(2012/06) Jun 2012

Petrina: Just sent my request too!

Yours the last one with me alr ehs.. Hehe.. Cass collected hers and nattan got her fren to collect from me yest.. U wanna PM me your add? Can mail out Tmr cos visiting gynae nearby got post office

I'm surprised u haven't gotten Urs.. I mailed out same time as Jasmine who has already received hers.. Somemore you ladies living closeby, thought should b same time get.. Mailed out Tuesday.. Do lookout for it

My fren took the extras alr.. Hmm but I know we having another spree again soon just not sure if it's in time for you..

excited about visit to gynae tmr! He will likely b doing VE to check if can induce!! Yippee.. Bitter sweet feeling.. Cos painful yet would like to know results =s
Hopecg,do update after your visit. I would be gg for mine on sat.

Nathan,my pelvic is as painful when I change my position on bed. Hope u r better. Tmr is finally my last day of work before rest;)

Haha u seem excited about doing VE lor. If given a choice, when would u like to be induced? Next week?


Best to sterilize every part to be safe for now. Anyway, doesn't take much effort to put everything inside the sterilizer.
Hopecg, I just rmb I haven't pay u for the postage yet. How much ah? And good luck for tmr appt! Dr Koh admit me immediately after doing a VE. And I have my baby via natural on that very day. His stitching skill is v good. I can off bed on the second day and not much pain!
Kadice, I'm better today.. managed to go out and run some errands then go to airport to chill out, and buy some groceries. I just need to sit down now and then before the groin starts to feel sore. Yes.. changing positions on the bed is challenging cos of the huge tummy and the sore groin :p Hang in there! The end is very near...

Hopecg, all the best for your check up and VE! I'm also looking forward to my check up and CTG on Sat..
Hi nattan,

My 3 weeks quite happening.

First, baby cannot latch probably, cos my nipple to bleed. Pain.
Next, he jaundice, spent 2days in hosp.
For the first 2weeks, pelvis bone and groin still ache, due to hormones changes I guess. Like DS said and groovy. Is quite miserable. ESP getting off bed and moving. For that, u really need slot of good rest and sleep. Advise is don't walk too much.
Now, engorgement, block ducts. Got to see gp tmw.

You doing ur confinement yourself. Better warn ur husband to be more patient with you and baby.. Cos you really need slot of help..
My hubby been patient, but I can tell he abit fussy. Cos I keep asking him to go buy things and do this do that
Press on Priscilla, the starting is always difficult. need be go back and ask LC for help. yeah i oso a first time mum whom hopes to have lots of breastmilk for my baby hehehe

imagine last nite dreamt of pumping milk for my baby..mus be cos i took out the pump but havent really fully tested the whole tinggy yet..jus watch videos hehehe

nattan & smilez : what are your plans today huh?

oh yes, some say dun set up the baby cot until muchie later after baby is born. not sure why. so i am tinking whether should set up or not now ..issit too early?
Priscilla sounds like you went through a lot these few weeks. Hang in there.. believe it will soon get better... Yeah, I think my hubby is mentally prepared, but sometimes really can see he is tired doing all the chores..wonder if he can really cope when the baby and I come back from hospital... Have to trust in God for strength.

Sunbelle, I'm just continuing with house-cleaning today.. want to do more laundry cos the last few days accumulated a lot when hubby was spring cleaning the utility room and disconnected the washer. After that maybe go and buy more groceries to stock up.

You haven't set up the baby cot? Mine was set up months ago when it was delivered but we haven't put in the mattress and bedding. Hubby wants to do another round of cleaning and mopping before preparing the cot for baby. So now it's just sitting in our room with stuff inside :p I think now is about the right time to set up everything so you don't have to rush at the last minute...
Hey ladies!

Just had my lunch. Was trying to watch some shows online in the morning but the Internet connection was slower than usual. Ah well.

