Infertile & Bitter


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Hi all,

Just found out after 5 years of trying that I'm no longer entitled to IVF treatment.

Infertility is one of the most isolating health problems anyone could ever have. We've got our own little community which still needs further support and are often faced with statements like 'well, it's not life threatening is it?' or 'it could be worse.' I'm going to have to be honest here and say I blame myself for my own condition, even though I'm always told not to- years ago in my more fertile years, I was pretty much deadset against motherhood seeing everyone else had problems passed onto their kids which I could never wish on a lil'un. I'm also a tomboy who would rather wear oversized Darth Vader T-shirts rather than floral print if I ever did get lucky in the baby bump department.

Anyway after crying bucketloads to a counsellor, I've set up my own informal blog about infertility, plus a wee insight on IVF. This is written from a pretty brash point of view but infertility hits us in so many different ways and we all are diverse.

So here it is to copy and paste into your browsers if you want a bittersweet, but frankly honest read : . (Yes I know the title link isn't motivating, but that's how infertility has made me feel about myself.)

Here's wishing you all lots of strength and plenty of calming beverage of your choice (because lets face it, herbal teas aren't for everyone)