(2012/06) Jun 2012

glass, maybe your hubby is feeling the frustration and difficulty too in handling so many people at once with new kid in toll, not forgetting the lack of sleep, me-time (guys need a lot of cave time) and perhaps work. agree with nattan, talk it out and see if u get anything.

if it doesn't work, stay calm and look at ur babies. u've come a long way and nothing is going to steal ur joy from being a proud mother of two!

and yes, rant it out here too!!! hehehe....

me feeling super relieved tho with a sore anus after the painful constipation i had. breathing helps! hahaha.... ok irrelevant, but trying to cheer u up lah! hahaha...

ssmilezz, yah thanks. it was so badly stuck that i had to get hubby to rush down and buy the med to squeeze into the anus. after 5 mins, everything came out wti a hard hard push. but seriously i was wondering how am i going to last thru natural birth like this with my abdominal muscles so weak (i can't do sit up properly normally) and i oredi tired after 30mins in the loo.

at least 2-3x a day = smooth operation right?
Joeey: my mum say can't drink plain water so I trying to endure.. Very thirsty but no choice...

Rykiel: the weather is really unbearable... I try sleep with fan for around 7 days. But now I can't take the heat so I go air con room sleep. My mum sleep with baby at night and feeding time she wil wake me up.. Or she feed baby herself.
joanne, did u put sugar in the dates drink? u can try doing the entire thing without sugar. i had it last time for a month plus and for me, it was thirst quenching cos no sugar at all and like plain water with taste.

But if constipated for many days very xin ku one. Very heaty!! Anyway it's good the med solved your issues for now. Hehe

Yah mine is very fast. Maybe cos I eat too much. Haha

Having really irritating BHC now. Tummy super tight. Think I better go shower and try to cool down and relax in air con room.
ssmilezz, yah 3 days already. very xin ku indeed. all these 3 days i knew it was coming and asked hubby to get soy milk for me everytime when he was downstairs. but he either forgot, too lazy to walk so far, din bring wallet etc. end up like this. but i couldn't blame him too lah. shud hv taken action on my own which i did finally.

btw, maybe bcos u exercise regularly so everything's healthy?
how does BHC feels? painful? like normal contractions or menstrual cramps also? or just tummy tightening?
Hugzz...it must hv been a trying few days for u & ur family. You r a v strong mummy to hv gone thru all these. Things will only get better from now.

Wow same EDD! Ur first child? I'm expecting a girl & this time, I'm giving birth in Melbourne where we r living now. Natural birth without epi the last round but still thinking if I wanna take the epi this time to hv a pain free labor. Hb thinks I should. Hee Mayb he was too traumatized the last time ;)
ssmilezz, you are very fortunate to be able to move your bowels a few times a day! Constipation is a literal pain in the a$$!! Hehe... I've been eating lots of fruits, prune juice, yogurt and drinking a lot of water, and yet still have occasional constipation
I think maybe cos my activity level is low now. Exercise really does help to move things along.

lili gal, BHC is like your tummy turning into a rock suddenly... a very tight feeling.

Does soy milk help? I thought should be fruits with high fibre and maybe prune juice?

Before I was expecting, I just go regularly once a day lor..standard one. Now it's like haywire! I dunno if it's the regular exercise, but I typically drink alot of water. I think I am drinking more during pregnancy cos always thirsty.

BHC feels like the whole tummy is tight beyond words. Like going to burst. I don't find it painful but like irritating.

Seriously, I have no idea what contractions feel like but last week, I had this round of tummy pain where the pain literally went down my backbone. So maybe it's something like that. The menses cramps I get last time feels more like I have eaten something bad and need to LS non stop.


U think exercise makes a difference? I thought going few times a day does not seem normal?! But water helps somehow.

Now - my bladder is really small. The past 3 days out of the blue, i can only hold my pee for 2 hours. I need to go and go and go. It wasn't that bad when I was working in office, now that I'm at home, suddenly I have all the time in the world to run back and forth the toilet. What an irony!

Last week of work for you right? Happy?
ssmilezz, I had a bad tummy ache yesterday too after eating papaya and drinking milo for supper :p But didn't cause me to go to the loo! So disappointed!! Hahaha..

