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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by intelligent _babe, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Hello ladies,

    Anyone planning to do an IVF/IU or TTC and need info/support?

    I’m trying to reach out for ladies:
    > with failed IUI/IVF
    > who are TTC but no results
    > who may be interested to join a support group
    ( #MeetGreet - #ChitChat - #womensupport - all welcome to join )

    Story of my life:
    > 1 ectopic and loss a fallopian tube
    > 1 stillbirth at full term
    > 1 failed iui
    > 1 failed ivf
    > TTC 5 years now still no luck.
    > still keeping my faith strong - what will be, will be.

    My husband and I would like to give one last try for IVF, so we are preparing ourselves. If this too fail, we may proceed with adoption.

    I’ve loads of things to share with you guys:
    > procedures related to successful ivf after multiple failed ones
    > real life inspirational stories which will make your faith even stronger.
    > OBGYN contact (in singapore & malaysia a who can help you with these procedure

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys

  2. Lerraine

    Lerraine New Member

    Hi dear, i am interested to join the support group! Do keep me in the loop!
  3. Hi dear,

    Thanks for your reply. With pleasure
  4. FYI for ladies who are TTC

    26 things you need to know if you are trying to get pregnant:

    1. Anovulation
    2. Basal body temperature
    3. Cysts on your ovaries
    4. Donor sperm or eggs
    5. Endometriosis
    6. Fallopian Tubes
    7. Gestational Carrier
    8. Hormones
    9. IVF
    10. Jabs/Injections
    11. Ovulation kits
    12. Lining of uterus
    13. Male factor infertility
    14. Natural killer cells
    15. Ovulation
    16. PCOS
    17. Quantity & Quality
    18. Recurrent pregnancy loss
    19. Semen analysis
    20. Time frame
    21. Unexplained infertility
    22. Venereal disease
    23. Womb
    24. X-ray
    25. Youth
    26. Zygote Intrafallopian Tube Transfer

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  5. jeanfeb17

    jeanfeb17 New Member

    hi babe

    am keen to join this support group. thanks.

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  6. @jeanfeb17 @Lerraine ladies, mind to pm me your numbers as i will be starting a whatsapp group for easy communication :)
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  7. Mrs Chan00

    Mrs Chan00 Active Member

    Dear ladies... I have return eggs to zsnn at havelock road and Toa Payoh this morning... Feel free to drop by to collect the eggs! Baby dust to all!:)
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  8. Thank you dear. Really sweet of you & thanks for letting us know. God bless you
  9. mashypotato

    mashypotato New Member

    hi intelligent_babe im keen too and pm u already
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  10. soulmate

    soulmate New Member

    Hi ! im interested to join ! =) Thank you !
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  11. Thanks for your support ladies. So glad to hear from you guys. Looking forward to hearing from more ladies who need support or may want to offer support. Thank you once again ladies.

    To those responded, i will whatsapp you guys soon.
  12. Linglong8191

    Linglong8191 Active Member

    Hi i am interested too but i dont know how to pm here. Please add me too. Thank u.
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  13. Certainly dear.
  14. Lapin

    Lapin Active Member

    Returning Red Eggs to Zsnn at Tao Payoh & Temple Near Vivo City (See uploaded file)

    Dear all, I’m an ivf mummy who thankfully succeed in my first fresh Ivf in feb done in sgh with dr Yu suling. I’ve delivered my first born, baby boy on 25th nov and am returning red eggs to Zsnn at Tao Payoh & Temple Near Vivo City (See uploaded file) tomorrow (25th dec) morning - his full month. If you are interested in collecting the red eggs, you can drop by the temples after 11am. Baby dust to all here!And a Merry Christmas to all too! :)

    Attached Files:

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  15. Thanks for sharing dear and congrats Merry Christmas to you and yours ❄️❄️
  16. Xinyi85

    Xinyi85 New Member

    Hi can add me too? Thks.

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  17. DenisePL

    DenisePL New Member

    Hello, I am currently going into my second month of TTC and would like to join this group. Thank you :)
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  18. emostar

    emostar New Member

    Hiie I am keen to join the group...
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  19. yenni26

    yenni26 Active Member

    Hi all,
    I failed my IVF again... this my 3rd try but stil god never grant my wish to make it come true. Some time i think god it's cruel to us . Think is all fated. But i never lose hope.. God will grant our wish one day.
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  20. Good luck to you my dear, feel free to ping me your number so I can add you to our wa grp. ☺️
  21. Surely dear. Pls pm me your number to be added. Thanks
  22. Please don’t say that. All will happen when the time is right, you need to believe in it. Meanwhile do pm me your number as we have started a wa grp, wish you to join it as well.
  23. Hi dear, pls pm me your number to join the wa grp.
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  24. Sharul Jedi

    Sharul Jedi New Member

    Hi, I would like to join this group.
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  25. Certainly dear. Kindly PM your number :)
  26. BBsparkle

    BBsparkle Member

    Hi Babe

    Please also include me in your support group.
    Just had my 1st iui and failed last month ..
    Now trying 2nd iui this month ..
  27. Hey babe!

