born at 3.37kg.

Good to have helper, but still you should rest more. I let my 2 girls sleep by 9pm, cuz both of them wake up early at 6:30am. No.2 still need 1 feed around 5am. So I make sure I sleep before 10pm after doing my workout.

You no.1 is too young so it's tougher for you. Do take care!

Haven visit here for a while...
We having a Xmas gathering sometime in dec..hope to see more mummies with bb... Check out fb

Adeline, my son was born on 25th June. So far he's tried a bit of rice cereal mixed with breast milk. He seems ok with the taste although his tongue is still pushing out most of the cereal. I just wanted to give him a taste as his main diet is still breast milk. He is drinking a lot now, so I hope he will be keen to start solids soon as my supply really can't match his demand. I pump twice during the work day and can only produce 500ml max (most days 400ml) while he drinks 600ml at the infant care! He's now 8.2kg and 69cm at the last check.

Groovy, my hb also likes to play online games and sleeps very late (or early am), But he does help a lot around the house since we have no helper. I'm trying to get him to go to bed earlier with me and baby so we can wake up early to send baby to the infant care before I go to work. Very hard to pull a man from his computer.. :p
hi nattan, i also stay in d east. Which infant care you sent your bb to? is it good?

I have sent my bb to infant care too, near Bedok South Road. PCF!
Hi Nattan, your boy is growing well
Mi not yet started my gal on solid food yet. Slowly starting next week hehee

Will try sum baby melts as see that her mouth keeps on moving hehee
Mummies, any idea how to be considered "members whose have been active for one year or more"? I dont always post in smh forum but i have joined for more than a year. I wanted to buy a manduca from the forum but i cant post in the restricted corner.
hi ladies, wanna share your baby recipes huh? our babies are now starting to take solid food leh...
any good ones to share huh?

i have found tat nestle website gave lots of good recipes ..u all k goggle and find lots there too...
Dear mummies,
How are u all ? . Yeah now really lack of energy at times to go after a rolling and crawling baby hahahaha

Jus wondering whether for experienced mums, do u all experience like my gal when ever she drinks milk comprising of only one scoop of stage 2 enfapro , she will poo many times . Her poo is mustard yellow type not water type. Now I stopped cos all her PD all on leave. Wondering issit her stage
2 milk dun suit her huh? Anyone got experience?
Happy 2013 to all mummies! Hope everyone is having a great start towards a fantastic year!

My 7-month-old boy has started having solids and he is enjoying it. But his weight gain is quite slow since he's started solids.

Can anyone share your feeding schedule and quantity of each meal for similar age?

Thanks very much!
Hi all, my daughter was born on 8 jul but the jul group seems to be closed.
Can I join this group?
Am I too late?
Sorry din realized that there was forum like this as I was too busy handling my baby as first time mother ....
How to join?

Dear Mummies,

Selling brand new unopened Similac Stage 2 Infant Formulae Milk Powder. All bought from NTUC or Cold Storage.

Reason for selling:
My gal is allergic to cow milk protein, hence has switched to Isomil now.

900g (x4) - $42 each
Expiry: July 2014

400g (x1) - $18
Expiry: May 2014

Collection: My place at Woodlands Drive 75

Contact me @ 81271867 if keen.
<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2"><blink>A Happy New Year to all of you!</blink></font></font>

<font color="aa00aa">Re: 1 yo birthday celebration
I'm thinking of having it with only family members at Jack's Place (same as my #1). We prefer it to be a private affair.</font>
Hi Moi and raine,

Thank you so much for replying hehee
good to see this thread lively again .. I m thinking of chalet hehee

How are Nattan, Petrina and the rest huh?
Happy New Year (belated)

I hardly visit this thread now but looks like it's still active!

Sunbelle, good to know you are doing well. 1yo birthday party is still quite far away..hahaha.. But I probably will just do a simple one with immediate family or just hubby, baby and myself. No plans to do a grand one as we already invited a lot of people for baby's full month party.

1st bday.. Falls on weekday. That weekday will invite families only.. Then on the weekend will have a big one in my home inviting friends and family..

My elder girl 3rd bday falls on weekend this year so I will celebrate a big one invite friends and family. Because I am afraid she will get jealous if mei mei got celebrated but she is not. Anyway usually the buffet cost for 30 persons is about the same with if I invite my family only (about 10 persons but we eat out at a restaurant).. But of course the more we invite people the more presents she will get :D

HI mummies here,
Happy CHinese new year to u all and ur bubs! 1st new year for our babies!

Pardon that I only post here before deliver and a silent reader whenever I can ... refresh: my bb is born on 1st june and is my #3. I remembered quite a no of #3 in this thread >.<

PLanning the 1st yr old party to be either at hortpark or a country club like what we did for the siblings. Thinking of a theme now... heehee

hope to c u all on fb!