Yeast infection from Progesterone inserts


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i have been using progesterone cream inserts Crinone for past few weeks. But i developed bad itch, vaginal discharge somtimes white and at times yellow, small bits of white sediment, sometimes brownish, there was foul smell too then.
I did a culture, but results showed no bacteria. Gynae told me to take lots of yoghurt or yakult. Also gave me some oral medication as he suspected could be yeast infection. Unfortunately, medication and yoghurt did not help at all.
I bought a bottle of feminine wash Lactacyd and used it several times a day. Lactacyd provided great relief from itch, discharge also reduced. There are still some white and brown sediment though. But its not totally healed yet.

Told Gynae about condition today, he told me to stop using Lactacyd immediately as it kills the flora environment. He said i may be allergic to cream inserts and said may have to give me progesterone jabs on the buttocks instead. But he did say these jabs are painful.

Can anyone pls advise
1) how to get rid of the yeast infection?
2) are progesterone jabs very painful as compared to other normal injections?
3) are there any other alternatives to jabs?



u need an antifungal vaginal pessary to get rid of the yeast.

go to the pharmacy and ask for Canesten Vaginal pessary/tablet and for more professional advice.


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thanks marble,

went to gynae again, he gave me steroid cream to apply externally.

What helped was I stopped the inserts temporarily. Immediately the itch left. Guess, it could be an allergy.

Thanks lots.


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Hi Sakurako,

Once yr yeast is eliminated, you can take Culturelle( can order from vitacost spree) to maintain the good bacteria in yr intestines and vagina. Also to avoid all sugary foods, as yeast feeds on sugar and multiply quickly. Hope this helps.


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Hi Sakurako,
I've just stopped my crinone due to itch as well. The itch still comes on and off. I am now on progesterone jab twice a week and duphaston 3 times daily. The jab is painful because it is oil based and administered either at the gynae clinic or a gp. My gyne also prescribed me with Protexin (a probiotic). You are not alone.


I know your conversation above is on adult's yeast infection. But, can you let me know if the appearance I described herewith similar to adult? is it red pimply dots and grow at nappy area, upper thighs and lower abdomen part? I have this question as my bb is having stubborn yeast infection that refuses to go off, for 2 months now, despite fungicort and daktacort.
onsang, try natural methods..=) I have a naturopath friend who may be able to help..=) natural herbalogist..=)
I had fungal infections due to acid imbalance.. I was put on a candida diet and homeopathics and im yeast free..=) I take Olive Leaf extract that helps too..=)
But for baby, need to ask my friend who is more professional..
Im only studying this area of naturopathy..=)
PM me if u need advise..=)
Ur baby hv the infection or you?

For adults, I work at the clinic I study at u can seek natural help which works. though a longer process, no chemicals = no strain on your liver to remove the toxic chemical medicines doctors give..=)

Naturopathy heals the sourse of the problem not the symptoms..=)

PM me..=)

I don't earn anything from promoting.. just wanna spread the good news.. of a natural alternative that works..=)
Tinkelbells - u used the naturopathic method which cured the there u go.. ladies..=) Candida albicans are the common casue of yeast infections in many women..and men..more so in women..and it can be helped..=) If u dun wann buy the online book and items because u arent sure, get expert advice..=) speak to a naturopath so u can ask questions as u move along..=)

All the best..
Hi ladies,

I got yeast infection for many years. Been taking pills (through mouth) whenever it arise like once every few months. Recently I realize that my yeast infection got more frequent (every month). We are planning for a baby, but whenever I have the infection (normally during conceiving period), my hubby will experience some cuts on his penis after sex. Is getting really irritating and spoil the mood for sex.

The doctor said there is no cure to it and I have to endure with it for life, is really sad to hear that. I have tried insert tablet, creams and pills, but pills seems to work for me but not permanent. I get even more frustrated whenever I go back to the clinic to purchase my pills, the nurse will say “you cannot keep taking the pills like that, u bought so many, is a women problem, you should just leave with it. Is just like antibiotic, you cannot kept eating n your body might reject one day“. Is really embarrassing to have the nurse said so loudly each time I visit and there are men around too. If I can leave with it, I wouldn’t even come.

I cry on several occasion thinking that there is nothing I can do. Thinking that I’m a failure to be a wife to have my husband going through such unpleasant sex life. Please, anyone can help me.
Hi Memorable Chocolate,
I work at at Naturopathic Clinic opposite bugis junction.
You can come in for testing. =) I would love to give you details online here but It's not ethical and right..=) so do drop me an e-mail.

