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Don't be sad k? It's prob the pain from ur piles that's making u sad and blue. I'm sure your hub is concerned just that now he's trying to settle his busy period at work so can't show u enough care and concern.

Avoid spicy hot or acidic food for now la. Else the piles can get more irritated. Is the GP medication for external application? To numb the area?

At least u have ppl helpin u out. So that is a blessing yah.


Yay!! Shiok right? The feeling of last day. I was like packing my table swee swee cos I'm very anal about my stuffs on the office table. At my side, once there's an emPty table around (if someone on leave), there are staff from other division or countries popping by and will use your table as a hot desk. Some of them are inconsiderate. Use your stationery and don't out back or drink and eat and leave a mess. Terrible!!

Haha same weight gain yah?
yup, lets see how we manage to get back in shape. My face is so round now. I could swear that I can see a double chin from certain angles. Hehe

hi. been a silent reader. gave birth on 6 June at tmc by Dr don Wong 3rd child. all c sect.

want to address kellycao's question about baby not pooing much.

kellycao. have u checked jaundice level? might be qite High by now cos it seems your baby doesn't have milk to flush out by pooing. my first one was like that. still have black poo by day 7. I was very insistent on tbf, also letting baby suckle very long but actually no milk. didn't even have much colustrum. it might be better to let baby drink formula milk cos after day 3 no more natural reserves in baby. need fluid to flush out. but continue to let baby latch to stimulate supply. then slowly cut down fm when jaundice is getting better.

should not let baby suckle more than 20 mins or 30 mins on one side to prevent nipple fromm getting sore. 2 hours of drinking milk is too long. should not be more than 1 hour even for the slowest of drinker.
Mitch, I was induced for #1. No show, no plug drop, no contractions.
#2, I insisted natural. Plug dropped while I was in toilet. 2Nd timers will get show n plug n contractions only at birthing day. Don't worry told much since u r inducing, u probably won't feel all these. Inducing is bringing forward baby's prepared date. So not all will feel waterburst naturally. Usually gynae will burst bag.
Oh so it's not uncommon to have piles during pregnancy. I was embrassed to bring it up at first.

So glad to hear more birth stories
ssmilezz, my desk is quite tidy la..my drawers are another matter :p I just stuff things in them.. out of sight, out of mind.. hehe.. Ya the contract staff will be using my desk cos the other desks don't have a phone. So long he keeps it clean and tidy the way it was before I left, I don't mind..

My face is also very round now, but thank God no double chin!! Haha.. sometimes cannot recognise myself in the mirror! I've got a lot of cellulite on my thighs and butt though :p Well, just believe we can lose it with breastfeeding and caring for the baby. Maybe we can also keep in touch to motivate one another to continue exercising after this!
LFCfan, i also got a feeling he's pro-C sect. i hv 3 other friends with him last time so far 2 c-sect & 1 natural. nowadays i think c-sect rate is 50-50. this time round i think he sensed that i'm very determined on vbac, he's more encouraging and thankfully bb head small so he's ok. but he still says nd to hv VE to check bone. last time he also say my bones narrow lor.

kadice, hahahha.. last time i din do VE also until much later in wk39 where he did a swipe and din tell me until after delivery! btw, on durians, i think confinement can eat cos it's heaty right? we r supposed to be cool during then. but then again, it might be "poisonous".

adeline, how does ur gynae measures cervix shortening?

groovy, ur piles only occur after delivery? stay strong k? maid around but u also have #1 compared to last time only 1 new bb. vent it out here if u need to. good to take it off your chest.

nattan, agree. BF-ing is the best weight losing mechanism. #1 was a big eater so i can still eat big big and lose big time too. after weaning him off, my top loses the most and wt suddenly dropped too.
Hi Nattan n Smilezz,

The waiting game continues. yeah I m surprised to read that some babies only engaged at week 39. cos mine also haven't engaged. Hope is engaged this week.

Liligal, u gotten all tins ready huh? mi still thinking what other tins I might have left out. Most mums in this this thread gave birth in week 37-38 right? mi experiencing quite a number of aches like shoulder n backache. hmmhmm kinda of feel old hahaha
sunbelle, cervix shorten to allow baby to drop down and engage, preparing for the delivery.

I've been having soreness in my groin for a couple of weeks now.. hopefully is a sign that baby is descending, although my tummy still looks pretty "high". Hmm.. really pray that he will arrive soon as it's really uncomfortable to walk and sleep. I'm 38 weeks tmr!
Sprays are posted out alr! Keep a lookout hor!
Apparently it can be used as a facial toner w e remaining.. Ha!