I've been busy washing clothes/bedsheets lately. Just trying to clear laundry so that hubby has less to do. Also been spending time with my dogs. They are very happy to have me at home. Haha.


Not bad - u still can head to the airport to chill and relax. I'm looking forward to the weekend so can spend time with hub. He was down with stomach flu two days ago and not fully recovered yet.


We set up the cot a few months ago. Also opened the plastic cover for the mattress to air in. Told my hub that we only need to put the bedsheets on when baby is back. Everything is ready.

What are your Plans for today and the coming weekend?
Priscilla, take care.. For engorgement try get baby to latch. They are the best pump. When latching after a while I usually stroke massage breast towards nipple.

As for sore nipple, keep applying breastmilk to it. Get baby to latch correctly. Stroke lower lips wait till mouth open wide the put in their head onto your breast.

Get lactation consultant helps. This time mine is indian lady from mah I forgot her name but she's teaching my pre- natal class 2 years ago
hopecg, when will the next spree be? i should be able to wait if its the next 2 weeks...not sure when baby wans to come out either.

smilez, do you let your dog enter the room where the cot is? If yes, then there might be fur on the mattress..i am still keeping the plastic on for mine cos my dog likes to run into our room. Last week sent my dog to shave botak so that his hair won't fly around. He was depressed for a few days..but boy not so vain so he's ok now.
Congrats to all who popped!

At least u tried vbac. Gthe main thing is u n baby is safe is most impt. Take care!

Co sleep with baby,
I intend to do that after nanny returns. I got the snuggle nest from baby fair and it supports the baby so that we adults won't roll over...
Hi mummies I just give birth to my #2 last week. Thought should be more experienced the second time round but still facing same issues like sore nipples and engorgement. It's really not easy especially my #1 is throwing lots of tantrums as she is not getting much attention from me. Any second time mummy having a jealous #1 like me?

If your nipples are sore, try to let them heal first before latching. I pumped instead until they r not so sore then I make sure I latch correctly ie you should feel no pain jus a tugging sensation. If painful unlatch immediately and try to latch again. For engorgement I got the Malay massage lady to massage and clear the blockages for me. Damn painful but very effective-the milk really spurt out when I pump after that. U may want to try getting someone to massage for u.

All the best to mummies still waiting to pop!
Sunbelle and nattan,

Better prepare everything now as if u going delivery tomorrow. My edd was 11june, end up pop on 25may. Before that I already had manta thing ready, but still not very really. So after pop. My hubby have to do all the set up, wash up and clean up when I in hosp... Until he very tired. No time to rest.
Lucky got cl, so after when I back, cl do most housework for us. But I keep asking him to buy this buy that. End up he got I'll a week later as not engh rest as he still got to work.

For pump, cos I first time mum, never use before. I got the medela Pisa. But I never try. End up the breast shield too big. Sent my hubby go buy immediately. If not how to pump. Very stress.

Anyway my nipple was bleeding due to baby sucking during hosp already, so can't latch him. Have to pump. And milk haven come in also... So have to give him fm...he too big eater, I can't meet his 100% demand till now...
Maybe u girls can try to apply nipple cream now for prevention and remember tp pack in your hosp back if u wanna bf. Sure u will use it.
For nipple cream, I using medela cream..very gd. Already I brought another brand but not good. Then my friend ask me to use medela. Immediately send my hubby to buy again.. Haha.. My bleeding heal after 2 days..

Then sore nipples. Is like untouchable. Pain when there is friction. Sent my hubby out to buy nipple shell again.. Hahaha...Guess is due to pumping too long. As I first time ma, thinking pump longer will have more milk.. But cannot la.

