(2012/06) Jun 2012

hahaha.. yah i agree. he got the pek chek look esp like u know not what u talking about etc. my hubby will kp asking silly qns lah. sometimes he'll go into statistical studies etc as well. hahaha...

yah, i agree his VE is painful leh. maybe his hands are big that's why. last time in Mt A, the nurses use their hands to check for my dilation also not as painful as his.

kadice, i think he might do a swipe on ur water bag as well. that's painful.

liligal: he always tells you in PERCENTAGE.. how many this chance.. how many that chance... like that right?? hahaha.. he WON'T commit one.. but then again i think no gynaes in their right mind will commit to you about your baby. They always say.. USUALLY... this this this.. that that that..

eh don't scare me leh.. his VE painful!.... use the probe is it? the transparent plastic probe?
petrina, i mean what is the iron drip for...typo

LFCfan, i think he has seen so many cases (too experienced) so may find our questions bo liao.

lili gal, now i feel even more frightened, already so dreadful of coming sat. but the pain is momentary not prolonged kinda pain right? he still said it is good to do VE to stretch the muscles.
Kadice, ssmilezz, my official hrs start at 8.30am actually but usually I get to office around 9+... But now is like the lull time in my office so very few staff around. Most are away on leave or out station for overseas conferences. I just come in around 10am cos I want to take the cab after 9.30am to avoid the peak hour charges. Fortunately my bosses are understanding... I will have to OT tonight anyway cos I have a meeting to attend around 7+pm.
Ssmilezz: Nope,mine is Dr Chan Kong Hon but from GlenE too.He just got back this morning from Italy so will be seeing him later this evening.

Who is your gynae ssmilezz?

So for us left waiting to pop from GlenE is youself,me and Kadice in that order according to EDD.

actually i thought chris chong is quite gentle one leh.. didnt know when it comes to VE will be rough.. oops.. maybe testing how much we can stretch.. :p :p
Right.. my friend who also went thru the VE by chris chong also told me very pain leh.. but she kena narrow pelvic bone which chris chong advised her to do c-sec instead cus the baby head is too big.. may not be able to naturally give birth..
Hi mummies, I am new here, my girl was 7 days, and I am on total breast feeding. She is sleeping a lot. If I don't wake her up, she slept 4 hrs in daytime and 5 hrs at night. But each feeding she will suck for nearly 2 hrs. And since 8 June till now she did not pass motion at all, before that only had the infant stool in black. I am really concerned. Any mummy got experienced this before?
LFCfan, think i am similar condition as ur fren leh .. he said he's gg to check my pelvic bone as my baby has relatively bigger head. but can always try natural birth since im first timer..haiz..better dun think about it liao. when sat comes then say
Not rough.. But we r sensitive, he did ve when i requested at 37wks. Cause i wanna know if i m dilated.
He wasn't too keen to do it as he felt too early.
But chris quite zun. He already warned me but bone is small.
I just stubborn..
Kadice, i already told claudia kadice chong.. She know u..
He's a no nonsense guy.. Cannot stand distressing moms. So he'll prefer to take action before problems crop up.
Initially i dun like. But afterall it's for our sake. So i chin chye. Some listen, some i ignore. Overall he's ok..
But he dun like ppl don't listen to him.
how come under chris chong always alot of "PELVIC BONE NARROW" one ah?

sometimes i ask my hub i wonder if he is more pro-c-sec than natural leh.

any idea ??

he also told me my bb's head abit "bigger"... then i ask him what does that mean? he said.. oh.. just that the mommy has to push harder lor..

heng he hasnt go to the "c-sec" part.. :/
Kadice: Yup, all pretty early and unexpected too, only a few of us left.
Is this your #1?
It is for me so very anxious...seriously I don't know what to expect and trying be as ready as i can.
petrina, no wonder he gave me a pissed off look when i asked if can dun VE. think i just keep quiet and listen to him next time.

LFCfan, he keeps telling me, head bigger also no need to worry. then he would quote his son as an example, he said his son's head is big but his wife also managed to deliver naturally. he would always allow first timer to try, if really cannot, then c-sect

adeline, yes my first one, dats why i also dunno what to expect..just waiting for those symptoms to happen then go hospital. u resting at home already right?
Yeah.. My fren also say he pro csec.. But he has many nat birth cases leh.. I dunno who to trust. When he was away, i almost wanted to get a replacement gynae as standby for myself.. But i procrastinated.. I got a bad feeling when he said he'll be away those days..
Maybe i shld have lah..
yeah.. my hub always say.. since we chose him we have to trust his professionalism right? if he thinks i cannot natural, then just believe it lor.. else why we choose him as our gynae..

oh well.. i also kepy psychoing myself.. even if have to c-sec at the end, it's not the end of the world... :/
i hv bn lyin in the clinic doin ctg for almost 45mins, bb kp movin n readin has to b restart so many times. My bk bone hurts. Feel lik shifting. Bt i scare bb wldnt stop moving.
Nattan: honestly, I also dunno lor. CL say drink water later my water retention wun go off. MIL never tell me why. Anyway when i was in hospital I juz took warm water to quench my thirst coz cannot take it.
Asrias, I asked my colleagues and some say they stick to red dates tea, some just drink normal warm water. I guess it's very subjective.