Have you gone to see a gynae for any testing?
Im studying to be a naturopath..=)
We handle women problems too. =)
Most women are prone to Candidiasis. I do too.
I had yeast infections and I went on this Candida Diet - with supplements the doctor recommended.
Basically, when u go thru the medical doctors, they will prescribe pess and creams that only tackle the superficial problem and not the main root cause.
Here at the clinic, they will find the root cause of the problem and u find that ur symptoms dissappear and not come back.
It is probably diet related for you and you need to work from within and not from outside in..
Pls call me. or e-mail me. as soon as you get this. PM me. or mail me [email protected]
I can help.
Im not doing this cuz I work here.. But because I believe it will solve your problem. That's the reason why I study this line too.. =)
I don't get commission, Im doing this cuz I believe..=) Hope to hear from you soon.
If u want to speak w a female doctor, do let me know. I have a friend running her own clinic.
Do let me know which you are more comfy with. However, she does not have the testing machines to detect the cause of the problem.. while the clinic here has.

Sincerely wanna help..


hi sandy, it was my baby who had nappy candida for 4 continuous months. luckily, a kind mother has guided me through with recommendation of internal consumption of probiotic and external application of tea tree cream on her nappy (frontal part) area. she's now recovered with this treatment in combination with daktacort to reduce its inflammation and redness.

btw, any of you mummies has white fingernails? i notice my index finger has dry skin and white nail. Medical Doctors consulted said i have fungal fingernail but Skin Specialist say i have finger eczyema due to constant washing of bb's items. he say, it's common to all first-time mothers. but, the cream prescribed oso doesn't clear-off the white nail. can share with me, if you have this experience before or currently. i need to find a cure for my finger nail..


hi memorablechocolate,thanks. saw your link to this forum. hope you can keep me informed of your progress by email to me privately (if you don't wish to share it openly), after the visit. i wish you a speedy recovery, keep in touch constantly. ok?
Yes, While Probiotics help to replenish good bacteria to fight off the fungal infection, the fungus could still be lurking if the body system hasnt built up enough immunity and will recur.
if your bb hasnt had recurring episodes, I am so glad..=) Strong n healthy..=)

At the clinic we will also prescribe pro-biotics as one of the meds that need to be taken together with the anti-fungal meds and specific diet.(All natural) This is to rid it almost totally.. =)

On top of this, there might be the 'waste' called acetyldehyde that will be left behind in the body to rid it after time. This is from the fungus. =)

And yes Tea Tree is also another anti-bacterial/fungal natural med to use. =) Usually external application..
Oil of Oregano as well. =)

White nails/dry skin - If doc said could be due to exposure to detergent over long time..try wearing gloves... if it goes away that's the cause, if not it could be becasue of lack of Zinc? Not saying it's definately lack of but, from what I could be a cause. =) Alot of reasons too..=)

Eczyema in studies also show one lacks zinc in their diet..on top of other complex reasons... =) Is it ALL your nails or just 1 or 2? Just your index finger?

Can't possibly happen to only 1st time mothers.. if you're a third time mother and u wash clothes too wont that be the same regime? to get white nails? hmm dun make sense to me..Unless doc says it's due to nutrient deficiency after birth etc, maybe more logical but Maybe the docs know more than me..=) Just tryign to make sense out of it..if I were the patient =P

Hope someone out there has had similar probs..=)
Memorable choc, see you on Friday. 6pm. =P Try tocome on time ok? Cuz the clinic close at 7pm. =) you'll prob be our last patient..=P

Hugs.. hope all goes well..


hi sandymoo10, the frontal white fingernail only at my right index finger. i clip the nail until to the nail bed already, yet the whitish nail grows back along with nail when it grows long(afraid, i over-clip the skin of its nailbed)..

hope someone out there can share the experience if she has it..


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Hi onsansg,

Saw Memorable's link to here. I do hv the same problem with my nail on the thumb on my left hand recently. It comes and goes, but my nail is not entirely white, just at the corner the white just grows bigger. However, there was one time when my nail don't hv the white patch at all and became normal. I agree with what sandy says, most likely it's due to nutritional deficiency or could be fungal infection. Maybe you can try taking probiotics, it should help. I can't remember how it heals and due to what reason. I didn't do anything to my nail, did apply tea tree oil for a few days. Recently, the patch came back again. Oh, I hv eczema on my hands too and I am seeing chinese sinseh to tiao.


Hi Ping Ping,
Your description quite similar to mine. For me, the white patch is at the frontal tip of my right index fingenails and the whites just grows bigger too..what brand of tea tree oil did you use? does the whitish clears off quite fast upon you applying tea tree oil then?

My mum is a chronic eczema patient for 30over years. Pls get yourself treated early. I can't even let my mum holds my baby for the 1st year although eczema is not contagious, but hers' looks scary with blister and bleedings..

now, myself also has some non-itchy skin prob where the blisters will form, dried up and break, then will clear-off by itself at the back of my thigh. it will recurr on the same spot after sometime..i din apply any steroid as i think it's due to hormone change after childbirth.

