(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

<font color="cc6600">Rose: U fast leh..I was away fr my lappie..If not I'll get the float fr bb_mum too.

bonbon: Thanks. Will take a gd rest today. ILs both home today.

Eunice: Tom &amp; Stefanie locations @ the following link.


hi bonbon, so shack arh.....sian rite....my coy oso, juz got merger, and wanna me to learn the new acquisition coy's things....+ add on my boss portfolio + my current things....so angry, my current thing already need take laptop back and work on every nites.....
i quickly go find a new job and lucky found one the new boss very supportive say he got a 2 yrs old boy so he fully understand, and say as long as its family issue, as me juz go and take leave to settle. told me this postition not much OT too... really hope so &amp; looking fwd to the new start next mth. if i continue to slog at this current coy, i have so little time for jonas n like u, no time to do research on making purees / starting solids.....
i still need to fetch jonas back every nite on time (cant stay back for OT) and bath him + make him sleep....no one to help me at nite. hubby on nite shift, if hubby on day shift, come back oso 10pm le, jonas would have been sleeping then. only after jonas sleep then i can bath n eat dinner. wonder how i can survive if there is bb no.2...

rose, u bringing justin to public pool or pte pool? can bring to public pool at 6mths?
if u get dirty looks if J fusses, glare bk n say "u expect my bb to talk instead???" haha hv a great trip!!! hehe dun wan la...the ladybug abit scary lookg to me tho my dad says e turtle is equally ugly =P
Finally the long awaited hols are here!!!Wow now mummies are all into introducing semi solid food and LV bags. P.seed interested too...can tag along order

bb_mmummy, ur boss really mean...sack him and go for your degree course..early childhood need pple who are really passionate and u nvr go out of job. N there are hols to enjoy!!!

enunice &amp; ow_mummy, where to get leg warmers from store? I bought frm BP oso abit tight.

ow_mummy, thx for ur advise on plain water. Nw feeding bb with palin water and she seems to like it.
i think taka was selling...at the medela booth. but its ex...$19 for a pair?? the BP only $5 for a pair! haha... my hubby is "stretching" it by letting the fat peanut butter bottle "wear it" hehe.
<font color="aa00aa">bb mummy,did u receive my sms on skid hop case? It is back on taka shelves! I bought it :D very happy,looks very good on my stroller and will look good on my new stroller :D Me also bought the combi food maker.Also bought one more set of pigeon all by myself cutlery :D dunno why i keep buying cutlery sets for Justin....they look so nice,I cant resist! I now have 3 sets of cutlery hee</font>

Can some one tell me like that can act as passport pic.. i trying very hard to edit liao.. need professional help.. Heehee
haha.. rose . this one i set b4 liao..
U so eagerly show it to me during the queue up for the delivery @ Taka.. Hahahaahahhaa
but the ones at BP supposedly can wear till 5 yo leh!

wah. u just sleep then suddenly wanna buy ar? hehe... i called a few places...XLR all same price $468.
LovJ (fiona82), can la, u juz crop away the excess area.....show only the face and a little shoulder will do. this way, it wont look so slanted.
<font color="aa00aa">I was trying to get to sleep at 3am,and was wondering why Justin always fuss on his stroller as he really isn't a fussy baby.He can take car seats,slings,carriers ,just hates sitting on the stroller !</font>
<font color="ff0000">LowJ</font>
so cute your baby!
i also want to take passport pic for my bb but haven't got down to it yet..