Groovy, hope u r doing ok.
Yes, I got a lc to visit me yesterday. She massage me, teach me how to hand express and give me some advices. And Ask me see doctor to take antibiotics.
Let's share,
Pump can only pump 15mins, rest/massage 15mins. If u wanna continue after that ok, but not more than 15mins.
Before pump, apply hot towel and massage
Sore can be cause by over pumping / miring breast shield size.
If nipples, sore/crack/bleed, don't latch, till recover
Mummies i am letting go 5 boxes of Boots milkbags (40pcs) at $9 each. 1 box (38 pcs) at $8.50. Self collection Marine parade or postage paid by payee.

Please pm me if keen.
just finished w gynae!! he says 3cm dilated.. and can induce on sunday, if the baby is not out by then on his own!.. so final date of delivery cfm sunday! yeah!!.. wah when he did the VE earlier, the pain suddenly jolt me up again! dreading the contractions that's coming soon! =s

so i'll be inducing tis sunday at mt A lo.. =)

i rem ur gynae visit today too! how izzit?? are u gonna be my roomie?? hehe!

haha ur turn tmr!! hope everything turns out well! he did a fungal infection check earlier.. says it's a must, then spotted minor fungus.. sounds disgusting =s.. but say no need worry.. i'm thinking like that check for wad.. cost me 65 bucks!.. haha! if i rem correctly!

if you ok, my colleagues are consolidating orders and will be ordering by this weekend, lemme know if you are fine and wanna hitch on the spree k

the postage is $1.. tx same acc will do thanks!

counting down 48 hours to see bb! =)))
hopecg, congrats on the dilation!!!

i went to gynae today also. cervix starting to open but so far only 0.5cm or 1cm only!!! according to him, my pelvic area not the widest but not the narrowest also so 50-50 chances of vbac. since i made up my mind, he'll let me try but not for too long. interestingly today VE not painful at all compared to how i remembered it long time ago.

ahhhhhh.. hope i can be like hopecg and dilate fast fast!!!!
Hopecg:Good news then! Have a smooth delivery this Sunday! Go and indulge now...before starting confinement.

Will be going for my gynae check tomorrow morning, hopefully good news of some sorts that cervix has shorten or baby has engaged!

My lower back has been sore since yesterday and my groin hurts today, so will see whats going on tomorrow mornin when gynae checks on me.
Priscilla, ya I'm also a bit anxious about preparation. Don't want to be caught unprepared, so been doing a lot of things since going on leave on Wed. Hubby also cleared out the utility room, going to vacuum and mop the house 1 more time, I'm catching up with laundry, washing the breastfeeding accessories, packing final stuff into hospital bag and buying groceries and herbs. Phew... hopefully won't be too disorganised when baby finally arrives

Hopecg, yeah looking forward to my check up tomorrow.. hopefully my gynae will have some good news for me too.. I also pray that baby will arrive on Sun! Fungal infection is quite common in pregnant women cos of extra moisture and discharge during this period.. It'll clear by itself or you can drink barley water, suppose to help with getting rid of excessive moisture.

My dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms so its not so bad. I also send them for grooming every month. Usu just shave them. They dont mind la, weather so hot. They get very playful and frisky after they get a hair cut. Keep playing.


So happy to hear that you have dilated!! Looks like its going to be similar to the last round when u got induce! Can count down till Sun! Yay!!!

Have a smooth delivery!!


The last few weeks must be really hectic since your baby came rather early. Your poor hubby must be so tired running in n out of the house buying stuffs.

I've been cleaning the house almost daily now as if I'm going to deliver anytime so that my hub don't need to clear up too much when I'm not around. Anyway, don't think we can plan so much so I just do what I can to keep busy.

Chris is going for her c sec nExt Fri.

Adeline / Nattan

Hope both of yr checkup comes with some good news showing that you are one one or two step


hey! That's good news leh!! Got progress liao!! So u trying to vbac right? Jia you!!

Going to exercise in awhile. Then maybe do some
More housework. Keep
I signed up for the babies bellies package at one of the expo fairs and they assigned a therapist to me. Think they go by location. It cost me $375 for 7 sessions incl a binder which I can return for $20 back if I decide not to keep it.

