Need advice. Haven’t had sex after married


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Have been married for close to 3 years and never have sex with my husband though we love each other. I guess because we are both very new to this and not sure how to start. For the first 2 years I did not pressure my husband since there were lots of other things going on in life eg change of job n moving house , but felt the need to start now since I am not young n want to have baby. We started trying lately to have sex but realise my husband has ED. He has gone to a doctor and given some pill but have not had any successful attempt. Had encouraged him to start exercise too.
Then I realise I am also having issues as I m still a virgin and don’t even know where is my V hole. i m considering using at home insemination kit but m loss how to go about . If he is just as inexperienced, I m not sure how do we navigate this whole thing of having sex or even trying to inseminate.
Any advice would be appreciated !
How old is your husband?

I think you guys are just not accustomed to being naked with each other. I doubt he has ED. Maybe just nervous.

Perhaps you both can warm up by being naked with each other. Dont rush it. Spend time looking into each other's body. Be comfortable with each other bodies.

Then move on by experimenting. Hold his manhood. Figure how it fits into you. Try to get it erect. Experiment with fondling. Gentle massages. Use baby oil. See what works.

If all don't work, try get him to watch porn while you both are at it. It should do the trick?
Hi, Rainbow 883,
Some Suggestions To Help you -
* Important for both of you to share openly the stresses you are both facing.
* Both of you must be comfortable with each other nakedness...and the willingness to explore ..
* Do not rush into having a baby unless both of you are financially secure and ready to be responsible parents.

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