Yeast infection from Progesterone inserts


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Lilacz - my friend kept getting recurrent YI and it was going back an forth between her hubby and herself. She was very frus bec she wanted to have a baby - ttc for 1 year with recurrent YI problem. I just heard over the weekend that she's expecting!
There's hope ok? Having YI doesn't mean you can't be successful, altho i know it can be very unbearable and itchy.
3 years ago when I was trying for a baby, I used Pre-seed gel. Supposed to help protect the sperm so they can survive better and longer. Don't know whether u wanna try or not. I conceived after 6 mths. I have a history of endometriosis (can cause infertility), so my gynae told me it would be difficult for me. He was very surprised when we succeeded in 6 mths. Not sure whether it was the Pre-seed that helped or not, but no harm trying it I guess.

Oh yah, one more thing, the blood specialist says the reason that the Nystatin treatment has to be for 6 months is to give it the best chance to work. If u take it for too short a duration, may end up getting Nystatin resistant yeast ! (super scary thought).I'm sticking to it for 6 mths man!
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Looks like all of us r having the same prob, havin YI during O and few days before menses... haiz.. how irritating right!Its funny how the Yeast just disappear after O suddenly...

Memochoc, i cant recall if the med that was prescribed to me was Nystatin. I just rem it starts with a "N".Anyway, it was prescribed to me when i see dr abroad, not in sg, so im not sure where you can get this.

Audrey, you need to take Nystatin once a day for 6months??? Is it costly? Have you just started taking? Please share if it helps after your next O period...if really so effective i wish to take too!
hey ladies..=)
so much happening lately...
Audrey...glad u're trying the natural way..=) no worries abt not coming in..=) if u can get the stuff from outside and DIY.. also good enuf..=) keep my posted..=) any questions.. feefree to ask.. and see if I can squeeze in the uestions to the doc here..=) hehe..=) and I also learn too..=)
Have not heard of nystatin but im guessing it's a statin drug..haha...cuz ive only heard of statin - simvastatin my parents in law are forever popping pills..(western that is). Hurts my heart so much that I cant hep them much from this pill popping symdrome..=( father in law cuz he's got so many health after another.. meds after meds, worse and worse..=Z but hard to change their mindset on meds to alternative meds.. imagine.. Im studying this alternative meds and living in a family that seem to thrive on western chemicals..=Z understand the part on my father in law cuz of his medica history but not my MIL...=( she follows suit and recently she's getting so stressed w panic attacks and her blood pressure's not doing good... and the doc prescribe her meds after meds til it doesnt work on her.. they resort to vitamins and well. this vitamin in mega high dose is causing her to freak out cuz of the hot fushes she get fr it - giving her a negative impression of aternative meds. =( in such a pit...i want so much to hep them out of it but w my little capabiity and knowledge in western meds and detailed medical's just a losing battle that im faced with...sorry just letting my frus here..=( but ive learned to just leave it be though it hurts feeling I cant even help my in laws..=( oh well,, time wil show them I least she's asking me why I take garic almost daily..=) shes showing some smal smal signs of interest...but will see,,, menses irregular...sometimes its monthly, sometimes it's bi-monthly. weird.. es when Im im trying to get it back to perfect...few months back before my wedding it was fine... n now..=Z ive been eating junk...=( too much wheat, sugary stuff...feel my body is not gonna hold I need to start getting back on my sugarless diet... now that CNY is over...yahoooo...can focus on healthy eating again..haha...
my YI, hasnt returned since may last yea so i am happy..i did a darkfield blood tests and my blood cells look good, better thanbefore.. so im happy too..=)
Jia you ok ladies.=) do exercise too it helps..
and yes hormones do bring about the rise of fungal growth, so you're right audrey..=) but I duno in detail why and how(hmm i need to read up on this-good to know- thanks..)..=)
im just glad al u guys have resorted to natural treatments...=) and on some days with western...=) least u're in the right direction..
Memchoc...dun give up k?
Me n hubs gonna try for kid soon...=) when we go 3 weeks...wish us all the best..hahaha..=)
Hi Audrey,

It is great to know that your friend got pregnant even having YI. Ya atleast there is hope, still working hard to make baby but we hv been hving lesser sex then ever. Think sex issent as beautiful as before with yeast infection.

My doctor don’t really wish to prescribe me with any anti-yeast drug. =( I have read so much about Nystatin and wishes to try it. Ya it is exp but I wish to try. I saw a spree selling things from the drugstore, they sells Nystatin from oversea, ya I know is not good to buy drugs online. =\

Can ask what is the dosage of the Nystatin you are given? Brand? How many mg? How many capsule you take a day ofr 6months? Thanks

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oh ya one more thing abt TCM. After i took it, i feel shortness of breath... not 100% if its the chinese med though, but i have never felt this way.


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Hi gals, sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Have been down with a flu (caught it from my little girl).
Menses coming in a day or 2. Got the yeasty-looking discharge again, although not cottage cheese like, but a little thick and slightly tinged yellow. Itching starting up again...haiz. (also made worse by drink 3-in-1 milo. I love chocolate and milo, and because I'm sick I need this 'comfort' food at this time).
I'm very upset that Guardian has discontinued Rephresh vaginal gel. I think the sales of this product haven't been good.
Sandy, I know how frustrating it is for you, when you see your MIL suffering and not open about alternative meds. I think she's scared for her own health seeing her husband's condition worsening,her own blood pressure not under control and worried why the meds she's taking aren't working(hence her panic attacks). Sometimes when there are a lot of symptoms in the body, we get worried, stressed up and panicky. I guess that's why we are all here also, to get support from each other in the midst of our troubling symptoms. Maybe she needs to let go and relax.
Glad to hear you're trying for a baby!
Wish you success and hope to hear gd news soon.

Lilacz, I'm in my 3rd month of taking Nystatin.
Yup, gotta take 1mL per day for 6 months. I must say that during the first 2 months the yeast problem seemed the same. Now I see a slight improvement (not as itchy as before, esp before the menses start). My doc says it helps clear up the yeast in the intestine. but I'm curious why it would help in the genital tract since both systems are not linked right? (going to ask him again when I see him next month). I think you should check with the TCM doc again about this side effect of shortness of breath after taking it. Maybe it's not suitable for you. After that time, I swore never to take TCM powder meds anymore, after seeing the liver panel results.
Memchoc, Nystatin is an antifungal med (liquid). It's not expensive. ($27 for 100mL bottle at Guardian pharmacy). I think you can just ask the pharmacist for it. Brand: Pharmascience from Canada.since i take 1mL per day, this bottle can last 3 months. But why is it your doc doesn't want to prescribe u Nystatin? Do you have any pre-existing medical condition or that he doesn't belief that you have a yeast condition?
Don't give up on the baby-making - try to relax and don't get stressed up about the results. U tried pin-pointing your ovulation date before by ovulation test kit or basal body temp?
Hi audrey, Thanks. will slowly try help my MIL out whre I can...she's beginning to listen to me more I guess.but im in position of just waiting for he to ask..i dun push..=P so hopefully all will be ok..she's got panic attacks since I firt knew her. so its kinda usual...he mental power not so strong, childhood trauma im guessing.but will see how i can be there lor..

abt nystatin, ur doc says helps cleaer the guts in turn will help clear vaginal fungus - ur body is linked in more ways than we think it is..=) everything in the guts cause us to have such probs..=) if guts no good, immunity drop, if immunity drop, fungus and get into you blood stream..this goes then is tried being flushed by ur body's elimination what goes in or grows in u must come out..whre fungus grows it will go... naturally vagina already has fungus..normal flora of the body.. so if gut cannot take it spilles over to areas whre it houses fungus/yeasts.. = too much = YI symptoms.. so if gt natuaally has less, asn asn nystatin woks in the blood stream, vessesl are also at ur vgina ar4ea, so naturally shld help kill the yesast down there too..=)
gut is whre most pobs start anyway, so it u help clean ur gut, ur 1st line of elimative orgns work fine, it wont tax u liver and ur kidney or ur skin for extra work on elimination, like so some, rashes start showing on skin cuz thats theu weak link....=) i guess for us, it's vagina...and for most women.=)
it's my own undewrstanign of the body system and how it works, so see if the doc explains it similar to mine.. or if she has otherreasons, do share w us too..=))

TCM - yesh is u get heart palpitaiona or bvreathlessless, also, pls stop...or i guess take less or diluted..less potent...n tell ur tcm practitioner...


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Thanks Audrey and Sandy for addressing my problem. I have since stopped the TCM med. Anyway its too bitter for me, i dun think i have the determination to go for it for long term. The physician said i need to take at least 3 months, if not longer... i dun think i can. It really tastes horrible!!!

