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Pick Organic: Organic baby food for your baby is not a luxury in fact its what is best for your littles ones health. Eating better will make your kids feel better. Here are some reasons to convince you why organic is the best way to go.
Path to healthy eating
Pure Start
Stable development
happa, ormeal etc. are brands who offer the organic baby food
You love your little ones for all the naughtiness and all the cute things they do but their picky eating behaviour just gets on your nerves doesn’t it. Here are some tips which will help you become a super parent and handle these little creatures.
Schedule meals and snacks
Combine favourite food and nutrition:
Colour feeding
we have a Aug Sept Oct group for Moms.. please share your number and i will add in the app group
Trying to loss weight or trying to conceive?

A wholistic program paired with the right diet, exercise and supplementation that target at increase ur skeletal muscle and reduce body fat (increase metabolism rate)

PM me for more info (Shan- 96186660)