My bladder can hold for quite a while so I hardly wake up to go to the loo at night. I can sleep through the night even if I drink half a glass of water before turning in. Maybe on the whole I still don't drink enough to facilitate smooth bowel movement :p

Ya, it's my last week of work.. happy to stay home but at the same time, wish I didn't have to use my AL or ML. But since gynae didn't want to give me HL, I just have to use my own leave cos it's really a drag to go to work nowadays carrying this huge tummy :p
Can drink fribogel right? Can get from any watsons. I think that's pretty effective for me. I felt the bowels inside me but just nvr got the urge to come. After drinking it for 5min, really need to go toilet to pass out. Felt relieved.. My gynae says ok to take it. I don't take it daily only when feel like need to use it.
@ Joanne and JoeY - the laction consultant I seen told me water is e next best thing.

Keep your red dates drink in a theme flask. Don't drink it when it turns sour.
congrats jul!

minnzo, hows everything??

petrina, i will ask him when i see him for checkup next week. chris is forever so calm and cool whenever i ask him about anything, ha..anyway, u rest well ya

lili gal, ur gynae is chris chong from gleneagles? then should be the same as petrina and mine

nattan, this week last work week for u? also last week for me too...looking forward to have a good rest at home.
Kadice, exactly... He also so calm.. Though this birth so many happenings, i'm glad i went through labor. No regrets though i believe i shld have thrown in the towel 4 hrs early as advised by chris..
Dr Sng was more willing to please me than to consider any other options. Afterall he isn't my gynae. So i dunno lah. If chris was ard, perhaps lots things won't happen.

Anyway like what chris said, there is finally a closure. He was right to induce my first boy. Without bursting waterbag.

My girl is very small.. But big milk guzzler

Drinks hourly with my full letdown. Basically just swallow with eyes closed.. Haha
Super impatient. Then will bite if she wait too long.. Hehe..
when i was working.. i.e. last week, i drank coffee on a daily basis. since i'm mildly lactose intolerant, after 1-2hrs of one cup, i'll pass bowels smoothly. but recently, i hv been working from home and this coming wk full time working from home. hubby forbid to drink coffee at home (can't run liao) which was why i din get to go. yah soy milk helps for me. anything w the milk feel somehow. papaya or banana or even fybrogel doesn't work well for me.

frankly, it was a real foretaste for me on vbac or natural delivery. i realized i really needed exercise for one and just 30mins my whole body is sore now, arms, legs, lower back etc. it also made me realize that i give up quickly. after just a few mins of initial pushing, i sian liao but no choice cos there's a "stuck" feeling and i can't go bk to normal. so in a way, blessing in disguise on how i shud prep myself.

kadice, yes yes!!! what a coincidence!!! so many going to the same gynae!! first time! ok i'll ask more abt petrina's case when i visit on fri. do i quote "petrina"? he did mentioned abt a lady who wanted vbac and he jus touched down. while he was collecting luggage, the replacement surgeon called and he went straight to hospital. in the end emer c-sect. so it could be petrina!!! geesh, small world!

petrina, yah, dr chris gave me ultimatum last time when i was stuck at 6cm also and then urinal catheter had blood stains. so i went into emer c-sect with epidural and even then had to use forceps to get my big headed #1 out. but i was unhappy that the estimated wt was 0.5kg off. my boy was 3.5kg but he predicted only 3kg last time. so i scared this time mis-prediction as well.

dr sng is the sonographer that we go to for detailed scan is it? did chris do a VE earlier to examine if ur bones were too narrow?
nattan & ssmilezz, so i have been having BHC all this while!!!!! thanks for ur info!!!! a few times i felt like i'm going to burst or combust involuntarily! but absolutely no pain... so i din think it was contractions. ahhhh..... now i know. thanks ladies.
Good morning everyone! Baby was born yesterday at 18:18!! The whole delivery was super scary cos I tried for natural birth for 20 hrs but end up emergency c sec! Phew! Luckily I still manage to get her out and she weigh 4.07 kg!!! Big fat bb!!!
maybe you can ask your parents to come over your place only after #1 is at home. tell them in advance about your plans over the telephone so they don't need to wait ? also tell your parents you are in confinement, need to lie down and sleep as much as possible. i'm sure they will understand. take things easy, just say "ok ok" first to please your MIL first. i dunno if it works but that's what i may do if i were in your situation...

