(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

Thanks for collecting the musical mat for me.

Can do me a favour? Help me collect the mat from Yvonne.Cos I will be meeting you to get the bumbo tray soon right?

Thanks alot...

<font color="0077aa">Hi Yvonne,

Which Ang Mo Supermarket outlet u referring to huh?

Cos i check out the one @ TPY don hv so cheap lei and somemore its the old version one, w/o the balloon stretch and in small pack.</font>
<font color="cc6600">RE: Semi-Solids
Super impatient me..I introduced rice cereal to Xander this afternoon and he simply loves it..Will be giving him rice cereal on alt days for 2 wks..before giving him on daily basis. So exciting to see him entering the next phase..

mommyyeo: gal, anyway i'll be meeting yvonne to get some stuff too. so i'll pick up the mat for u. no prob!
U want me to tt the $ to LovJ??

yvonne: we'll arrange to meet for the 'exchange' of our loot! :p

LovJ/Audrey: I'll be collecting the imitation bumbo tray tml evening.

LovJ: I'll tt the bumbo tray amt tml.</font>
<font color="0000ff">Yvonne:</font> Alamak, timing off
Btw, where r e Ang Mo outlets? Dunno if got any in west. Btw, juz now saw ur hubby carrying his princess brought 2 mind e phrase 'Daddy's little angel'...

<font color="ff0000">Mommies of princesses:</font> Here are a couple of items u may wan 2 get 4 your Little Royal Highness' wardrobe -- items fr Da Lala Mama's webshop
1) Romper 'Daddy's Little Sweetheart' -- 2 for $12 (designs fr e same section)
2) Tee 'Daddy's Little Angel' -- $12
I got e abv 4 B1 &amp; each x she dons them, she'd proudly proclaim watz printed there
DC: i jus wana say! DAMN THE !@$##%!&amp;*#^^% parents n family of baby brianna! ok! they r worst then beasts! WTF!.. i m so so so agitated nw.. n my tears...damn it.. hw could parent of a child do this to their own bb... hw could they bear to do so...n ya...F**K e guys who rape such an innocent small baby! crazy idiots!
ow_mummy: i so agree with u... i can't believe such parents and family existed!! why go thru the pregnancy and gave birth to her when they are going to treat her this way... so inhumane! she was just only about 6 months old for goodness sake!
ow_mummy: can't believe that they actually threw her to the ceiling and let her fall! #$%&amp;@! ## let them burn in hell... pardon my words... cos i just can't take it...
Catherine, Taiga is always a good choice for men. The leather ages really really well. Not sure about the compartments though. Most men do like compact, simple wallets like this.
Catherine! Sorry cant reply u earlier as I wasn't well and busy pack pack.

The combi food maker I got is from taka bb fair. It's the plain version. Not sure if SG carrier the pooh version. Need to chk with Taising (the sole distributor)

OMG.. u gals are tempting me with your LV purchases! I am still a LV "virgin" leh.. muahahaha
ow_mummy, what is the white noise that the sleep sheep produces?

I would like to sell off my ladybug too! Haha my bb loves the dark.. with the stars.. he won't be sleeping! It wld be good if there is a yellow light... but it doesn't
Brand new!!! Mummies int let me know ya? Maybe kidzkidz can do a cloub b post for ow_mummy and I!!

I'll be away for the next 2wks.. so do PM me.
bonbon and all, thanks for all the get well wishes. I think I have fully recovered! Can play with bb now.

As I was away from work for 3.5days last week, when I head back on Fri, my boss wasn't happy. In fact, he asked me to CANCEL my leave tdy leh.. SO STUPID! Just because a proj teammate is going away for 6M, I had to be left to take all the "pressure" and "push" as I am the only one left in SG.

BOSS: " MISS, u are TRAVELLING leh.. what would ppl think?

ME: "But I am taking leave to take care of my bb. I am on ML and CCL. My hb is on a biz trip."

BOSS: " But you are not in SG loh! As long as you are not in SG, it means you are out having fun!"

WA LAU! I am super damm pissed off! Had quite an emotional friday. Imagine feeling so weak.. and getting such nonsense in office. In the end, I met up with my BOSS's, Boss's BOSS. Of coz he isn't happy but being much more experienced and a father, he told me to GO and ENJOY myself. The worse thing I could ever do is to go on a trip and make my hb unhappy.

