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Baby movement
I m afraid of cord around neck as well. There's still baby movement but somehow I feel is lesser. My friend said is bcos there's less space now so baby move lesser. The placenta position is still ok at 36 week scan.


I was wondering what happened to u! I thought u popped already too! How is your no 1 now? It's Prob a blessing no 2 is not out yet. When is your next appt then?

Decided to go out to walk walk at Vivo. I forgot how crowded shopping centers are on weekends. Haha too long never go out.
haha.. i know wad u mean sia.. the crowd on wkends is unbelievable!! totally can't stand heading out these days to see more ppl! i think i've turned into an hermit!

i will be delivering at mt A.. u? tmc or mt A? dr koh only does these two places right?

take care wor! hw did #1 kena hfmd? sch? bb stays inside better ba?
Shopping: I'm gonna go shop tmr. Walk around hopefully it aids my delivery process. Hopefully gynae will say I'm dilated on monday hehe.

Hopecg, Mount A too
it seems like our edd is quite near? Today is my 38w4d. I can't wait to pop!
Petina, hug hug. ur hubby must be very worried at tat moment of time. wish u a speedy recovery.

jul, jus be careful and wash ur hands more often and u shld be fine.
Galili, thanks a lot. Really encouraging to see that post..
Btw, my nipple now feels better. Still feels a bit sore when latching but I get used to it already..

Now finally used the traditional cloth diaper. My parents are good distraction for #1. They can play with her until she forgot about me an hubby hehe
My maid got lots of things to wash now. Maybe I'll give her extra this mth. I am just afraid she will demand extra every mth since the washing will always continue until baby starts solid.

Can't imagine tbf baby, poop before and after feeding leh..
ssmilezz, yah weekends shopping ctrs are very very packed. i was shocked when i was at raffles city on Fri afternoon. crowds were streaming. wonder why so many people off on fri.

groovy, for ur maid, you can tell her it's ang pao for newborn baby! so she won't think there'll be another one soon right? hehehee...

seems like all mt A mummies. me too! btw, anybody knows if the renovation has completed?
Hopecg: yeah, I dun even post so much other times coz busy with work. Now in hospital juz bored ba.

Liligal: the renov not completed yet coz There r areas still boarded up. But the Nurses in Mt A are pretty nice n friendly.

Groovy: my nipples also feel sore. Poor baby suckle so long still hungry coz mama milk haven kick in. Wailing his lungs out
Thanks for the concern n well wishes

This pregnancy is so ironic. I was so kancheong n tried to be prepared. Then gynae went overseas n CL not ready. So i wait... Gynae came back n CL ready, but i didn't pop. Then no.1 kena HFMD so cannot pop! Duh...

Dunno where he got HFMD from. No one in his sch has it. Must be when his papa brought him out on weekends then not careful with hygiene lah
xiaowei, renov noisy or not? u got how many bedder rooms? was it crowded? very scared when it's time to go in, no space and renov loud and disturbing.

did the nurses supplement milk for your bb?

Quite true leh, i think you are one of those few most well prepared ones. Even to the point, u were expecting to pop by end May! Anyway, it may well be a blessing in disguise cos if the baby came, and your no 1 was still really down with HFMD, your hubby will have a hard time juggling between you/no 2 and no 1!


You should be able to go back by tomo?


Yup, so the tongue tied problem can be resolved one. At least, it was discovered early!

I think what liligal said makes sense - tell her it's an ang pow la..like one off bonus. :p


I was lazy to go out la..but today's weather was rather cooling so I decided to make an effort to go for a date with my hubby.
Sunbelle:can still do massage but must be those prenatal type. Many places sun do for u now

Petrina:hope that u r recovering well. Btw u admitted coz u have contraction ?? I just had my gynae appt today
Natural tear vs episotomy
Natural heals faster. I don't need to be on painkiller after three days. I can feel my former episotomy wound a bit opened after the pushing
Ah.. kadice, water burst at home. Then very strong contractions. U didn't ask Chris? My birth story very exciting... lol
Long story lah. By the time ur nxt wk appt, u administration Chris. He'll be btr person to tell u story..
Milk SS
Pls continue to latch. From birth latch. Make sure bb mouth open wide n push bbs head directly onto u once e mouth is biggest.
Dun let bb suck nipple. Muz take whole areola in e mouth to draw milk.
If just nipples. I guarantee u will be in pain in less then 3days. Either bleed or pain unbearable n given up cause bb can't draw milk.
Pain, u can't relax, can't have letdown.
If need to, c a LC. Dun be shy.
Ladies... Me still in labour ward now... I admit at about 8.30 pm... Insert pill for induction at 9.30 pm. Midwife says I m already 2 cm dilated then... 1.30 am cannot tahan and asked for epi....4.30 pm ck still 2 cm dilated. My dr just came.. Says my dilation is 3 cm... He broke my water bag and I m still waiting now. Guess it will be a long wait...
Broke bag.. it won't be longer than 8hrs.. either u make it by then or gynae will send u for e csec le.. jiayou.. dun lie on bed. Tty yo sit up. Use gravity to help dilation.