Cofinement can't take bubble tea??

Sure! As new mummies, I'm sure we will still be frequently the thread to share and learn from one another. Also motivate and encourage each other. Think it is a good form of relieving stress rather than keeping everything inside.
Hopefully by your sat checkup you'll hear that your boy has engaged! The lowest part of your belly bump should be so low that it's touching it just above your groin. As least that's how mine feels now.


How many weeks are u now? I was beginning to think my girl
wasn't going to cooperate and engage after being heads down for so many months!


No leh, cannot take cold stuffs I thought!!
Re engagement, my baby didn't engage until only towards the last one or two hours of labour.

I've never heard of pelvic bone too small or just right from my gynae. Cannot be so many like that, if not last time people how to give birth before invention of c sect?

Actually I also dunno if baby engaging means its one step
Closer to giving birth! Haha

Last time ppl really very hardy, natural without any epi and just pop one after another. Like laying egg so effortlessly!
glass, last time death during childbirth was also a lot more common leh :p But true la.. if so many people had narrow hips, the world population wouldn't be exploding now..

ssmilezz are you opting for epi or drug-free birth? ;)
Hi to all who have popped, I'm from the Oct 2012 thread. Just wanna ask what is the current birth cert number for the newest born babies in early June?

I just wanna know the 1st 4 digits. Not for buying 4D but to estimate my oct baby's birth cert number. :D

Is it T1216XXXX? already?

I opted for natural with epi. But I'll see how things progress and my tolerance. This is going to be one endurance race I can't quite prepare enough or train fully for. Haha

How abt yourself?
Ssmilezz: I could not sleep last night, kept waking up to pee almost every hr so i have decided to take HL till my EDD. I guess better to rest and catch up on my alone time before the lil one arrives and then i would probably be sleep deprived.

Whens your next visit?

Lili gal: My gynae uses an internal scope to measure the cervix for a clearer view and measurement. The same scope which he uses during the initial part of the pregnancy but he does not push it in as deep as during the first few months of pregnancy.

Sunbelle: Shortening of the cervix means the length of the cervix decreases and is ready to dilate. It helps with monitoring if you will be having early labor.
<font color="aa00aa">My gynae has never check my cervix for shortening before. Never seen the tool either. I'm taking advance ML to rest at home. Actually, not really resting but doing chores. I've yet to sort out herbs to prepare the red date, longan tea.

Re: Drinking plain water during confinement
I did that daily during #1's time. My CL didn't oppose &amp; I think it really helps to replenish water loss through perspiration,.breastfeeding, etc.</font>
hi smilez, mi coming to 37 weeks liao..time really flies....jus got a feeling will pop in June although my EDD is in early July...

yeah nattan and adeline, thank you very muchie for your explaniation on the checking of cervix. cos i dun noe what is it at all..

jus to check do you all follow the instructions to descale the sterlier and food warmer huh? i bought all from avent brand and reading the instruction now..

liligal, mi all prepared hehee but dun noe what i am missing out too heheeh heehe hospital bag all done and tins i try to take out and place there first and test hehehe
groovy, i also having piles now. no constipation but the piles just appeared..according to doctor it is the extra weight that is causing it..think after birth might be worse?

nattan, must be enjoying your last day in office today. I have to clear my table top..boss was telling me that a new joiner would take my seat temporarily since i would be away for months as other empty seats are far away and they dun wan him to feel left out...ask me dun anyhow think.hmmm...hope i still get back my seat after i come back.
and yeah let's motivate each other after birth to revert back to our initialy weight!
i din feel anything when i induce #1 that time.. everything was pretty normal tho hazy.. no pain also.. unless u consider contraction which is the same for all natural births i guess.. hence i'm inclined to induce again this round =)

haha.. can't take cold stuff huh? but i buay tahan previously! i secretly go kitchen to drink cold water.. which is partly why i am anti-CL actually despite the help that they offer.. imagine having to creep to own kitchen to drink WATER.. psychologically i couldn't handle that sort of restriction

i think better to follow the instruction? i followed mine.. based on pigeon brand..

How long did no 1 via inducing?

I have to agree about the feeling that CL makes one feel like a criminal in your own home. My friend suffered badly from post natal blues. She said her CL was very fierce and traditional. Every time my friend got out of bed to walk about to maybe do
Some light chores like clear her hubby's mess Ard the house, she would gana scolding from her CL. Made her so
Pek chek that she would go back into her room
And hide all day long. That's considering that my friend gave birth naturally but ended up spending all her time just in her room and her bed, she had a hard time coping when CL left cos she wasn't hands on at all.


