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#3 Pregnancy after #2 Miscarriage July 2023
16th Feb 2024 - 13 weeks 4 days
Naturally Conceived
FTS - NT 2.3mm, Low Risk For Tri 21,18,13
CRL 7.0cm ❤️ 175 bpm
Seeing Dr Ho P.L KKH on 6th March 2024
Dr Tom Lee
Dr Tom Lee
Pregnancy is a blessing and should take every necessary medical steps and procedures for a healthy delivery ...if you need more medical advice feel free to ask me or send through my email ....remain blessed
My husband and I are looking to adopt baby girl below 15 months (Local, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam) Home study report has already been approved this year.

Anyone knows of anyone who are looking for adoptive parents please contact us.
‍‍ Seeking to complete our family joyously, The Havanna is thrilled to announce our approved home study report for adopting a baby girl under 15 months. Our hearts are open to local adoptions in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. If you know of anyone considering adoption, please reach out. #AdoptionJourney #FamilyLove #Thehavanna.in
SWEETOTS ♡ BOTTLECOOKIE CNY Handmade Cookies 2024 15th BP are back with our yummy Pineapple Tarts and other cookies!