It helps but hmm I think I could have strained the r/s with my direct boss already. HB says throw letter if he still gives me nonsense. Boss's boss's boss says pls don't come back and throw letter. Haha

Anyways, I think I have cried enuff over this matter. Maybe can join the SAHM group soon! hehe

Now it's PACK PACK and PACK!! I think I could do up a travel list for mummies bringing bb for travelling!! ;)
<font color="cc6600">Morning mummies, I'm on urgent leave today cos Xander woke up crying for no reason this early morning.

bb_mum: U r leaving for Aussie which part? Perth?</font>
Your boss sickening lor! His position is to solve problem and not prevent you from going holiday, moreover he is the one that approve your leave rite.
<font color="aa00aa">
Baby 6 going to 6 months soon! Can go swimming in swimming pool! Neck floats!2 for $35! I need to buy 1 for Justin.Who wants to share and buy the other one?Or I put a list below and see how many orders we can get and probably can negotiate for higher discounts (if possible).Mummies put your name,qty and colour in the list!

Order for Neck Floats: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/2581159.html?1245158962

1) Rose - Blue Neck Float X 1
hi p seed, indulgence queen and moo mum, thanks for your advice, i'll try all the methods.

p seed: avent got silky powder ah? avene and evian mist u mean? cornstach? u mean cooking starch? wah.. you going to paris with bb! so nice? so you have alot of LVs to buy? keen to get a speedy le :p so when u leaving? have a good trip
Audrey, ya! That's y he is in panic mode. hahaha. I think those single men who r promoted too young really no experience dealing with married women! It doesn't help that my team are all fresh grads who are so willing to slog for their bosses.

Just last week, he was so proudly claiming he had 28days of annual leave. I actually dun wanna remind him I have 18days + 6 days CCL + 3 days elder care time off + our ML!! heh!
<font color="0000ff">Hi Marie, what happen to xander? ok already?

Hi Marie,

As for te bumbo tray @ 10, think ms wong mentioned still have 1 more tray to go.. but she can't confirmed yet. So any mummies interested if there is 1 more tray..

Marie, maybe when you go collect, then check with her again.. </font>
Rose, at 6mths, u shd be getting the wave rider!! More freedom of play.

For the swim suit, there is something like a life jacket suit that helps them to float. Can get arms float too. More splashing fun.

Hee that's what I saw other babies wearing in the pool.. no one is wearing the neck floats leh..
I put a list below and see how many orders we can get and probably can negotiate for higher discounts (if possible).Mummies put your name,qty and colour in the list!

Order for Neck Floats: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/2581159.html?1245158962

1) Rose - Blue Neck Float X 1
2) Asp_23 - 1 blue (KIV)

Rose, i dont mind to share, but the inner circumference can put Justin head in? gotta measure Jonas tonite to see if it fits his head in....
<font color="cc6600">LovJ: KP wants the tray. So I'll reserve it. Cos I told her I'll ask mrs wong when i pick up the trays.

He's better le. Not too sure y he cried so hard. It's mummy Me that is not OK. Me super tired...backaching.

bb_mum: Neck floats are still gd for babies under 1. It's meant to trigger their right brain development. Wave riders are just for fun. Ur boss ought to be shot! Luckily ur boss's Boss is such a nice chap. :p</font>
marie, maybe my bb hates to be contricted at the neck.. I still hv a yellow float stuck at home!

I think the boss's boss's boss only knows how to act lah.. ppl with more experience certainly are better at managing staff. Deep down, they must be all cursing and swearing themselves for hiring a preggy woman! Hahaha...
marie, so wat u think about the arm float? arm float gd or neck float, cos jonas seems uncomfy in neck float that day when he's at hua xia. end up he don swim and waste my $.

cos if arm float oso gd, i know where to get cute thomas train arm float....not sure how much yet....must ask supplier... ;)
<font color="aa00aa">Re: swimming floats. I want something thaat will make bb kick his legs to help him exercise...waveriders seem like for fun only but not so much for exercising.

bb mummy,you still want the yellow neck float? Want to sell to me?</font>
<font color="aa00aa">Sh, maybe I'm just paranoid,but i'm thinking that when bb uses arm float,they will still sink into the water a little and drink some of the water! But neck float can help support the heavy head!</font>
i let my baby wear a neck float too. She seems to be kicking well, but i somehow feel that the float restricts her hand from splashing much. Anyone had this experience too?
<font color="aa00aa">sh,the inner circumference is for bb's neck,not size.I'm thinking it should work like the neck floats in hwa xia,you open it up to wear it on the neck,instead of over the head cuz if it can go over the head,it will be too loose at the neck!</font>
<font color="aa00aa"> Re: Strollers. I want to buy a Mc Claren XT/XLR for Justin.Where should I go for the cheapest deal? Currently,we're using a hand me down combi that Justin always fusses in! We're guessing that it is uncomfortable that why he fusses.It look uncomfortable,the angle looks wrong!</font>
arm floats r good BUT need to keep holding on to bb and ensure the float size is correct. As what rose says, bb may not have good bouyancy ctrl yet to stay upright. With the life jkt vest that floats, it'll be perfect.