Hi Sandymoo10, what are the type of food contains zinc? can share with us, please? thanks.
All-bran cereal - but if your allergic to wheat - dun take. or take 1x per week.
Avocado - rich in vit E too great for ladies.. but high fat(but good fat) so do limit comsumption - expensive too haha. so usually cant afford to spend too much on it.. =)
Bananas - high in potassium too so those w high BP need to watch consumption. good energy snack.
Brazil nuts
Brewers yeast - if u have yeast infeaction - pls stay away..
Chicken (dark meat)
Chickpeas (including hummus and falafel)
Crab, Dungeness
Kidney beans
Kiwi fruit
Lima beans
Parmesan Cheese
Pecan Nuts
Pine Nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Shellfish - good sources of ZINC here. usually seafoods have zinc, so 1x per week have some seafood.. =)
Soya beans (including tofu products) rich in calcium too! =)
Spinach - good iron source too..
Sunflower seeds
Sweet potatoes
Turkey (dark meat)
Wheat Bran
Wheat Germ
Yogurt - try to get those w.o sugar to cut the calories or natural fruits.. usually more expensive though.. good for gut health too! probiotics..=)

Just have a variety of foods seafood 1x per week etc..=) zinc

Don't really need to buy zinc supps cuz you just need the food intake...=) dun spend money on the supps.. unless u severely lack it.. =) usualy those w severre eczema naturopaths may prescribe zinc supp - cuz they want therapeutic / medicinal effect but if for normal diets - just take your zinc rich foods.
hope this helps.

good u dun use too much of the steriods - helps from outside in only...eczema needs lifestyle change esp in dietary requirements. =)

U prob have genes from your mom too wrt eczema.. it's genetic but can be kept at bay..=) so need to take care..=)
So like u said certain bodily changes can affect balance of hormones and stuff..=)

All the best.


Thanks so much, Sandymoo.

why must we limit avocado intake? may i know what does it mean by too great a Vit E for ladies? i'm giving my bb avocado oatscereal almost every fewdays. half fruit for each cereal meal. is it too heavy for a gal of 17mths old?

i've been blending in sunflower seeds and almond seeds into my baby's porridge. maybe, that also has helped her to curb her nappy candida condition besides feeding her daily probiotic powder and toilet training. am i right?
Yap, see you on Friday, 6pm, will try to come early, rush there straight after work or maybe earlier. Hehe. Hmmm… I’m worried about the limitation of food that I can eat, so restricted after reading the book from I think I’m already losing weight with plain yogurt added into my diet, it make me so full after eating it.

I have also taken SPORANOX (antifungal) tablet yday, I'm feeling better now. Really hope it will go away forever.
Haha.. Good mah jian fei..=P

yes it is a very restrictive diet I went on it before.. and I lost weight...But I felt I had so much energy after.. But I wasnt fat to begin w so imagine how thin I am...=( dun like...

Then I had to try put the weight back on cuz I look into the mirror I got shock...skinny..=Z Now still trying to put on...

you may feel certain cravings disappear cuz sometimes the cravings is the fungus that craves for it.. and u satisfy it by eating.. then they happy they grow..hahaha..=P

I used to have alot of cravings too.. now I hardly have.. except for salty foods just before my period wanna come.. =) hehe...

Okie.. see u at 6pm. U on meds, do let the doc know u took anti-fungal. Cuz now if the fungus killed, the machine cant detect but will detect the residue it left behind or better still detect other underlying causes that could be the culprit for the onset of fungal growth..=)

Sometimes heavy metal toxicity could cause hormonal imbalance - need to detox that away..

ALot of reasons..=0 rememeber, read your book and ask the doctor...=)

I might me made to explain the diet to you.. hehe..depends on the doc..=) he will prescribe the meds..and explain to u the results.. I do diet education..hehe...

See you then! =)
yoghurt is makes u feel fuller than carbo- and is better than carbo..=) to some extent.. =)
But still need to eat well.. =)
explain to you more when we meet.
avocado - high in sat fat. It's the only veg that has such fat and high compared to other veggies..=) thats why I say dun take too much..cuz if u fear getting fat..=P hehe..
and too much of everything is no good. =)

Vit E - is good.. =) Vit E is a fat soluble vit , so we actually dun need so much of it everyday..cuz the body will store it unlike your Vit B & C - water soluble, once the body absorb enuf, it is flushed out daily in urine..=)
so every day we have to replenish vit c & B(u eat meat/proteon stuff daily so you B vits sources are never a concern)
Vit C as long as you have fresh fruits and veg daily.. it's there too..

Ppl take supps for Vit C & B usually if u have high stress levels cuz these get depleted fast when stress.. =) cuz of chemical usage to cope w the stressful environment..internally..