Audrey: i wonder if the patient must be tested on suitability before taking Nystatin? Is it on the shelf or inside the pharmacist shelf? I will take anything that helps...

Last 2-3months i only have it during Ovulation and before mense, but mid of my cycle 3days ago, it started again. I think cuz i took durian... too sweet. I have not had it for long long time, thought mid cycle shd be safe, but it happened again. Im very fed up, took the fluconazale and use the 6days insert.. hoping that it can flush out all the irritating yeast! After that then resume on my supplements. im currently taking acidophilus and garlic.

Sandy: How nice!Going for honeymoon! No worries, you will be so happy and relaxed, i guess it arent difficult to bring back a made-in-honeymoon place!!! All the best! God bless!
Hi ladies, How have u been doing? My yeast infection is under control as long as I don't anyhow eat. N i have a good news, I'm PREGNANT!!! just tested positive last night, think only 3weeks+ pregnant. Shii~~~ still keeping it secret. My YI still ok even during pregnancy, mayb it may get worse as it goes along, not so sure too. I cut down on garlic Supplements, don't want too many Vit C. Stop OLE... probiotic also cut down frm 4tables to 3 (3=9million cell). I'm still taking Multi Vit & Mineral with Folic Acid, Fish Oil, taking Iron tablets, Q10 and Calcium. Reduce my Milk Thistle from 3 tablets to 1 now. Anything think I should stop taking? Havent seen my doctor yet, will go tml. =) have to tell him what i have been taking too.
WOWOWOW... CONGRATS!!! =) So happy for you...hehe... wonderful news..=)

Abt supplements, it's ok taking the food types like multi vit and vit c(but no need since u have muti vit) pro-biotics ok too..

Stop OLE for now - clever girl..=) Milk thistle - also stop for now...
Iron ur doc prescribed? for me usually i'd rather eat foods that contain Iron and not from supplements. But if ur doc rec it and u feel comfy taking it, then it's up to your comfort.=)

For me my idea is, if I can get it direct from food, I will take from food, if not I supplement..=) ur garlic pills u can take the real thing or just 1 pill 1x per day..=)

Co Q10 - im not sure. but it helps the heart and the anti-oxidant(anti-aging)
Calcium - impt for foetal growth..=) hehe.. but if can take from milk(goat's milk/soy milk) be good also..instead of relying on supps..=)

But let ur gynae decide..=) Im so excited for you...hehe.. must be so joyful...I cant wait for my turn..hehehe..=)

DUn wait too long befor esharing ur joy w your sure they wil be thrilled..hehehe..=) Keep us updated k?? hehe.. for me I always dreamed of how I'd share the news w my parents when we get preggers..haha..have a smal gathering and give them a card stating happy grandparents day or something..hahahahha..=) my mom will be overjoyed..=) hehe.. just hope God will grant us husband's 2 sisters cant get preggers - elder sis has been married for 10 yrs still no bb...his second sister, married 3.5 yrs still no bb..=( duno if it's in his family jeans..=( so scared.... for me.. I had bacterial infection wayback and doc said that bacteria can cause infetility... so I also scared..=Z as much as Im so wanting to concieve in the next few also apprehensive that it will come out negative...=Z

pray that we will concieve too in the weeks to come..=) as I watch my cousin's daughter....brngs so much joy to the peop around them... Im so .....cant describe.. like i want to have a kid asap....cuz it just brings so much joy..=) yes coupled with the duties of a mother..not easy but Iguess its all worth it when u watch them grow up and be well..=)

I will pray for a healthy baby fo you and hubby k? =) hope ur YI also improve....=) and clear...=)

Hear from you all soon..
Thanks gal. bless you with a bb soon too. I use BBT to chart my ovulation timing.. Hehe abit Kiasu... cuz i wanted a bb badly.

I ask my hubby to take Folic Acid, cuz it is proven to help in sperm activity. If possible also ask ur hubby take more calcium cuz it will provide harder shall for sperm to penetrate.


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Congrats memochoc!!!! Take gd care of yourself, rest more, eat well, stay happy!

Sandy, im sure your turn will come. Dun feel stress, you will be blessed!


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hi all,
i am new to this thread. may i ask u all - what are actually the symptoms of virginal yeast infection? and how do we know its YI?

as i am currently pregg in my first tri and experiencing some slight sticky green discharge, but with no other symptoms like itching nor strong odour smell.. i went to see a GP and she says it looks more like a fungal infection and was given cristan cream to apply..

i m confused with what is actually the sympt of YI and worried if it will affect my pregnancy..
dunno if its that coincidence or... after applying the cream below, i seem to have a bit of tummy cramp..
Vaginal YI discharge is usually whitish cheese like and gives an itch.

Usually not greenish - Not sure why your GP said it's fungal unless she has it tested, can she confirm. Does she know your're preggers(pregnant)?

Green discharge has a whole list of causes. Best to ask your gynae to call for a swap culture test to see what is in the discharge.

Is it fishy smell? if it is, then perhaps it could be a bacterial infection; if it is, doc may prescribe some anti-biotics but with you preggers, im not sure how it goes. Im not versed with pregnancy & i cant comment, ask your gynae..though..there could be alternatives rather than chemical medications would could cause harm to the foetal(but pls dun over worry abt this) one step at a time.

Did you ask your gynae abt the tummy cramp? Best way is to not use it and see if it stops. And use it again and if it comes back, u know that's the cause. (of course if u feel it's the cause of it, dun even try it again). it could be ur body's natural reaction of trying to purge or rid the topical cream that is not helping anything down there.

Usually, creams are only topical, they dun cure it, it only temporarily stops any prob for a short while, but comes back again if it's not just a superficial problem.

Anyway, My preggers friend said she had alot more discharge during preggers, and it could just be dun over worry k? for now, best to ask Gynae and not regular GP pls.

If worried, do a culture swab test and take it from there, no point playing guessing games if it is YI or bacterial infection or what not.
Dun stress yourself esp in your 1st Trimester..

Eat healthily and drink plenty of water..=) and rest..

Take care and keep us posted.


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hi sandy, thanks for the reply.

yes i did tell GP that i am pregg.. i also did mention about the greenish discharge to my gynae during my previous visit, but she didnt say anything much..

tummy cramp, gynae says its normal to have some cramp due to expansion. maybe yesterday was just coincidence when i applied the cream.. i shall try applying it again today..

my gynae appt is next week, will ask her in detail then about the discharge..

thanks for the advice and encouragement


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can anyone please recommend a gyna? i keep getting recurrence yeast infection (one every 2 mths!!!) n its driving me nuts.. i feel so dirty

thank you for your help
u go gynae way they will give u inserts and meds that wont really help unless your is a simpe case.

If it's more complex like the ladiesabove, u won';t fint much relief at gynaes. Gynaes can help with giving u advice and u asking for tests to be done but healing it will take very long or maynot even cure.
Yi is hard to treat and its not only by placing inserts do u get free from it.

it's lifestyle change..
Im sure u've had anti-biotics taken once in your lifetime here and it is one of the possble casues of YI..

dun worry we are all ladies jhere sharing our stories and how we treat it..

Memchoc is doing pretty well. read on posts previously to understand..=)

They are using mainly natural approcah to controlling YI. some are on nystatin - some dcs rec it some dun dependent on ur case.. check w the ladies heer in chat. =)

For me i went conpletely on natural supplements and lifestyle change.. for 2 years. before being free from YI..=)

U probably also have gut issue.. treat th gut, = helping to be YI free..

simple 5 points: YI = fungus too,
Fungus feeds on sugar.. so 5 main thinsg when u are on a fungal detox.

Strictly No Sugar
No Gluten
no Dairy
No Yeast
No fruits(this dependent on ur system) but for st 16 days of the anti-cindida diet, do it free from frits, up your veggie..

there after if ur under control u can slowly introduce them back into your diet..

Jia you.. it's not an easy, do bear with it..

and to end off, having yi DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DIRTY....there are ALOT OF WOMEN suffering silently frm this because we feel we have done something wrong etc.. it's not...ok?

oh gynae, I like Ms jasmine Mohd at KK W&C hospital.
She's a gynae who explains to you stuff and she's patient.. if u want a male one, im not sure..=) u can try.. I think her consult fees are abt 60/consult, if u have CS card(civil servant) sure have pro-rate..i went 2 years back.. I m due for my next pap i'll prob be gng back to her.. she's a friend's friend is a naturopath adn they boh do share abt natural therapies with each other too but what Jasmine advocates from her gynae perspectives, i guess one has to follow but she doesnt condemn natural remedies..=0 she'll listen..=)

hope this helps. ladies any one??


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Hi ladies, I'm so glad to have found this thread to know that I'm not alone in battling recurring YI. Thank you for all the useful info! N congrats to all who have won the battle! It's very encouraging!