I was also doing CTG just now. First time I am using the machine. Didn't like lying flat too but I could bend my knees and rest at the side of the wall so a bit more comfortable. How's yr results? Anything detected?


Don't worry abt the VE. U really need to relax your muscles and it will just feel uncomfortable. Not painful.


I'm with Dr Irene Chua.
how did your Check up go?


Perhaps u guys are right - male gynae would have bigger and thicker fingers so more painful and invasive. My lady gynae doing VE for me is really quite painless. She keeps apologizing for the discomfort but I find it ok. Prob cos she has smaller hands and slender fingers. Hehehe

39 weeks checkup

Did half hour of CTG - baby's heartbeat strong and not in any distress. Not a single contraction recorded. Water level still
More than enough. Baby is now 3.6kg+. She did VE again but still no signs of diliation. She said
Cervic feels
Softer than last week - its ripening! Husband ask if I would be sleeping In a sack of rice to hasten the ripening process. Sigh. And finally, my girl is engaged! That explains the constant pushing pressure and 2 hours toilet pee break lately. She does not want to induce me. Told me can afford towait out again 2 week as long as the things remain unchanged. So next visit at 40 weeks, do CTG again.
smilez >seems lik u hv gd results. I was strapped to ctg for 1.5hr at the clinic n thers no satisfactory results cos bb was jus too active. Asked me to cm to hosp to do ctg. So here i m stuck to the machine again at mt a.
n i m so hungry!
Lfc,agree. We just have to trust our gynae
since they have countless experiences.

Ssmilezz, think ur baby is still very comfortable in your tummy. But I guess the waiting is making u feel sian.
Chris, maybe your baby can sense you being kancheong and fidget more? I'm going to do my CTG this coming Sat.. hope baby cooperates

Ssmilezz, glad your baby is healthy and doing well. Ask your hubby if he can help with some "sperm donation" and you'll ripen faster...hehe..
This one refers to the one that scans for contractions? My gynae doesn't seem to have this machine ehs?

They r w me alr! Can I have add of xiaowei n Cass? Or are u picking up frm my place? I have add of Jolene n jasmine.. Nattan, u wanna ask ur fren pick up from me?

Assisted delivery
Wad does this mean huh? Vacuum? Saw Mt A price list has this

Your early test results need to redo? Aiyoh lie flat for 1.5hr is horrible. Like a lead cannonball on yr chest/tummy.

But if u are hungry, wouldn't your baby be moving around more too? I did my test around 2 plus so just after lunch.

Hope u finish the test soon and update with good news!


Yeah, she's definately still having a party inside. Nevermind la, just wait it out. Continue to drink my coconut water. Haha


Think my hub too shag la. Lack of sleep thanks to my snoring and two hours wake up movements every night. Haha.

U going for yr CTG too? Did gyn say how long he needs to strap u on?
Ssmilezz: Check up went well, baby is growing well at 2.745kg now. Did a cervix check again and it has shorten slightly, and it is at 2.7cm. Looks like she is going to be a full term baby and gynae will induce me if she is not out by my due date.
I am hoping she is out on the 23rd without having to induce.

Everything else looks good:- bp,weight,water levels and position still downwards but not engaged however in the posterior position so hopefully she turns back around when the time comes.