Or to heal faster, supps are taken..So if u have a healthful diet, it's not necessary for supps..=)

As for giving u bb avocado every 2-3 days per week. I cant comment cuz it is also dependednt on her other dietary intake.. just need to make sure we dont over feed our bbs. =)

Like, sometimes we always say, "ah yah, eat 1s in a while we indulge in char kuay tiao" still ok... but our once in a while is like every week 1x..then got problem...instead of 1x per 2 months..haha..=P

So, if u have other foods that are rich in vit E or high fat then, consumption of fat too high lor..know what I mean? But its healther than kong bak pao fat lah...hahaha...=)

Just spread it out over the weeks.. =) and give variety..=) so next time bb not fussy..=) think 1 x per week is good enuf..=) cuz im sure other things u give hv fat or vit e too..=) her milk for example..=) also have vits..=)

introducing nuts in her porridge is good cuz it's good protein too w other minerals..=P like I say, everything in moderation too.. =)

all the best...


thank so much, Sandymoo for your good explanation.

mayb, i space out avocado a bit for bb. we feed avocado, she oso never chubby or fat, arm still so skinny and still so lightweight..

is it bcos avocado is vegetable fats, hence we can't see any fats stored in her body? dunno wat oth food can make her hv some fatty look physically n yet healthy too?
haiyo.. u very cute leh onsansg,

U want bb chubby..hehe.. It's normal to have thin baby too..dun over feed or over worry..
Just remember, baby fat once built, child will tend to keep the fat even in adulthood.. Dun get child obesity will not be good for bb at all.. Don't worry so much about looking chubby or good..As long as bby eat healthy foods can liao..& must do some exercise even for bb..=) swimming is good..=)

Lightweight maybe cuz bone light mah.. or less muscle mass..when u exercise ppl put on weight sometimes cuz they grow muscles(heavier than fat) and bone density increases = healthier.. dun put on weight the wrong way..=) most ppl have misconception abt this..=)

U want her to be more "Bah Bah" need to exercise ..=) crawling will her her exercise..=) hehe..or let her hang from bars..strengthen arms muscles..=) u n daddy can assist..=) go read up on baby exercises?? =) simple ones..=)

Not so much about whether veg fats put on weight or animal fat.. both has it's own goodness and bad qualities for bodily processes.

veg fat(no cholesterol) better - considered healthier cuz our body naturally produces cholesterol n dun need the extra...
or animal fat(have cholesterol)- consume w limit.. We still need but much lesser quantity..=)

Too much clog up our arteries..(that's what I mean by internally not healthy).

One stage I eat very unhealthily(for 2-3 years) I dun put on weight much cuz hehe.. I have good skinny genes(both my parents side all skinny) insides aren't healthy...So me go on detox then feel better..=P

Just make sure she has enuf milk, water and "fresh" food for the day = healthy bb..=) load up w fruits n varied veggies.. cuz dif veg hv differnt vit & min...variety will give the numerous nutrients vit n minerals to make one look radiant..=)

Alot of us lack water Fresh fruits n veg in sg society..that does alot in itself..=)

even us in the health line also sometimes no habit to consume my 2+2veg fruits serving..hahah..=) water intake too..sometimes hardly drink at all..bad bad...=)

But we try..=) U need too!

God Bless.


yes, sandymoo...i'll remember your kind guidance.

i oso wan her to be healthy. maybe she inherits her daddy's skinny genes and my shortie small size gene. pump her so much nutrients, also don't see result. another reason of her delay growth oso due to her not a deep sleeper (sleep much lesser hours than bb of her age) bb likes to play but not into sleeping and eating.
=) haha...not into sleeping and eating..=)
U do what u can..=) think you're doing a good job liao..=)

You'll see the results when she is a healthy teenager..=) nutritional benefits, some seen after a week or two or month or two but the real test is when she is teen and old age..=)
Do continue to educate her on health giving foods so tt when she's a teen she'll choose the right foods..
Im saddened by many parents I see out there giving foods w lotsa colouring and preservatives at such young scares me..=Z kids end up learning to eat all these.. as their staple or too often..

while it's alright to give it to them once in a while.. but I guess only after the age of 5-6? maybe im too cautious a lady w health..hahah...
I just imagine all the unhealthy colours n additives gng into a child's system and wreaking havoc..hahah..