This stupid YI has been with me since 3 or 4 yrs back. Visited the doc when it first started but it didn't help. Actually I have been following this thread for a while n heeded all of ur advises n went for a body Checkup. Yes doc confirm I hv YI but unable to tell me the reason for recurrence. She put me on medication n I also started the no sugar no gluten diet. I was YI free for 1.5mth I was so damn happy. Until yest it decided to pay me a visit. I guess it's because my mensus is coming in 2 days time? So I'm thinking of continuing my strict diet m starting the supplements. But I don't wanna overload my body with too much nutrients. Is it ok if I start with pro biotics n OLE? Or is it not enough to cause a hurricane? I don't know where to buy all these stuff too


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thanks for the advise sandy..
yea, i read all the posting,
candida diet seems impossible to follow, seems like nothing left to eat.. so, for a start im thinkin to try out olive leaf extract. do u know where i can get it? guardian or watson?

so far for itch, i use this..and its amazing... doubt its available in singapore, i got it online.. its concentrated 'nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract' .. just put a few drops + water, ... rinse..n voila..the itch def goes away!

again...thanks to all of you ladies out there..thank you for sharing..


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Hi there. I'm new and I'm currently facing some discharge problem.

I did some research on female discharge and I was wondering am I facing Yeast Infection.

I'm 21 this year, and I recently having heavy discharge. They are thick, a kind of alot and smells sometime.
I don't know what should I do. I'm scared. I'm still studying and I did thought of going to the doc, but I'm afraid it might be expensive.

Please help!


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Hi rachel,

I think you should be gg to the doc if this is your first time experiencing such problems. If u r worried abt the cost, visit a polyclinic instead. Don't delay too. Get treated ASAP. Dun be scared, alot of us are facing such problems. The docs prob see one of such case everyday!


Hi memorable choc,

Congratulations and hope you are doing well with preggy-ing :))

so long, i have not been visiting this forum. want to express my congratulations to your preggy status. hope you and bb are growing and develop well.

jus want to say that i have previously posteed in this thread enquire on yeast as my baby's skin doctor keep diagnosing my bb as having nappy yeast infection. i finally had a national skin doctor to do a vaginal and anus swab on my baby and diagnosed it was yeast free.

i'm here to share with you, just in case your baby has a prolonged nappy rash, don't be alarm like me applying unnecessary anti-fungal cream which pd normally likes to prescribed.

as first line of trial treatment, you can dash a bit of hydrocortisone on the baby's prolonged nappy rash to see if it clears before resort to anti-fungal cream. And, from my experience, i have decided to use secura nappy rash cream and alternate with a aiken brand talcum powder to puff on my bb's nappy area. this method has kept nappy rashes (that was and have been thought at nappy yeast abay). on days that rashes pop, i just dash hydrocortisone and it clears off the next day.

oh, btw - you can buy from me any bb items that is still of good and clean condition (if you decide to get some stuffs from mthood want-to-buy corner). i still have items like infant swaddle cloth and other items etc baby is the original owner to the items.:)

Rest well and take good care and eat enough for bb to grow chubbily, lor..

Hi Sandy,
Jia you, i enjoy reading your postings of advice. Congratulations on your marriage too.:))
hey by one read down my line...

=) i just got back from my honeymoon...sad am not preggers...wanna ask usually like how many tries den will u be lucky?? hahah...i know it's silly but...for me.. i usually thot first time do sure get after my wedding I was pro-longing til honeymoon..whahhaa...then erm...u know how the story goes..=)

do open another thread or i'll search for another thread on such topics or if any of you could help me point me to some...i'd appreciate...cut the screening for me..hahah..=)

thanks onsang for you compliment..=) will take ur input if n when i get bb..hehe..=)

rachel - i suggest u go to see a doc and get a swab test first. Go poly clinic cheaper but wait choice. Ask for culture test and be open to the doc abt it so doc can properly diagnose. i know it may seem embarrassing - I was totally embarrassed too and the more embarrassed I was, i wasted more money doctor hopping until i plucked the courage to openly share and I had myself checked and paid much, the sooner u get details out, the less u spend and well, the faster u recover... psyche urself up ok? or if it's easier, I write it down and I read it out to the doc. hahaha...the gynae looked at me funny but i had to do it..hahaha...anyway,..
they'll prob prescribe u some anti-fungal pess or oral meds or both - dep on severity. if first timer, they usually wun do culture(cuz it costs u $ too and other reasons) but U can request..(ask the price first and decide.. then once the swab test cfm it's yeast then do the OLE and pro-biotics.
If swab comes back with bacteria - they'll prob prescribe u anti-biotics - this for now, take a finish the course or as prescribed by your doc k? im just sharing what i would do and i should not be taken as 100% cuz im no doc. =) remember to explain to the doctor the type of smell, colour, texture ok? dun go GP, go Polyclinic. GP unless they are trained in gynae they will take a look, polyclinic they should usually..
anyway, the anti-biotics will kill the bacteria(if any) and once u have down that, prolly for a week(usually), during hat week look for and buy the 2 supplements above(GNC or nature's farm - watsons guardian do not have them) or if cant swallow pills, I know cold storage(some) sells the liquid form of olive leaf axtract.. it's abt 40-50$ per bottle..almost the same cost as the pills from GNC/nature's farm. There is this place called essential living found at Far East Shopping Centre NOT Plaza(beside hilton hotel) can't remember which floor but they are one of our clinic's suppliers of OLE and u canbuy it there.. for $36 i think, cheapest so far(GNC and NF cut throat!!) I dun like buyn gfrom them when I realise they make such huge profits! bleahh~~

and yah.. start on these 2 supps, after u finish course of anti-biotics(ABs). i usually dun take ABs myself but in dire situations, I do. =) ie bacterial infection and u cant stand it or first timer and have no other forms of alternative treatments at the moment. go for quick fix and remedy it asap after. =)

Fullest - grapeseed extract is good too, anti-oxidant, anti-viral fungal's a wash only??? do they have it in oral meds form? u can try if the hebalist where u got it from recommends it..=)but I havent' read up much on this.. so i need to read up too..=)

u can read my msg to rachel - u can buy fr the 3 places...essential living is the cheapest so far but if u urgent, then just spend and go gnc nature's farm..=)

hope u are well..=)

hear yall soon!!


Hi Sandy, Congratulations once again.
I'm an advanced age mummy of a 2yr old gal. getting preggy for first time (after an ectopic pregnancy) at this age is really miracle.

What i did was:
1. touch a fren's newly conceived tummy (believe it or not)

2. brew black chicken (kampong chicken) essence by pounding the flesh and bone very fine, double boil and drink every week.

3. has korean ginseng brew with chicken to be drank by both hubby and i (drink just once only)
got natural preggy within 3 weeks from the touching of my fren's preggy tummy and drinking of natural chicken essence

4. someone told me, try every alternate day so that the sperm and ovums are still within the body as it has not totally washed off within a short span of time (sounds logical as we did that - got my gal on just 2 tries, within alternate day).

My fren and a relative attended my bb's gal first month's birthday and 1yr old birthday, then got preggy within the month respectively.

You may want to attend a newly born birthday and try to carry the bb (for good luck).

I am seen by Dr Peter Chew (gleneagles)
Hi ladies, I have not been around for such long time. Thanks all for the well wishes. I'm dealing with my laziness and hard to really browse online for long, have been loosing weight and dizziness comes often. No vomiting mayb due to help of Vit B6 which i took all along. Just past my 1st TriI and is slowly getting better. Yeast infection has been stable, no huge outbreak even with candies (moderation). Have to eat some candy if not I will feel like fainting in the MRT every morning due to loosing weight n low blood count. Try taking Iron but alone is not enough. Hope i won't get addicted to sugar again..... =S

Just found two of my friends having Yeast Infection. Reco them some supplement to start off with. Really sad to see anyone who need to suffer from this. Now, if there is only one supplement to reco to any YI women, i will reco Probiotic first. Follow by Garlic or OLE and others. I found out that Probiotic (good bacterial) eats what ever ur Yeast eats. So if u intro them enough to ur body, they will eat out the food and left yeast with nothing/lesser food. Many salesgirl at the phamacy likes to reco us to eat it after meal cuz it is less acidic, but probiotic shld comes with a protecting capsule coating which can only melt in the alkaline enviornment. So no worries, just eat b4 meal to give army to those good bacterial.

Sandy, just do not stop trying. Actually i was very Kia-su due to age. I have been using the BBT method, Basal Body Temperature method to track my ovulation timing. Previously used it to prevent pregy, now I used it to try for bb.
This is a short write out on my blog of how BBT method works. U can try. A natural way to try for bb and reduce any wasting of time.