Congratulations minnzo ! wow, your bb is more than 4 kg ! wow !! Rest well now during your hospital stay, let the nurses pamper you
Minnzo: congrats!!! All the pain is worthwhile when u see your little one right?

Glass: hugs* ya agree with joeey, try to talk to your parents about it. At least they r ur parents should be easier to talk to than in laws. Solve one problem at a time then talk to your husband n in laws

Joanne: I totally understand. I'm gg crazy from lack of clear fluids. Mil n CL told me no plain water but din make enough ginger or red date tea for me. My mouth is parched. Hubby had to make milk n milo for me but it doesn't satisfy!!! Hope the CL made enough red date tea for me today.
congratz! wow, ur bb hv a good weight. u cannot delivered thru nature birth becos of bb size?

i order confinement food from natal essential, their menu and food taste not bad.

btw, the diaper stacker u have can used on playpen?
Liligal, so coincidental! Yes.. The vbac is me! My gal couldn't wait for chris... At least he managed st stitch my csec wound.
Dr sng is not e 20 wk detailed scan dr.
Nvr seen b4.
U just tell him petrina he'll know. The stubborn mom.. Haha..
He's a good gynae. Just suay for me he wasn't ard..
Emergency csec was ok. But if he was there, he won't allow me to push beyond 11 hrs.. So i'm quite sure no complications..
Anyway it's all over. I'm grateful both of us r well. Waiting fowards a positive xray on wed. Hope my bladder recovers well n baby n i can go home..
Wat's ur real name?

Minnzo, glad all's well.. 20hrs is a good try.. Bb is probably too big.
minnzo, congrats! must be a relief for you now..

petrina, u must be glad that all is over. anyway, just take good care of yourself and baby soon. I am just waiting for my day to come...first time, so really dunno what to expect. Chris just kept saying, no pain no baby, just take epidural la..funny guy. ha..

lili gal, ya small world..im gg for my gynae appt again coming sat. when is your edd?
Morning mummies..

wow.. Minzo, congrats on delivering a 4+kg baby.. yours is the biggest one here by far!
My friend also had to deliver her 4kg baby girl by c-sec few yrs back cos she couldn't dilate at all... Have a good rest ya..

Papaya with milo? U really wanted to clear yr bowels yah? Such an exotic combo to have for supper. Haha

I can't get any HL too so the gynae is covering me with MC till I pop. I had yet to apply my ML yet. Will go back to office to pick up my laptop after one month and then follow up with all the admin stuffs like leave application.


Your milk supply is in? Pretty sure your girl will bulk up soon with your TBF.

How is your no 1? Excited to see his Mei Mei?


Congrats! Now u can have a well deserved rest! Your baby girl is a really good size one. Was her size that ended up u can't deliver naturally? And I have to say 18:18 is such a nice sounding time of birth. Hehe.


I'm exactly one week from my EDD. Still no sound no pic too.
Morn lili gal. Yes my mum did not add suger but just have to endure for remaining confinement days. And later on got to shed off the extra weight. This Preg I gain 25kg now managed to lose 11kg, another 14 to go! Haiz....
ssmilezz, hahaha.. not together la! ;) I ate the papaya first then later in the evening, I was hungry again so had a hot milo. But yeah, it would be great if this could help to clear my bowels! I had papaya this morning with fresh fruit juice.. no movement yet :p

Re leave, I'm just taking AL la.. since my colleagues don't have this practice, I also don't want to set a precedence.

