(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

<font color="aa00aa">HLW,thanks for the info on T&amp;S prices on Mac claren! I think I will get it this coming weekend after baby's speech and drama trial

<font color="aa00aa">chocz,the case fits the normal size wet wipes

oshgosh,i intend to bring Justin for swimming every sunday.I've been running out of malls to go to recently

Mummies,for furniture shopping ,other than IMM and Park Mall,where else can I go?</font>
cheap bling bling u shd go to arab street n buy. furniture u shd go to sungei kadut...lots of warehouses there. which model u getting for the maclaren??
calling all mummies who bought Haemin play-yard from Crazy about Korea
can anyone help me to order the playmat from her??
<font color="aa00aa">Initially I wanted XLR,because it looks nicer.Now I want to see both again.not sure which one I will get eventually .See what my mood that day is bah

Wah,havee been hearing about arab st,hmm dunno how to go,this type of craft shopping cannot bring hubby,he will be very frustrated there.
Good idea on sungei kadut though,is it all within the same place or i need to drive here &amp; there to visit diferent shops?</font>
Zoo also a good place to go

I bring my bb and my elder to Zoo every month, I prefer in the morning, less ppl
spend only 3-4 hours.
Other days, will probably go neighbourhood park/playground, but remember to clean your bb's foot n hands when you are back, due to the HFMD.
<font color="ff3399">rose, sungei kadut is all those individual factories, like those industrial estate.. just drive n stop, go in see see, if dun like faster escape cos some showrooms the staff keep following you hehe..

i bought a glass dining table there, selling at courts and furniture mall abt $900 and we bot it $350 there.. cos the lady boss say even courts buy from her so cheapest to get there alr. haha.. but there is 1 lil air bubble in the glass and didn't bother us cos save up so much and the factory polish the glass with machine again n delivery free also..

oh.. i also going to by LG playmat soon.. MIL finally agreed!! haha

is 11/12mm okay? i know the thicker ones will offer more protection but also will be heavier and my MIL will have problem with it.. also the 1900mm size ok? i wanted get the biggest 2100 or 2300mm but hubby says too big piece alr.. take up all the walking space in PILs living room.. </font>
<font color="119911">Eunice:</font> I ordered e Big Blocks fr CAK. Bt dunno if they running another BP - nowadays I dun hv x 2 follow BP...

<font color="ff6000">Chinatown OG gathering:</font> Heheh, I going 2mr w ex-colleague -- arranged quite a while back so I'l passed on Thu's gathering. Unless 2mr I end up nt being able 2 get everything I want. Btw mommies, do visit Du Yi Bookstore in Ppl's Park Complex datz juz a stroll away fr OG. Enter via e side facing Majestic -- Du Yi is open kiosk type of 'shop front'. I've found lotsa gd bks 4 bbs there. Look out for one 'Pretty Baby' $9.90 - each pg asks e bb 'Where's e pretty bb', dan pull down flap 2 discover bb doing something. Last pg is a mirror hidden behind e flap. B1 loved it so much even now wl bring it 2 us 2 read w her a few x each wk
Anyway, Du Yi's selection wide &amp; quite reasonably priced. Even got gd range of baby nail clippers in cute colours/print. + gifts &amp; other stuffs.
<font color="ff0000">Get cheap toiletries fr Ocean @ Chinatown:</font> Think Marie posted abt Swanston bt quite a few of my colleagues (or rather ex-colleagues now...) told me 2 go 2 Ocean -- think also on 2nd flr. They'll grab sanitary pads, Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifiers, bb detergent, etc. I go &amp; grab Dettol handsoap, Pureen bb bath, etc. 2mr wl c wat I can carry.
<font color="0000ff">Dev cheap photos @ Chinatown Point</font> There's a Konica (I think) photo dev shop on 2nd flr, opp e ovrhead bridge. $0.15-$0.20/digital print if printing 100 copies. Muz provide photos on a CD &amp; they'll juz dev -- collect 1hr later or next day if they veri busy. Bt if u nd like 3cps of a particular photo among e 100, muz save dat photo 3x coz they juz load e CD &amp; print, they dun hv x 2 help click any particular photo a few x 4 printing...
yvonne, btw, do u know that ang mo at punggol and ang mo at hougang has diff pricing for the same items? mostly hougang cheaper!
<font color="aa00aa">KP:</font> U bought stuffs fr Joy 2? She's one of e most reliable online sellers I've come across. Many of B1's pieces &amp; now B2's as well come fr her
I now looking @ her hats selection. Measured B1 &amp; B2's heads last nite while they slept: B1 = 48.5cm, B2 = 44cm
My hubby was juz pointing last wk dat their heads abt small size now...
Rose Ling
re: just hates sitting on the stroller
Is it because he is not use to it?
My bb don't sits long too! when I put her in stroller
time to time she just prefer to be carry, the view is better :p
later bb will get use to it, so don't get upset ok
piggypigg, Mothercare Parkway has the Babysilk powder now but full price, $33 per bottle.
Avent has something similar but other mummies who tried both say Babysilk is fast drying and smells nicer.
Yes Avene and Evian mist. My PD gave me a small bottle said it's good to cleanse and soothe irritated areas while on the go. Cornstarch is cooking starch. If want speedy still g\have space cos friend travelling at same time willng to bring back.

