(2012/06) Jun 2012

Thanks ladies!

Nattan: Wow 3.8kg!Yea hopefully can still do natural.

My girls weight is only 2.8kg. Should be able to do natural delivery and hopefully a short labor.


Aiyah, I also dunno why need to avoid except that maybe crabs are considered very 'tok'? My aunt had a lot of crabs during her pregnancy last time cos of her craving and my cousin had bad enzema. Not sure if there's any co relation la.


3.8kg eh? I'll be curious to see the actual weight diff between your boy and my girl cos our weight gain and baby weight has been really similar so far!

I thought it is easier to do CTG while the baby is sleeping? U mean the results are more accurate if the baby is active n moving?


Yay! Good for u!! sounds like there's good progress!! Now just hope for some diliation. Hehe when is your next checkup then?


Your baby size still ok so far right? Few seeds of durian won't hurt la. U not going to finish all the seeds on yr own ba. Haha


How is your checkup?

Just went out for lunch and realized that it's Father Day weekend right? No wonder so many families eating together. Had some bubble tea which sucks! Some brand called Share Tea which claimed to be very popular in Taiwan. Wasted my calories lor. Did some groceries shopping so can cook something simple over the weekend. Now heading home to rest abit.
Yes baby can latch with nipple shield on u. For preventing abrasion you use breast shell

Now u can still shower. I mean during confinement. I hv been showering everyday despite mum's nagging.
thanks all for well wishes! in the final leg nw.. oOooohhh!! will update when he's out tmr!

which hospital u gg? mt a too?? haha.. can prob see you there!

my dad bought mao shan wang yest.. and i had like 3 seeds worth! still got remaining ones in my fridge! cannot eat ar?? confinement lei?

u impress me w ur birth knowledge sia! despite being a first time mum, u seem to know a lot!!! barley water huh? recently abit heaty.. my mum's been nagging at me too!

i didn't feel contractions prior to VE.. but now seem to be feeling it.. tho not frequent.. the kinda that is enuff to wanna twist ur tummy inside out! =S

food during confinement/bf-ing
be it crabs etc, i always thought that whatever we eat is fine to consume and it won't be passed on to bm.. cos our body will try to filter the right stuff to the milk.. no?.. haha!
Liligal: Should have take more then 1 seed! Haha....best time to have durians now. I guess i can afford cos baby is on the small size and my weight has been stagnant.

Ssmilezz: Yup hope for dilation by next weekend! Gonna talk to her to come out on the 23rd. Hehe...
Next checkup is on the 22nd morning and gynae will advice from that check on how we will proceed if i have not pop before then. However, my gynae will not let me go pass the 25th which is my EDD.
Hows yours so far? Any news or advice from gynae abt your delivery?

Hopecg: I am delivering at GlenE. So might actually see Ssmilezz instead. Haha....
Go finish up the durians!
Are you expecting to deliver next week too?

Last week for most of us now!! Everyones letting me eat whatever i want now, such bliss!

Yes tomorrow is Father's Day and we have booked for Lawry's to celebrate!
adeline & ssmilezz, don't dare to take more than 1 seed. my bb already 2.65kg i hope she can be out at 2.8kg only. but then again my gynae was wrong last time. predicted my boy at 3kg and came out 3.5kg with head jammed. so if i add .5kg to my girl then jialat already!!!

me praying for auto-dilation every day! this time during VE gynae din swipe my water bag.

hopecg, so exciting. watever we eat will pass on some parts to bb. my friend ate seafood during bm days and her girl has allergy. actually her allergy is inborn up till now, she's 5 already. allergic to seafood.
liligal: I see.....i didnt count how many i ate last night! Was just enjoying it....hehe! I dont think it will contribute that much to their weight,right?

I am also praying for normal dilation and short delivery process. How long were you in labor for your #1? It was still natural birth for your #1,right?
They say cant eat crab due to some myth la..baby will grab this & that after birth just like crab claws.