At least your boss was nice enough to give u the heads up so that u wont misunderstand.

Jus clear your personal stuffs and lock everything in your drawer. Hope the new joiner is considerate enough and keep your work station clean and tidy.


Ah, no wonder u starting to feel kan Cheong.
u still have us here to keep u company. Haha


Get more rest at home la. Work can never be finished. Catch up on sleep. God knows when we will get back sufficient sleep and stop being sleep deprived zoombies!

My next visit is next Monday! Exactly 40 weeks if I still have not popped.


Ooo u brave woman! I'm sure u can do it once u set your mind to do without any drugs!! Jia you!! I'll be rooting for u!
I rem 8am check in, 10plus start contraction, 1pm buay tahan ask for epi.. Peaceful Til 7pm where all e nurses came and prep.. Bb came out ard 745pm =) the labour process was made fine w epi.. Otherwise I seriously wouldve screamed heart n lungs out!

I can totally understand how ur fren felt! I really couldn't stand it! I had to ask my friends to smuggle stuff into my bedroom which I was imprisoned for the 28 days! Granted she was a nice lady but Wah.. I really kena big time manx

Tho nw I wanna try to do my confinement properly to bu the body.. I've always wondered if Chinese ladies are e stronger ones.. Since they are the ones who do confinement.. I asked my ang mo n Sikh frenz before.. They dun bother lo! Why us?!
Hopecg: Thanks for the info.... i was pretty scared abt inducing though cos my gynae said if i have not dilated by my EDD he will induce me.

He doesnt allow his patients to go over EDD.

Smilezz:If you dont pop by Monday, whats ur gynae plan for you?
There's nothing to fear abt inducing.. At least for me. The worst pain I felt aside from the supposed mild contractions, was the VE.. So if u went thru it, think e rest is fine =)
Ssmilezz, I don't know if I can do without epi...it's an ambition but it'll depend on the situation then.

I'm having severe groin pain now. It started when I left my workplace and walked to the bus stop. Felt like I over did a split and pulled a muscle! The pain was so intense I had to move slowly to a bench and sit down. I called my gynae and he said likely just a stretched ligament. It didn't get better when I got home. Now I'm lying on the bed and it still hurts...can't even sit up without hubby's help
but thank God I don't have to go to work from tomorrow onwards...
Lemme know again what time u coming by Tmr to collect the spray k? Most likely we'll be out whole day but back in early afternoon for kid's nap.. Tmr he has play at Eton and gg Sentosa aft his nap..

Not sure if u still wanna e spray.. Got extras.. Lemme know hor

Lucky u dun need wrk!! Hw Issit nw? Can imagine the groin pain cos have been feeling it but doesn't seem to be as bad as yours since u need help frm Hb! Oh jeez! Rest well!! Lying on e side helps? It helps for me

It's ok - as long as you have an idea what you want - just try your best. It doesn't matter if you do opt for epi in the end as long as both mother &amp; child are fine. That's the most important thing.

How is your groin pain? Should you pop by for a checkup earlier to see if it's really just a stretched ligament and nothing more? I hope the pain gets more manageable for you.


Ah, so the entire inducing process was quite smooth for you. No wonder you don't mind doing that the 2nd round. hehe...

But I don't understand how come some must admit into hosp straightway once inducing is done. Whereas, some are allowed to go back and wait out till it gets bad and then come in. Cos my SIL had to be induced at 37 weeks due to her high BP and she was induced in the morning at the clinic and only admitted herself like at night when the pain/contractions started.

Yah, my friend said paying $$ to CL to make her torture and control you. Such an irony. I guess we chinese are a more traditional bunch of people la..just looking at our lists of dos and donts already give me one big headache. Anyway, I intend to follow here and there only. Erm..mix and match.

But are u getting a CL this time?


Guess every gynae is diff ba. Mine says by next week, she'll get me to do the CTG again. If baby heartbeat is ok, sufficient water levels, movements active, no change, she's willing to wait out for another week (ie 41 weeks) before deciding if we should then induce.

If you are indeed going to be induced by EDD and mine turns out to be overdue, your girl may be earlier than mine!
Hi mummies.
Just wanted to share that I delivered tis afternoon at 215pm.
Had contractions since 2am. 10 mins interval from 320-6am. Then 6 mins from then till 7+am.
Went to delivery ward to check as no other signs like water bag burst or bloody show.
But come hosp, contractions like slower. So I refused to be admitted till they confirm. In case false alarm.
Nurse checked slightly after 8am.. 5cm dilated. Yipee, not false alarm. Hesitated but in the end Took epi at 10.40am. Even manage to slp for 1hr. By 1130am, dilated to 8cm. Progress was ok. By 1pm, dilated to 10cm and it was time to push! Me long ah, took 1 hr to push then they call gynae. He did a cut and By 2.15pm, bb was out!!
Bb was very alert and manage to suckle both breasts. But my nx tries at 6 and 11pm was not successful as bb was sleepy and not interested. Hope things will be better tmr!
Ssmilezz, thanks for your concern. I think can tahan till Sat if no signs of labour yet...I managed to get up and go to the loo after resting a while. Now doing some light stretching exercise, hope it helps...