PS. if u want, u can meet me n touch my belly to give u some baby dust. Keke. Now that I think about it, I always touch my pregy friends belly too. lolx
I'm glad that i was here at this forum and met Sandy before I'm pregy. The half a year lifestyle change, diet change n supplement has really brought me far enough where atleast I won't suffer like before. Atleast the itch is bearable now. Atleast for this pregnancy, or else i will be crying everyday! Although now i can't take certain supplements (Garlic, OLE, Milk Thistle) to help fight yeast but I'm still taking Fish oil, multi vit & mineral and probiotic to maintain. I learned so much here and it open me out to a whole new perspective on all this link with our food we have been taking, The good thing is, I can still tell that I'm still improving but at a much slower rate now due to diet restriction of pregnancy.

Can never thank Sandy enough. Bless u with a child soon. Good karma will reach u. =)


Yes, Sandy has been very helpful and this is the best thread forum, that I will vote if there's a contest:)

MemorableChoc, mus remember to control sugar intake as it will boost up your sugar level at preggy time, which is worrying-don't let it turn to gestational diabetes..Buy WASA brand cracker to fill your hunger pang as well as bring blood glucose level down, from 2nd trimester onwards. My blood glucose was slightly high and gynae ask me to eat WASA brand biscuits (can buy from Market Place supermarket)..


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hi i m new here.. i had abnormal vaginal discharge in nov 2010 so i went to see a doctor and got it test, result was candida yeast. I had the medicine doctor gave me, be it oral and the pill insert into the vagina, both didn't help. Till today I still can't get rid of candida.. WHY? SAD

I m now taking garlic pills (3 times a day), cranberry (2 times a day), evening primose (1 aday) and multi vit for woman (1 a day). Can anyone advise me what is lacking here and what i should not take? I hate taking pills, I do not want to take any pills.

Last thursday I went to TCM, the physician gave me one week of herbs to drink. I m stil taking it now, my next appt is this coming thursday, hope i reover by then.

I can take brown rice right? how about beehoon, fish ball and pork chicken? these are all my favourite food. I need advice from someone badly.



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I intend to buy the follwing, any good brands to try. what are the side effects? where to get it?

1. enzymes
2. flax, fish, olive, macadamia? pick one for me?
3. Probiotics
Hi panda, first, 1. may I know ur age?
Sometimes flax seed and primrose arent good for the young women..=)
2. Why have u decided on the choices?
3. How long have you had YI?
4. I suggest follow thru with your TCm first and see what's the effect. If it works for you..great.. if u don't, then come try this...=) Don't do together cuz u also want to know what works best for you in event YI comes back.=)
5. U want to not mix herbs - incase they have interactions.
6. Yes u can take brow rice. beehoon is rice based..all rice based stuff is fine cuz it has no /low gluten which does not irritate the gut lining. = better digestion. But u still can take wheat lah..once in a while..=) or when u have really nothign to choose from, then eat..dun go hungry or stress over what u can or cannot eat. Simply stay away from Sugar..that's the main cause or food source for the YI.
Fish ball - has flour added, but fish meat is fine, but dun over eat cuz some fish may have mercury(natural occuring) and mercury will cause YI to act up cuz fungus(YI) is needed to get rid of the heacy metal.
Pork/Chicken - if u are B blood and wish to follow the blood type diet, u can only have them 1-2 x per week. =) read up on Dr D Adamo Blood Type diet. Works for some, so u gotta give it try to see it's effect. it works for me but it's a tough thing to follow cuz of the cultuer we are in..chix and pork everywhere.. Im B blood so it's hard..=P` but Ieat when I need to sustain. and balance offwith other stuff to keep me healthy.. .haha.or so I think..hahah..=)
7. Enzymes - try any off the shelves one. My clinic sells the RBC brand @$63/- not cheap. Im not sure abt outside. cheaper one is 20-30plus we also sell(for vegetarins) but I dun feel it's good for me..makes me bloated. =Z
8. Olive leaf - is the most potent anti-fungal/viral/bacterial.. fish oil - heal gut lining. macadamia - never read up so I will do my learning on this..haha... Flax is i think anti-bact too but it does cause some hormonal change and u dun want that when u YI is being treated..cuz hormones affect the livelihood of YI..=) primrose oil - brings up estrogen level and some research has shown that high levels of Estrogen can cause cancer..=) we need a good balance.cuz lack of it we have higher tendency of heart probs.. that's one reason why men die younger than womon cuz they lack estrogen in their hormonal system..=H u dun have to take 1/day - EPO is quite high in concentration..per day abit much if u're still in your 30s. though it did help me lessen my cramps but I stopped cuz It gave me bad breakouts = also no good cuz of high levels of estro - etc..=)

probiotics - im not sure abt the ones on the GNC./natures farm..havent tried.. but those are both more ex than my doctor's clinic..=) but ours have to be refrigerated so more troublesome. =)find one that has at least 6billion CFU. and a mixture of 2-3 types.

All the best. Hope this helps. =)


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thanks sandy for replying. you are so helpful.
I m 29 this year, A+ blood group, not married, first had YI in NOv 2010. after that its like on and off. I tried all medications dr gave, seems like its not working.

I read online, ppl say primrose is good for YI so i bought that. Currently stop eating that cos i got too many pills to take for YI. haiz.

My daily intake for YI are:
1. salmon oil 1000mg= 1 daily (morn)
2. acidophilus 1 billion CFU (morn)
3. Garlic pill (3 times daily)
4. Lacteol fort sachets (Lactobacillus Lb 10 billion, fermented culture medium neutralized 160mg, excipients q.s.p 800mg) 1 packet daily
5. chinese herbs ( will end this by this sat) Dr gave me two weeks supply) so have to finish this. I will take all supplements and one hour later take herbs.

Sometimes take Vitamins C and primrose now. have stopped eating cranberry pill.

What is lacking now for me to be YI free?


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Sandy, can share your remedy with me? I will follow yours. If I have to go to your clinic to get the medications I will. Just hope to recover one day. Not sure if I will pass on to my partner next time


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to add, TCm prescribed me a week of herbs to soak my bottom for 15-20mins everyday, not sure if this is advisable. please advise. She said take herbs and soak bottom is most effective.

my mense started 15 May and ended on 19 May, I have slight brownish vagina discharge after that, i guess its the left over menses.. Now, the discharge is like watery yellow, but not much. Is this normal? I afraid it turns cheesy yellowish green again. haiz

Is candida same as YI?
Hi Panda,
1.YI is the same as Candida. Candida is a strain fungus and when too long in a system starts to 'grow' roots (an become yeasts - cuz they find the environment very condusive for growth) in the intestinal lining and getting rich supply of nutrients for themselves and wreak havoc in ours..=) But u can get rid of them slowly but surely..=) u need a cleansed gut...=) takes time..and it will need maintenance.=) just like all things need care.=)
2. Were you on Anti-biotics before your YI started? Just wanna see if trend is right abt anti-biotics being one of the likely causes of onset of Cadidiasis..=)
3. Is TCM heping? we need to try something for a few months before we see it's effect. Memchoc used TCM too, so u gotta check w her too..=) If u feel it's helping and not causing any undesirable effects then continie for anohter month and see how..=)Soak bottom - not ight for me to advise cuz I don't know TCM very well and theor methods of treatment.. I guess she believes treatment both Internally and externaly will help..=) But of course it is your choice if you wish to adopt TCM/this diet & supplement control method to try if it works for you too.=)
4. I do get brownish discharge(for a long time now) after but the gynae says it's normal and traces of blood left over and when menses starts that trace is also discharged before menses.. so hope e gynae knows best here..=) I din bother read up cuz too much liao..haha...
5. Watery yellow - im not sure. Gotta check w Gynae..I can ask my gynae.. I gng to see her tmr..see what she says...haha..=)
6. Cheesy whitish it's candida but yellowing green might, might be other reasons - u have to check. Does it have a fishy smell? if it does it might be bacterial infection. Get that sorted out first then take on the candida..ok? =) one step at a time. If u go see a doc for it, they wil prob prescribe anti-biotics u can choose to go thru this which is the fastes and easiest way but anti-biotics has it's side effets too.... I've never tried treating any vaginal bacteria with Olive leaf but IF it is an Bacterial Infection then u can be a first? to try? and if it works too slowly, go on the anti-biotics and after than remedy it..back then I also didn't know abt this.. I took anti-biotics and from there..i had such bad and recurrent YI attacks..I took it cuz she said the bacteria can cause infertility so I scared mah when I was so ignornant..(read the anti-biotics Side effects too but I had no choice then) anyway, I hope it's not for it's less headache..=) it could also just be your body cleansing, so just ride it out til your TCm finish first then give it a week and take note of your dischange... and colour stail the same then u know it's not the TCM..if u cant wait, opt for doctor's appt to have it checked. =) Im gonna get my PAP smear done tmr..and scans if necessary..=Z dun like scans cuz it's low radiation..but we'll see how it goes tmr..=) I hope I am free from anything..I was tested I have the common HPV, 4-5 yrs ago, sadly and it's something I am currenty trying to see if I can get rid off too(knowing it's a virus that's quite impossibe to banish even in the medical world) so have to go for regular PAP smear..comes from the name Human PAPiloma Virus - PAP smear..
Im taking things one step at a time too..=) and hopefully a baby comes along and hope all these won't affect the foetus fears lah..but everything in the hands of we can ony just do what we can at times...=) and smile abt it..worrying over it can cause more harm than good..=) stress hormones etc affect menstrul cycle, hormones etc...big vicsious cycle..=)
smile panda..=) things wil be good.

