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<font color="aa00aa">Today is my last working day and I'm taking 2 weeks advance maternity leave to hopefully rest, pack and accompany #1. Intend to bring him to watch Magadascar and hope I won't pop over this coming weekends.</font>

Hi All,

@ moi - hope you will enjoy the movie. I feel so much like watching Magasascar too.

Haiz.. My 2nd day after giving birth. My gorin area is very sore. Waiting for the gynae review. Relying on a tube to pee. Haiz... Wonder if I can be discharge today.
minnzo, gss if i hv the chance i will chao chiong, buy first regret later,, haha... but just scared not in fashion after 3mths haha...

jolene, u hv to pee on ur own then can go home de. natural birth down there is always sore de lor.. no choice, but vert fast 4-5 days will be ok le. jia u!

hmm.. talking abt swelling legs, i got them now. dunno y got the water retention after giving birth, i don't experience this for my first 2 lei..
Went to Gynae for check-up earlier. Intense and frequent BHC every 5-15mins interval for the past few hours. However no sign of dilating nor bloody shows. Doc advised me to rest at home. If contraction get worst with every 5mins interval, I may check in to labour ward for observation.
ssmilezz, yeah.. hanging in there till next week
Going to work is tiring even though I take a cab. Don't know why but I will feel nauseous after getting out of the cab. No vomiting though.. thank goodness. Going back is worse as I usually take public transport. I now try to avoid the peak hour traffic by leaving slightly earlier, but the trains and buses are usually packed anyway.

Moi, do nice to go on leave after today. I'm going next Wed.. hopefully can still go and catch a movie before I pop.

Anna, when are you going on leave? Try not to walk or exert yourself too much.
Really hate the waiting feeling with the painful BHC. How I wish I have bloody shows or waterbag burst now. If I will to go in to labour ward for observation when there is no bloody shows nor dliating, isn't it waste of time and money??
Nattan, I had the BHC when I drove back home from customer visit at Jurong yesterday. Thought will get better after a nite rest but seems like it's getting worst. Woke up at 4am this morning to do housework...hoping it will go away but not at all. I will start my leave from next week onwards.
Anna, yeah.. my BHC is also on and off.. some days I don't get it, some days it'll go on for an entire day! Really erratic. If you don't feel well, better don't drive and take a cab instead.

Do take care since u are still driving on yr own. Since yr gynae just checked and there was no diliation, it'd be better for u to monitor at home. Else going to the hosp now will just result in you being put on CTG to monitor too.


Some taxis have really bad ventilation so maybe that might cause u to feel car sick! That's why I hate taking cabs and when my hub kept telling me to take cabs during the last 2 weeks of work, I kept saying no.

What movie are u planningn to catch?


Good for u. Now u can spend some quality time with no 1.


Haha I bet your hub was wondering why u want to push yourself so hard and suffer in pain. Will
Swimming really
Result in pOtential infection? Sounds scary leh!
Hi Anna or other mummies

I thought bhc aren't supposed to be painful? If they are painful that means real contractions right?
ssmilezz, I think it's just bad driving skills that make me feel nauseous. Some cabbies like to brake suddenly :p

Re movies, I'd like to watch "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", and "Snow White and the Huntsman"

Rellako, I don't think you'll get infection from swimming unless your mucus plug has come off. But generally I don't find public swimming pools clean, so I don't swim at all.

I thought so too but since gynae said I'm not dilating yet and I have no bloody shows nor waterbag burst, it means it's not the time. I was told to monitor my contraction intervals and my bb movement. I just finds that it's waste of money and time to check in to labour ward to put on CTG monitoring where I can self-check on my own in my comfort home.

Check this out.
Ssmilezz: Cordecepys helps with growth?
I have only taken cordecepys about 5 times throughout the pregnancy. Been taking more birds nest and soya bean milk.

