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    November 17 IVF

    Anyone gg for ivf in November slot? Just had my final consultation with Dr Jessie Poon (KKH) and its confirmed we will go for IVF in November. The nurse will be calling me around Oct to go for counseling and briefing. Lets share our journey and emotions And BABY DUSTS TO ALL!
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    WTS: Prenatal Vitamins & DHA

    Nature Made, Prenatal Multi + DHA, 90 Softgels (3 mth supply) Accidentally cart extra 1 bottles so selling extra bottles away. Selling @ $31 including normal postage. Description Value Size More Complete Nutrition Smaller Pill 200 mg DHA Clinically Proven Absorption‡ For Pregnant Women...
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    Trying for a 2018 baby

    Hi all, i'm trying for a 2018 baby. Do recommend me any tips like what supplements to take and what to increase my chance of conceiving. I found out that i don't produce a lot of eggs and that my eggs are small and fragile, so it makes conception a little harder. Thank you!
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    4 days missed period

    Hi everyone! anyone can give me any advice? My menses is 4 days late. My period is always regular, never been late before and my cycle is usually 28-30 days cycle. Tested twice on hpt and both turned out negative. Didnt use morning pee and dint hold my pee that long for both times. I feel mild...
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    Irregular menses after failed iui?

    Hi, I have done iui in Jan and AF came on 23rd Jan before i was diagnosed with a chemical pregnancy on 26th Jan. I'm not sure if 23rd should be considered as my day 1 for the current cycle. If yes, today is already day 32 of my cycle (my usual cycle is 24-26 days)! I tested on day 30 using...
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    TTC but only able to DTD once

    Hi All, Wanted to know if anyone successfully conceived even though u only DTD once during fertile window? We DTD on CD 11 and I think I O'd on CD 12 based on last month's calculations. But I'm not so sure now. Doesn't help that I am starting night shift this month and I think it's messing up...
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    Husband doesn't want a child

    Me and my husband have been married for 9 months. He doesn't want a child because he said he wants us to be financially stable first. How stable does he want us to be when we both have our own full-time jobs and our house has been renovated? I'm satisfied with our house although there are a few...
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    TTC with Hypo thyroid

    hi ladies, im ttc (2nd pregnancy). 1st pregnancy had no issue at all, conceive in 1st mth. Aft giving birth, i had hypo thyroid and is on Euthyrox on alternate days. No luck ttc for past few mths. Any of you with hypo thryroid conceive easily?