(2012/06) Jun 2012

Petrina, lili gal, ssmilez, kadice, sunbelle, Tks for all the well wishes.

Ssmilezz, bb boy was 2.865kg at birth. Can buy 4d liao. Haha. Came out 11 days early.

Tlisa, congrats!! Lucky u! Delivery process sound fast and smooth. Yipee!! Hope yr nipple will recover soon.

<font color="aa00aa">I cooked my own lunch these few days while waiting to pop. I usually buy the meat after dropping #1 in school.

Monday - Soup mee sua with chicken thigh and egg
Yesterday - Brown rice porridge with chicken thigh, carrots and egg
Today - Soup noodles with red snapper fillet, ginger (as I'm down with flu again), carrots and egg bean curd

Simple, yet filling meals as I can only take bland food. BTW, my gynae she'll have to induce me if baby doesn't come out by 40 weeks since I've got gestational diabetes. Today I'm 38w4d.</font>
ssmilezz, tickling is so cute!! let me try. but usually it's so painful tat i jus want to push it right in and keep her in her center neutral position.

sunbelle, abit early right? have you reached end of 37th wk? hang in there!! ask ur bb to hang in there too.

tlisa, your birth story so smooth!!! in fact the dilation appeared to be very fast and furious. ur hubby seemed to know that 4 jun's the day huh? btw, use lots of nipple cream!!!

me super bored working from home. since i handover most stuff, i hv nothing much to do except joining phone meetings here and there. so much so that my son wants to have a "meeting" with me. this is no fun. hope my girl will come out soon.
Hi mummies,

Congrats to those who had given birth! I went to c gynae yesterday at week 37. He did swab test and told me I m 3cm dilated and suggested me to go with natural birth. Bb is now at 3.2kg and I put on total of 22kg. We were considering c section initially as I was really scared of pain and no idea if I can have epidural as I m allergic to painkiller and antibiotic. My hubby has taken leave next Monday onwards for 2 weeks and he cannot change his leave. My mum insisted next mon is not gd day to deliver. Anyway, after checK up, we went shopping and almost evening time, I started to bleed. I called kkh and the labour nurse asked me to monitor as could b bleeding due to test. But the nurse assisting my gynae mentioned that I can go labour ward to check. We quickly went home to shower and after dinner, it became spotting and I was too tired to move around so decided to wait. Spotting and contractions stopped but bb was active last night. This noon, started to have spotting again.
I have no idea if I should go hospital anot. :/ I kept napping today as was really tired. Hubby and my mum kept asking if I want c section or natural. I was hoping bb can pop out anytime this week.
Hopecg: Thanks but i am hoping that i would dilate naturally and everything will just come naturally, i supposed.Whats VE? Oh i dont need the spray,thanks!

Ssmilezz: Yup have been resting and talking to my girl to come out naturally next weekend hopefully.

Yup if i am induced on my EDD, thats exactly your 41 week so might actually see you in the hospital. Hahaha....
i'll not be having a CL this round.. =) it's a relief for me! but am feeling bad in case i load my mum or helper too much work.. already #1 is keeping them v v busy... and i can't help much these days cos of groin pain and simply just plain laziness to entertain the kiddo.. hopefully i'll be more hands on w e nb

mummies bought cot for nb to slp in or plan to co-slp? actually i plan to co-slp w him since there kinda isn't enuff rm to go around.. have a pretty much useless storeroom cum study.. and the other belongs to #1 already.. so thought of bunking in w nb.. but not sure if it's a gd idea! jeez!

VE - vaginal examination? haha.. i assume! think stick finger in to check? can't really tell what's gg on at the bottom and if equipment is used =P
Hi all,
I just celebrated my bb full month party. I ordered the cake from Ecreative and I'm utterly disappointed with them!
On the day of delivery, they driver just put the cakes in the function room and went off. We were puzzled as normally they will request someone to endorse on the delivery order. As were were busy with preparing the buffet and other things, we did not ponder further.
The horror started when we were about to give out the cakes. All the cupcakes and mini cakes were toppled inside! Imagine cupcakes with creams which were toppled! We had no choice but to salvage what we can secretly so as not to let our relatives see... This is why I only had time to take a photo of 1 of the boxes out of the 20 odd boxes !
The next day, we call Ecreative n demand an explanation. Guess what? They denied saying we should take photos of all boxes, return all boxes if we want compensations, n denied that the driver did it! How to take photos of all boxes when we were secretly salvaging the boxes?how to return the boxes when we had to give out the cakes that day which is a Sun when they don't take in calls?if it's not the driver, then who?
Another nightmare is, a few relatives called n said the glutinous rice had turned bad! We had since called NEA for this!
So pls boycott this coy if u want to have a happy full month party.
Hopecg: I don't think its a good idea to co sleep. I will be worried if I will crush bb when I am too tired.