<font color="ff0000">baby_mummy</font>
i understand how u feel completely.. i would be pissed too if my boss says tat lor..

sigh, i think really not easy being a working mother..
just this morning, i asked my boss if can take 1 day off this Wed for my bb's vaccination (i've been taking 1 day every mth for her jabs)..
even though my boss is very nice but she doesn't have kids herself and my whole team no kids, i can tell she doesn't quite understand why i need to take leave..
she says why i dun bring baby on Sat instead and dun waste my leave...
i say Sat very crowded and anyway, i can use CCL..
u know wat she say? she say cannot.. she say tat is only when baby is sick.. i was like.. huh, is it? i tot CCL means can take anytime..
aiya, sian lar.. i hv to take annual leave just cos she isn't familiar with all these things and i don't want to push the case also..
i wish i worked for a boss with kids.. in fact, my boss, boss's boss and boss's boss's boss all no children!

sorry mummies for ranting, but i dun think people without babies will understand if i 'complain' to them abt this.. so hv to come in here to rant..
<font color="ff3399">marie, still have alot haha.. got brown, hot pink, baby pink, baby blue, and yellow.. how many u need u sms me ba.. then i go ask my MIL how much her costs. sell cheap cheap lelong lelong

lovj, must look straigh n see the baby features, then color exposure must be equal, cannot have shadow on one side of face etc.. , baby head shd fill up majority of pic, just show neck and shoulers will do. backgrd color can use photoshop edit and brighten the white..

sh.. u lucky found a new job with understanding boss! all the best wor.. my boss has 3 kids also like that.. main caregiver always mummy so male boss sometimes cannot comprehend also.. </font>
eunice &amp; Rose,
I was researching for my preggy gf a month back, went Bt Batok West Mall and saw the Maclaren Techno XT at Tom &amp; Stephanie. 2008 model going for $388, 2009 model for $428. Plus you get the T&amp;S lifetime membership card, 10% discount. The Tiong Bahru Plaza T&amp;S store is very big too, so if West Mall is too far for you all, can check out Tiong Bahru. The one at Civic Centre at Woodlands is quite small so don't advise you all to go there. West Mall one is the biggest!

I can understand your feeling. Sometimes these bosses just don't understand that when they show more understanding and empathy twds us, we are even more willing to work harder for them. My VP allowed me to break my maternity leave during the June hols and even gave me a lot of advice on childbirth, I was very grateful and even sent her an email to thank her! Previously I had 2 single bosses who refused to grant me marriage leave cos mine was during the busy exam period, my tears fell when I was talking to them. Now to me, family is the most important, whatever it is, just don't put all these to heart. Enjoy your trip.

Your job sounds really demanding! Maybe can explore switching to another job so that you can have more time for yourself and family if the prospects aren't great too?

hehe you so smart huh... actually you are right in doing that, we girls ought to have some si1 fang2 qian2!
Ya... Osh gosh..

Ya.. Working mummies is difficult to take leave..
When i back from work.. I taking take leave every week.. Although my boss never say anything.. but i a bit paiseh..

I took leave sometimes, not because my baby got anything wrong.. but just miss him so want to go back to see him..

I admitted i a bit kua zhang right.. hehehehe
baby so cute , cannot resist myself..
u see, i everyday take pic.. then now want to choose 1 for his passport.. hahahahha
All the pictures, is my maid take for me one.. she will take few pic everyday just to let me see at night..


Counting down my day.. my last day at work in end of OCtober.. Fast fast come..

Anyway, i taking half day leave again , going back soon..

I got menses today sudden.. no prepare at all.. now my skirt n chair like stained liao..
is so messy.. cant stand leh..
<font color="0077aa">Lovj, ur baby smile so nicely in this pic... Hee.. If wanna use for passport photo think might still need better lighting... Anyway u can go check if it can be approve for passport. If u need editing i can help...
hi Indulgence , u can help me edit ah??

okok thanks in advance first.

I submitted the photo to ica liao.. wait for them to feedback about the photo.. Hope is worked?

if not, i ask u for help in editing..
bonbon, hope this new job is not a pirate ship...hahah....

my new boss is a male leh, maybe he is a committed dad tats why he can understand. those that leave wife to do everything one cant understand. i set out my requirements straight at the start during interview, telling him i cant do much oT cos of newborn bb... actually i told every interviewers that and most of them turn off when they hear this. govt is trying to promote birth and they dont know many pte coys out there are expecting staff to do OT. how to cope, not all coys are like govt coys so pro-family.......

tats why upon hearing that this new boss can accept my family commitments, then i got not much request for other aspects in the job. he can still tell me during interview: 1st have family then have company (in chinese).....
LOVJ >> your boy very adorable!!