Anyway, u cant control bb's sleep patterns to much, it's nature..=)do what u can dun stress out..=)

Maybe I will be in your position when I have my own bbs..=P


keep it up for now..=) jia you..


i sincerely thank you, sandymoo.

maybe, she is a late boomer. i oso against junkie and colouring preservatives food. myself oso not into junk foods.

will yeast or candida recurs again once it's resolved with probiotic for both baby and female adults? any follow-up preventive we should keep ourselves abay from candida attacks? besides the fungal and bad bacteria in our body, is the attacks also triggered by too much warmth or coolness in our body system (i.e. imbalance of the yinyang)?
Hi Ladies,
Went to the Naturopathic Clinic on Friday, the one Sandy intro. Now I’m on a 16days Candida Diet starting from Saturday (15th May 10) with some supplements too. Without the supplements, may take longer period for the diet. So I’m now under no sugar/wheat/diary diet. Will post up what I eat through this 16 days, so will be more determine. *I have a very strong craving for snacks now. Haha


hi memorable chocolate, do keep us posted of your progress. hope a smooth and fast recovery for you soon. take tis time to test your determination level too. cos when you are preggy, you also must watch your diet carefully (cannot take too sweet, saltish or oily stuff too)..
Hey dear...
I suggest go buy those puffed rice cakes they sel at the organic food markets. Somehave seaweed favour, some lighty salted. and have lettuce ready in the fridge. =)
I usually have them with lettuce and omelette/sunny side up or srambled.. as my snack. =) healthy.. just season w salt peppe paprika(if u like spicy..)
Or eat carrot sticks raw - this is fine but dun juice it. =) This is healthy snack..=) Get the small ones taste better. =)
Avocado , beetroot, zuccini - lettuce and the short green beans - simple salad snack. =)
the A, B, Z & Lettuce can eat fresh..=)
Green beans - blanch them the night before, put them in fridge - lighty toss in oive oil, black pepper and salt - great snack! High proteins and fibre.. =) u can try simpe favouring with the rest of the veg as your snack..=)

or buy those puffed rice cereals by nestle or or something, just make sure no sugar..or wheat..=) those made of rice is fine.=) Then buy rice milk or goats them plain..=) gives u protein n carbo for energy. Proteins fill u up u dun get so hungry..=) So get proteins from your beans..=)

U don't need to starve and go hungry dear.. =) guess it's hard because it seems like u cant eat anything.. u can../ look at the list of foods, write a ist of what u can eat, then think of simpe snacks to make..=) It's easy actualy. Not sure, u have my no. call me and ask. Free service..=P
I used to teach in sec school(home economics) so I can suggest some heathy snacks for you..=) hehe..
Lemme know dear. =P
Day 1 - 15th May 10 (Saturday)
Weight 59.8kg
12.15pm> Mix Rice: Cod Fish+Cai Xin+Steam Egg+Rice
4.30pm> Pumpkin: 1 slice of steam pumpkin (delicious)
7.30pm> Fish Soup: Slice Fish Soup+White noodle(thick BeeHoon)
7.30pm> Snack: Rice Crackers

Day 2 - 16th May 10 (Sunday)
Weight 59.8kg
10.30am> Ciucumber: 1 Japanese Cucumber
2.00pm> Kuay Tiao Soup: Kuay Tiao Soup + Mince Pork
6.30pm> Mix Rice: Steam Egg+Lady Finger+Egg Tofu+Rice
8.00pm> Snack: Rice Crackers

Day 3 - 17th May 10 (Monday)
Weight 59.4kg
6.30am> Pork Porridge: Pork+Ikan Bilis+Porridge (brown rice)
12.00pm> Pork Porridge: Pork+Ikan Bilis+Porridge (brown rice)
6.30pm> Pork Porridge: Egg+Pork+Ikan Bilis+Porridge (brown rice)
8.00pm> Snack: Rice Crackers

Sandy, Ya lucky I have the rice cracker (puffed rice cracker) bought from Thailand. I love that but have to peel off the sugar on top. Yday forgotten to bring snack to work, so got hungry along the way. Haha. Ya going to buy more. Btw, where is the biggest Organic Food Supermarket u told me? I forgotten liao. Keke.

Woo u teach Home Econ in sec sch, u really knows a lot. Btw, what is rice milk? Saw that on the list but doesn’t know what is it.
Wow Memorable Choc,

Well done.. =) Rice cakes try to get the plain ones.. Better..I believe it's bigger than the thailand ones..and then u know u have totally cut our the sugar that's quite the most important here. =) and yeah I love that too! =) shiok! When I went Chiang Mai.. I had a feast on it..haha..

Rice milk - is basically made from rice instead of soy beans or squeezed from cow..=) Quite nice taste.. =) comes in Vanilla, choc and plain. U can't have choc one so just the plain or vanilla.
U can buy from NTUC the milk section or the organic section sure have. Or u can get goats milk.

Alot fo places sell Goat milk in powder form, easy to carry around, just add water. =)

Hey dear no need to eat porridge all the time. Ur mum can fry simple fried rice but change up the ingrediants you'll be surprised at how it tastes...Good..=) put kidney beans in there too.. delicious sounds abit off but u get your proteins..=) hehe..and loads of minerals..

