(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs


Hi gals, took 2 preg test today. Both said "positive"
LMP 27 June thought it's too late to be a March 2009 MTB. Babydust to the TTCers

Hi luv, I took 5 tests. All show positive. LMP 26 June 2008. I tink edd should be early April 2009 right? Congrats....
Hi Vera, congrats to you too! Wow our LMP was really close to each other. You know what I should do next? It's my 1st preg... and totally clueless.

are you 1st time mummies?
this is my 2nd one. 1st one also in apr.... so there are 3 apr ones in family... me, my 1st n my 2nd.... ha!!!!
Hi all!
Hmmm...I think mine might fall into April as well! I don't really know my EDD yet. My first gynae appot is tomr morning. LMP is also 26 June! Same as you Vera
Hello~ im frm March thread but went to see gynae on Monday... says in 4-5th week only... goin to see again next monday... hopefully he can advise EDD by then... mine will fall either end march or early april... =) my LMP 22 June but ovulated late...
Hi, so glad to see so many of us.

This is my 2nd one. My first is a 3 year old boy. I waited very long for this already. Visit a gynae for prescription of folic acid and mutli-vitamins.

I am hoping this one comes in end March because my birthday falls in april, my husband's bd fall in may and my son's bd fall in june. If this is March, then we can have birthday celebrations from march till june.

I've been to the gynae on 29 July, but too early to see the foetus. saw a 5cm cyst instead. so worrying......gynae says to return on 15 August for follow up.
Hi Mummies

Vera, Cheerios
My LMP is on 26 June 08 as well. Maybe our EDD will be ard end Mar or early Apr 09.

My first gynae appt is on 8 Aug. Hoping tat my EDD will be in Apr cos my eldest son and hubby b'day are in early Apr.
hi mummies,

can share how much is the Antenatal Package now? me yet make appt to see my gynae. cos find his package on high side but me is comfortable with him lor... hmmmmmm.... still thinking whther shall me go back to him...

my girl is 28mth. hope the 2nd one is a gal too, so we can go shopping 3gether..... ha!!!
hello all, my LMP is on 25 Jun 08 (i.e 1st day of LMP right?).

So are we all into our 6th week or preggy? My appt is on 26th aug, seems so far.

Yar. 29 July may have been too soon. Where's ur gynae? I am going back to mary rauff at NUH, who was also my gynae for #1. Is this ur #1 or 2? no worries for cysts. Nowadays they can remove v. easily.

My gynae is Dr Adrain Woodworth at Thomson women's clinic (Sk). This is the same gynae for my #1. This is my 2nd. His antenatal package is $550.
Wow, so many posts already
Hmm, most of you experienced liao got more than 1 child.

Vera, i TTC for quite some time thought need treatment but in the end conceived naturally. Felt unreal yday.

1st gynae visit 13 Aug. Hope can see the baby and heartbeat by then bah.

Hope all of us have a smooth preg and healthy baby!

My boy is 28mths also. Ur gal is born in Apr 2006, am i right? My #2 is a gal. She is 14mths old.


Ur appt seems so far away. By then u will be abt 9 weeks preggie liao. No earlier appt?

DId you feel different from all your previous pregnancies? This time, I feel alot more nauseous and tired. Which is really irritating coz I was full of energy for the first pregnancy. i hate the nausea most.
hi sharon,
ya my girl is apr'06 one. so this is your #3 eh? hmmmm.... are you SAHM?

now me very "eng" @ work. nothing much to do so sianz.... so can come in to chit chat... ha!!!
so anyone of you has already announced of your pregnancy? how abt @ work, mean to your direct boss?

Not much difference from my previous pregnancies yet. Juz a bit of nausea. Ya lor...feeling nauseous is the most terrible thing.


Yup..this is my #3. Nope....not SAHM but hoping that I can be. Me also very "eng" now....
hi sharon, yeah, my appt seems far away, but tat's the gyane's earliest available slot. now, thinking of changing gynae to get earlier slot.
Congrats to all the new mummies!
Can anyone share your early symptoms of pregnancy before testing +ve?
May I know also how early did u test?
Hi mothers,

Im experiencing some spotting..light brown discharge with slight cramps.. do i need to panic? i'm abt. 6 wks preg
sharon, i've never met the gyane before, only heard her positives from other threads. She's joycelyn wong (TMC). Am now looking for an altenate female gynae, probably from kk.

any gyane to recommend?
Hi Jo,

I think you should quickly visit your gynae. My gynae told me that this is serious. Your gynae will prescribe some 'bu' medicine for you.
hi sharon,

so who is taking care of your 2 kids?

me have been "eng" since last week... but not only me lah... my dept is "eng eng" except my boss hee....

my #1 was very smooth.... even travelled to US in my 3rd mth for holiday... but this one is different, feel tired lor. sleep very early before 10pm.

my period is quite regular one. so test when my period past 3 days. symptoms - tired, sleep very early... hooo...

