Am i pregnant? Ive been TTC

Emma Dina

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Holla... I hope some of you can enlighten me here
I gave birth on 6 sept 2018. Exclusive breastfed/direct latch her for 6-8mths only. after awhile, my milk stop producing too. I tried pressing my nipples and no milk came out. But suddenly today after 5-6 months since, when i pressed my nipples, afew drops of milk came out from both sides. (my breasts were feeling fuller thats why i pressed them)
Could it be because im pregant?
My cycle is 28-29 days and i bleed 5-7days max. And we had unprotected sex 4 days before, on the day of ovulation and 4 days after (according to the few tracking apps i used and they have always been accurate abt my period dates so far)
Im 3 days late today and i ever took a preg test 2 days before im due for period and yesterday. Both came BFN.. Afew days into my supposed period date, i feel nauseous, gassy, diarrhoea, tummy cramps and my breasts also started to feel heavier/fuller.
Does me having sudden few drops of milk and me being 3 days late, a sign of pregnancy?
Am i pregnant?