    Contacted you on wa. So sorry to hear that dear. Wishing you good luck for your next procedure.
  28. lamb_chop

    lamb_chop Member

    Hi, can I join the group too? We have been trying for a kid.. and I have just been diagnosed with one blocked Fallopian tube..
  29. Hopingforbaby

    Hopingforbaby Member

    hi @intelligent _babe, can add me in the chatgrp? i will be going for my ivf program in march... so would like to know more from you ladies whom had gone through that far... salute all for your courages & faith & never-give-up-hope attitude... thumbz up!
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  30. allthingsnatural

    allthingsnatural New Member

    Hi @intelligent _babe I am keen to join too but I think I am unable to PM you since I am new. Are you able to PM me so I can reply with my number? Thanks
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  31. Sorry to hear that dear! We can discuss further on the grp.
  32. Thats fantastic! Good luck babe
  33. No worries dear. Do check your PM
  34. Blue Rose

    Blue Rose Member

    Hi, I'm new to this group, please include me but sorry to ask, how do I pm here?
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2018
  35. HavingHope

    HavingHope Active Member

    Dont worry... find out the reason of the blocked tube... go for a HSG test
  36. Hi i would like to join chat group. Pls pm thks
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  37. Josysy

    Josysy New Member

    What about chemical pregnancy? I have just been told that my hcg level has dropped this morning and it’s CP. very devastating to see the “pregnant word” ok hpt then be told I’m losing the baby. It’s my first ivf and it was frozen transfer. I have failed 2 iui, retroverted uterus.
  38. ColorfulLife

    ColorfulLife New Member

    I would like to join the group too! :)
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  39. saky

    saky New Member

    Hi all, i have also been trying for the past 3 years. 1 failed soiui, 1 failed fresh and now supposed to try for frozen cycle but my period came during kkh block out period :rolleyes:
    Have anyone been diagnosed with unexplained infertility?
    Somehow dunno how to react to that...dunno whether to be happy or sad :confused:

    anyhoos, glad to have such forums where we lend support to each other.
    i've been open to family and friends about my TTC journey....but naturally no one understands our pain better than sisters in this group.

    Oh i'd like to join the group if it's not too late :)
    But how do i PM? sorry kinda noob when it comes to such things.
  40. Alishablond

    Alishablond Active Member

    Why do you think that you got cheated with keyhole surgery? Did they find anything there?
    Some doctors send for “diagnostic” laparoscopic surgery before IVF, especially in Europe.
  41. saky

    saky New Member

    Hey bro, thank you so much for your candid response. brightened my day immediately :)
    Congratulations on your 2nd baby!! and natural somemore!

    I also feel that i just have to keep trying and never give up. My parents keep thinking that i'm dwelling on trying to be pregnant. but i dont think so.
    in fact i am trying so hard and i'm not shy or ashamed to talk about doing ivf to everyone because i am positive that i'll get there somehow. by talking about it, i'm conditioning myself to accept things as it is and remain focused.
    We need medical help and that's the truth, plus it's getting so common.
    Through such forums that i realise i am not alone in my struggles.
    So why not share my own experiences, and hope to benefit others as well.

    I believe in science, i believe in divine intervention, and most of all, i gotta also believe in myself ;)

    And with success stories like yours, i know i am on the right path :)
  42. afyn

    afyn Member

    i'm keen too. pm
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  43. Dear,

    I’m loss for what you are going through right now. Its heartbreaking but pls be strong. Do PM me your number so i can add you to our support grp.
  44. Thanks dear.
    I understand your concern and it’s really thoughtful of you to want to donate your embryos, i hope you find. Potential receiver and I will pass the word around as well.

    God bless you
  45. Do PM me your number pls
  46. Hey ladies!

    Those keen to join our support grp, please PM me your numbers so I can get you started.

  47. Ting1987

    Ting1987 New Member

    Hi hi,
    I am keen to join the group,pls add me.. Thank you
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  48. Sent you wa dear. Waiting for your reply
  49. Beyla88

    Beyla88 New Member

    Hi all.
    I'm interested to join this thread :) I've just did one round of injections when doc told me that they have to stop stimulation as my follicles are growing in quantity but not size :( i'll be going for another round of ivf in april/may cycle.

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