Re epi or not, I agree...I won't try to be a heroine if really cannot take it. I'll just do my best.
Morning mummies.. so nice not to have to go to work today! :D

Petrina, I'm feeling better. I guess just cannot walk or stand too long... Last night baby shifted quite a lot. My tummy turned from round to square to round again :p Now there's a odd bump on my right.. Hope he didn't turn too much!
congratulations cindy!

nattan, when i have a big odd bump.. usually poking me painful, i'll push the girl right in. hehehee...
Morning ladies!!


glad that your delivery went well. How big is your baby?

Nattan / liligal

I do the same too. If there's an odd bump sticking out, I just push it back in. Hahaha
lili gal, ssmilezz, kadice, sometimes the bump is the baby's feet
But after he turned last night, the bump became bigger... feels like his butt :p I tried to push back cannot...
Sometimes I tap tap tap or tickle instead if the pushing back doesn't work. Haha. I think should be feet or butt right? The arms can't be so high up?
Congrats Cindy . Have a good rest.

Nattan : glad to hear that you are coping well with the groin pain.

yeah mi have some slight menses cramps this morning n resting to see whether they go off or get intensive. in the end after breakfast, they gone off liao. yeah maybe is braxton hicks . My whole stomach becomes rock hard this morning. yeah so I m a bit concerned. After it go off now, I m more fang sin cos hub ask me whether wan to go hospital or not .
yeah, could be the elbow too. if too big, then must be the butt, so rounded..keke

im finally preparing my handover list ;)

nattan, enjoy ur rest at home!! what's for lunch? im thinking lunch would be a problem for me during HL as there is no food near my house..so most likely have to prepare ingredients and cook
sunbelle, ya I get BHC quite regularly too. It's a good sign that your uterus is getting ready for the real contractions. Usually they go away quite fast, but sometimes I get them for the whole day so it's a bit uncomfortable. Try to sit down and breathe deeply for a few minutes till it passes.

Kadice, I'm getting food from the coffee shop downstairs. Usually it's econ rice or wantan noodles... quite boring :p Unfortunately the hawker centre nearby is closed for reno. I'm also planning to go shopping for confinement food ingredients at NTUC soon since my colleagues gave me a few hundred dollars worth of vouchers as a gift

Are u feeling better now? Must have given your hub a scare if he thought u might need to go to hosp!


Same here. Don't really know what to have for lunch now that I'm at home. Luckily, there's coffee shops nearby and just below my block so can settle my makan there. The hawker centre and market nearby is also under Reno till early Jul so that limits my choice.

On one hand, I dont want to stock up too much fresh food in case I pop suddenly and end up the food will be wasted so only dare to buy for maybe 2-3 days worth max of food.
ssmilezz, try to stock up on staples and things that you can freeze, eg meat, fish, rice, ginger, vinegar, etc.. only vege, bread, fruits need to be bought fresh. That way when you need the food, it's already there on hand.

Hi Mummies, I finally popped on 4th June 4 days after my EDD which was 31 May. So Ssmiles, hang on. I know its irritating but hang on! My gynae also said he will only consider to induce me if I hit the 41 weeks mark.

Here is my birth story:
HB woke me up at 6.30am asking if he should go to work or stay home since I am already 4 days over due. I told him to go to work. Woke up at 6.45am due to contractions. Ignoring the pain, I try to sleep again, but contractions came in at 15 mins, 10 mins and 5 mins interval with increasing intensity. At 7.30am, I called MIL to bring no.1 to school while I monitor the contractions. By 8 am, the intensity of the contractions increased with no show. Took my bag and headed to hospital while HB made his way to hospital too.

Reached hospital at 8.30am, was already 4 cm dilated. 9.30 asked for epidural and is 6 cm dilated. 12.30pm 10 cm dilated and started pushing at 1. 1.30, every thing was done. Bb was out. hahaha

Now I am trying to nurse with sore and bleeding nipple. PAINFUL!

If you are getting cramps, its a sign that your body is getting you ready for labour. Hahhaha So it will be soon when you gals see your little one.