So far..mostly young bb are carried abt in the pool or on piggy back!

Rose, u want? $12 ok? I only try abt 5min in my hm bathtub!
<font color="aa00aa">bb mummy,I want! $12 ok ,deal! When you flying off? I want to collect b4 u go off,cuz going to bring Justin swimming soon!</font>
<font color="aa00aa">LovJ,dunno leh...when I was preggy,i was only researching on quinny and mac claren.Ended up mac claren won over quinny in terms of longevity.don't really need a super light one,we only use a stroller when hubby is around.If just me alone,I'll use my pikkolo/sling</font>
Where's Tom &amp; Stephanie? Do you know how much they are selling the XT for?

I'm thinking of getting a XT or XLR too. I know Taka selling XLR for $468 now. If got good deals, please share w me hor. I'm also getting the neck float haha. Someone else here also wanted rite? WAnna consolidate orders or share the 2 for $35??

ur boss really sucks. sack him! ladybug dun hv ambeer light? turtle has leh...green, blue n amber. ladybug is red issit?
<font color="aa00aa">bb mummy,too rush for me...never mind,I wait for you to come back first! Remember to text me when you're back,k? Enjoy your trip,I'm sure you and Jovan will be very happy
Hope he doesnt fuss too much during the flight and tell me all about it when you get back ! Yday,our maid told us she's homesick and wish to go home to see her mum when our 6 months contract ends.We're going to renew another 2 years with her but think we'll let her go back first then start on the 2 yr contract.Then told hubby maybe we can bring Justin for a holiday since maid not around.He seems open to the idea ,heh heh.
eunice, YA! No amber leh! And yes its RED! Shd hv gotten the turtle! U wanna exchange?? hehe
If I am the boss... I sure let him manage a TEAM of pregnant mummies.. with tight proj timelines. That will be the best punishment. Muahahaha

Rose, thanks!! I'll pack it aside for u. Hehe I think u sure will travel soon! Long overdue trip! Will tell u all abt it when I am back. And yes.. I'm all prepared to get dirty looks from the other passengers!! So I better put on my megawatt smile and make frds with my neighbour... bef bb fusses!
tt time u bought the legwarmers from the store..was it tight at the thighs? the ones i bought from BP a bit tight at the thighs leh.
<font color="ff3399">thanks mummies for the advise on steaming/boiling food.. sianz think i've been a lazy mummy.. neva do any reading up after i been back to work.. and now all of baby's night feeds settled by PILs.. me and hubby just KO every night.. dunno how come so tired out..

bbmum, i have same sentiments abt those being experienced good at acting!!! its really "jian ren shuo ren hua, jian gui shuo gui hua!!"

at least u still have avenue for your grievances and can go to boss's boss's boss.. for me. only 1 boss.. sianz.. so many times, NO = NO.. feel very guilty lately also cos after work still doing work at home. working till 9pm some weekdays by the time i'm hm cait alr in lala land.. sunday i also got to work 830am-6pm, leave hubby n FIL alone with cait.. sigh..

owmum, hehe u really v smart hor.. save allowance up

marie, u must also take a rest... hehe good that xander is feeling better n taking to rice cereal well!

re neck float: cait swam in pool on neck float and its better than when she sit in those wave rider, cos they cant support their body yet and when in waverider, she will shiver cos cold as upper body out of water, for neck float, whole body immersed and her hands n necks moving freely.. </font>
<font color="0000ff">Hey Bon Bon,

Ur work is tough leh.. still need to work on Sunday.. Must really take good care of yourself..

Me too, ever when i start working.. I never my baby when he cry in the night.. Normally , my maid will wake up and feed for me.. Lousy mummy... really depend on my maid... but really too tired to do anything..
piggypig, i just collected bb's passport few days back! It was self taken on a white blanket, with him lying down, then i got my wedding photographer to help clean up the background with shadows using photoshop

Rose, u received my sms on the mustela gift pack? U want? I have 4 packs coming only..