Unable to conceive for almost 1 year. HSG/Doctor recommendation?


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Hello there! My husb and I have been ttc for about 1 year, with no result.

Btw, I also have been suffering from BV and Yeast infection for almost 4 years and am wondering if it has affected my chances.

Husband did sperm test and his result is excellent. i went to see a well-known private gynae previously and did ultrasound of my uterus, all is ok, though she noted my BV and yeast infection condition. During appointment date, she also saw a egg was going to be released. We tried that month, but still unsuccessful.

Anyway, I've decided to change to government hospital as the costs were simply too exorbitant.. the next step I want to do is do a HSG test to check if my tubes are blocked. I'm considering KKH but Dr Sadhana is so booked far out. Any other Dr recommendations, pls do share :)

If tubes not blocked, next I'm also considering taking TCM medication for my vagina issues and fertility as well.

Any advice or anyone who has been thru similar situation, please share your thoughts.. thank you so much in advance..really appreciate it!