Kinder Clinic Mount Alvenia Review


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Horrendous experience at Kinder Clinc Mt. Alvenia. Not the first time we experienced bad attitude from the nurses whenever we visited this clinic.

However, this time was worst. My very sick child had to wait 5hours just to see the doctor.

We reached 850am and doctor was in at 9am.

During registration nurse told me 2 pax’s in front and asked me to stand outside the clinic to wait as my child has cough.

An hour later I went into check, they told me another 5paxs in front.
I was surprised and told them that was not what I’ve been informed earlier. One nurse said doctor typically see one patient 20-30mins. Trying to tell me if I cannot wait then reschedule. I informed them its urgent, I will wait but at the cafe downstairs.

They called at 12pm and my child had fell asleep. I put him in pram and called them back 5mins later several time yet there were nobody pick up call.

When I rushed upstairs, nurse said I missed my queue and there is another 5 pax’s in front of me now.

I insisted to speak to doctor as it’s ridiculous for me to be waiting one full day. Then other nurse shouted over said it’s 3rd in line. Super bad attitude.

Literally, we were the last one and overall waited 5hours from 9am to 2pm before we got our turn. Clinic was closed thereafter.

The experience was so bad that I felt as if we had visited a subsided clinic, where the nurses are attitude are so bad.

The 2nd time, we went upstairs and again told to wait at corridor. I was feeding milk to my child. The nurse shouted my child’s name. I went in and don’t see any nurse at the counter . Thus I sat in front of doctor room.

Another nurse came over after 5min and told us to go outside to wait. It was confusing and such a painful process to even see the doctor. It defeated the purpose to visit a doctor of my sick child is attended by doctor only 5hours later.

Anybody has PD clinic to recommand?