Lili gal: I didn't manage to do VE today..gynae was afraid to traumatise me,saying I was already screaming before he did anything. He just said let it come naturally since he could not determine anything before checking. Next week gg to do ctg scan. I was thinking, even now dun do VE..during labour, nurses would also check
he said by then I would be in severe pain & left with no choice but to go thru it. Sighhh...

Petrina, Chris was telling me u were discharged & recovering well

How come u were already in pain leh? Before he started doing VE? But quite true, during labour u could begging them to check as often as possible to see if u are progressing!

Don't be too freaked out by VE k? It really is quite ok as long as u relax your muscles.


Aiyoh one seed how many calories sia? Hehe can't be that bad ba. I ate a lot today! Had one big bowl of za ziang noodles and shared xiao long bao with my hub from Crystal Jade. Then had that stupid bubble tea. When I got back home around 3+, I had one cranberry scone with butter n maple syrup. Hehe

How to auto dilate ah? Some ppl have very co operative cervic lor. I read about this membrane sweep - supposed to help bring on labour. Dunno how true!


Yah!! Finally leg for u!! What time must u be admitted to be induced?

Have a good night rest!! Provided u are not too excited!


I'll still shower during confinement. Thankfully no major objections from anyone. :D


My checkup on Monday 18 jun! Exactly 40 weeks.
see how things go. I just asked my hub what he wants for Father's Day pressie. Hehe he said he wants our girl to arrive safe and sound. Lol. I told him not within my control la. Unless we intend to evict her via inducing. Haha

Going to prepare dinner soon. Taking a well deserved break after showing my dogs.
I have been bathing everyday. I cannot tolerate the heat anymore. So hot!!! I am dripping my my sweat everyday.

Nipple Shield,
Is it really good? I have cracked nipples. Its so painful!!!! Do you think the nipple shield will help?
adeline, #1 i had 12hrs of labor b4 my urinal catheter saw traces of blood. then i had to go c-sect cos apparently my boy's head got jammed. but 12hrs was very very bearable as i had 2 doses of good epidural so was surfing and playing all the time but strapped and bound on bed.

kadice, hahahhahhhaa.... me also was making noises b4 he did anything. but somehow he did for me cos maybe mine was c-sect b4 and i kept insisting on vbac so he needs to check bones etc to set my expectations. we chatted abt petrina while he was doing it. hehehee.... but funny, i was never asked to do CTG scan. u go where to do? next time in hosp, u can get epidural, no pain, not much feel when nurses check. hahahah....

ssmilezz, yah... last time my #1 very big lah... and i ate durians like every other week cos we jus came bk from overseas and durian was our permanent crave! but me have been eating out a lot lately also cos wanna meet more pals before i pop. or else i'll be under confinement and after that confined to 1-2hrs only of rush rush free time when I'm a cow later. so actually u r right. one seed maybe not as bad as my heavy lunches!!!

tlisa, do you sleep in air con during the day? i had the fan blowing directly at me while sleeping and still woke up in sweat and went to bathe. wondering how i'll do it during confinement.
<font color="aa00aa">Did CTG in today's 39w checkup which gynae said its routine. Baby was quite active but managed to plot something out. Only 1 contraction recorded &amp; gynae checked cervix &amp; said it's not ripe yet. However, glad that baby's head is down &amp; estimated weight is about 3.6-3.7kg. Got to go to main clinic at Mt E to induce next Thu if he doesn't pop by then as she doesn't allow delivery after EDD for GD cases.

All the best to the rest of us waiting to pop.</font>
lili gal, I do not sleep in the air con in the day. I also have the fan circulated. We are not suppose to have the fan directly at us. I try to turn on the air cond at night though.
Adeline, wow.. 1kg diff between your girl and my boy eh.. Actually I don't really control my diet strictly, although I don't eat a lot of junk food but a lot of .. maybe that's why. Enjoy your date at Lawry's! Eating beef will help baby to gain weight also. My hubby will be serving in church while I rest at home. I might cook a simple dinner at home if I'm up to it.

