Blessing from God as first time parents


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Hi all!

I have just completed my amazing1.5 months of confinement with Aunty Sally Liaw. She has definitely made confinement a lot easier than expected.

She is a mixture of modern and traditional which fits to the younger generation mommies imo. As a FTM, she has guided me on what are the essential things to take note when comes to taking care of my LO yet making it less stressful. My husband who has never handle A newborn is now an expert in bathing, feeding, burping, diaper changing, soothing to sleep of my LO, thanks to Aunty Sally.

She always priorities baby and mommy’s recovery, always ensure I am very well taken care of and also recovery of my wound from csec.

She is also a great cook! If you are engaging her, your tummy will thank you later. Everyday she has been surprising us with her creativity with the limited tools and ingredients we have at home. She always ensure we are well fed - 6 meals a day! As my husband is not in confinement which tends to get heaty from confinement food, she went out of her way to make extra dishes for him when she could just rest. She also ensure I have sufficient milk supply by always boiling nourishing yet yummy soup to boost my supply. Now I have a freezer full of milk from having to top up formula to a good supply that I can use when I return to work.

Most importantly, she loves our LO! My LO is so well taken care of! No diaper rash, no jaundice, no cradle cap issue. She has magic that could always soothe my LO swiftly. We could sleep through the night thanks to her, never a night hearing our LO screaming. The day we went for newborn photoshoot, I think she is more nervous than the mother herself, worrying my LO not feeling comfortable being at the shoot.

If I have another baby in the future, I will not hesitate to engage her.

You may contact her at +60167672851. If not mistaken, she is full this year and only available mid January 2024 onwards. Do reach out to her to know more!


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