Bo bian, a lot of things not within our control leh. Is your boy better now?


Eh but I thought after Epi should end up lying down most of the time? Can stil move about?


Jia you!! You're one step closer to seeing your little one.
My dr only broke my bag this morning!!! Yesterday whole night only dilate 1 cm!!! I wanna cry lor... Even with epi!!! I think I very low threshold for pain... Scared plus pain!!!
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Minzo: Have a smooth delivery! You can do it!!
So great that you can see your lil bub soon!

Petrina: Rest up n get well soon! Time for bonding!! U did an amazing job!

Who's next?

Don't be scared k? Yr hub is with u. Talk to him. Hold his hands k? Got to keep yourself distracted. Plus the docs and nurses are there too. Tell yourself u can do it!!
Minnzo - squats help in dialtion just search for the videos on YouTube

It's great that the time has arrived for us. My girl has to stay in the hospital for another day because of jaundice
. 3rd day in the hospital without us. My MIL said she's "angry" with us pouted when she carried her

And do have a few pieces of leggings at home. Get some if u still have time. It helps to keep you leg warm, think its very important when we do our confinement. Leggings not too warm. Think it's quite important for us during this period.

Don't be scared k? Yr hub is with u. Talk to him. Hold his hands k? Got to keep yourself distracted. Plus the docs and nurses are there too. Tell yourself u can do it!!
for jaundice bb;
i knw my bb confirmed a diff blood grp from mine, and sure jaundice will be high. so on day 0 already give him formula. :p so that he can clear his jaundice and go home with me. and true enough, he don't hv to stay extra days and jus hv to sun at home. but got to go back chk for his jaundice lvl to monitor.

so for my case, my bb confirmed cannot go on total BF and insist no intake from day 0.

but now, he's almost on TBF, only once a nite, give him formula. to let him hv a feel of bottle feed so that at least when i go back work he don't reject bottle.
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Minzo: Have a smooth delivery! You can do it!!
So great that you can see your lil bub soon!

Petrina: Rest up n get well soon! Time for bonding!! U did an amazing job!

Who's next?

My SIL also continued to drink water! Just need to have alot of fluids.

How's yr wound healing so far? Did u use those spray?
I popped at 1.10pm. Vacuum assisted coz gynae in a hurry to quickly get bb out. Bb hb kept dropping so she was worried the umb cord was ard his neck. Turns out it was just short. Gynae said if it weren't 2nd bb, we would have gone for emer csec to get bb out asap. Anyway push until no strength so use vacuum. He's 3.31kg, 52cm. Bigger than no.1 at 2.6kg, 47cm.

PD was here liao. Bb already pooed. He said to avoid all herbs like dongcongcao, paosheng, dangsheng etc for the 1st wk. Coz bb's liver may not detox n will kena jaundice. Esp since no.1 had serious jaundice.
Smilezz: Yeap juz got back home.

Liligal: not noisy. I stayed in 1 bedded deluxe. One level up from single bed coz no more single le. But ok la $30 more per night so we juz took it.

Minzo: Jiayou!!! Ya I agree hubby v impt. His arms n hands got abused by me during delivery n never complained once.

No place like home right!


My god that was unexpected! Comsidering we were just chatting last night abt no signs yet for u. Haha congrats!!!

So how long did u take this time? Good size baby boy! Am glad you managed natural in the end still. Your no 2 really chose his timing to arrive after mummy and daddy settle his big kor kor hfMD.
Congrat Jul, so happy for you. Your boy is of great size. Your waterbag burst or bloody shows hence the admission? How long you took to deliver?
@redtea. Did misunderstand your post? Your baby is taking formula becoz of jaundice? My daughter also have jaundice. But the nurses encourages me to feed her breast milk.