Rose, I spent yest n today looking at Maclaren too. Decided to bring Bugaboo on this trip and buy a Maclaren in Dec while in Europe. It is about 50% cheaper. For here, I think Baby Hypermart would be cheapest unless Taka, Robinsons, Spring having special sale for older models/colours.
bonbon, better get the 15mm or 18mm better. my 15mm already seems to "sink in" when we stand on it. after prolong usuage, the inner will be very soft and easily "sink in if put things that has weight on it.
thanks to all mummies for suggestion on places to bring babies to!
i think spore's weather makes it that bit difficult to bring baby to parks and beach...but yeah, i think i will start with botanic and east coast..

wish Spore was cooler though..

<font color="ff0000">swimming</font>
i see some of u mummies talking about bringing baby swimming.. i tot we can only bring baby after 6mth jab?
and will the water be too cold for them?
also, my baby is quite fair, so I dont want her to become tan, will sunblock help? and what kind is good for babies?
kidskidz, I will take you up on your offer soon
By the way, your Kiddy Palace vouchers still for sale? I just used my Mothercare vouchers. Just one set of nappy bin refill cassettes, 1 babysilk travel set and only $20 left now. Oh man!

Babymummy, don't be afraid to stand up for your rights on the flight. I had an awful experience with this Aussie couple from the hicks on my return flight from Dubai in June. Long story short, they were unhappy that the bassinett was in front of them, kept saying rude words in front of my baby and even kicked the bassinett the moment I took her out for feeding!

oshgosh, walks at Macritchie, Hort Park/Henderson Waves, Botanic Gardens is lovelu provided there is a breeze. The last time we were at Botanics, there were some kids playing with bubbles and Ning squealed in delight.

bonbon, I have 11mm and it's ok, good if you need to roll it up regularly. But if permanently on the floor, I prefer 15mm or 18mm. Asobang even better. Size depends on your living room.
<font color="ff0000">pumpkin seed</font>
i also using bugaboo but find it quite heavy! and i need 2 hands to open and close it, which is very tough if i'm alone..
how do u manage? kind of regret getting it, but i'm such a sucker for pretty things..
<font color="0000ff">Oshgosh:</font> Sunblock's a must. I hvn't brought B2 swimming yet. W B1 she had waterplay fr her IC days so I had 2 get her sunblock, somemore she also quite fair. Brands I've gotten for her: Pigeon, dan I misplaced so I got her Mustela. Recently I also got her California Bb thru BP... All helps bt if juz playing @ beach, I'd give her sunhat &amp; juz 2M back I bought her a pair of Kidz Banz -- Aussie brand sunglasses w UV protection. She likes e sunglasses so much one nite she wore out 2 NTUC w her daddy -- they took bus &amp; bus driver laughed @ her coz it was 8pm!
<font color="ff6000">Pumpkinseed:</font> Yeah, stl hv some KP vouchers. I'll chk &amp; let u noe. I'll also let go @ 10% less. This x w B2's birth, we rec'd lotsa presents &amp; vouchers -- came in drips &amp; draps so I put here, put there &amp; now gotta dig here, dig there
Bt KP vouchers if u hv VIP card, u try 2 wait til mbr's sale 2 use as well. Think shd get 20% mbr discount then.
Rose, oh one for normal city use, the Bugaboo is because we regularly bring her on sand, grass, gravel etc

Oshgosh, Bee or Cameleon? Mine is Gecko, kinda like Cameleon. It is bulky for everyday. So I sometimes just use carrier. It's great when we're in France though. Her French grandparents live where the city borders the country so we traipse around quite a bit in the grass and fields
I have transferred the money to your POSB SAVING: 126-60873-0. Here the reference no.: 2441828599
Sorry for the delay.

