Yeast infection from Progesterone inserts

Hi bunny hop,

Nice to hear you found this link.. =)

If you read my own timeline of healing, it took me a while too to get rid of the YI. Now since May 2010, i've been free from YI when usually it comes back month after month.. so Im am glad..

I also read somewhere that every year you have YI, it counts for how many months u need to try..but i duno if that's accurate..but the longer you have had it for, the longer u need to keep me..

I had it for 3-4-5 years.. and it took me like 3-5 attempts / months before it got to where I am now. Memchoc is still on her way to YI..and I hope all is well for her...her wedding is this month is Im not wrong..=) very very soon..hehe..=) hey memchoc, update us k? hugs..

ok, back to you.

not sure why ur doc as u go back on anti-biotics when she said no more bacteria - doesn't she know as all doctors would that anti-biotics are meant for bacterial and wont work on fungus?? puzzled me there.

Unless that the same meds that is the combined one u are taking abt?? And confused that she's cofused and not know how to read the results properly?? hmmm...

What spot test is this? done by the gynae of what?

Okie, since u din take that combined one...and went on supplements from what I helped temporarily...

It's best not to douche or wash w any off the shalf chemicals or in this case the doc prescribed?? personally, ive tried, yes it feels like it is relieving but it doesnt hep one bit.

Some people will tell you to insert stuff inthere like probiotics etc but i'd rather not, personally. hehe... I tried what my naturopath told me can put pro-biotics powder into vagina but i din feel it helped either. But I was never told to put garlic..=Z

Think best nt too cuz u dun wanan introduce any other foreign items in there. Although it helps to some extent.. ok, comical explanation..

when someone farts real stink what do you do?? u walk away right cuz u can't take the stench? well, similarly, the fungus go into hiding when they feel the garlic into vagina cuz they dun like it..some die, some go back into hding...and when it's gond, it's 'safe' to come out..

from the vagina is is just 1 way... but if you're gut insisde stil have fungus then it's uite pointless to do it 1 way.. u need to go by all ways to flush out the fungus.. and it takes TIME....

1st 2nd time - have smell mainly prob because of thebateria - wil give a fishy smell if im not wrong.. if it's purely yeast infection - it's smells like bread...the yeasty smell..but since the smell is much less = a heppier you.. you are improving slowly..=) so good for u there. ok?

Oregano oil - is claimed to kill bacteria, fungus, parasites... u shd ocntinue to use that then.

Grapeseed oil - is mainly an anti-oxidant - doesnt help much w anti-fungal except it it helps to protect ur overall body cells..=) which can be a good thing too..=)

I think the heart palpitations is due to ur B complex. DO not take this before u sleep. This is mainly for energy...actually..DO u sufer from a stressful lfiestyle or low energy levels? if so, then do take this 2x per day w breakfast and 1 w lunch.. dinner pls skip it. U dun need so much energy at night.

Probiotics shld not cause this. so leave it out.

Not sure i there was reaction between the oils and the wine.. can go research and read up..sorry cant hep u w the interactions but will go research and find out after this post..haha...

ok, dun fear..
how much are u taking by the way of each of the 4 items u mentioned?

Continue toconsult w gynae - she can't force u to take the meds - I think, every patient has their right to choose to take ro not. since uare informed of the side effects - u have the hoice not to put it in your body but find alternatives... If she is professional enuf, she shd understand that at the end of the day, SHE as Your doctors is supposed to have the main goal - to help u heal and rid the YI. yes, she may be upset cuz u never takes her meds - cuz these doctors have to have folow ups and it's part of their 'continuous research and "'yes' Ive healed someone w YI" -it becomes a testimony for them too.. see?? but YI has never been a easy to handle and most docs cant handle it.. haha..sorry to augh at them but really.. sometimes its.. well, if they truely are doctors of science they shld never close their doors to science itself = science of healing foods..=)anyway, long story short,

If u need to comfort for that period, no choice, take it. if u fee u can tolerate the itch and live with it thru diet and supps, do so ti u find a perfect solution...

She does not have the right to force u to swallow the tabs so dun be afraid o her. u sti need the gynae to hep u w tests etc. If u canbe open w her and be honest. if she scolds u.. well, then take it that she's ignorant abt stuff u know and that she's fending her own rice bowl.. so need to also respect that.. some docs not open abt natural remedies.
just to share - my bro was seeing a doc for many years and we switched to natural remedies and she's no longer seeing him cuz of our switch - told us she wont see us as long as we choose to use natura cures. so yeah...some docs just wont accept..