U can continue taking ur supps. flax seed u can take once in a while but maybe not daily..=) primrose oil too it has it's good but dun take daily..
Finish ur current supps first before changing..dun waste money leh..=) or cloud ursef w more supps...= one thing at a time k? take more alkaline foods so ur body changes its terrain..= not condusive for fungus/Yeasts to reside in..and it wil hep too..=)
Cranberry - taking the juice itself may be more beneficial than pills - dependent on absobability.=) but finish it sinc eu have it when u can...dun over take too much.. headache ah..hahah.=)

lunch time.. talk soon. dun stress..these takes time so let time heal..=) hugs


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I got it right after having sxxx with my BF without protection, With condom it was all right, soon after no protection, the thing came, I quickly went to see doctor. The Dr did some STD tests (not complete) and pap smear. The result indicated only candida. I did one more tests 14 APril 2011, same result, it didnt show candida this time cos the Dr said no need to do pap smear. I am thinking of doing another tests at DSC clinic in June 2011 (complete STD tests) I m afraid of other diseases causing it. Totally regret it now. We stopped having sxxx end Jan 2011 cos I think should let my body rest. No pain during sxx

My bF has serious pimples problem, so he was on medications for a long time now (at least two years i think). And he loves going to gym so he always take the liquid drink to build muscle, don not what is that. I m sure my bf passed it to me. Never have this problem in the past no matter how much sugar i ate. BTW I m slim so most likely not because of diabetes. and i slim down by 2kg because i cut down carbo and sugar, fruits etc .

I took three times anti fungal medicines Dr prescribed and YI disappeared right away and appeared one week later. I even had the medicine inserted below, still no use.

Mine is cheesy yellowish and very very light green. more to yellow i think. no bad smell. If use tissue to wipe, i can only smell tissue.

I will NOT go back to TCM after finishing the herbs this sat. Firstly too expensive and secondly i don know if it helps, we see how it goes. Dr said if nothing then don have to see her. My plan this week would be taking the herbs twice a day and garlic pills 3 times a day. Stop soaking bottom see how.

Plan for next weeks onwards till I recover
1. Salmon Oil
2. acidophilus 1 billion CFU (1 daily)
3. Garlic pill (3 times daily)
4. Lacteol fort sachets (Lactobacillus Lb 10 billion, fermented culture medium neutralized 160mg, excipients q.s.p 800mg) 1 packet daily

On and off eat vitamin C.

All the above ok for me? I don mind changing all the above as long as it helps me. So if you know what I m lacking or need to add or need to throw. Please let me know thanks. I spent alot on medications and health checks. sick of it. haiz

You got HPV, is that the cause of your YI? I had the 3 jabs in year 2006 to prevent cervical cancer (only 70+% protected so i can still get others). How to check if one has HPV? My pap smear done in NOV 2010 was ok , only indicated candida yeast infection.

I really hope you get pregnant soon and recover soon, pray hard for you. You are such a nice person. I hope everyone here is YI free.
BTW once cure, will it come back again? and if one has it, have to stop having sxx right? Dr told me this can be passed on to another person.


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btw what is the scan thing u taking about, should i go for one?

I found one website, it says the follwing, now thinking if i should get colon cleanse. CAn ask your doctor for me? thanks

If you are suffering from candida problems, a colon cleanse product such as Oxy-Powder can significantly help you. Many experts believe that health starts in the digestive system. Candida problems can happen when the digestive system becomes overpopulated with harmful yeast bacteria and that can result in many unpleasant side effects such as rashes, thrush and all kinds of other health problems. More experts than ever recognize candida related symptoms as impacting many areas of health and wellness. Colon cleansing as a candida cure is becoming widely recognized.

Because candida infections come from excess yeast bacteria growth and the act of colon cleansing can expel harmful bacteria and toxins from your body, it's definitely worth looking into.

What alternative health treatment options can help you with yeast infections?

If you want relief that doesn't come from over the counter medications, the following options can help:

? A candida diet can help you starve the unhealthy yeast that are overpopulating your body. The albicans yeast bacteria thrive and replicate at warp speed when you eat certain foods such as yeast, fungus and sugar so by taking away their food source, you can eradicate them. An alkaline diet instead of an acidic diet can be very helpful for your overall health

? Colon cleansing as a candida cure flushes out toxins from your digestive system where that vast majority of your immune system defences lie. Colon cleansing not only takes out the toxic fecal matter built up in your body but can restore a harmonious pH balance in your GI tract which encourages healthy flora instead of harmful bacteria levels.

? Acupuncture. Acupuncture can boost your immune system as well as increase your body's ability to fight off bacteria and infection

? Herbal supplements. Herbal supplements can help you keep a healthy balance in your body

? Probiotics and Prebiotics. Probiotics and prebiotuics can help encourage the healthy growth of the good bacteria you want in your body. You can eat probiotic yogurt, probiotic cheese and take supplements to enhance the healthy flora which will outnumber candida albicans and result in a healthier you.

How Oxygen Based Colon Cleansers Can Help

Some say colon cleansing through hydratherapy and laxative use can be a danger to the body because it could result in your colon being unable to do its job naturally. An oxygen based cleanser won't cause dependence and it won't cause your colon to contract which can result in reduced bowel tone over time.

The oxygenating action of oxygen based colon cleansers will gently cleanse the walls of the digestive system and flush out harmful bacteria such as candida without causing dependence. It will even oxygenate your blood which has a plethora of health benefits.

Many who look to natural health for their yeast problems find that not only are they able to cure the problem but they can also strengthen their immune systems so that future recurrences don't happen. By strengthening your immune system and creating a harmonious digestive system, you can ward off all kinds of illnesses including stomach and colon cancers.

When shopping around for a candida cure, looking at many options including alternative healing practices such as colon cleanses can help you not only with the yeast infection problem but with your overall health and wellness.


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lastly, any good recommendation for Enzymes? Do i need one. sorry i m really worried. thats why so many questions. sooorrrryy
Hi panda,slow down my dear..=) hugs..

1. Enzymes - there's liquid one and capsule ones, in terms of effect, I can't share much cuz there's alot of debate. I have both dry and liquid. I take liquid when I rem. dry I try daily but i've sorta lost my regime..haha..and slowly gettign back on it..=0

2. Scan - only if u wish but if u have no ovarian pain/abdominal pains, dun waste $. I did that cuz I was over worried and it turns it im all good in my ovaries.haha..pain culd be ovulating pains. I did it to keep my mind from runnign too wild.

3. HPV - currently no cure for this. Vaccines work for ladies who have not had any sexual contact(not necessarily intercourse). as long as there is genital contct and either one of the parties have HPV then it would highly be passed on. HPV vaccine only covers a few strains and currently not all the potent so called cancer causing ones, so if u are exposed to them, also likely to get the virus. best to abstain. =) but then again, even if ur future husband is one u want to marry and has hpv virus and he doesnt know is that gng to be a condition to love? it's tough thing to think abt so dun over worry.
Idea here is to keep your body as healthy as possible and dun indulge in pre-marital sex. or pre marital sexual contact? haha...tough but well..You are lucky no HPV then. =) Perhaps he has got some YI himself. and pimples could be indication his guts are not doing well so his skin(being his weak organ) shows the breakout. Thats why also if u go facial salons they will ask u have a detox and high fibre diet cuz they know this will help with cleanisng the guts..=) and we all regret what we have done..=) I too, something I struggle with , but i have to move fwd. we all do. just dun repeat the mistakes. I duno if HPV is linked to YI but who knows, must wait for ppl to do research on it...haha...=) even if it is what can u do? dun regress, just look fwd on how u can heal..=) that's my learning from my past..=) so, we should all move fwd k? =) hehe...

