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Auntie is my lucky find on a forum I googled. Every mealtime is a wow moment because she comes up with many interesting dishes so I won't get bored with eating the same thing everyday. I've also noticed that she continues to learn new dishes whenever she has some downtime. What I like about her is she's super efficient in what she does and pre-empt your needs. She really knows what she's doing and this is coming from a fourth time mum. She has an efficient packing system, cleans well, and most importantly takes care of mum and baby well. She gives good advice on what to eat and drink and what I personally like is she plays nice music for baby to listen to, which calms the baby (music preference is personal but I happen to like all the songs she plays). She really puts her heart in taking care of the baby and mummy. All in all I really think I'm quite lucky to have found her. She makes the whole confinement a breeze. Strongly recommended! She can be contacted at +65 8393 2609

Auntie 是我在網上機緣巧合下找到的. 當了第四次的媽媽而言,她是我的救星. Auntie煮飯好吃,每天都不一樣的菜色,還會在休息的時間上網繼續學新的菜色. 有經驗的Auntie,有自己的打掃/收拾方式,寶寶用品的擺設方式,照顧寶寶跟媽媽的方式,讓我很放心的好好養身. 我喜歡她每天播的音樂,讓寶寶可以一邊聽音樂一邊睡覺,感覺很安穩. 而且很多東西我都不用說,Auntie 都會提前幫忙準備好,食材很藥材的備用也會事前通知.
坐月子是媽媽調整身體的時候也是最虛弱的時候,Auntie 是真的用心在照顧寶寶跟媽媽,所以我跟寶寶是真的幸運找了她,強推薦! 聯絡方式 +65 8393 2609

Hihi thanks for sharing the contact! Can i ask if she pre fries the ginger or fry them every time she cooks?
Hihi thanks for sharing the contact! Can i ask if she pre fries the ginger or fry them every time she cooks?
Hihi, I haven't seen her pre-fry ginger. I have seen pre-fried shallots she will pre-fry some. You can definitely let her know your preference if you prefer for her to pre-fry or not, she's very easy to talk to.
Just sharing. I have three children. I just delivered my 3rd child on August 1st this year. My first 2 nannies were talkative and gossipy and talked very loudly. The first nanny (Auntie Lily from Jia Agency) was the worst. I told her I wanted to wash my hair and she would scold me and disallowed me to wash my hair. She would tell tales to my mother in law and this affected my relationship with my mil. Hence, it’s very important to find a good nanny. My 3rd nanny (Auntie Janet) was my saviour. I’m very thankful to her because my whole family (except baby and nanny) had covid soon after I discharged from hospital. Nanny and baby shifted to my sister’s house when we had covid. Nanny took good care of my baby when we were in self-isolation. She gave me daily updates on my baby, did swab tests on baby, and even brought baby to polyclinic for jaundice follow-ups. After we recovered from covid, she continued to take good care of me, baby and my family. She cooked very well. She would cook nutritious meals for my family (my 2 kids, hubby and I) as we just recovered from covid (at no additional charge). As we still had cough after recovery, she would prepare pear soup 雪梨汤 regularly for us. She’s willing to teach me how to cook and share her recipes with me. In terms of caring for baby, she’s superb. My baby was colicky and cried very often especially at nights and at wee hours. She was able to handle my baby when he cried. She also insisted to use cooked boiled water to wipe my baby’s face and body during wipe down and when changing diaper. My baby didn’t have any rashes on face and body. She would clear my baby’s nostrils too as he tends to have much boogers. Auntie Janet is also very hygienic, organised, meticulous, effective (手脚快) and manages her time very well, and encourage breastfeeding. Though my baby cried a lot, she’s still able to do the laundry, cook for my whole family (my kids love her cooking especially her soups) and maintain cleanliness. She’s soft-spoken too unlike my previous nannies. I wanted to continue to engage her as stay-in nanny after my confinement but she had to go back to Malaysia to conduct nanny classes for beginners. I would strongly recommend her to mums especially first time mums who need a lot of support. She can be contacted via WhatsApp at +60 19 723 0396 (Malaysia mobile number). All the best to all mums on motherhood!


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