Ssmilezz, yours also around 3.8kg? Let's hope we can both deliver naturally
Actually I thought it's better to do CTG when baby is sleeping, but my gynae wants to see variation in his heartbeat so wanted baby to be awake and active. I think maybe I should drink some coffee before my next visit...heheh...

hopecg, I just try to read as much as possible and not rely on folk knowledge or hearsay.. Re barley water, that's well documented in TCM. I often had fungal infection last time and barley water helped to some extend to curb the excessive discharge.

Kadice, Fleurfleur told me that too.. that baby will be "grabby" if I eat crabs.. hahaha.. Oh well, I had crabs only twice throughout this pregnancy. Will see how it goes. As for allergies, usually is hereditary or caused by allergy-causing foods eaten when baby is still very young. That's why not advisable to eat nuts, eggs, seafood during confinement and when baby is below 1 or 2 yo.

The VE was quite uncomfortable for me too.. My gynae just shoved 2 fingers in! But it could also be because I'm having some fungal infection, usually the inside would be a little bit more sensitive.
Really huh? Allergies start frm bm?? Hmm not hereditary? Suspect my #1 got nut allergy cos of his dad.. Wad a waste! Hehe

I think I will try to catch a DVD tonight and enjoy last moments of me time before the lil one pops tmr! Gonna check in in 12 hrs!! WoOts! As u can see, I'm counting down! Bought a bday cake for the two boys who are gonna be sharing the same day for e rest of their lives!

Admire your dedication to showering your dogs even till nw! I've long ago delegated the job to my helper! Can squat down to bathe him alr =(

Wah.. 3.6 is heavy! Gd weight wor!! Jia you!

Can ask ESP those who popped, we can bring laptop while in labour huh? Useful when we are using epi and just bidding time? Scared I'll be bored tmr =p
hopecg, yah my fren's girl quite bad. can't even take normal fish or ikan bilis. soup also cannot! anything that has to do with the sea. she got eczema as well that one is hereditary. the allergy is not cos the mum and dad are big big eaters. hehehee... some allergy will be gone after a certain age. but this girl not yet.

btw, i brought laptop last time during delivery. that time i no iphone yet. hahhahaha... we update on the side!

If u think no 1 may have a nut allegy then best to check it out to confirm leh. Else if he eats something that triggers off the allegy next time, then big headache lor.

I'm worried that my girl will be lactose intolerant lor like my hub. Cos I love milk and I drink daily without fail. Hee Hee

Oh yah! U wanted both boys to share the same birthday!!! So will no 1 be sad since u can't celebrate with him tomo?

Should be ok to bring laptop or iPad right?

I sit on a low stool to shower them. Both are small breeds so very easy to shower.


Yah, maybe take some cold sweet drinks! That should keep your boy active during the CTG. hehe

Last Monday at 39 weeks was 3.7kg? So Erm I think ours around the same weigh plus minus. :D


Yours is of a good weigh too! So by next week, you'll definately have to deliver since your gyn does not allow u to be overdue?


My colleagues were also bz doing lunch with me before I headed for my leave. Like trying to fatten me up. Haha

Contraction vs Baby Activity

Typically when we start getting contractions, will baby's movements be lesser? Or still active between contractions?
Ssmilezz, lactose intolerance is very common esp in Asians. My hubby and I are also intolerant to some extend, but we love milk and just drink anyway. When I was a kid I used to get very bloaty and gassy after drinking milk, but that didn't happen after I grew up. Some allergies or food intolerance can go away when kids grow up.

You're now in your 39th week or 38th? I'm in my 38th..
The nipple shield worked for my #1. If not for it I may not hv continued latching cos my nipples bled so was quite traumatized from the latching. So since your nipples so painful, no harm trying. It can also help shield your nipples when pumping. I used medela brand. Just pls make sure you get correct size, if too small will do more harm.

Glad to know I am not the only one showering and washing hair everyday during confinement but of cos I make sure I blow dry my hair immediately.

Lili gal
Yes not so good having fan blow direct at u have to let it circulate. Even my gynae said aircon is better than having fan blow direct at u when i asked her. The weather is really really terrible though. Esp this week when I m doing my massage so got to wear the wrap around my tummy for at least 6hrs. Just adds to the torture. So be prepared!