Kadice: My gynae uses an instrument to check for the shortening of the cervix and to see if it has dilated.I am given HL for a week for now and gynae will check on me again this coming Monday. However initially he wanted to put me on HL until my EDD but told him let's wait for the next check and see if i require the HL.

Girlady: My gynae informed me that 2.5kg is a healthy weight for delivery but on the small side.
As my girl weight 2.54kg at 36+weeks. I do hope she gains a little more though at least to 3kg or slightly more though.
You are at your 39week! You must be excited!Delivering soon!! Do keep us posted.

Redtea: Wow 3 kids!! Salute! I do plan to have 3 kids too, so the baby making factory for me has just started. Are you going for your 4th later on?

I dont know how short must it be but it gives you a rough estimation at least of when you will deliver and to check if you have started to dilate i supposed.

I have been grooming myself this whole week! From waxing, brow threading,mani/pedi to massages! Total bliss.... going for a swim shortly to relax.
Love the HL that gynae gave, able to have some rest and me time.
Now in MT A and I'm so bored... Maybe I shouldn't have come in so early.... Cervix only dilate 2.5cm if 1cm 1 hr it's gonna be a super long wait...

Hubby says bb wants to come out in time to watch first match of eurocup
Congrats Petrina, you have done your best. Now focus on gaining back your health n your baby. dun think about other tins.

Congrats Redtea your story is very inspiring. Rest well

Xiao wei: I m like you leh. Baby smaller size at 2.1plus kg at week 36. yeah all other tests are normal n baby is very active. no need to do CTG too, jus cannot help worrying when gynae say sumtimes not good to leave in womb for long. any ladies have frens whom have this situation oso huh?

Xiao Wei: how do you know u dilated huh?
Hi Adeline,

Are u opting for localized GA or full GA for c-sec huh? I always think that the most impt tin is baby's well being. yeah as mum I m willing to bear all pains for our littie one
Hi Chris so cool. yeah the picture can even see the hair hehee impressed

Hi Smilez, fully geared up for the D day huh?
Asrias, you're in labour ward already?? Wow.. looks like a long wait for you? Did you get induced? Have a good rest before the final lap ya.. all the best!

Adeline, how nice to get HL for some me time.. I get me time in the office now that my bosses are away (but my immediate boss is returning on Mon).. haha..
adeline, *envy* that you can be relaxing and enjoying your me time at home...enjoy ur swim though my hubby asks me not to swim alone though.

nattan, i also find taxi can be more uncomfortable than public transport at times. at least most ppl would give up seat to us these days, so not too bad

eurocup starts tonight!!!
Sunbelle/nattan: I had bloody show this morn. Then waited till after lunch before gg to Mt A. Came in the nurse checked for dilation which is about 2.5cm. The VE quite painful and quite gross. I tot other than this morn no blood Liao but she Pull her hand out all blood. Now just waiting I think. But the contractions feel like intense period cramps.

Bb wanna come out early Bo pian. He's gonna be light, but now just pray he is healthy can Liao.

Thanks, Nattan... EDD is 13th June and is my 1st pregnancy. How many weeks you are now? Still working?


Lol. Somehow I no mood to shop for myself at all. Opposite from you.


Enjoy some quality time with #1 is good! =)


Oh dear! Do rest well, try not to overwhelm yourself. Driving really not a good idea now.


Im bored to tears now. Haha! Before I took ML, I was always vomiting and too tired to do anything. But now 2 weeks had passed and I have already finished preparations... Im always stoning at home. Lol!

Xiao Wei

Be patient! You will be rewarded! =)Lol. Your hubby is so funny!
Kadice: oops. I think my description too graphic. I'm also scared since its the first child. Now just telling myself that I can do it!!! Hhahaha...

Looks like a long night for u. Get some rest between if u can. At least your hub can keep himself occupied with soccer while waiting.all the best!! Jia you!!


Yeah. Just waiting lor.
oddly time passes quickly at home too!