i had to take my boy to studio to take pic cos need special-sized passport photo for US passports..
eunice, hmm can wear up to 5? din knw about that.

rose, d u get d case at taka fair? hw much? hmm can fit those tissue size packs of normal size? abit mountain tortoise...
the angmo supermarket i m referring to is the one at punggol..

ya lor, timing off, ang mo have not been selling pampers for the longest time, this is the first time i see them stock up on pampers since i gave birth to raynie, not sure how long they will have pampers in the store..btw, is the new packaging one..

yep yep, text me to arrange for time to meet, mummyyeo's mat is with me..
DC: yes they aint human lo! the worst is hw can the father n the uncle rape a small baby? i was cryin so badly for an hr last night, kept tellin hubby.." i cant imagine how painful she was"...

eunice &amp; chocz: the legwarmers name is "babylegs" i bought 1st pair at spring maternity for $19.90! den at taka i tot gt cheaper den i jus take (at medela booth)...it cost $19.95 at taka fair n they still put SALE! LOL.. its hugging lo..tight meant to b hugging right?.. mayb i will get a few pairs frm BP den i can compare..

Rose : wa u also buy the skip hop case n combi foodmaker! haha.. i intend to deco my skip hop case=)

bonbon &amp; Hlw: ya i keep e allowance but nt reali si fang qian la.. if theres a need i will also take out.. or sometimes i will jus pay for a meal or 2 ...make my hubby happy...lol!
<font color="0000ff">Ow mummy:</font> Posted a WTS thread on ur behalf oledi -->

<font color="ff0000">Other mommies need 2 sell things...:</font> I can help post coz I'm mbr 4 >1yr. Email me details + photo &amp; e contact details u wan 2 provide for interested buyers. No handling fee or comission bt bubble tea appreciated

<font color="aa00aa">PAMPERS ACTIVE PROMO @ NTUC:</font> Saw @ Clementi A outlet dat itz till 16 Sep -- next Wed. Wl grab another day coz juz now had 8.2kg B2 strapped 2 me...

<font color="119911">Yvonne:</font> Seems Ang Mo dun hv outlets in west...
<font color="0077aa">Dinner catering:</font> 2day starting 5D trial w Champ-Way. Happy View dun deliver 2 Clementi bt this Champ-Way who's kitchen also in east side does. Anyway I try it out 1st. Okie, B2's up again...
u try already then let us know k. but i hv a feeling its the same...

ya, marie, myself n Asp wanna get... the one im looking at is this http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/2581159.html?1245158962
anyone wanna share let me know, otherwise i'll order liao. ganjiong wanna bring bb swimming hehe

Re: Pampers
someone was asking abt pampers promo rite? Buangkok NTUC still have...i just saw....anw this NTUC open 24 hrs so anytime can come buy haha. not too much stock left though...abt 6 pkts or so.
Baby Friendly Places
mummies here, can recommend baby-friendly places to bring our babies to?
Every weekend I don't know where to bring bb... so end up mostly staying home..
Not keen on shopping centres cos i myself hate crowds and even b4 preggy, also dun like to hang out at shopping centres..

will be good to hear what the mummies here do with their babies on weekend, thanks v much!
oshgosh_baby: other than shoppin centres like no place to go liao.. as bb onli 5/6mths..if bb ard 1 yo den still can bring to garden or park or zoo for sightseeing.. nw they so small onli go there feed mosquitos.. but u can try bring bb to east coast? keke.. but i don think its bb friendly...
oshgosh_baby: My friend brings her 4 mth old boy to botanic gardens and art galleries, you can try museums too, quiet and nice ambience

<font color="aa00aa">ow mummy,have gathering!Maybe we can go look for bling bling stick on diamonds to stick on our skip hop case! Sure ,very nice one!

Date:10 Sep 09
Venue: OG Sale @ Chinatown/Orchard
Lunch: Please suggest
Time: 12.30pm

2.Catherine...Ya!! I finally can go!!!