4. anyway, Yes, OXY powder is a good product for cleansing your colon. My clinic prescribes it too. =) Candida Albicans live in yur colon, they make a home of it when it's condusive. so by cleanins neaturally the colon is cleansed from all the yucky unnecessary stuff that feeds the colon. But cleansing alone will not do. you need to heal the gut lining so that toxins from your waste dun get reabsorbed back into your system. this take time too..I did a colon cleanse too some time back..and I felt SO GOOD after! though I lost weight which i didn't liek cuz im already skinny.. not nice..but for many girls they enjoy that part..I enjoyed the feeling of not being tired and I have so much more energy.. time I went for one again Iguess..=Z been a year..and i can feel me falling behind again...back to my old habits of eating nonsense..haha..=P` but have gained good habits of eating more fruits and veggie so im one up..=) also..haha...
anyway, i would suggest if u want come in for a consult and check and get the supplements u need and work from there.. ask the doc all the questions you need...haha..=) think he's in a better position to explain to you... i dun have the knowledge he has..=) OR if u wish to try out this diet and supps first, try for 1 -2 months. if still not seeing any help, i qould suggest u to come in and have a consult? but it's ur choice..=) U can tell him u are already doing a anti-candida diet and with supplements and recpommendations you have found online..and ask him you want to move to so called phase 2. Im hel;ping u try save $ where u can..cuz it can be quite costly..memchoc n on other came down and they took it from there...=) it's advisable to come back for a 2nd phase to do a urine test to see if gut is healing well and move to phase 3. cuz some supplements cant be got outside other than naturopathic clinics and I can't prescribe them either..=) I can only share with you how and what alternative u can do. and nothing beats a consultation in the clinic. =) Read up on leakygut if u wish to understand why we need to heal our gut lining..=) and it takes time..=)

5. What u are taking is fine. Im not sure what is lacteol stuff - probiotics as well? u can take the probiotics morning and this lacteol one just before bed. so u space out the dosage.
If u can take olive leaf after ur garlic pills aare finished it be good too.. Garlic worked 80% for me and I changed to OLE and it helped much better..=) sometimes i take both together but staggered. si my body is not over dosed with supps.
What u are lacking is the Alkalizer - this i to help change the ph level of blood and gut to keep it in a natural alkaine state. If ur body is acidic, it's a good habitat for the we prescribe that here. I would love to help u out with this but I kinda am full on my quota of buying supps to help some ladies here...have to wait fro months then i can sorta buy again...hope u understand.. so If u can find a source of alkalizer outside, u can take that too..i.e eno but eno is fizzy and some stuff artificial, but it's the nearest to alkala..=) its the closest if some patients here dun wish to spend so uch, and they alrady take eno so we get them to continue. =) but again, I cant say eno is recommended, it's cuz patients dun wish to spend we give thm next best alternative. and too much of eveything is no good..=) just these 2. Alkala and OLE when u are ready. =) then if u can, be v strict w your diet for 16-21 days. If does not heal then, there's more to it than just candida. it could be other organs that are weak and needs healing.

For me, it's my adrenal glands - which cause alot of hormonal's a tough organ to rejuvenate.. and it's a trying time for me.. so im still on my journye...but since YI has not returned for almost a year(cuz YI is linked to hormaonal as well - one of the factors), I am happy enuf.. now, treating HPV(sometimes if our body is healthy enuf it can naturally flush out) but depends on how long it again it'as so used to my body and body get used to it, it could be a lifelong thing..) so im still on my strive and w hope in God all things will be well i guess..=)
Im sure u will overcome YI just like the ladies here who are also on the same road..

Jia you. hope ive answered ur questions. =)


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Sandy, am not takinig olive leaf or anything. just few supplements listed above. Can I buy oxy powder from your clinic and Alkalizer and what is OLE? Is garlic enough or OLE is needed?

I want to cleanse my colon and then take supplements. I have having heavy vagina discharge now. haiz. dont know its because of herbs or too much supplements. BTW i m drinking alkaline water, not sure if it helps. HOw much is the consultation at your clinic? I have been on candida diet for awhile already.. don know when it started but at least two weeks already.. doesnt seems to help at all. crying.

What did u do last time to cure candida? can i do the same? your candida cured after 21 days of candida diet?

I m going for a checkup again mid june, will update the results again. pray that its nothing serious.

I know $$ a problem, but spending on the correct one rather than spending $$ on unnessary stuff. If your clinic medicne helps why not?

Thanks for helping me to save money. I hope you recover from HPV. I hope this time pap smear result is clear for me. PRAY .


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i m no patience waiting, cos i think it is getting worse lol. And i m not sure if i m eating the right supplements. current candida diet for me is water for whole day, no sweet drinks. Mornig two hard boil eggs without yolk. lunch, veg rice, sometimes with meat but most of the time veg, at night tomatoes. THATS all. super sad. I have been like this for some time already. Last time i used to eat whatever i like now cannot. HOw long more ? haiz. NO FRUITS AT ALL, no biscuit no tibits no sweets. now i don know what would be the reasons for not able to cure.

HOpe when I stop the chinese herbs it gets better. now don know why.


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I will do the tests on 8 June (2weeks from now) cos i m currently busy with work, everyday work till very late. Will pay your Dr a visit after I got my results. easier for him to recommend what is good for me right? Hmm.. but hor am not comfortable letting male Dr check below hahah. but since he is so good, will consider.

Can I have your clinic contact? Sandy you are a great help to all of us. will give treat u to dinner once I recover

Sorry again taking up your time to reply my msg. other helpful forumers seem to disappear.


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cos i have no time to visit your clinic till mid of next mth.

1. Can I just buy the oxy powder at your clinic or do I have to get the Dr to prescibe?

I have found one oxy powder from website, is this same brand as yours?

2. Can i take the oxy powder together with supplements?

3.what to add or what to take out while taking oxy powder?

4. How did you do it last time? I just follow your method.


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I have read up on the leaky gut which you told me to do so. After reading I went to buy digestive enzymes (enzyplex) from unity. I had one last evening without food. Yesterday morning, I had an egg without yolk and one small plate of veg. At noon, I had fish soup no rice with two plates of veg. at 4pm i had two tomatoes and some cucumbers. I had my herbs as usual plus all the supplements. You know what. This morning when I woke up, i felt hungry so I had an apple. After 30 mins, I vomited on the train plus having diarrhea. Whats wrong lol.. Haiz.

Now just drink water, later take porridge, no solid food. I think have to stop all herbs and supplements for today, tomorrow then continue to take supplement without the herbs. This is the latest update.

1. What is your daily food intake when u had candida? I always feel hungry now. NOt enough food cos I afraid my stomach cannot digest my food. I feel weak and feel like fainting lol.
wah panda...dun drive yourself to insanity dear..hugs...poor gal... u stil need to eat.. I know it's tough cuz i's hard to find foods that are on the anti-cnadida diet.

FIRSTLY, pls eat. If u are hungry and u cant' find anything else to eat, eatthe best there is. even if it means eating wheat. Just eat. ok? The diet is not 100% die die cannot eat those not on the list., u can give in to 20% of foods not on the list ok? =) Go back to eating normally for the next 1 week or so before starting this diet again. Dun be too hard on yourself.. w/o food ur body is weak and cant heal. so feed urself first get back in shape in terms of not feeing hungry or weak. when u're sick we will ask u to stop al supplements/diet. until u are well again.ok?

1. Enzymes u have to eat with food. not on empty stomach. it needs food to breakdown if not it's also wasted. pls take with food. some will tel utake 30 min before food. but u can take it just before or just after. to let it mix with food. No food for enzymes to work on, also pointless. gives more problems.

2. U need proper nutrition to heal too. u can't cut the carbohydrates. u will lose too much weight..and ur body wont have enuf nutrition for healing process. hmmm.. where do I start.

Ok, U wil still need Carbo(Rice based), Proteins(meats/beans), fats(u get this from meats already, cooking oil, some foods u consume) veggies, fruits if u really cannot tahan take the ones less sweet? It's not on the recommended list but my own knowledge and trials, i choose guava, jambu, dragon fruit, you'll get the idea.. for me, I did my anti-candida diet for a few sessions before all cleared. if u read my history it took me abt 2 years. with an on and off diet. Initially I started and it didn't help, so I turned to the pessary insert to relief the itch... was very torn cuz i in this idustry but yet nothing seems to work but I gave it time..but I dun take the oral meds cuz I know how bad they are. but I had ony 1 pessary left so that was the last of it..haha..and I just pushed thru the diet and detox..and prayers.

I went on a herbal colon cleanse - it helped but I think oxy powder works better(have not tried it but a friend I met has tried and said it helped her) and less 'damage' from it's scientific explanations. ther's currently only 1 oxy powder. It's the same and I double checked. We usually prescribe but I see if I can buy it for u...but I can't get a disc. on it.