Cordyceps helps with blood circulation. So that means better
Blood flow between the umbilical cord. The Chinese medical hall grind the cordycep and ginseng into powder form. So I just mix a teaspoon of the powder with half a cup of warm water to drink maybe two or three times a week.

Time for do some stretching and then cross trainer. Been eating way too much. :D
I m 39 weeks and 1 day. Edd 15 june at glen e. Actually i m not exactly a shopaholic but i like to buy things when there is discount! whaohahaha.... Even when it's just 10% discount. But then again.... I have more or less bought my bb stuffs except for a pram but can't find one that me and hubby like so we will wait after bb full month then buy. I went down to bugis with my friend on tuesday. All the sale r on clothes, bags, shoes which i cant buy now except for bags but i already have lots of bags at home so nothing for me to buy.
Xiaowei: So excited for u! Have a smooth delivery.
Girlady: I m also stoning at home for the past 1 week. Have decided to treat myself nice food tonight! Korean bbq..... i m coming!!!! I guess i can only look forward to food before bb is out as i will have to eat confinment food once bb is out and no more ice cold drinks for me. Let's enjoy our last week of peacefulness.. hahaha... thats how i comfort myself.
Xiaowei, is what u meant a VE? Im doing that on Monday and after hearing what u say, quite stress haha.

Mummies, I think I lost touch on how pms pain is. But I'm having lower abdominal pain. Dull pain, with abit backache. Do seems like pms pain to me. Is pms pain a sign of labour?
I just got induced. Painful experience also coz they insert the pill in. My natural contractions not strong enough. If dun induce it may even take 1-2 days, but got blood already need to deliver.
I was actually thinking of gg home and wait it out. Haha...

Smilezz: u r so funny!!

Minzzo: ur Korean BBQ sounds good. Making me drool.

Rellako: VE is vaginal examination, basically check for dilation of cervix.
Asrias, just have a good rest while waiting.. conserve your energy for the push!

girlady, I'm now 37 weeks 2 days.. still working till next Wed then I plan to go on leave and pray for baby to come out soon :p
Hi Xiao Wei, dun worry about the baby's weight. I oso have been telling myself that cos our Babies can be small but very healthy. relax n soon you will see your bundle of joy. Jia you
Xiao Wei, induce must be very painful. How I wish I can pass some of my contraction over to you and I can have some bloody shows from you then it will be perfect. Lol.
Jiayou wor...

Lol! Same here! Im drinking ice cold water to cool myself down in this weather. Bleah! Hmm... Korean BBQ sounds good! Maybe I should go &amp; stuff myself silly.


-_-" You are so brave. I rather not know and just bite the bullet when the time comes!


Maybe you want to check with your gynae if it had been ongoing for sometime.


Good! You are heading for a break soon! =) Must be tired now. Gosh! I was dragging myself to work before my ML.

Hi mummies,

I got a feeling I might have to be induced since bb very very comfortable in my tummy. But will the gynae do it even though there is no bloody show or contractions? Or as long as bb is full term (eg. 40 weeks) got to be induced?
chris &amp; deebee, i checked w my gynae on vbac. for induction, he advises against it as inducing means the contraction is not truly natural and happens around the wound area so he rather let God decide vs induction. however, he assured that most delivery cases are early rather than later (as we can see from this thread also). rupture chances are 0.5% meaning 1 in 200. last time cervix doesn't open doesn't mean this time doesn't open. it deps on positioning of bb head, whether engaged properly etc. lotsa factors. he suggests for vbac once u hv contractions spacing 10-15mins jus go in hospital to monitor safer. for normal can tahan till 5mins but ex-c-sect better go in earlier. thru experience, he can check thru VE to see pelvic bone size vs baby head size. currently my bb head seemed small &amp; wt ok, so he's pro vbac for me. hope this helps.

ssmilezz, i'm the reverse, i'm planner and want to settle things but my hubby super relax.. yah even for #1! in fact #2 he's better cos he realizes he can't leave till last min like last time! hahaha.. last time i only pack hospital bag when contraction came!