u can go see ur TCM and see what they prescribe - i duno what n how they do stuf, but as long as it's natural and it helps, im for it.. =) hehe.. do updat eme if TCM helps u? k? i also learning..=)

as for the detox - bascially, i work at a naturopathic clinic - dun need to come in if u can purchase the goods i mention and do the diet shared here. clicn wi have fees for consult and testing which is not cheap too..=( so if u can DIY, i can guide u thru..if u realy weant to come here also, just let me know.. will see if i can help in anyway..=)

anyway, the detox here - is not for everyone..i have to ask doc if symptoms as ok for taking it cuz sometimes not good also.. but it's natural stuff so no lab chemical involved...

to stop he itch we usually prescrive alkala (alkaliser) baance ph levels and decrease itch.
olive leaf / oregano oil - fungus killer - try using ur oregano oil first sine u bought already - but we believe itn olive leaf here..=) we dun prescribe oregano (not sure why) guess we dun want too mnay products also..=) so keeping it simple..=)

Olive leaf/ oregano - 3x per day w meals or asprescribed.
alkala - 1/2 before dinner
liver support nutrition - here we have specific nutrition supplement for this.
Enzymes - to help w disgestion 3x per day w meals. this is necessary to alleviate your gut strain) read in previous threads on gut toxicity..and how the yeast make roots and make a house out of your gut..and it's hard to eradicate time only heals the gut w the constant supplementation of what they fungus doesnt like.. ie. if u have a farm tt provides food for the village - the vilagers will stay and grow... if the farm doesnt yield food, the villagers leave slowly...same idea here w diet and supplements.k? =) so slow and steady..

do update me on ur TCM date..=)

Im gng back on my diet soon... my wedding in 2 monhts... hope I dun lose the weight.. nd hope I look radiant..hehehe.. im taking enzyme drink and spirulina w micro alage - experiementing on my own helth...=) so see if it helps..=) hehe. currenty experienceing my previous probems.. - knee joint pains, limbs edema when i wake.. (cuz I stopped a my supps for 2 monhts cuz busy w wedding preps/.) now i want to get back on track..=Z hope not too late for my wedding..=Z

so al jia you together!!! im just happy i dun have YI...for now.. and hope it stays like this..=) just having some hormonal issues again..=Z so im tryignt o keep myself in check.

it's not easy ladies.. because it's a constant daily battle w the unhealthy food around.. and when u succumb to the junk.. it's hard to get out of it..=Z now im not as strict as before.. and i m feeling my symptoms come back again.. except for yeast...=P so... wanna start feeing good again..=Z

hope i helped alittle? =)

hear ya soon!! hugs

hey memchoc..=) i just read ur post..
so sorry to hear u had outbreak...=Z hope u're feeling better..

yes Ihave heard of USANA.. hope it works for you...

also wanna share that some reasech has been done on enzyme therapy that helps w YI. u can read up too..

Yes she is right abt the acidic part - tts why we prescribe the alkala.. which is quite crucial and missing from memchoc's's quite crucial in the treatment. =) so I hope the usuana will do that for you memchoc..=)

There are really cheaper alternatives - just have to find what works for you...
memchoc, i hope al wil be wel for you.. if u want the alkala - it's actualy cheaper to take than the USANA pdts(althgouh they are good itself w aot more nutrition etc compared to alkala alone n cant compare side by side actually) hehe.....but it's really ur' choice.=) Just sharing..hehe..=)
are the shakes nice? it's similar to herbalife kinda thing right?? =) i was taking them for a while but I stopped cuz i dun believe in the MLM system to help ppl heal...=Z sorry..tts why i kinda boycot any MLM w health products..=Z

just feel upset tt, if uhave such good producst that heal and help ppl why make them cost so much and the poor ones who really need it cant afford it..=Z haiz... anwyay thats me... if i have rich friends.. I will also promote to them..hahahaha...but my less affluent ones.. i do what I from where I sit and my doc's clinic..=)

I acutually miss herbailfe shakes..hahah...

yeah get used to less rich foods that do us no good..=) im getting back my sweet and tasty tongue again.. need to stop that..before anything happens..=Z hehe..

take care.,.


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hi hi thanks so much for your replies.

Congrats to both memchoc and sandy on your weddings!!!

I also read that cannot drink alcohol but i think i read also that it applies more to beer issit? coz beer is fermented by yeast? in that same website, it mentioned that if one wants to drink alcohol, but with YI, then go for red wine. anyone heard that?

memchoc, i did consider naturapathic clinic. in fact, that was what brought me to this thread in the first place! coz i was searching for yeast infection in the forum, came across a post by you in another thread, mentioning that u are going to see a naturapathic doctor and u provided the link to this thread. immediately clicked on it hahaha. so the doc is the one working at the clicnic of sandy issit? when i went to search for the Dr Sundar clinic that u girls mentioned earlier, i called them and realised the first consult is very exp!!! Sandy, is ur doc as expensive??