Hmm..sounds like mastitis if u need to take antibiotics. That bad huh..I also got mastitis a couple of times for #1 but that was at later stage not during first few weeks. It's common to have engorgement during first week when milk suddenly comes in.

You may want to try nipple shield for your sore nipples? It was a savior for me for #1. It helped to shield the baby's gums from my nipples so I could latch even when sore. However, my second one just hates it so it didnt work this time round.
Ssmilezz, I really salute your energy level! You seem to be able to do a lot of things and still exercise even at this point in time. The humid and hot weather is a real dampener for me but I take it as an opportunity to do laundry. Thank God the groin pain seems to have eased off and I can move around more easily. Looking forward to dinner with my gal pals later

Priscilla, oh ya.. must remember to treat your hubby nice after your confinement.. maybe go on a date and treat him to a nice dinner
Sometimes when we get so caught up with the baby we tend to take our spouse for granted :p
Nipple Shield

How or when do we use it? It's a plastic cover for our nipples right?


I'm glad your groin pain is better now. Have a good time with yr friends tonight. Good way to destress!!

Maybe that's my way of destressing ba. Keeping active and doing stuffs. I was thinking if by this weekend still don't pop, going to shower my dogs again. Ive been doing that weekly now instead of fortnight so that they remain as clean
as possible.

Oddly I don't feel like ppl meeting for dinner now. Cos everyone will comment how massive i look and why baby not here yet! Like how should I know!!

I am a April mummy and wished to let go LactaGreek (50 caplets) which is to help to increase your milk supply
This tablets is given to me by my gynae on 12 June 2012. I bought it at $35 and letting go at $20.
Fenugreek Seed Extract-600mg
Katuk Leaves Extract-100mg
Vitamin B12-20mcg
Calcium phosphate dibasic-12mg
Expiry-08 2012
Do PM me if you are interested.
ssmilezz, yah.. i shud be thankful that there's soooommmmmeeeee progress. maybe i was expecting more lor! like it's 3cm already! and baby's head engaged nicely. hehehehe...
today is finally my last day of work. so busy clearing all my work, now then have time to login. at least next week onwards, can really get down to prepare at home and have a good rest!

hopecg, dats good news for you. congrats! all e best for sunday.

lili gal, really not painful..phew. hope chris would be gentler to be tmr too...it doesnt take long right?

nattan: keep our fingers crossed for our check up tmr.i feel that my tummy is so tight today!

just to check, we do not need to bring breast pump to hospital right?
Hi Priscilla,

Do you have fever??? I also have blocked ducts and developed to fever now. Doc asked me to monitor and if not better I need to eat antibiotic (augment). I did tell doc that I am TBF she said its safe. Did u go Gp and get antibotics?
Yup hope the check tomorrow goes well. However i am having groin pain since this afternoon but only when i am standing or walking. What does that mean?

Kadice: Don't have to bring breast pump to hospital as i was advice breast milk kicks in after a few days.

I am going to have durian later!! Just in case i cant have them later on...... Hehe..
kadice, yah.. not painful at all. i was like ooh dear, be gentle cos i sensitive. he was saying errrr... i haven't even started. hahahha... but later ok. fast and good. btw, u 1st time mum? if yes, i suggest you bring pump to hospital so that u can consult the lactation consultant on funnel size, how to use etc. but adeline's right, there's no milk then.

adeline, i can't take it already and took one seed from hubby just now. hehehehehe....
Adeline, sounds like what I'm experiencing. My gynae says it's the ligaments stretching.. Most likely your baby is descending and stretching your pelvic area. Just take it easy and rest as much as possible.
Nattan: Thanks! It is really uncomfortable but if its because she is going to be engaged and i am going to dilate soon,then bring it on!

