1. S

    Real cost of IVF at Thomson Medical

    Hello Everyone, came across this forum, its awesome. This is my first post. we have been TTC since three years without any luck, did three cycles of IUI but all negative. Now trying for IVF but scared of the expenses. Can anyone share their experience of how much does it cost for entire IVF...
  2. P

    IVF Gynae Recommendation

    Anyone has any recommendation for gynae specialized in IVF? Looking to consider doing it at kkh or NUH. If private clinic isn’t that expensive, I don’t mind too.
  3. C

    TTC 2020 Grp Chat

    Hi Ladies, I've been ttc for almost 3 yrs+. Unsuccessful IVF, IUI & even miscarriage. I'll be creating grp chat in WhatsApp for ladies. Pretty sure "we" ladies needs a platform to share with each other feelings/encouraging each other/giving some recommendations. Let me know if anyone keen in...
  4. C

    TTC group chat (WhatsApp)

    Hi babe, I am creating a grp chat on TTC. Anyone keen to join? Have been struggling TTC for almost 3 yrs after miscarriage, ivf, iui :(:(
  5. 2

    Planning for IVF

    Hi all, we are foreigners. we are planning to go for ivf in kkh. What will be the waiting period for the procedures from the first appointment date.? and the total cost associated?
  6. J

    ERA testing in IVF

    Any IVF hospital in Singapore doing ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) before ET?
  7. N

    New mummy to be with no idea what I’m doing

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and am still working out how to use it. I’m just wondering if anyone can guide me to a page/list of some sort that has all the basic essentials a new born will require. As this is an ivf pregnancy (after many years of ttc), we are trying not to get too excited...
  8. S

    Endometriosis and Pre-Conception

    Hi All, thought I should share my situation with you. Just got my menses today and am loosing hope as I was hoping for a Christmas miracle. I am 33 years old. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis (uterus is retroverted due to endometriosis causing a 'glue-ing' effect on the rectal wall)...
  9. K

    IVF (Proposing to increase the CPF Medisave deduction for IVF)

    IVF (Proposing to increase the CPF Medisave deduction for IVF)
  10. S

    IVF in Jahor Barhu - Pls vote!

    Hi ladies I’m trying to gauge which dr/ clinic has been most effective for IVF pregnancy and live birth rate in Jahore Barhu. I believe the dr is important but equally if not more is the quality of their labs and embryologist to culture and grow embryos into a blastocysts. **TMC Clinic vs IVF...
  11. K

    IVF 2019 and 2020 propose to increase CPF Medisave deduction

    IVF 2019 and 2020 propose to increase CPF Medisave deduction
  12. Salgoodies

    IVF Journey: HPV High Risk + Polyps

    Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well. I am 37yo (Sept 2019), husband 38yo. We have been married for 2 years with no success of getting pregnant. Finally decided to see a fertility clinic, one at overseas, Raffles Hospital Fertility Clinic, and KKH Assisted Reproduction Clinic D. All three...
  13. F

    IVF advice urgently needed

    Hi all, I need some advice here. I underwent 2 rounds of ivf egg retrieval and in total, I obtained 8 blastocysts (Day 5/6) and grading as follows: 3 x 4AB 1 x 4BA 1 x 4BB 1 x 5AC 2 x 5BB I was advised to go for a third round of egg retrieval to bank more embryos. I am not young (40 years...
  14. T

    To-do after failed IVF

    Hi everyone, need some advise here. My husband and I Trying to conceive then realised that I hv endometriosis. Long story short, I did a keyhole surgery in Feb'19 and did a frozen embryo transfer in May'19. But the results is negative. I'm have no idea what to do after the failed ivf. My fail...
  15. A

    IVF with PGD (Pre-genetic diagnosis)

    Hello! I’ve created this thread for anyone out there who is undergoing IVF with PGD, like me. Thought to use this thread as a support group/advice/queries for anyone going through the same thing. The heartbreak and anguish of this difficult journey to motherhood is real. Having a husband as...
  16. M

    IVF 2019

    Hey everyone Anyone starting IVF cycle in March 2019? I'm a 29yo female, TTC for 1.5 years. DH is 32. We have had 1 failed IUI in Jan 2019 and will be proceeding with IVF at KKH for this coming March cycle. Doctor dubbed us "unexplained subfertility", but she thinks it's most likely because...
  17. M

    Failed IVF, Crinone and AF

    hey guys, I just had a failed IVF first cycle. Had a day 5 blastocyst implanted, and i got flu straight after implant unfortunately. I had spotting 6 days after transfer, followed by 3 days of heavy bleeding, more like 4th-5th day of menses that type (if u know what I mean?) and back to...
  18. I

    Infertile & Bitter

    Hi all, Just found out after 5 years of trying that I'm no longer entitled to IVF treatment. Infertility is one of the most isolating health problems anyone could ever have. We've got our own little community which still needs further support and are often faced with statements like 'well...
  19. A

    Gender selection bankok support for singapore people

    Hi, we are trying to find people who have already done the gender selection in bak or any other country since some of people from singapore and india in our group going for it shortly. Hence we need advice from who have already done and help who is planning or already undergoing. We discuss on...
  20. W

    TTC,IVF preparation

    Yallo! going for my 1st IVF consultation next week. What to expect during consultation and process? Any other suggestions to getting prepare ? I saw from other forum stating supplements to order from iherbs -CoQ10 -DHEA -prenatal -raspberry tea -folic acid or folate Fertility massage A lot...