Have you heard of Thunder Tea Rice? OOOh I love it! Can be found at queenstreest or better still suntec the food republic.. loads of veggie.. just dun drink or pour the green tea soup into the rice. =) for now...nce you're free rom the diet.. u can add that dreen tea basil soup..=)

But if you're having it, there is taukua in there so u need to remove that..can't rem what else inside cuz got alot...haha.. =)

AT first my fiance looked at it and was grossed out but when he tried it he was like.. I should have bought it..hahahah..=)

I can't say it's the biggest but it's at City Square mall( Farrer park Mrt) the new mall?

Called Four Seasons Organic Market. =) it's on level 2 or 3. The things there somehow a little cheaper, certain things only..=) when I bought my rice cakes..=) from NTUC and here quite a difference. =) hope they stay the same. I went there last year Dec. and one more time in Jan I think..=)

Me will be gng on strict diet too..similar to candida just to keep healthy..we have to re-do it once it a while to maintain..=) even if we dun have overgrowth it's to keep it in check..=)

Me lately never eat properly all the wheat and dairy..=Z so have to slowly cut back.. feeling more tired I know my guts not very clean..=P need to clean up..=)

Jia You..
Haha I ate porridge yday because it is easier, just cook one big pot, can eat in the morning, then bring to work for lunch, go back home n it is still warm in the slow cooker.

Will go shopping soon. Ya heard of the Thunder Tea Rice "Lei Cha", but never try it. Ohh City Square mall, ok near Mustafah, can go shopping too.

I notice that my supplements are for more than 16days, what do I do with it after the programme? Continue and finish it?

I'm happy that I'm already loosing weight. keke.


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Hi Memorablechocolate, will appreciate your updates about your recovery cuz i have been having this prob for about a year and it occurs every month before and after menses!!! Very torturing! if it works, i guess i will make a trip to Sandy's clinic too!


hi sandymoo, talk abt rice porridge or rice milk..just struck my mind, if we adults can eat frisocream rice based cereal too? convenient and fast? have all the nutrients inside as well as rice and milk in it already, right?

can i let my bb take frisocream wheatbased cereal as she already recovered from the 4-continuous months of nappy candida?
Hi Lilacz, ya I totally agree that it is torturing, I have this for like 1.5-2years le. I ate SPORANOX (antifungal) given from my gynae, it will subside but it still comes back the next month. Worst part is it affects our sex life. So I hope this time will help, will wana get rid of it once and for all. As Sandy has said, once awhile hv to do this diet to maintain (mayb once a year).

Ya I think can try out the clinic, they did a test for me, gave me a booklet telling me what I can eat and also supplements too. It will cost you $300-$500. But after calculating, over the 2years, buying the SPORANOX tablets and seeing gynae, I had spent way beyond that. So if this works, it is worth it.

I think Sandy pei-sah to put the clinic name here, but since I’m the patient there, is better for me to put.

Seriously, I have felt less itch now compare to the first day, I don’t know if it is because of the whole diet is taking effects or is it my hormones changes after I ended my menses. Will see next month if the itch comes back again, that is after my diet too. =)
Onsansg - Can no problem just dun give every day.
The reason why there's over growth of unfus on the gut is because sometimes we over feed or over stress the ghut but giving it foods that are harder to digest, so the undigested food ferment = give gas, = food for the fungus ='s a cycle.

SO giving bby 1-2x per week is fine..=) wheat have gluten = harder to digest..=)

Yes u can eat your baby's food..hehe..=) I used to eat my younger brother's last time..haha..=P

Candida IS a NORMAL flora in our gut - it has it's own uses for our body funtion but if there's overgrowth u get into trouble. =) then anti-fungal will just stop it for a while while it stays indoors then come out again.=) cuz it takes root in the intestinal lining it only kills those within the gut..=)

So having fresh fruits n veg before you meals introduce enzymes to help digest the food, Thats why ppl say eat veg/fruits 1/2hr to 1 hr before meal..=) cuz of the enzymes =) fresh is best cuz cooked veg heat kills enzymes..=)

Lilacz - let me know I can make the appt for you. =)

Thanks Mem choc for the name. Think not nice cuz Im actually not supposed to promote the clinic to some extent here, so usually take it offline to do it..=) U can share it's fine..=) hehe..

Continue to take until all finish(the supplements) it would be good if you slowly introduce back your former diet and not all one short cuz you just sorta cleaned let your body get used to the old diet too slowly..
Ease back into your diet..=)
and u have to change food lifestyle alittle liao..=) take less wheat and dairy..=) and since you're more prone to infections, build your immunity too but having lotsa fruits n veg. or take Olive leaf once in a while.. =) That's what I do to maintain..=)

You also need to check if you and hubby make love and it comes could mean other things..=) I mean, since you're free from it, it will mean it's not you...

