want to recommend Teoh Sim Meing!!


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hi, i made this account because i so happy to have sim meing as my confinement nanny. she did a good job and she took care of not only my baby but me as well.
i found this agency called nannymoon and initially i was quite skeptical because not that many reviews on google, but the sales person was very nice and recommended this confinement lady for me.
wow!! she was so sweet and helpful. my confinement make me being really really really tired, but she helped to cook malay food for me and i felt so loved.

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just look at the food she prepared for me!! its like at fine dining restaurant like that. without her, i think my confinement i will die, she really help me a lot.

when my baby cry, she always know how to handle, she will carry him, feed him milk very fast. she really treat my baby as if its her daughter. she even keep a book to record down when my baby drinks the milk. she tell me before she even take care of twin baby!! haha my baby only 1 i already got headache.

i just want to help auntie sim meing because she was so kind to my family!! please engage her, pm me for contact!! thank you auntie sim meing!


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