My hub's lactose intolerance is really bad. He will end up having LS non stop so has to avoid a lot of other potential food that may spark of his weak tummy.

I'm in my 39th week. Will be exactly 40 week on Monday.
ktmum, when you buy a nipple shield, does the size correspond to the breast shield you use?

Ssmilezz, oh.. that's bad.. to LS non-stop! I've no issues drinking milk now.. so I guess it's just a childhood thing for me. Very spicy food may spark off tummy ache for me, but so far the only curry that can do that is my aunt's! It's super spicy!!

Re baby's weight, my gynae did say there's a certain margin of error, and other people also said the estimate is heavier than the actual, so I'm hoping baby doesn't exceed 3.5kg... His head diameter is around 10cm already.. so I don't want him to grow too big that would make it too difficult for him to come out.

You're definitely a lot closer than I am to delivery!
Looking forward? Actually I have mixed feelings... on one hand, can't wait for him to arrive, yet on the other hand will miss having him so close inside me... I felt so emo I cried big time last night.. hehe.. My hubby just consoled me and asked me to enjoy these last few days...
Lili gal, yes very hot. I try to take the bath before I sleep. That kind of cooled me down a little. But I still wake up in a sweat though. Trying hard not to let the fan blow at me directly. Two more weeks to go....

Ktmum, bought the shields already but have not tried them. Will try tomorrow morning. Hopefully it is accepted by bb else I have to pump.

I did not wear the wrap around my tummy for 6 hours. Seriously cannot tahan the heat. I only wore it for a day then I have up subsequently. Hahahaha oppps
Just woke up and found that I'm having bloody show! Last nigh had very irregular contractions that felt like i needed to poop but nothing came out.

Looks like she wants to be her father's day present or maye exactly arrive on her EDD.

No regular contractions feeling now - will call my gyn later. Shall go about my day first.

Normal to feel emo at this stage since we are literally having a mixed bag of feelings! But hopefully after crying and letting it out, u feel a teeny weeny better.

Did your gyn tell you his treshold for the head circumference for natural birth? My gyn was saying not more than 13 or something like that.

Dunno what to expect now cos have no idea how long this will take. So now enjoying my scones breakfast while I still can.



I think it's really funny leh. I update the forum n FB first rather than inform my family. Lol.
My water bag burst ard 12.45am and contractions started at 1.05am every 5 mins n lasted for abt 1min. Decided to head to the hospital and had started to dilate 1cm and contractions became stronger at abt 4.30am and decided to take 'happy-dural'.
Manage to sleep after that and have since dilated to 5cm, gynae came in to check and predicts I will be ready to deliver by noon today!
What a blessed gift!
So we are now just waiting for her to grace the world.
Very excited indeed!
Ssmilezz, no.. gynae didn't say anything about threshold, just said it's possible but depends on a no of factors also, like pelvic size, uterine contraction, baby's head and shoulder size and position, etc.. so it's not just the head size that matters.

You must be feeling very excited now!
Just keep yourself busy but relax your mind at the same time.. conserve energy and have enough rest for the big push! All the best and have a smooth and safe delivery.
Wow.. congrats Adeline.. looks like you have to postpone your Lawry's date now!
All the best for your delivery too! Mine is still snug as a bug inside..

So happy to hear your good news!
father's day present right on time. Must get more rest now before the big push!!

Who knows I'll see u at Glen afterall! Haha
Ssmilezz,think I'm having phobia. Muscles too tensed. So nv do at all.

Lili gal, I thought ctg scan is done at his clinic? No?maybe he foresees u gg into labour soon so dun need to check for u

Hope,delivering today?all e best
<font color="aa00aa">So there are 3 expected births today. Jiayou, everyone!

Yes, I will not go beyond my EDD due to GD. So latest day for me to pop will be next Friday.</font>
Anyone last min want to get a confinement lady?
Very experienced and gd cl.she is avail to take up job now or end July. Pls let me know or pm me.
Thanks girls!