Don't lose too much..=) u already quite slim..=)

Our vagina area very pH sensitive.. once off balance it can cause infections esp if your body is already at the very end of compensating...

If we are healthy, pH off won't be so bad..=) Thats why some ppl use/change shower foam sometimes can alter kena lor...

Hope i answered all.. =)

I hope your itch goes away away away...=) some ppl take longer.. I had to do it 2x.. once 16 days and on another period 21 days... cuz of personal reasons..=) share w you if u hv PM..=)
Now just maintaining..=)


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Hi memorablechoc and sandy, so will the test tell you if you really is having yeast infections or other types of infections? Will it tell what caused the infections in the vaginal? Do we have to take the supplements for long term even if our symptoms is gone? So basically the dr will prescribe supplements and ask you to go for a "detox" diet? Its difficult for me..i love bread and pastries...
The test uses a machine called the BICOM(Bio resonance)

It does not tell you specifically what is the cause. This one you have to go for blood test at medical doctor's clinic, even then you still have to give a history to your doctor so that he/she can prescribe the right test to do cuz testing for organism sometimes is specific to the cause of it..=) Doc will have to take a specimen from your vagina like pap smear and culture it in the lab and see what bacteria/virus/fungus grow then can tell.

Sometimes the fiungal overgrowth is the symptom of some other thing gng on, so its a step by step thing here.

Sometimes u can't find the cause per se..
even w medical docs.

Here, it basically tells u if there's virus/bacteria or fungal infection/overgrowth in your body. non invasive.

If fugus, they'll do the diet first. then tackle one at a time. Cuz sometimes, bacteria and viruses go away naturally with the fungus gone. FUnny science. cuz sometimes the bacteria is fighting with the fungus etc.. so if it's gone, naturally it may subside..

If its just virus they have a strong virucide to kill the virus them from there see how.. There are children whom parents bring in for fever and get better just by homeopathics..=) no side effects of paracetamol or anti-biotics..=) so its ultimately your choice. =)

Anyway, if you love fungus as much as you love pastries then you will carry on your diet & itch..=) sorry if i sound crude..haha..but.. I guess it really boils down to what we our bodies/life..=)

A little sacrifice needs to be done.. I used to eat alot of bread n cheese too.. I love CHEESE.. I can have anything w cheese...=P Ive cut down and think twice before eating..cuz i realise I had bad sinus and nose block and alot of mucus.. when I cut down.. I breathe beter when I I see the effects of it.. and I don't like to feel clogged but I still do eat them.. once in a while..=) life's too short to not enjoy some stuff..=) find that balance..=) Im still finding it...=)

hehe.. but i've learned to choose cuz I want to be healthy..=) My immunity is also not vey am trying to get it back in im taking supplements on n off.. it will take a longer time naturally, so determination is key..

Alot of ppl give up cuz they need quick fix...

Taking long term is not advised..personally, even if I take, I take for a month, then I break a while before I start again..=) too much of everything is no good..=)

When docs prescribe u it's because they want a therapeutic and potent effect to take place so u heal..when the symptoms gone, can slow down.. or stop.. just maintain, once in a while..=) hehe..=)

But if we slowly learn to eat right... we dont need to keep taking the supps to heal..=)

long term goal - ultimately alter the diet we have..that causes probs..=) so work towards that..=)


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What can we eat for breakfast that is simple to make? I found from some website we have to take things like egg white, oatmeal...anything else we can take that is hot food?
LiLacz> Same as u, I love bread n pastries too. Every morning will have bread, atleast once a week will have some kind of pastries, everyday one cup of milk. I was abit demoralize w/o my daily does of bread n milk. But after going through with the diet, I realize, it is not bad after all, I learn to have substitutes product for my craving (yeah, I found the rice milk, it taste like soya milk-yammy!). Looking forward to the day I can eat durian! Haha. Most importantly, have to be determined. Only 16days for me, I just take it as a price to pay after a long 27years of bad eating habits of my life. Haha. I was mentally prepared for a 1-2months of diet as I read it on other book. I’m planning to extend 1-2 days more for this diet cuz I’m abit kia-su, scared had eaten something that I didn’t realize.

Oat is not allowed wor. Haha, u can see my daily diet that I will post up. Steam pumpkin is delicious for breakfast. Egg is ok but not hotdogs and ham.

