Anyone on Clomid dosage 150mg (2nd cycle) not ovulating?


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hi ladies,

i have been TTC since early 2017, been through a basic female wellness scan, tested negative for hyperthyrodism (history condition), but have always experienced irregular period since teens.

Last Nov/Dec, I made my 1st appt with Dr Adrian Woordworths at Seng Kang, and he did my Progeterone test and realised my levels are too low (concluded not ovulating). Had 1st cycle of clomid and prog. level indeed rose alot but still below the normal range but period came on time. Tried for 2nd cycle of clomid and saw some spotting 4 days prior to period (assuming its on time). Went for prog test again but shockingly went down to low level, and Dr told me clomid cause prog fluctuation.. true? I replaced my daily folic acid with blackmores conceive well.. so will cause prog level dropped? I thought my tubes might be blocked but dr advise me to continue with clomid 3rd cycle and at 150mg max dosage and see how, and tubal blockages tend to happen if had surgery before.

Now, my period late for 2 days and daily yellowish cm on pantyliner, but colorless when wipe. Any advise??