Highly recommend confinement nanny - Auntie Fei


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Hi all, I’m a first time mom and will like to recommend my nanny Auntie Fei.

She definitely have the skills to take care of baby and have ‘magic hands’ that can make baby calm down and sleep. On top of that, she is modern and very knowledgeable. She knows all the lactation knowledge and really helped me to start the breastfeeding going. My baby was fully breastfed from the start with only 2 days of supplementing from formula.

She is also a good cook. Her dishes are very yummy and healthy. We really enjoyed eating her food everyday.

She may sound fierce but she is actually very soft hearted. She truly loves and dotes on my son and takes very good care of me, even taking time to talk and listening to me when I’m having anxiety attacks.

She goes over and beyond her duty, doing housework where she can and even help me reorganize my house. She thinks through for me on how to set up and make processes efficient and also thought up how to make space for my new helper. She also helped me train my helper not just in baby caretaking but also cooking and cleaning/organising the house.

In short when u employ Auntie Fei, you get more than a confinement nanny but also an all-in-one Lactation consultant, cook, helper, house organizer. We would love to employ her forever if we could afford to, and were very sad when she left as she very quickly felt like family.
Message her at +60 16-960 0911 and book her soon as she can be quickly taken up!

Hi all,

Any mummies urgently need confinement nanny end Aug or Sep? Auntie Fei’s September mummy have given birth early and she is now able to do confinement for Sep. Do drop her a msg if you are looking for nanny!