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    Looking for a good doctor for IUI in Singapore

    Hello Everyone! My husband and I are 35 and we definitely don't have time or energy for baby dance. We tried twice naturally and have no success yet. Anyone can recommend the best doctor for IUI? The doctor should be patient and nice as I kind of get triggered by impatient/rude OBGYNs. Thank...
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    Looking for Best Doc/ Clinic which holds the highest success rate in Singapore for IUI

    Hello All, hope you all are doing well and keeping safe. I am 29 and hubby 33, TTC for more than a year now with no success. I was with Dr. Ann Tan for my initial check ups. All our reports are ok. We tried 2 cycles with clomid too but nothing worked out. We are planning to go for IUI. Would...
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    Multiple cysts found after IUI

    Hi, I just had IUI and I got pregnant after the first procedure. However, there were multiple cysts in my ovary found after 9 weeks. And it is growing very fast. The doc at kkh advise me to go for op to remove it during 14 weeks frame as the fetus has already stabilised. There is 2 options...
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    Doctor to recommend for IUI

    Hi all, anyone did IUI and successfully conceived? Any recommendation for doctor for IUI with higher percentage of success rate? I am 35 years old and my husband has sperm motility issue.
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    TTC 2020 Grp Chat

    Hi Ladies, I've been ttc for almost 3 yrs+. Unsuccessful IVF, IUI & even miscarriage. I'll be creating grp chat in WhatsApp for ladies. Pretty sure "we" ladies needs a platform to share with each other feelings/encouraging each other/giving some recommendations. Let me know if anyone keen in...
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    TTC group chat (WhatsApp)

    Hi babe, I am creating a grp chat on TTC. Anyone keen to join? Have been struggling TTC for almost 3 yrs after miscarriage, ivf, iui :(:(
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    First time IUI

    Hi Gals, I am new to city. I have undergone laproscopy in February and as per my Gynac all other reports for me and my husband are normal. We are hoping to see a new doctor or hospital for suggestion and details about IUI. Appreciate if you can share details about doctor references and fee...
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    Trying IUI but husband has low morphology...

    Hi all, This is my first time posting and would really appreciate if I can get some advice here. We've been trying for 2 years and finally got the diagnosis from KK last week that my husband has low morphology for his sperms, 1% to be exact, when the normal rate should be 4% or more. Was...
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    Hello ladies, Anyone planning to do an IVF/IU or TTC and need info/support? I’m trying to reach out for ladies: > with failed IUI/IVF > who are TTC but no results > who may be interested to join a support group ( #MeetGreet - #ChitChat - #womensupport - all welcome to join ) Story of my life...
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    Change hospital for IUI/IVF?

    It's sad, but we failed for 3 times IUI @NUH, and categorised as unexplained infertility. We are thinking to change to KKH for better chance. Already got referral letter from clinic, but the doctor told me they may not accept me as subsidised patient, as I am already with NUH, they all know...
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    Irregular menses after failed iui?

    Hi, I have done iui in Jan and AF came on 23rd Jan before i was diagnosed with a chemical pregnancy on 26th Jan. I'm not sure if 23rd should be considered as my day 1 for the current cycle. If yes, today is already day 32 of my cycle (my usual cycle is 24-26 days)! I tested on day 30 using...