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TTC,IVF preparation

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Waitingforyou, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Waitingforyou

    Waitingforyou New Member

    Yallo! going for my 1st IVF consultation next week. What to expect during consultation and process? Any other suggestions to getting prepare ? I saw from other forum stating

    supplements to order from iherbs
    -raspberry tea
    -folic acid or folate

    Fertility massage
    A lot highly recommended Angelia
    -contacted her. Pending reply

    - stopped drinking since last month
    - change to part time role. I'm so happy my HODs are supportive !
    -started hitting gym on weekends
    -cut down on snacks and my Favourite pastries
    -eat cleaner with more fruits & juices

    Getting excited over it!

  2. Jane Austen

    Jane Austen New Member

    Hello, i’m a new member too. Just went for my IVF consult as well. Was quite fast. Dr just told me about the IVF process (which I already roughly knew from google and surfing forums). I already went through 2 round of SO-IUI so now moving forward to IVF, maybe that’s why the consult was fast. Wanted to start this cycle but was too late as it was already day 5 of my cycle when I did my consult and dr says must start on day 2. So now have to wait for next cycle. Feel sad to waste one cycle
  3. Jermaine33

    Jermaine33 Member

    Hi waitingforyou! Check with your doctor before consuming the supplements especially DHEA. Heard there's some side effect.

    I also went fertility massage by Angelia.
    Don't know if same person (Hp 94514908) & Yeap she's very popular amongst IVF group. A lot are mentioning and talking about her.

    You can also try chicken Essence without Chinese herbs.

    Cut down on juices if it's cold. TCM says cold juices / food/ drink is a factor to cold uterus
  4. Toh SH

    Toh SH Active Member

    To get prepare, I did not go for massage, I had only half avocado and a box of blue berries Everyday from the start of IVF till ER, what I heard is red bean soup can improve the lining.

    My first IVF I succeed and my girl is already 8 months.

    Sometimes too much supplements might not be good.
  5. Honeypokey

    Honeypokey Member


    Have you started your fertility massage with Angelia? May I know how much is her charges and your experience so far?

    Are you doing ivf and the massages at the same time?

    Good luck to you! Hope you can get BFP soon!

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