Dilated 7cm already! Am also able to feel her head dropping with every contraction.

Ssmilezz: Apparently I heard from the nurses that it's a busy day today, so far 3 deliveries in the morning and 4 more including myself waiting to deliver.
Hope to see u! Do let me know if you have checked in!
R u taking 'happy-dural'?

Fleur: Yes almost there!! Good to hear from you, hope all is well with you and your lil girl. Will update soon!

Nattan: Yes no Lawry's. Haha....

Kadice: Your turn is coming soon!

Jia you! Will keep u in my thoughts. Things are progressing well! Soon soon u can see your little one.

Hehe bz today huh?

Was the adminstration of Epi painful?

Yeah, today seems like a good day to birth! Two mummies being induced at Mt A on FB and Adeline at Glen.

If your last day to pop is next Fri, then will be the same as Chris's c sec.


I think I'll be more kan Cheong when there's more persistent contractions. Now still ok. Cos at least I know for sure there's some progress. Just put on a pad to monitor. As long as not heavy red blood, quite alright still.
In delivery room nw =)

Kena fingered by nurses again! Still 3cm dilated and apparently towards the back then abt 9am

1045 gynae came burst waterbag (ouch!) 1115 epi came (less ouch! But still ouch!!) nw comfortably lying down watching hbo =))
Think the epi really god-send lo!! Cant imagine the pain ehs!! Really!! Kudos to mummies who don't use!!
Kadice: Now 9cm dilation! Yup loving the 'happy-dural'!
I can only feel slight discomfort as her head is moving downwards other then that am just waiting since I have slept for abt 5hrs.

Ssmilezz:Yup looks like a busy day! The person who administer my epidural was Dicky Tay, ask for him if you have not chosen one. Didn't feel a thing and it was all done in a flash! He is really good am thankful he came in for me at 5am, because according to the nurses he normally comes in only after 7am.

Well, next update would be when baby girl is born!! Will rest more for the final stages.

Smooth delivery to the rest!!
Hopecg: Agreed that 'happy-dural' is awesome!! Definately can't do without.
I salute to those mothers who go all natural!

Have a smooth delivery!!
Congrats to hopecg and Adeline. I think both of you would have delivered by now. Enjoy the moment and the initial bonding with your babies
Not necessarily. Cos breast shield depends on breast size but nipple shield is solely dependent on nipple size. Make sure the base of the shield sits nicely on base of nipple ie the areola area.
hopecg &amp; adeline, so exciting!!!! shud have log in earlier!!! babies' out?

ktmum, too hot liao. cannot tahan without fan. this place i'm staying is a sauna. no wind at all. really cannot imagine confinement period.

ssmilezz, i also mildly lactose intolerant. so i used it to my advantage i.e. whenever i need to poo, i drink. so constipation is not a problem in my life. hahah. btw, u feeling anything else?

kadice, i dunno. #1 also no CTG as i remember. ctg is the strap on thingy right? i only had it when i was in delivery for #1.

Ahhhh.. i also want bb to be out soon!!!
Yah lor really cannot tahan at times I just stand in front of the fan!! Just want to get over the confinement period!!

Looks like many mummies popping soon. Thinking of the VE makes me cringe. It's what made me ask for epi once I reach hospital. Cos up to 5cm dilated actually felt no pain just some stomach tightening. But the VE...to me it was so painful! And I think my gynae already quite gentle ..


How's things going? Pain relief is there for a reason so if need, then use. Hehe


You should have popped by now!


Still spotting - cramps are still quite far apart so I'll monitor see if it gets closer tonight. Don't want to go in too early. Anyway, I'm supposed to see my gyn tomo afternoon for my 40 weeks checkup.

But the pushing downwards pressure really quite strong from time time sia - no diff if I stand, sit, walk or lie down.


Can stand in front of fan ah during confinement? Hehe. I always sweat after my shower too and I do that now la. I was thinking confirnment cannot and was feeling quite pissed just thinking about the hot and sticky scenario. Lol