But yes, it is a good start to have any supplements put in ur system. Cuz if ur body can't clean well, it usually cant absorb very well either it will still absorb nutrients and all but it's not fully absorbed - need to go down to the cellular level to understand absorpton... but this is ony a small part. there are other issues that hamper absorption and digestion. U can start off with a cleanse and work from there.

I suggest to you. Eat as per normal now. cut the sugar and wheat portion(if can't then just eat wheat to fill ur tummy and stay away where u can) only for now. When u are ready to cleanse, then start afresh from there. While preparing for this. GO stock up on the foods u requrie first so u wont feel so stressed abt the whole thing. ok? give urself some love.=)

Ok. For Carbo(CHO) - get rice products i.e rice cakes u can buy them from organic stores or u can go into NTUC/cod storage - they sell too at the organic section. Rice cakes. This I ate for breakfast. I used it in replace of my bread/ sandwich. I made eggs - scrambled/omellette/sunny side and put t between 2 pcs(a bit hard to manage cuz it's hard and crubmles unlike bread but u get used to it) omelette can add whatever ingredients inside. Onions, spring onions, seaweed, etc etc limitless..I went to buy spices(chilli flakes, paprika, etc so i can change up the flavours- for me chilli does the trick) just salt and pepper for soyasauce(cuz this is fermented with fungus)u canbuy BRAGG's Liquid Aminos but this is expensive 4 x the price of soya buy all necessary first ok before u embark - makes the process alot easier when uhave things at hand. =) ok?

inside I put in tomatoe slices and lettuce.. If u want premium lettuce get butterhead lettuce- more expensive but easier to manage cuz leaves are smaller. easy to wash and keep. Cheaper alternative u can get the australian lettuce. the usual ones - big leaves - u have to peel them off wash them and cut them. can last u quite a while for one person, so it's ore cost saving. Or is u find it a hassle to put this in your sandwich, just keep them at the side as a salad. =) much on cherry tomatoes, baby carrot sticks/ zucchini / whatever veggies u like..=) so there u have ur Carbo, proteins, veggies(vit/min) u can drink a glass of herb fusion (but not fruit fusion) w/o sugar. =)

For lunch u can have ur regular dishes at the hawker.. thoug with high sodium/msg/soya sauce - no choice.. make do..=) ok? this one hard to control unless u are willing to pack your lunch from home..=) For me, I dun make timeto prep for lunch so i eat out and do what i can.. =) sometimes I pack veggies to munch on teatime/between meals, whenIget hungry.. )

Pls make sure u have Carbos(rice products- beehoon, dang hoon, kway teow-white coloured noodles NOT Yellow) Make sure u have proteins too. Portion size. it shoud be the size and thickness of your palm. Rough guage that your are eating enuf proteins. =) ok? Then remember your veggies. Some veggies contain Carbos too ie the harder veggies - brocolli, carrots, cauliflower etc, so U can cut the carbs where u need too and repleazce them with such. ok?

serving size for veggies. Soft leafy one, u ned at least 3/4 cup is 1 serving. hard veggies, half cup is 1 serving size. rough gauge. Ok? so eat enuf. and dun starve. u need 2 ervings of fruit & veggies/day. but since u cut the fruit u have to up your veggies. =)

2 tomatoes is not enuf for a meal. calories wise is is Far too little supply ur food with energy it needs for work and stuff.. ok? Tomatoes is a fruit as well, so it should not be taken too often. U can have 2-3 slices per day, it's fine..=) smal quantities dun make huge impact..=)

Vomitting/Diarrhoea is body trying to tell u it's purging stuff that it does not want in the body. Can be the enzymes acting up or just ur body is not well to take in anything. but im not diagnosing or neither am Isaying I am right. let ur body calm down.. dun overdose.... I thin u've tried too hard that ur body's not accepting it...well, so just ease back into ur usual, feel stronger before taking the diet on again ok?

As long as u know u have to have carbos, ptns, fats, veggies in one meal, u shoud be fine. Serving size need to be substantial too. if not u will lose too much weight and wont be enuf for ur body.. u take suppelements also dun help much.

Yes, go for your check up, bring results in. he'll take a look at them if necessary. But usually he wil put u on anti-candida for 16 daysn and ask u come back for next visit for recheck. u can tell him. U have done the diet and want to go futher. Pls dun mention say i say..haha...but if u want u can start ur diet THEN so from now til u come see us, u can cut some slack..ok? haha..just go a 50% anti-candida, get used to it then full force for when u see us for 16 days then re-test. If body still has candida after 16 days doctoer will rec u to do other stuff..that one its his knowledge already. =) dependednt on yoru symptoms and what U tel him.. He WILL NOT check /take a look at your vagina. We are a clinic that is not invasive..We are not a medical clinic. We work differntly from them.. it's similar to gng to TCm doctor. they look for physica signs and symptoms.. and work from there.. sometimes using some diagnostic machines(also non invasive).so dun worry abt it. We dun draw blood and stuff..=) This kinda stuff need training and expertise..we come from differing perspective on treatment..=) hehe...

Dont be too paranoid or misdiagnose urself just be reading up on symptoms etc. alot of symptoms are similar in alot of differing diases/conditions, so dun be overly worried ok?

Dun say ur stomach cannot digest ur food. Did u see it come out as a whole food item inyour feacal matter? it's stil digested but how well is the question. does not mean if ur leafy veggies still ocmes out haf digested sdigestin is bad that U need to stop putting food in your stomach...hmm.. dun do this. Still, eat ur fill.and chew more... when U chew.. ur digetive enzymes your body naturaly produces will be release and this will help with digestion chew chew chew...=) ok? =) dun take the enzymes just yet.. dun understand why u went to buy enzymes after readng leaky gut..haha..u so cute...they ask u to buy?? enzymes dun cure leaky gut.. eating right and good health and sufficient water can ease the situation...if it's in eary stages, but later stages of course require some help..=) but dun worry abt this.. ok?? pls... just eat as per norma for now build urself up so u dun feel weak and then when u feel better, take it on...

I know u r worried abt the YI getting worse but if ur body is weak u can't heal too...listening to you, this is what I gather. So let ur body rest for 2 weeks. tahan the itch first, if u must, do pessary. but not oral (unless u really want to) if can't then, just tahn like I did. no choice. ok?

Dun let the guilt cause to over react.. I took 2 years dun be so gan cheon k? speaking from experience..I kept trying..I think in the 2 years I did the cadida diet 3-4 times. and each time I did it better.. and wiser...=) so u'll learn k? slowly. Read up on nutrition if u can. it be good to have knowledge.. =) also dun be too quick to buy in to products on the market. dun spend money like that k? what's good for someone else many not be right for you, so u have to think abt stuff too..=) ok? =)

I have another product that sI started taking but will share this with ou once u are done with your diet and stuff..=) ok? this one is good for maintenance general's expensive though...u focus on your stuff first. one step at a time ok? =) I'm always around.

U can continue with garlic first til u finish then buy OLE(Olive Leaf Extract). dun waste money.. ok? u can continue ur garlic while on Oxy powder and probiotics and whatever u are taking. U can go on a less strict diet for the next few weeks.

I PM u the cost details. =)

Eat healthy, drink 2 L of water daily..and have loads of fruits and veggies.
hi panda dun mind activate ur PM pls. =) or e-mail me. [email protected] we chat thru mail or if u have fb. u can add me. =)

and u dun have to treat me or dinner.. hahah.. spread the word that YI is treatable(though not quick fix method) with diet and natural help.. That's the best gift one can give..=) hehe... share your experience..=) as a testimony that nothing beats mother nature's gift of healing..=)

Hi Panda, welcome. U mention that U had a check done twice, first result indicate candida and the next result show no candida. Were you on any anti-yeast or antibiotic during your 2nd test? Cause that can be a false reading showing that candida is not present. But it can also mean that you do not have YI after the 2nd visit.

YI shouldn't be greenish color, it is normally white /yellowish. Green discharge are normally bacterial that’s why Sandy asked u to have it check if there is other problem. And YI do not usually smell, at most is some yeast smell (like bread yeast).

Few years back when I first notice I have YI, it was also always after sex with my bf and using no protection too. But now, I find it may not be my bf/hubby fault that passes to me. It is likely my own body which is already unhealthy to begin with.

Your guy has been on long term pimples control medication which is antibiotic too. I read books, long term on pimples control medication can result in Yeast overgrowth (YI). Guys do not have virginal so they won’t have such uncomfort discharge like us. But I’m quite sure your guy may have YI too. If not, I’m sure once he stop his pimples medication, he will have Yeast outbreak. Maybe the first sign will b some skin fungus growth/rashes or his anus hold will itch when he stop the medication.

Same goes to birth control pills, it upsad your body system and chemistry which can result in YI.