Ssmile talk to bb more and tell her that you are ready for her. Take walks after dinner . I did that and was able to deliver before 41 weeks

Zo: if spotting does not stop u shld call your dr. Ithink if it's abloody show it shd Bret like our mense
hi ladies,

i went to do a CTG test today and surprised to find that i have contractions. yeah not dilated yet. but very surprised and my instinct is right hehe the nurse at TMC is good and at least no need to be there liao hehehe.....for peace of mind and a good sleep tonight ....seen my gynae too....

jus a question : if baby is not engaged but head down can try induce huh? will it affect the performance huh?like longer induce time etc.

Some babies only get engaged during labour so it's ok. So just go back and monitor if the contractions get stronger right? Hope u can get some rest tonight!


Hopefully this round u get a less stressful confinement. U can still adequately bu your body without a CL. Just get your mom and maid to prepare more nutritious food.

So who is your no 1 sleeping with now? Own room?


True true. Our timing may end up very close. Lets see how things go.


Thanks for sharing!
I'm glad your labour went smoothly. Congrats! The waiting must have made u quite uncomfry too right? I always thought the second baby would be earlier.

I have been very active throughout pregnancy so I think I'll talk more to her. Hehehe.

Your lunch menu sounds yummy!
how's your GD? Are u still monitoring on your own?


Yah, u try tickling. Hehe. Need to try all sort of methods - interaction with baby.


So u are still deciding if u want to try natural or c section? Did u tell your gynae about yr allegies? Maybe he can advice u better. I think even with natural birth, pain relief can help u.

Has your spotting stop yet?
sunbelle, congrats! at least u r "progressing"! aiya.. i'm still asking my girl to prep herself to come out soon!!!

ssmilezz, ur patience is admirable. i already buay tahan liao.
Hopecg: Thanks! I would definately still like her to come out naturally next weekend. Hehehe....without having to be induced i guess.

Ssmilezz: Yup patiently waiting for our girls to come out naturally.

Sunbelle: Guess you are next, relax and have a smooth delivery!

Goodnight ladies!
hope, i wil also b cosleeping w nb durin confinement, cos i tink easier to latch at nite esp since i wil hv csec wound. Also cos thers no space to put playpen in the rm n CL wil also b bunking in. Aftr confinement most likely wil let bb slp in playpen.
gettin nervous. Tmr gynae wil b bk. Goin to c him n wil advise me if he is gona csec me tis fri. Dont knw y i m more nervous for tis #2 as compare to #1.

Bo bian right? Trying to chillax more (chill + relax). When it's time it's time lor...hehe


Somehow like less and less people around in the thread since those that have given birth are so busy.


Keep us posted how your checkup goes k? If the c sec is not going to be this week, then when will it be scheduled? You still intending to opt for c sec right?

I thought your no 1 also c sec?
Hi mummies trying for vbac

I managed to give birth successfully via vbac 2 days ago. Just a note to encourage you gals that you can do it! Good luck!
Tlisa: my spotting and contraction stopped in middle of last night. Bb was very active and kept kicking me till I cannot sleep. I m hoping for induction as now looks like a waiting game.

Ssmilez: whenever I brought up the issue of my allergies, he'd just brush it off by saying don't worry so much! How not to worry since I had been admitted into hospital cos of a painkiller in the middle of night and I don't want to go through again. I m hoping to try for natural birth although a few of family members think I will kill my hubby halfway through cos of the pain. I think my hubby is hoping I go for c section too. But I was supposed to have c section previously as baby was big but now since she is 3.2kg, my gynae felt I can do natural. He asked me sign the form for natural but I had booked for c section about 1 month ago.
Hello june mummies, exciting month for us..especially those who havn't pop. I am still waiting for mine as well. Last visit gynea say he is already 3kg..i just pray he doesn't grow that much in these last few weeks. 38 weeks for me this sat..hope baby will come out next weekend at 39 week. Telling that to him everyday. Its true that baby can engage at the last hour during labor..so don't need to worry for mummies whose baby have not engaged yet. BHC happens everyday and almost every hour...plus slight menses like cramp..contractions should be more painful than this right? Hope all of us remaining can have a smooth and fast labor as well..
Morning ladies!




I know what you mean cos u never know when or what medicine can trigger off your allegy! My SIL and sis both have very bad allegies due to quite a number of medication. Both can't take panadols and not to mention countless types of antibiotics. And when the allegy strikes, your eyes gets so puffy and the heart rate increases so badly that you can be warded right? Sigh.

My SIL still tried for natural with epi and then ended up with c section cos labour wasn't progressing after close to 20 hours. I don't think epi will cause any issues, it was the painkillers that was given to her orally after the c section that caused her to have a mild allegy. Puffy eyes and face. So the doc told her to stop cos there's no other oral painkillers that he can give her but he told her if she really needs pain relief, it will have to be done via drip. In any case, she went without it.

So hopefully, this gives you some idea and help you decide what you want to do next.