Oh...I also heard a lot of positive remarks about her from other threads.

I am seeing my gynae from KK. She is Dr Tan Kim Teng(KT Tan). I have been seeing her since my 1st pregnancy. She is a senior consultant at KK. I find her quite professional though she's quite quiet sometimes.

You can go see her if you want.

I have my mum and maid to look after my kids. Every morning, I will bring my kids and maid to my mum's place. So who looks after your kid?


You should visit your gynae asap and he/she will prescribe you some medicine to strengthen your womb.
my ILs are looking after my girl. but send her to full day childcare when she turns 2. coz my sil gave birth in feb and MIL cldnt cope so need to send my girl to chidlcare lor.

ya Jo, better quick quick see your gynae. medicine - duphaston to strenght....
hey sharon, i'm considering KT tan from kk too! any idea if the waiting time is long and how much are her fees?
Leereiner, yup have told my boss so she can start making arrangements bah.

stars, i had alot of bloating, dry vomit the week before testing, feeling tired easily and having gd appetite. basically period symptoms bah that's why i wait until missed menses for 10 days before testing. hope that helps.

Jo, yah you better see your gynae soon. i read from www.babycenter.com that spotting could be a problem.

I also sent my son to CC in Nov 2007 but he keeps on falling sick almost every 2 weeks. Then he got bronchitis. So I withdrew him in May 2008.

That's why I got to get a maid to help my mum.


Oh really...so you have heard good comments about her as well? I see KT Tan at The Private Suite(TPS) so the waiting time is not so long and for prescription of medicine i can get it at TPS itself instead of going to the pharmacy. Roughly every visit I have to pay about $100 odd.
hi sharon, yeah, heard of KT tan from other threads too. many said like u, that she's not chatty. but she'll still let u know wat u need to know right? maybe i'll call kkh to check for an appt.

sorry for the many questions, its my first preg. hee.
Hi gals,

Can I join in? Might be having a April Bb too. It's my #1. Wat are the symptoms u all having? I don't have much symptoms like spotting, MS so I'm quite worried.

Chen, I also made an appt with Dr Wong and my first appt is on 19th Aug. Should be in my 7th wk then. So are u changing ur gynae?
koi, u managed to get an early slot with Dr wong... envy. hee.

i think i'll discuss abit more with hubby then decide either Dr Wong or KT Tan. KKH is nearer to my home though.

hmm...symtoms, i wasnt planning for bb actually, so was shocked when i missed my menses. didnt really bother till my fren asked me to get test kit, then bingo. Other symptons like 'swollen' breasts, cant think of a better word. hee. And i had rashes on my chest and legs, and some breakout on my face. sob sob.

the rest?
hi Koi, welcome and congrats on your preg! maybe yours will be a easy preg as not much symptoms.

seems like Dr Wong is really popular here.
hi chen, i have breakout on my face during my 1st pregnancy (1st trimester) and turned out to be a boy. well, it applied to me lah not sure how true it is. hee..
hmmmm.... when me had my #1, everyone said me was "pretty" n said me gonna ve girl lor...

my sil had breakout, like ling. n me have a nephew. but my colleague had breakout but she has a girl leh....

Yup...whatever that you need to know she will tell you.

It's ok...we are all here to share.

Hi Koi, welcome in.

I'm also expecting an April baby. It's my 3rd April baby cos my first two are also the same!

My darlings are both girls. Elder is 3yr4mths and younger is 1yr4mths.

No symptoms yet and plan to see gynae only on 18Aug.
ya menh. it was purely an 'accident'. too many aries le....:p, almost every week in april got to buy birthday cake and celebrate! My sis also an aries, my sil son also aries.... but since it comes, its god's gift
Hi luv and sharon,
Thanks for e welcome!

Luv, so have u been to e gynae? Who's ur gynae?

Hi aries,
So which week are u in now?

my LMP is 28Jun, shld be 5wks plus now. am seeing my gynae at TMC next Wed. cant wait...

very exciting, right, to go for 1st scan. do update us, ok?

Koi, I'll be seeing my gynae next Wed. He's LC Cheng from TMC.

Cherrios, your 1st appt is fast! *envious* yah, please update us after your scan!

elina, who is the gynae you are seeing?