Bumbo Tray
1) Marie : $20
2) Audrey : $10
<font color="119911">Aussie hicks:</font> I also encountered some really idiotic Australians during my honeymoon 2 Warner Bros Movie World in Australia. While in Q, this family kp moving close 2 us dan e dad was muttering away. I finally caught wat he was saying, "U wan fried lice??" Later my hubby went 2 buy e foot-long hotdog &amp; he said e girl served every1 else (e Caucasians lah) b4 serving him, left him standing there for a while...
kidz, maybe, let u know if i do k?

i have this arriving:
California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion 6.5oz
i m not sure abt the pricing in ang mo hougang bcos i only go to the one in punggol..

"u like chicken lice"...ahahaha, tat kind of idiotic things hor, i lost count of the number of times i encountered, when i was there for my study..
pseed: i called mothercare parkway and they said they dont carry MD Mom silky liquid powder...aaaaargh..

u willing to bring speedy 25 for me ah??
can i trouble u to help me order? i'll follow e thread n let u noe when to place order?? can?? in abt 1-2 wks time.

can i hv ur cc contact pls??

when u bringing in silky liquid powder agn??
kidz : i find ozzies are quite racist la ... I studied my highschool in sydney, and at my school at that time (10yrs++ ago) there're not many asians ... some are whispering to each other things like, why r these asians here, why don't they go back to their country ... One even said : if I know thr're so many asians here .. I won't come to this school to study etc ... It takes about half semester b4 they really accepts us.

oshgosh : myb try to swim in d afternoon? I brought my girl for swimming since she's about 4 mths hehehe. Brought her to swim in d afternoon (about 5++), go back home straightaway go for bath then she'll drink milk then go to sleep liao (tired)
P.seed/kidzkidz, yes yes! I've encountered rude americans too. Was ordering dougnuts in boston and they pretended not to understand me. BOSTON CHOCOLATE. Is my Eng pronounciation that bad?
I just wanna cross my fingers and hope this time round there are less of such racist treatment in Aust.

P.seed, oh my! Ning never fusses and yet they kick up a huge fuss? They shdnt be choosing bassinate seats in the first place then.

RE: BB sunglasses
kidzkidz, how much is the kidzbanz selling in SG?

RE: meanie bosses
Thanks for all who sympathises with my plight. I think work is the last thing on my mind now!! Congrats asp_23! You have such a nice new boss!!
piggypigg, yes the mothercare stuff are NOT very helpful one... or they simply dunno what products they carry... with their wide collection?

I was in vivo MC. Asked abt bb silk travel set for habourfront outlet, the SA says NO we don't have. I am from HBF outlet one!

I rem p.seed said she "saw it with her own eyes" too.. so I still make the trip down. True enuff, there are like 6-8packs sitting on the shelves! tsk tsk tsk...

So go go! Go get it before it goes OOS! It smells great. Dries fast! ;) I used to use avent.. like I'm a bbsilk convert!
ow_mummy: even until now.. whenever i recall baby brianna's face and her bruises, bite marks and what she had been thru.. my eyes just swell and redden... i don't think i can forget it... it's so disturbing...
Baby_mummy: Think lotsa of bosses are prejudice agst mummies....my school managements are all mummies with at least 1 child but they not sympathedise one lor...they can say until they very good parents but when we need to take CCL...they scold us until like we are 3rd grade useless morons....duh....
the parents r really inhuman...the baby was so beautiful...its so sad tt the beautiful picture of her had to be digitally edited before her real beauty is shown. the parents should be electrocuted then caned then shot then i dunno what... its so so sad.
eunice: I think they should be punished like what they did to baby Brianna.... the baby look so angelic and beautiful! ever since i saw this video.. i cannot help but cry whenever i think about it.. even cry myself to sleep last night...

aiyo...try not to think abt it too much la. after i watched it, i felt v sad for her but at the same time, i suddenly felt even more protective of my girl. i agree the bb was really beautiful...