Decided not to take HL as well and to head back to work this week.
Lili gal: I still have 13kg to lose. This pregnancy I gain so much! Total 25kg.. Sob sob. Recently weight myself not much difference. Sign.. Need to exercise after confinement..
how Abt u? Manage to lose the weight?
joanne, me still having #2 in me but this time only gained 10kg so far. hope won't increase further. #1 i gained 16kg! but lost it all after 2yrs with better looking legs but flatter boobs and slaggy tummy. hehehee....
kadice, no leh.. din watch at all. but last time i gained cos i kp eating durians. just that this time i only limited to 3x so far. also... last time i never vomit at all. this time 1st tri it's vomit on a nightly basis and even in 3rd tri i oredi scored 3x. so maybe tat's why. if i really watch diet, i wun be having sore anus now.. hahahahha.....
Lili gal,ya I heard durians really can make one gain weight. I crave for it but dun dare to eat too many times now. Later baby too big. Wonder if confinement period can eat..haha
nattan > bt i m nt kancheong leh. I was surfin the web. Haha. Super relax n happy cos jus had bubble tea b4 ctg leh. Anyway i knw my bb gal is super active. Even gynae commented so durin sm of the scans.
Smilez > i tink once thy do nt gt continuous reading for 15mins, thy hv to restart again. Kp adjustin the strap, bt aftr awhile bb jus move away. I also did it ard 2plus aftr lunch n thy gave up on me aftr 4pm. Thn i wen2 mt a labour ward to do ctg. Strapped on for 1hr, detected irregular strong contractions, bb stil vry active. Nurse wan2 do a ve chk, i refuse cos scare wil trigger labour n my gynae is nt in sg. Nurse refuse to let me go. Sy vry dangerous if labour cm at hm, no time to do emergency csec. So she call stand in gynae for instruction. Gynae let me go hm if i insist nt to b chk, n gave me a number to call if i nd hlp n advice me to admit immediately if i gt intense contraction. Bt i tot these r jus bh?! I jus feel breathless whn the tummy tighten. Cant sy tat ther is any pain leh. So i also dont knw whn i shld b rush to the hosp. Nw, i jus wait for gynae to b bk.

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Hi mummies,

I gave birth ytd night @ Mount A, natural birth w epi. Sleepless now, totally can't sleep. Hb beside me KO liao, as if he is the one in labour just now haha. I started experiencing backache now though I'm sweating like a pig!
Hi All Mummies and mummies to be

I have been a silent reader as I am rather busy taking care of my 17mth old girl and I will be popping my number 2 soon anytime from now. As of my previous time, my girl was being induced due to my medical condition, this time round I really duno if my boy will need induction which is this coming Friday or anytime from now till Fri.

I have never been thru water bag burst or show, but from What I know is I am already 2cm dilated so now is the waiting game. Any mummies can share will the process of water bag burst and show still on or cervix will just dilate till i feel contraction only?
Morning mummies!


Glad your checkup went well! At least u can be assured that your baby is of a decent size now.

Really? U heading back to work? Don't want to rest and relax instead?

Kadice / liligal

I put on 17kg Liao. Supposed to keep at 15 kg but still busted. Lol. Jia lat.


how big is yr baby? Aiyoh, your hub seems like he's the one who just birthed and not u. Hehe. How long did yr labour take?

Try to rest while u can. Maybe the aircon not turned up that's why u so hot?

Sounds like BH leh. If just so tight? When yr gyn get back?

Must be the bubble tea la. Hehe. All the sugar make your
Baby super active!! But lying there really
Boring. I Was also surfing net n playing bejeweled.
My piles is blue black since 2 days ago becoz my mum brought dishes with coconut milk and chili from indo and I eat it becoz she says ok to eat a bit. Hix
Some more she caught flu becoz all of her shopping trip. So I am practically most of the time taking care of baby by myself before my husband go home. My husband busy period, cannot work from home. My maid is taking care of #1 and very busy with all the washing and cooking and fil said a bit scary to let the maid handle baby since baby still too small.

Totally no confinement for me. Worst becoz of the blue black piles I can't do massage immediately since I can't even lie down straight as it is so painful. Walk pain, sit pain, lie down sometimes also pain.

Now queueing in gp, gonna ask for medicine last time the doctor give me when pregnant with #1 when I get the blue black piles.

Cannot blame my mom too much as well. She's been a good distraction for #1 so I can rest a bit when baby is sleeping
Feels very sad until I cried so hard at night becoz of the painful piles. I thought I managed to avoid it during this time only to get it now when situation is much worse as I can't rest, need to take care of baby myself
Morning mummies... last day of work for me.. woohoo!

Ssmilezz, you're not the only one with 17kg weight gain.. me too! Funny since we both work out? Heh... Anyway.. let's believe in losing most of it by the time we go back to work, yeah?
I thought I can do a better confinement this time around since I have maid. In fact it is much worst!! Hopefully won't affect my general health. Actually the painful piles makes me stronger, cannot really rest and cannot feel too weak either becoz of pain. Zzz.
Before the painful piles comes in I was so happy until no one feels I have just given birth even though I feel weak inside but no one feels that... Including my husband. Now I think he's more concerned
My husband even said last time to visitors that I can run around now, better than when give birth to #1 last time. Zzzz...
But now cannot already walk also so painful...