Sandy, thanks for much for your detailed reply! u are really very informative, u know what r the uses of each supplement. thanks for pointing out that B complex shld be the culprit. your point that it gives u mroe energy kinda explains everything! after that heart palpi incident, i did a google to check all the side effects of all these 4 supplements, and B complex is the only one that has heart palpi as one of the side effects, and the culprit is actually Thiamin. is there any B vitamins that dun contain thiamin? oregana oil is anti fungal and it can be used in replacement with olive leaf issit? ok thanks...then i continue taking that....but it taste and smell horrid! like taking pesticide or petrol yucks.

yah loh my doc very funny. the lab results clearly state that the swab test is negative for blue cells. oh yes i did a search, the swab test iw as talking about is probably called a Wet MOunt, where discharge is mounted on a slide and viewed under microscope. its to test for presence of yeast, white blood cells (indicate infection) and clue cells (indicate bacterial vaginosis).

I keep hearing u girls mentioning that some of your YI attackes goes away after a few days? and I also see u mention that we can afford to just let it be while we adjust our diet? so its safe issit? i had this impression, if it starts itching, means it will only get worse, not better, if left on its own. so i was wrong? it will be great if i can leave it on its own and it can get better as long as i watch my diet.

Sandy, how does ur doc advise regards to how to PUT probiotics into vagina? i did consider doing that....but i dunno how except to use douche. i considered opening up the capsules and pouring the powder onto my panty liner. but then the powder is dry mah, so will sure drop out of the panties??

may i know is vinegar is acidic or alkali?

Ok, to update on my doc visits yesterday.
Gynae - i saw another gynae. told her my history. she din do any test just examined me and told me it looks like just yeast and not bacteria which i suspected as much. she also said it looks like half treated yeast infection, dun look severe. but since i have already tried so many suppositories and cream, then she give me diflucan instead. I have tried diflucan before...only once. coz it comes in this 150mg tablet, one single tablet in one box. looks very potent like that. its supposedly antifungal, my prev gynae prescribed one before to ask me to take one during menses, coz she said yeast sometimes make a comeback or is more likely to take root during menses coz that area is always moist. so she asked me to take one during my menses, that was during my 2nd bout of attack. this gynae i saw yesterday gave me 3 boxes, total 3 capsules. told me to take 1 each every week for the next 3 weeks. she explained to me and drew up the a pic of a yeast cell and show me, its a circle cell that has very tough walls, sometimes yeast organisms come out of this walls to wreck havoc, and thats when an infection occurs. by putting pessaries and taking med, we can only kill those organisms that are OUtisde the walls of the cell. some of the organisms wld be able to burrow inside the cell to hide and these will not be killed coz the walls are tough and most medicins cannot penetrate. but its fine as long as your body's own immune system is in tip top condition, coz everybody has yeast in their body, and if immune is good, the yeast will not come out of that round cell to wreck havoc or cause infection. then she drew the cross section of our cervix or vagina. she said i will understand since i have given birth before, that our cervix and v walls can expand a lot durnig birth, which means that when its shrunk back to original size, there will be a lot of folds in the tissues or skins insdie the v-wall or cervix. and yeast and fungal love the deeps and crevices within this folds, and thats is where they hide. so washing or douching or pessaries will not be able to reach these folds inside. thats why oral medication in this sense shld be able to work better. thats why she ask me to try diflucan. i checked out on diflucan before, some natural aproach say this is a very toxic medicine, and can affect the liver if high dosages for long term etc. so i very worried. but i was desperate for any remedy, so i took it....

anyone heard of diflucan?

Doc said it has nothing to do with hygiene as i alreay very very clean and conscious.she asked me not to wear pantiliners but i say cannot, i feel very unclean coz i change pantiliners like 3 times a day. if i wear only panties then i need to bring fresh panties to change. she say try to buy cotton top pantiliners. but all pantiliners i see so far are cotton top right???

she said my yeast is coz of my immune system not strong, i dun have enough QI in my body, and my body belongs to the "han" (cool) condition now. add to that i am suffering from flu, so she gave me med that will up my immune system, so as to fight my flu and yeast(to take every day once for a mth). at the same time, she askd me to cut down (for 6 mths to flush out) any food containing yeast, and these are
- noodles
- bread
- vegetarian dishes that are fake meat coz these are done using flour
- biscuits
- radish
- Cake

she say in place of noodles i shld eat bee hoon, mee sua, lao shu fen,rice.
she say cheese is fine, but too ripe fruits to avoid coz it contains enzymes. its funny, this contradicts what u girls are discussing above about enzymes helping YI. what do u think ah?? how come it conflicts??

she mentioned there's this type of hard hard bread that dun contain yeast. anyone knows?