Do try for natural if you can. The recovery is really faster and 3.2kg is not big la..mine is 3.6kg+ at my 39 weeks checkup and I'm still waiting.


I think baby puts on almost 200g every week now. But yours is a good size. Have you stopped work yet?
deebee, congratulations and that's very very very good to know. how big was ur bb? care to share your experience? i'm so encouraged now.
Finally! How's mummies coping with confinement and baby?
Those who haven't pop, will be soon! :D

Hopecg, I received ur spray le. Many thanks!!!! Dr Koh also got give spray actually, bu te one we ordered more comfy and cooling. And I must really say dr Koh stitching damn good! No pain, I can seat walk n everything on te second day. So thankful!
Hi liligal!

I was supposed to go for csec at 41wks due to the increased risks of induced vbac but thankfully bb came out naturally at 40wks 5days! Contractions started after midnight fast and furious and I dilated from 1cm to 10cm in less than 6 hrs. Got epi of cos I couldn't stand the pain at all. Bb was 3.3kg
hi everyone,

My baby is coming 3weeks old. Getting more cranky. Want ppl to carry when he is awake.

Happy and smooth delivery on Friday.

Haven seen Jul post for a while. She delievered?

Guess you are going to be in labour soon. I have the same feeling and pain fews days before i pop..

Wish everyone well..
Deebee, congrats! I had a failed vbac.. 16hrs labor, 6cm dilated, emergency csec, bladder tore, bb in danger cause head stuck in birth canal. Bb is born 2.794kg only.
But I didn't regret trying cause at least I have a closure to my failed induction 4yrs ago.
Only regret pushing too hard and too long, stressed bb during labor. Thank God she's alive.
agree that this thread is getting quieter as more and more mummies have popped. only left some of us waiting...heard from many friends that confinement is tougher than pregnancy..guess more exhausting
Congrats Deebee!

Yup left a few of us patiently waiting for our turn. Looks like our lil bub is very comfortable inside.

Looking forward to this Sat check-up and hopefully her weight has increased slightly and cervix has shorten more and roughly she would come out by next weekend.
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My mom after almost healed from her flu now goes shopping again zzz. Almost half a day already. Really cannot expect anything from her lah. She's helping to distract my #1 while my maid ironing clothes. For baby I take care everything.

Only when hubby at home at least he change diaper for me. Then He's the one sleeping with baby so pnly wake me up when baby is ready to be breastfeed, so at least I can sleep..

Good news is my piles is better now! But unfortunately My massage lady is busy so can only start monday huhu.
Just want to rant lah. Never expected need to take care of baby myself as early as 1 week old.. Huhuhu.. I thought last time hubby can work from home like when #1 was born

Luckily I am 2nd time mummy already. Can't imagine if last time like this.. I feel like westerners already. Take care of baby themselves.
smilez, not yet..have to work till next wed. now still doing some handover. i am having difficulty staying awake in office. plus BHC makes me breathless frequently.

adeline, do you feel anything when your cervix shorten? i am having the same sore feeling as nattan whenever i squat or pee..wonder if its becos baby is low.

hopecg, i am interested in the spray if u still have extra...how much is it includ postage? let me know. thanks!

so hungree now..craving for laksa, fries, sushi...can't wait to go home.
FB Link

What should I search for? Don't think I joined yet. hehe


Hang in there. Very soon you can also get to enjoy your well deserved rest.


I guess those westerners are more hands on. They dont have so many rules and regulations to follow. Plus they are also more independent with their family/parents typically staying quite far away so cannot depend on them to help.

Good that your piles are better now! Are on you TBF now?


Time really flies! Already 3 weeks old! Have you planned anything for full month celebration?

Yes, Jul has delivered. Last week I think.

ARGH - feeling very nauseated now. Dunno what caused it. Hope hub comes back home soon.
wow looks like only a few mummies to be left in this thread. most mummies have given birth hehehe

jus to ask when we sterlise the milk bottles hor, do we sterlise all the entire bottle parts including the plastic connector, teat, bottle etc? i bought avent milk bottles and avent sterliser.
anyone went thru elective c-sec in TMC huh? can share the procedure huh? looks like lots of mummies are natural which are good hehee
Yup2 tbf. Total latch and lazy to pump extra for #1 afraid if over supply. Anyway this baby is a milk tanker so easy to latch her unlike #1 last time

Priscilla, how's it going 3 weeks on?
Yeah I think I'll pop soon as hubby commented that my tummy seems to hang slightly lower and I can feel the baby descending. If I walk too long, the groin pain come back so I have to rest every so often..

Sunbelle, you have to sterilise anything that is in contact with milk so that means every part of the bottle as it may harbour bacteria, esp the grooves of the connectors. Make sure you have brushes to wash these parts including the insides of the teats.

Ssmilezz, some times I also feel nauseous for no reason. Maybe it's just gas or acid reflux.