Sandy> I just realize that I forgotten to take my Olive Leaf pills after yday lunch, saw the zip-log bag still hv the pill then I know. *Arrr….. and I was so tired last night, I sleep w/o drinking the alkala. *More Arrr…. Slpt at 8pm though. Haha. Was too tire. Nowadays, we just used condom for this 16days, will try if he got any rash after it. Hehe. *Shy *shy. Ya I experience some brown discharge after I started the diet. Not a lot, just normal discharge but alittle brown. Is that normal? Sorry I didn’t PM u, post here so can share. Can add me, my email address is my MSN n FB. =)
Day 4 - 18th May 10 (Tueday)
Weight 59.1kg
6.30am> Pumpkin: 1 slice of steam pumpkin
12.00pm> Chicken Rice: Brown Rice made from Ikan Bilis & Pork soup+Steam Chicken w salt
7.00pm> Fried BeeHoon(no soy sauce): Fried white BeeHoon with Prawn+Egg+Cabbage in it

Bought rice milk and some puffed rice cake from Cold Storage. Rice Milk says “no cane sugar” infront, was very happy but reach home and really read it, at the back (nutrition label), it says sugar= 8g! =(

btw, Sandy, can we eat corn? Cause I found some corn crackers from the Organic shelves.


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Thanks for all the sharing memorablechoc (can i call u M.C??? your nick so long :p) hope we can achieve yeast free days soon!

Do you bring lunch box to work everyday?

what does a puffed rice cake looks like? which section can i find it?

Tried to PM you but you have not activated your PM...

I used to just pop an insert once i feel the yeast infection symptoms so sick of using the 7days insert cuz after the 7 days end, i only feel "free" for 3-4days before the whole episode starts what for i waste so much time doing the 7days inserts diligently!!Now, i try to tahan tahan...cuz really not good to depend on the insert for long term...
k, one at a time..

Since you are open to sharing, we' share here. =)
I would suggest to you try to stay off sex for now. Cuz sometimes the condom lubricant can cause a Change in ph of vagina and may not help your situation. Cuz for now you do not wish to add any complications.

Olive Leaf -
If u miss your dose take it when you remember but make sure it's with some food. =) But if it's too cose to dinner time, just take the dinner one. Missing 1 dose is alright. =) just follow thru the next day and next dose.

Akala - helps to balance ph - so missing 1 dose is ok. it also helps kerb the itch.

Brown discharge - I check w Doc n get back to you. But frm what I read, it is normal. Sometimes remnants of your previous menses still in womb.. SO when there is 'flushing' it comes out together. It should clear up after a few days- keep me posted on this. I will revert w doc's words soon. =)

Rice Milk - I know has a little sugar is fine. It's only 8g out of your whole day. If you drink the 1 serving size. Do you know how to read the label count calories etc? Can share if you not sure..

Corn - no. =) even the puffed rice ones.. =) me aso last time tempted but..I just stuck to the rice ones.. =) there's this rectange ooking one, there's rice and there's corn one.. I aways get those and the puffed I have variety. =)

Pls make sure you eat substantial amount and don't over lose your kilos k? while it is normal losing weight on this diet, you don't want to feel too tired from having too itte calories to sustain you thru your days. =) So far it's ok. =) Just have some snacks in fuel you.. I see u start ur bf so early.. can last u til lunch? If I were you i'l be so hungry..hahaha..=)

Lilacz -
if u go to NTUC organic section u can find it, but gng to an organic store would be better. so u can buy all one short save traveling time.
It's round cakes(diameter about 8-10cm, thickness about 1-2cm.) It wrapper but a round version. =) Or like I mentioned to M.choc-some places sel those rectangle ones. can't remember the brand. But it's crispier.. The puffed rice u can see singe rice grains puffed up and stuck together. The rectange one is like ground up rice made into four and baked to rectangle shapes..=) more airy..=P

Your yeast infections so frequent? gosh must be torturous as mentioned..=Z can't imagine! Maybe the dosage is toolow or your body used to the meds liao so not much effect. How long have you been using it?

Hope I asnwered al your queries.

God Bless
LiLacz, woo 7days of insert medicine? That is long, I ever used the insert tablet but only one and it clear the next day, but few months it comes back. If I don’t do anything to it, it will get really worse. Ya I also found that my body getting used to the medicine that my gynae gave me as the period of infection get more frequent. I think is a sign that your body is showing no effect on the medicine.

Ya I bring food to work nowadays, I was lucky, told my mum about it and she help me prepare, normally is left over food from last night dinner and I will bring to work n heat up.

Sandy> ok noted. No sex for now. Keke. Yaya I bought the round one arnd 8-10cm dia (shall take pic of it tonight n post here for Lilacz). Hmm label, I know is one serving 8g, okz so I better stick to one cup per day as my reward for the day. Haha. Ya sometime I get hungry inbtw of meals, so will eat more, but today brought some puffed rice cake.

Haha I didn’t know PM needs to activate, ok I uncheck one box, I hope can PM me now. =)


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Hi sandy thanks for answering my queries... i have been having this prob for a year now..though i dont use the inserts every month...but i would least alternate month. Is it true we cant wear liners to prevent infection? But its so dirty if we dont use it, cuz there are discharge most of the time when having infection....