1. J

    Would not recommend this agency

    I am a 2022 mother and hired baby whisperer as my agency for CL. I did see some mixed reviews but it’s been a while so I thought should be fine. But the agent n agency has been unprofessional and questionable work ethics. It was stressful and disappointing dealing with them. Doing my part to...
  2. N

    Highly recommended Confinement nanny

    Auntie is my lucky find on a forum I googled. Every mealtime is a wow moment because she comes up with many interesting dishes so I won't get bored with eating the same thing everyday. I've also noticed that she continues to learn new dishes whenever she has some downtime. What I like about her...
  3. T

    Confinement Nanny Available Immediately

    Hi all I have a really good confinement nanny that has been with me for close to 2 years. She is like a family to us but unfortunately we have to let her go due to personal reasons and my baby is already coming to 2 years old. She is really good with babies and can cook really well. She has...
  4. C

    Short term rental for confinement

    Hi, if im unable to do confinement at home, do you know any place that offer short term rental, 1 month?
  5. N

    My confinement nanny is close to perfection! I'm so lucky!

    28days of confinement is finally over. I'm grateful for the help I've received from my nanny, Aunty May during this period of anxiety. Aunty May has been of such great help to me, my baby and my family. She is experienced, caring and easy-going with our requests. Importantly, she loves babies...
  6. P

    Lao Ban Niang Confinement soup

    Hi Papas-and-Mamas to be, Is anyone looking to get your confinement soups from Lao Ban Niang? Due to my condition and gynae's new instructions, I am not allowed to consume the confinement soups that I have paid for in advance, neither is a refund allowed. I have yet to receive the soups as I...
  7. A

    Mother & Baby Confinement Care Service

    Hello! I will be posting on behalf on my mum, who would like to offer her confinement services to new mummies and their newborns. My mum is an experienced CL with over 10 years of experience working in both Hong Kong and Singapore. She can help mummies with post-natal care, caring for...
  8. T

    Looking for a confinement nanny in Queensland

    Hi EDD 4/1/22 Looking for a confinement nanny for 1-3 months in Queensland Australia. Relocation costs can be negotiated if travelling from interstate. Thanks!
  9. B

    Confinement nanny for twins in Dec 2021

    Hello, does anyone have any confinement nanny recommendations for twins in Dec 2021? Please let me know! Thank you :)
  10. I

    Based in Switzerland, looking for confinement nanny

    Dear Mummies, I'm a Singaporean based in Switzerland (Zurich) looking for a CL in April-May 2021. Anyone with good recommendation? Willing to pay for flights and good salary. Does not mind Singaporean or Malaysian.
  11. N

    English speaking confinement lady needed

    Hi, I’m in my 3rd trimester now with EDD Sept 6, 2020. Been desperately looking for an English speaking confinement lady to help me with the first month after delivery but unfortunately have not been able to find one. I’ve checked with most of the agencies that I could find online but they seem...
  12. K

    Muslim Confinement Lady

    Hi, my EDD is 30 Jan 2020. Anyone has contacts for Muslim CL?
  13. P

    Good confinement nanny

    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Lily. She is good at taking care of both the baby and the mother. 1. Baby She has many experienced of taking care of baby and children. She knows how to massage baby. She manage to make baby sleep at night which I fail on the first night...
  14. L

    Confinement Wine

    Hi all, Do you know where I can get confinement wine in singapore ?? Thanks!!
  15. M

    Confinement nanny - Janet Foo

    Hi Mummies, I would like to recommend my confinement nanny Janet Foo from Ipoh. Janet is recommended by my friend and I would also recommend her to anybody who’s looking for confinement nanny Janet is very experienced (more than 10 years), trustworthy and love kids. She can cook...
  16. N

    Confinement Nanny Recommendation

    I highly recommend Mdm Jenny Low Siew Chin, confinement nanny who have been with me for the past 3 weeks. She is hardworking, organized, always plans her work ahead, handles the baby and other works efficiently. She got on the job immediately upon reaching my place, after putting down her...
  17. V

    Asking for recommendation... Confinement Food

    Hi guys! Currently in my 2nd trimester and just wondering any mummies have recommended confinement food service? Done some research online but wondering about what everyone else experiences...
  18. F

    Malay Mummies to recommend bidan Urut Bersalin

    Hi Mummies, Anyone can recommend a tukang urut for pantang period? Appreciate if you can provide information on their packages i,e inclusive of bengkung, jamu etc and of course, the cost. Thanks in advance!
  19. Q

    Confinement lady for overseas

    Hi everyone! I'll like to ask if you have any confinement lady recommendations for overseas confinement in end May 2019? I found a few thru my friends but they are all booked. ㅠ.ㅠ I live in Seoul, Korea and am really clueless. I would like to breastfeed as well, so would prefer someone who has...
  20. J

    Confinement Nanny Recommendation

    I would like to recommend Auntie Kelly for her confinement nanny service. She is very experienced, responsible, hygienic, and caring nanny. Experience wise she has been doing this for many years. She has been doing it for an agency as well. But due to the high commission the agency takes...