Just came back from my durian feast! Yummy!!
Ssmilezz, haha... I know how you feel.. some people are just not very sensitive to pregnant ladies :p Good that you can still have the energy to do all these stuff like bathing the dogs.. I don't bathe my cats so often cos they hate it so at most just brush them to get rid of shed fur..

At last I satisfied my crab craving
My best gal pals came over to the coffee shop near my place so I didn't have to go out far and we had a good time catching up over zi char and crabs. Other then them, I'm not meeting anybody else for meals already... Now can prepare myself for delivery and the confinement period..hehe..

Kadice, you don't have to bring your pump to the hospital. Unlikely you'll produce a lot in the first couple of days. And in case you really need to pump, the hospital should be able to loan you.
Actually the lactation consultants don't recommend nipple shield because of fear of nipple confusion. But one of the LC at hospital said if desperate can consider. Cos rather than potentially giving up latching because of sore nipples. It worked for my #1. Was able to use the shield to protect nipples from further damage yet can latch successfully. But pls make sure to get the correct size. The first one I got was too small and it make my nipples bleed.

By the way, with the weather so unbearably hot these days, wonder whether any mummies actually managed to abstain from bathing or plan to do that? I have been taking showers and washing my hair everyday!! Just cannot stand it being hot and sweaty and sticky!!

So the baby still latches on but with the shield as protection issit? I thought it was just used to protect the nipples against abrasion etc.

Yeah, the weather is madness! I typically shower at night before I sleep and literally sweat the entire day at home now. Sigh. I also need to wash my hair daily. Thankfully, I cut it short like 2 weeks back so it's easier to manage.


Don't think cats will appreciate taking showers right? haha...my dogs like to play fight and roll around together so need to shower at least every 2 weeks. I comb them maybe 2-3x a week.

My BIL is very straight la..he keeps going - wah so big so massive....he forgets that my SIL is much smaller in build than me and she was induced at 37 weeks leh..different size bumps what. :p I'm a good 10cm or more taller than her and not to mention wayy heavier.

YUMS!!! i miss crabs! I haven't eaten them since I'm preggie. Only took prawns and sotong. :p

Liligal / Adeline

Durian fans eh? Enjoy enjoy...if not, during confinement, cannot right? Unless baby enjoys durian flavoured BM? hehe
Adeline/Liligal, I didnt dare to take too much durians now. Afraid baby gets too big. Thought confinement period can take coz not cooling food?hmm

Nathan, I have not taken crabs since pregnant. Some ppl say can't eat..but I guess it is a myth la

Btw for those who bought Medea Pisa model frm beauty loft, where I'd u get ur voltage converter?homefix?
kadice, i got converter from those normal HDB electrical shops. cost abt $11 and worked well.

i feel like eating crabs too!!! can or not???

ssmilezz, yah... but me also scared bb too big. trying for vbac so tahan for so many mths already and only ate thrice.
<font color="aa00aa">I love durians but can't eat them at this stage due to GD.

Now at the clinic waiting for 39w checkup. Had quite frequent Braxton Hicks contractions last night &amp; I thought I was going to pop but they stop when I went to bed.

Did u experience any contraction before the VE check?</font>
kadice, i'm going to buy again soon cos the last one i can't find it anymore. once i get it, i'll send a pic over or pass you over in FB. it's just a rectangular block.
Morning ladies!

Just came back from gynae check.
My lil girls head has engaged and is in the anterior position, perfect for natural delivery! Yay!
Water levels,cord and placenta position is all good.
Gynae did a VE check today and did another cervix scan and it has shorten and is opening.
Looks like it is going to be anytime soon, so he ask me to monitor for labor symptoms.

Adeline, gd for you! I also had my check today but gynae said baby is not showing signs of coming out yet...he's too comfy inside..haha..he's now 3.8kg..so I pray I'll still be able to go for natural delivery. I got some fungal infection too so doc inserted a pill. Next check up on Tue cos today's CTG wasn't very successful as baby was sleeping.