Same as Sandy, I too have HPV, I did not have it check and I don’t know what test can be done to show HPV positive. There r over 200 types of HPV, so is hard. I knew that I have HPV because I have warts (extra hard skin growing on my virginal), my hubby too has it because we wasn’t using protection. No point blaming who passes to who. Having warts grow is a kind of HPV or STD but since I had STD tested and is negative, so I’m sure is HPV. And HPV can cause cervical cancer, so I too have to do regular PAPsmear test to make sure I detect any cancer growth and treat it early. But good news, normally HPV that causes warts do not cause cancer. But well, U can have more than 1 type of HPV since there r 200 out there. SO play safe to have it tested every yr.

Ok there is a mistaken concept between our figure/size and YI, so far the people I have met who is having YI are slim or even underweight, that includes me. Just treat YI as a pre-syndrome of diabetic. We are lucky that we can change things now. Yes, if fully cure and not well taken care, it can come back. Anyone can get it. Yes, try to stop sex while you are healing, but this can take really long. Hehe. So we uses protection. But condom can change virginal pH level and may worsen your YI too

I have been to Sandy’s clinic, I was given a 21days diet, I think I stretch to about 35days that time. I felt so much better although it does not heal totally but it is so much easier to start from there. Atleast things become more controllable. And it gives u an idea of what you should be eating to consider healthy in terms of getting YI off your body. Not easy to follow the diet but is worth the try. You can feel some different after the diet. But no skipping of meals, you need food and nutrients to fight those Yeast. You sound like you really eat very little.

Your yolk like discharge is probably cause you are in the middle of your menses cycle (ovulation period). But clear discharge is the best and what we are looking for in a healthy person. =)

Some update on myself>
As my fainting spell has lessen, I reduce my candy reliance for energy. Anus didn’t itch as much. Appetite slowly catching up but had my first vomiting experience on Monday (17th week pregy). I thought Morning Sickness will go away after 1st trimester…. But this come in my 2nd trimester. Hope is a one off thing. Somehow the vomiting episode disturbs my appetite again. =(
I lost 3kg and only gain 1kg so far (total -2kg). Hope baby growing well. Virginal YI still under control and very bearable. Not much itching too. Only place that itch is anus but slightly. I’m having constipation despite all the fruits I ate. Arhh…. Haven’t gone to toilet for few days now. At times, I really feel uncomfortable and sleepy, being a mum is not easily but I’m sure its worth it. At times, can feel baby kicking (but softly). The journey is great. Will get to know baby's gender next week. Hope baby won't hide his/her genital during the scan.

Sandy, you are really cheerful, that’s the way when u r planning for a baby. I used to be so urgent on healing YI but now, after a few yrs and as it comes to a point that its bearable, I am more relax and taking it slowly but still working on it. Anyway I can’t do much now too. Haha. Are you having Yeast Infection again? Just saw your email, will read it up.


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Hi Sandy

yes its hard to find food and not that i dont wanna eat or trying to slim. ok will eat what is best available. I wanna to make it 100% cannot afford o give in 20%, afraid the candida get worse. Will try.

Yesterday I had chicken and veg porridge for lunch and dinner. Today I will introduce supplements back to my diet cos i m well again. No vomit no diarrhea. (",) Noted will take enzymes with food or after. Never eat it on an empty stomach again. Will eat little carbo, meat and lots of veg as suggested by you.

What you took two years to clear? OMG. thats long, i have no patience how? no choice right, ok will stick to candida diet as long as possible until it is fully cured. HOw do you know when it is fully cured? What do you mean by on and off diet?

I read online, candida cannot live in oxygen environment so oxy powder is the best choice. Thanks for checking with your clinic, i m now confident buying from the website. BTW how much your clinic sells the powder?

I have no time to prepare lunch so I have no control over it, will try to eat soup and brown rice with veg and meat. Good tip for protein portion size will take note of that. I still dare not take fruits. Will introduce fruits to my diet once a week . see how. I read online, they say only green apply, lime and lemon are allowed if really wanna take fruits.

I lost 2 kg after starting candida diet, don know if I should happy or sad. Sad because i have medical problem and no longer have my fav food. haiz.

NO worries, I wont mention your name if i visit your clinic. Hopefully i dont have to visit your clinic after my checkup. Your clinic does urine test for candida?

My food are not well digested cos it comes out as half digested I think . I could see partial veg. I will chew longer than last time now. I read online it says enzymes can breakdown foods and eventually heal the gut thats why i bought it. I will continue eating that (once a day) for better digestion with other supplements.

Actually my discharge isn't itchy. even has, also mild one. When I first had it, yes super itchy but after 2nd 3rd 4th times, not itchy already. I know its abnormal because of the cheesy look and yellowish green colour, thank god it doesnt has fishy smell.

The last product I would buy is the OXY product only. I spent alot on supplements and medical checks already, do not wish to spend more.
NOw poor gal with health problem. haiz.

Ok will take oxy prowder with supplements and continue candida diet for next few weeks and see how it goes. will update you of my condition . PRAYING. I do not know how to activate my pm, i will drop you a mail. Rest assured that I will help those who are facing the same problem like us cos I know ppl afraid to be alone, just like me, helpless but I have found this website and you. Great! Once again thank you.


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Hi Memchoco,

Thank you for replying

The 2nd test was done without the pap smear cos the Dr said no need to do it so soon. So my results just for STDs, all negative. However, Dr said I need to do a complete test with DSC, will do it soon. I still have candida, I know that because of the abonormal discharge. I wanted to do the last tests to make sure that I only have candida and not anythihg else.

My discharge has no smell, yes maybe yeast smell when it turns super yellowish.

Oh yours is similar to mine, yes I m sure he passed it to me cos before that I wasnt like this and I know hes on pimple medications for a long time. And I agree because my own body which is already unhealthy, I always had junk food, buffets etc.

BTW, i did not take any birth control pills. I had Urinary tract infection in Jan, after taking the medications Dr prescribed it made my candida worse.

YA is pap smear enough to check HPV, Sandy? Sure I will do pap smear every year. I had done mine in Nov 2010, results shown everything ok just candida yeast infection. OMG then better not have sxx till i recover but when ? when when?

Happy to know you are pregnant, Share your baby's gender with us next week ok.

I thought Sandy's YI free for 10 mths?

Hi hi ladies...hi memchoc.. happy to hear u are well..=) and im sure baby is too..hehe..=)

No no I din get YI...i did a urine test in my clinic and my guts from v good( #0 - 5, 0 being the best), now I am at 3. so I can tell mt guts not doing as well as before..and I know so cuz I havent been keping a wheat and low sugar diet.. after I come back form honeymoon and eating all of what there was in Italy.. wheat wheat wheat - pasta pasta past, cheese cheese cheese..hahahno wonder when i came back after 24 days Im not used to my what free..haha...ther also salads not cheap so I hardly eat much veggies..=( or fruits..haha...Im glad ur YI is under conmtrol.. mainly cuz of hormanes too during preggerr it's more stable..=)
Panda, I can say my clinic sells it for less andw/o shipping charge..=)
It's ok mentioning me to my doctor if he asked how u hear of us.. but dun day I tell u to tell him u dun want stage 1(since u already know u have candida and have done deit already)tests done and skip to stage 2.. hahahaa.... make him lose money lah..hahah..small issue actually..=) though the allergy test will cover more than just candida, it also can show other allergies and stuff gng on that u might like to know..I actually like to do this test whenever Im under the wetaher. It can detect if mould or fungus or bacteria has hit you and u can just get treatment via the machine or thru homeopathic supps. It works welland 80% amazed sometimes..haha...anyway, patients have the right to ask also...haha..if u really low in cash I can try speak to my admin lady here. to see if we can help in anyway.. speak to mem choc..

Clinic does unrine test to identify 4 aspects. Gut health, adrenal heal, free radical and heavy metals toxicity. Urine can't test for candida- they need to grow it on a culture plate and see if it is overgrowth..=)

Enzymes u try taking w food and se if it helps ur digestion. they say eventually will help cuz when u have food that is fully digested, it wont leave any undigested for the yeast to ferment and feed some extent..know? so if nothing to feed or ferment on. they d\wont reside there..=)

like I said OXY powder wont cure but it will clean the colon and late ron u have to continue w diet so that u keep the gut terrain in a non acidic or dirty state for them to grow.

I checked with my admin ashe say I can buy for I can buy for u...=) e-mail me so that I can send u cost$.. w/o shipping. u can just meet me and can pass to you.. met one forumer yesterday to pass her OLE and a detox..=) hehe.. I can do the same for you if u wish..=) let me know since now i've got the OK to buy for friendsd but at retail price - but OLE is cheape than outside.. and OXY too besides u save on shipping chrage of 5$ if u get from website..=) trust me u will save..unless it's cheaper outside I will tell u to get outside..=)
let me know..

hear fromyou soon.