Anyone has any exprience to share?
congratulations ! your bb is of good weight

i think nurses encourage breast milk so that bb can pee and poo frequently to remove the jaundice. but we must also watch what we eat, too much ginger will also cause jaundice in our babies.
my CL makes 2 hot water flasks of red dates tea to last from morning till night. i normally finish around 11-12 midnight. If i wake up and pump at night, i'll drink plain warm water.
my bb also had jaundice and it was quite bad that requires phototheraphy.. now she is back home.. requires weekly testing to monitor..

BM is ok but using FM, it brings down the jaundice faster.. am told to continue FM for another 2 days then gradually switch back to BM.. am pumping out at the moment.

BM recovers slower cause doc's concern is on the food that we eat.. bb's liver may not be matured enough to breakdown some of the food we eat..

i was told ginger, red dates, chinese herbs etc..may increase jaundice level but it depends how the bb liver reacted.. for mine, we did a detailed jaundice breakdown test and was told to stop my confinement food if i want to BM.. so i have stopped already..

cant wait to switch back to BM.. running out of storage space for freezing milk soon.
glass, serious! so it's true! i thot natural will create hell for gynae as not even and hard to stitch.

petrina, your gynae is a Chris? mine also Chris not sure if it's the same one.

jolene, dun worry about jaundice, their lil bodies will heal in no time. my #1 stayed in there for a week and once back home still doing phototheraphy for another week before jaundice died down. still yellow looking for a whole month tho. i never really kept him hungry so it's a mix of breastmilk (direct & expressed) and formula. more of the FM in the beginning but later more and more BM. until i went into TBF.

xiaowei, thanks! i'd take the deluxe too. geesh, so rooms are realy tight this dragon year.

minnzo, how r u holding up now? in jus a little while, baby will be out. hang in there!!!

congrats jul!
Thanks for sharing. I was told the same, best to drink breast milk so that baby will urine and pass motion more. Read red tea's post and was confused, that's y wanted more opinions.

Red tea I hope you are reading our posts
cos 1st few days no BM ma.. so give him formula first lor. jaundice will start showing up on 3rd day.. so drink first, don't care formula or BM. :p

jul, congrats!
Hmm, so far any babies actually born on the same day ah? Hehe I really lost track cos almost every day one mummy would say she pop!

Tomo is my 39 week checkup! Nervous nervous!
Feel so frustrated. Need to please so many people. My mother is only free in the morning, so she comes to my house every day in the morning. Sometimes she comes in the afternoon. All she wants is to see my first son, apart from my second one. However, since he doesn't live with us and only comes over after school in the evening, she doesn't get to see him. Today is Sunday, so she came with my father, again in the morning. I told her to go over to my in laws' place but she doesn't want to. So I asked my husband to bring him over earlier, as she had not seen him for two weeks. My father got hungry and fed up waitIng, so he was unhappy. My mother insisted on waiting, and I knew she would only stay for five min after seeing him.
Now because my soncame over much earlier, my husband was frustrated coz he can't do his work.
I think my second's jaundice is bad, but we didn't go to the doc earlier, my husband is also not happy. He also kept complaining about my maid, my mil also kept complaining about trivial stuff, kept telling me to tell the maid, like I'm some messenger.
I know they are also not happy with the Cl over certain things, so they just kept complaining.

Even something like why didn't I notice my son's eyes were yellowish, I really didn't notice. He's sleeping in the day, and doesn't open his eyes fully when awake. Like that my husband also raised his voice. I'm upset enough and he is so irritable as well.

Trying to please every one and I can't.

Oh dear, sounds like you are literally a human sandwich between your family members.
. Unfortunately we can't please everyone. But I think right now most imptly, got to make sure no 2 jaundice gets better. Are u planning to bring him back to his PD?

Must be tough on u to deal with all these when u need to rest and recuperate. Come here to rant and let off steam. Better than keeping everything inside.
hello all mummies!

im frm the july thread, anyone on confinement food catering?

rgds to confinement anyone strictly no bathe no wash hair only wipe? these few days weather v v hot. u all on fan or aircons? =)

pop by jul thread=) ive got ddiaper stackers n organisers seling. =)

glass, sounds like you're having a tough time at home... Sometimes it's hard to please everyone, so just got to one ear in, one ear out.. don't take it to heart. Try to have a good talk with your hubby and ask for his help and understanding.