Asrias, what's the reason for not having any water at all?? I think it's funny leh.. since the red dates tea is also boiled with water mah..
Wow congrats Mizo on your great baby heheh

i think for constipation - prune juice is a natural remedy for it leh..sometimes half a bottle of it does the trick. if drink whole bottle become LS liao hahaha

wow nattan, are you also counting down huh?Smilez, getting excited huh? mi hor..at the same time wanted to see the baby and yet apprehensive on the breastfeeding and also managing the wound part hahhaha ..but come to tink of it, everything will be worthwhile to see our littie bundle of joy happie and healthy
Sunbelle, I also drink prune juice, but still not enough :p I am definitely counting down... very tired liao.. just want to nua at home and enjoy a bit of me time before I deliver.
nattan: I feel that same as you. this week is my finally week of work, but i feel super lethargic, just wana sleep now...im finding it real hard to concentrate..

No sugar tastes ok right? I was thinking of telling my CL to do without sugar. I don't like the sweet aftertaste of warm stuffs.


Looks like your papaya not doing the trick. Need something more powerful!

Yeah, I definately agree with the ME time and also couple time. It has been wonderful spending time alone and also with hub as a couple while we still can.


Haha seems like those before and after me have popped! My girl seems comfy inside still leh dancing away so actively.

Going to my check up at 2. Not sure if will end up inducing! See what gynae says cos my girl is aldy at 3.5kg last week!
Kadice, yeah.. so tired.. This morning I woke up at 6+am cos was awaken by hubby sneezing (I've been sleeping with the aircon on and poor guy has been feeling very chilly). After that I felt hungry so woke up for breakfast around 7am. After eating, I went back to nap for an hr and only managed to wake up at 9+ to rush to work :p I really need a lot more sleep nowadays!

Ssmilezz, ya.. was thinking of taking fybrogel or other laxatives :p Been spending a lot of time with hubby already.. I think I'm more anxious about getting the house in ship shape before the baby comes. When I go on leave, we'll have to do a more thorough cleaning of the house...

Congrats Minzo! Rest well now.
I am in my 38week now, the waiting game has begun!
Going to see my gynae later in the evening (finally he is bk from his holiday) and will see what happens, hopefully I get a rough idea of when I will be delivering. So excited yet scared all at the same time.
kadice, yah... chris tells me i hv a the LZT syndrome when I was there in the beginning and complained about my back and legs. LZT = Long Zhong Tiah (pain all over). funny guy. he's very very pro painless process for mums. i took 2 doses of epidural the last time and lotsa painkillers after. my EDD 6 Jul and going to see him on fri.

minzo, congrats! that's a huge baby!!! glad you both made it well!

joanne, excellent weight loss!!! how did you do it? btw, confinement period is 30days for u or some mums went for 40+ days? last time i had 5 thermal flasks with red dates. i drink alot normally.

ssmilezz, your #1? take some time. my #1 came at 39wks 5days.
Dunno.. But clinic faster.. Cause drip spoil liao. So he use syringe to insert iron liquid.. Faster. But more pain.

I just told claudia abt liligal.. She say only 2 patients seeing chris on fri in due in june. Both also #2 leh.. #1 both mummies also boys.. Haha. So dunno who lah.
petrina, who is iron drip for? like iron tablet. im seeing chris chong on sat, u tell her kadice, she will know la..haha

LFCfan, he said that he would be doing VE on my next visit(sat) which is 38+ weeks. I ask him if can dun do coz painful, he gave me a pissed off look. so i think no choice.

nattan,so lucky that u can sleep till 9+am...what time do u start work? I wake up before 7am everyday...zzz...this week will have a lot of handover to do at work.
Kadice: pissed off look? Serious ah!? but sometimes i realise when i ask him questions he abit pek cek.. maybe he sian of answering questions that preggie women always ask.. hahaha..

i feel that he is a no-nonsense, keep it simple kinda of gynae.. like.. if there's nth wrong, dont go and find problem type of gynaes..

Doing CTG for half hour at clinic now before my checkup.


Yup , no 1!
so wait and wait.

2 doses of Epi! No wonder u say he's into as painless as possible for mummies.


Think u try fybrogel. Seems very effective.

What time do u need to be at work? luckily u can still catch a
Short nap and wake up at 9!


Your gynae also just came back from holidays? Is it the same gynae as the rest of them?