1. W

    Praying for a Child

    My friends recommended me a temple to pray for a child. Wonder if it actually work? Maybe I should try? The temple is 鳳山寺 located at Mohamad Sultan
  2. W

    TTC 2022 (telegram chat)

    Hello, shall we create a telegram chat for TTC 2022? It would be great if we can find support for each other.
  3. d0nutella

    *SOLD* TTC - Clearblue Advanced Digital OPK [emoji92]

    Sold ;)
  4. S

    Any recommended exercise to stay fit during TTC? (to replace from running)

    Hi, I want to have your recommendations on good exercise for fertility. I run regularly twice a week to stay fit, but I feel this running routine during implantation timing seems to be harming the success. My husband and I tried IVF last year and we could get two healthy embryos to transfer...
  5. C

    Polyps removal - any good recommendations

    Dear all, Thankful to have this support forum to be able to cheer on for each other. I just went for a checkup recently at Thomson medical and was informed that I have to remove polyps. Can anyone recommend a good doctor to do removal and estimated cost? And also do you know after removal how...
  6. C

    Is this a faint positive line?

    Only baby danced once about 2.5 weeks ago (used preseed too) and it was our first time trying. Didn't expect much too as I have PCOS, no regular menses but that day we had a mission as I saw Egg White cervical mucus. On that day my boobs were already sore, now it still is. But recent week I...
  7. B

    Early Detection Clearblue?

    Has anyone used the Clearblue early detection kit? It says it can detect as low as 10mui and ive actually tried using them and got faint lines. I will be testing again tho to see if it is progressing or until a missed period. Those are my 6 and 8 dpo lines. Do you see any progress. Its more...
  8. P

    IVF in 2021?

    Hi, wondering if anyone is trying IVF this year? Husband and I have been ttc for 2 yrs, we've tried 2 cycles of IUI and both failed. We were referred to Dr Jessie Phoon at KKH, will be seeing her this week. I have 2 questions.. - Has anyone had bad side-effects from the IVF drugs? Like...
  9. Y

    For trying to conceive naturally

    My good friend who is of an older age has been trying for babies, was on a safe method without oral medication, conceived after 2 months. Hence I would like to share here so more ladies can try who may be benefit as well.
  10. C

    TTC 2020

    Hi Ladies, will be creating group chat for TTC. Pm me if u wanna join.. ***cap @ 20 pax***
  11. C

    TTC 2020 Grp Chat

    Hi Ladies, I've been ttc for almost 3 yrs+. Unsuccessful IVF, IUI & even miscarriage. I'll be creating grp chat in WhatsApp for ladies. Pretty sure "we" ladies needs a platform to share with each other feelings/encouraging each other/giving some recommendations. Let me know if anyone keen in...
  12. B

    WTS: Unused Letrozole and Folic Acid

    Letrozole 2.5mg - 6 tabs (for 1 cycle) Folic Acid 5mg - 80 tabs Please pm if interested.
  13. M

    First time IUI

    Hi Gals, I am new to city. I have undergone laproscopy in February and as per my Gynac all other reports for me and my husband are normal. We are hoping to see a new doctor or hospital for suggestion and details about IUI. Appreciate if you can share details about doctor references and fee...
  14. Z

    Alternative methods for TTC

    Hi ladies! I'm new here, 28 this year. My husband and I have been trying for a year now. We are really trying to avoid getting IVF as it is quite expensive. I've done some googling and there is this thing called stork otc (link below), is this worth trying? Has anyone used it before...
  15. T

    To-do after failed IVF

    Hi everyone, need some advise here. My husband and I Trying to conceive then realised that I hv endometriosis. Long story short, I did a keyhole surgery in Feb'19 and did a frozen embryo transfer in May'19. But the results is negative. I'm have no idea what to do after the failed ivf. My fail...
  16. C


    Dear ladies, Just wanna check if you have try Mamom Hope from Malaysia ? Heard that those with irregular period or PCOS has conceived after consuming. Anyone has reviews on the effectiveness of the product? Thank in advance !!
  17. C

    Faint positives on blue dye test

    Hi everyone, I’ve been trying for about a year and a half, so far I have had 4 miscarriages, all around weeks 5-6 (no heartbeat yet). After my last miscarriage my doctor gave me a plan to start on medication once I get the bfp, and since then after having this new ‘plan’ and hope, I’ve been...
  18. misslorababy

    Can share any supplement or vitamins good to take when ttcing?

    Hi all mommies, My hubby and I want #2 and have been ttcing for over half year till now.... I dunno why it's hard to be pregnant again.......can share any supplement you take for ttcing? TIA!
  19. B

    Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Pregnancy Plan

    Hi everyone! I was just starting to TTC as well, and I went to Taipei and bought 3 boxes of the Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence for Pregnancy Plan. I went through one box and BAM, I'm now 5 weeks pregnant! :Dhowever, this means I have 2 more boxes of chicken essence left that I cannot drink due...
  20. M

    IVF 2019

    Hey everyone Anyone starting IVF cycle in March 2019? I'm a 29yo female, TTC for 1.5 years. DH is 32. We have had 1 failed IUI in Jan 2019 and will be proceeding with IVF at KKH for this coming March cycle. Doctor dubbed us "unexplained subfertility", but she thinks it's most likely because...