girlady, eat durians!!!! hahahhaa... funny, my hubby prefers double digit dates so that won't cause confusion! hahhaa... i dun think cold food helps. you check online there's alot of natural induction methods like nipple stimulation and sex etc.

redtea, u really superb, i can't even sleep normally and definitely can't sleep when i had contractions!

groovy, thanks for reply! wow... 1.5yrs is a long time and tearing is worse right?!?! i'll check out more at babycenter but those are for ang mohs. apparently ppl say asians sure must cut. aiya forgot to ask gynae today!

jolene, pee with a tube? u mean they stuck a catherer in u?

nattan, i also hv the pukey feeling in cabs. i think it's the way they drive! very bumpy and keep e-brake. btw, our dates seem close. i'm in 37th wk today.

xiaowei, induction is also painful? VE i tink deps on the size of the hand. hahhaha
Hi liligal, good to read about your update with gynae.

Hi ladies, as I m a first time mum, can I jus check when do we need to go labour ward when no water bag burst or bloody show but slight contractions like menses cramps on n off? Not sure what is the intensity of the cramps before we report to hospital huh? Prior to today, only in the morning when wake up got cramps.then stop for the rest of the day. Ladies, what is your gynae's advice to you all huh?
sunbelle, my gynae advice to admit if contraction is at every 5 mins intervals.

girlady, the pain went off. but BH is here. very sian lor. haha. i will continue to monitor. seeing gynae on coming monday, will let him know.
Lili gal

Thks for checking! Actually I'm supposed to be due yesterday but until now still no sign. Sigh...really want a natural birth but bb now cooperating!
deebee, my hubby is super pro-talking to bb. so u might wanna try. and do all the natural induction methods! do everything! hahaha...

My gynae just said to call her first if there's more persistent contractions or red blood or obviously when the water bag is broken, she said she will let me know what to do. If just contractions, she wants me to wait out as long as I can tahan at home. I guess every gynae is diff so best to discuss with yours cos yours would know your condition best.


What is your gynae advising since you r now overdue? Some allow u to wait for another one week but highly likely need to induce if still no sign. When is your checkup?


I just want to know what is going on la. When im nervous I talk a lot more. Haha.


So funny u. Can swap with Asrias mix and match then can get the best of both worlds already. Haha. How's yr BHC so far?


Jia you!! We will be waiting for your updates. Seems like almost everyday this week we have at least one person in labour!

Got to keep ourselves happy la. Happy mama happy baby! So think positive thoughts!


I've a cross trainer machine at home so will do whole watching tv or listening to music lor. Ive been exercising regularly for many years now so I just continued with my workout (suitable for pregnancy) throughout. Gynae said I should Up my exercise now that I'm not working. So exercise lor. 4th time this week already. Maybe can do another workout over the weekend.
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My next checkup is on Monday. If still no sign then gynae advises to go for csec on thurs. I'll be 41 weeks by then.
But she also say if I really want to try induce can try then. Although its not her personal preference and practice to do so. Confused
My parents coming tonight only. Very sianz everytime baby is born hubby got lots of office works to clear so he's working from home. Huhu 2 man's company liao can't escape.

Today he need to go office half day. I mistakenly asked my maid to cook dinner when he's away so at that time I need to take care my#1, and can't sleep. So tiring. My baby wakes up more at night so I need to catch sleep in the afternoon.

Has been quite depressing few days ago becoz baby detected has tongue tie. Need to go for operation once she's 2-3 mths old. I thought previously my nipple all sore becoz of that. But luckily meet lactation consultant before discharge and she teaches me correct way of latching. The nurse in mt a almost all also didn't use that correct way! They are too lazy. Actually need to wake baby up until very awake then bring baby to breast instead of putting our breast to her mouth. Last time I used to dreamfeed my #1 so I totally forgot

babies are gifts from god and we love them all the same. technology is advanced, dont worry for now, take care of your health first. Good that LC taught you the correct way of latching, jia you