Sandy, can i ask you, u mentioned dun wash even with water down there? why is that so? i dun mean douching....i mean just using shower head to flush and direct the water jet at my vagina during shower time. is that not right issit? pls advise. but i find there's remnants of yeast on the surface sometimes, so if i dun wash away also not good right? but now i dun use soap at all down there already.

sandy, how much does ur doc charge at first consult and what does he usually do?
Ya Bunny Hop>

don’t put too much garlic into ur virginal, agree with Sandy. Many online remedy suggest to put raw garlic into your virginal but I feel that it is only temporary like other douche in the market (never try b4, it may affect your pH level down there). I don’t believe in wash too, I ever try it but only wash off external and it make me relay on their wash to keep clean which is not good. Yeast is still inside no matter how hard you wash outside. Sometime when I have cottage cheese discharge, I will slowly insert my finger during shower to gently dig some thick discharge out. Is disgusting but I feel the more I dig, the less likely it will be in there to multiply. I think this is not advisable but I really hate it to max. Just becareful not to harm your virginal wall (never do this if you are a virgin).

We are re-occuring Yeast Infection victim, so my guess is, the yeast has found its way to our guts or even our blood stream, so curing it just at the virginal area will defiantly not help. That explain why we constantly have YI like every month. My strategy is to make my body in a state whereby it is not a good environment for them to grow/live in so hopefully they will leave. (This is what the naturopathic doctor concept too).


congrats congrats to your wedding. Good luck to you and please don’t be like me, drink plenty of water on that day. Don’t care about number of times you need to go toilet after drinking lots of water, cuz no matter what, people will still wait for the bride. Can’t leave the wedding w/o a bride, right? Haha.

Enzyme therapy, ok I will go search. Yes the alkala, but I don’t really take it everyday unless during the ovulation period (about mid of my menses cycle) cause that’s when I feel that my yeast is coming. Haha. I hope to let my body be more alkaline than just drinking alkala to make it alkaline. The sharkes still ok, it come in three fav; Choco/Vanilla/Strewberry. Still not bad, I love the chocolate one. Keke. I never try other brand before, so cannot comment. Ya me too, I dislike the idea of MLM, but just wana try their product, indeed very expensive even buying at a member rate. My reset cost like $500 with supplement for one month program, lucky my hubby sponsor, now his main priority is for me to recover frm YI so hoping can have a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Recently I bought my Olive Leaf table from Nature Farm, they having promotion last week, one bottle of 60 caps at $40+ then the 2nd bottle at 80% discount. It comes in bundle of 2 bottles, so the 3rd bottle is back to $40+ and 4th bottle at 80%. Since I take 3 times a day, I bought 4 bottles. Good bargain.

I’m craving for super cheese burger from Carl’s Junior ever since I started this program on Monday, got a chance to dine at Carl’s Jnr on Wednesday, my hubby was eat burger and I ate salad w/o dressing. =\

Next week I will slowly introduce back my meal but ofcause, have to control, cannot have too much junk food. Need to have quota, not more than one fastfood every week. Being a Singaporean is really not easy, everything is just so accessible. Any kind of craving can be satisfied anytime. Temptation is so huge here. D:

You can experiment it yourself. The truth for me, I though it was for beer only too, about few months ago on my friends wedding, I had like 2 glasses of red wine, and on that night once I reach home, I got YI outbreak too, not that serious but I know is the wine. =\

Ya you are right, that’s the clinic, is rather expensive but I only went in for one time consultation, from there on, I just continue with the supplement ever since.

Yap, do not wear panty liner, it does not allow air flow hence your discharge will always be moist and can become a good place to multiply the yeast, even for a short few hours also. Have to wear cotton underwear, not every underwear in the market are 100% cotton, try getting those that label 100% cotton. If you cannot take it without liner or changing it, maybe you wana try disposable paper panties? So you can throw away, mayb lesser it or else very expensive.

At home, I don’t wear underwear anymore (unless menses come). Now I also only wash with water only.

From what I interpreted, our cervix or virginal wall does not have much or no senses (or what it is call), we do not or cannot feel itchy at the inside. So once the discharge with YI start flowing out to your virginal opening, you start feeling itchy because we have senses there. The discharge is like your fermented alcohol from your yeast, that explains the itch from the alcohol burn.

Sorry, I’m not good at the real terms, so I can only remember it at a very laymen understanding. Haha. From my understanding, douching does not help because the yeast does not only come from your virginal, it come down way up there frm your guts. Ofcause I agree that virginal is a good place to breed/multiply those yeast too.
Ya during the diet with Dr Sundar, I cannot eat those you had listed out. If you scroll up, you can see how I make my own yeast-free bread. Ya I think they sell it too but guess is at those organic markets, I think Sandy will know better where to get those.
1. dun insert garlic in - will change ph level - lesser disturbance better. Can wash lah girl.. normal - but dun over wash...rinse enough to egt rid of the discharge to keep clean - dun use soap cuz some soaps imbalance pH.

2. Using pantiliners dun allow ur vagina to breathe enuf, = anaerobic (low oxygen) = good for fungus. U can get those organic ones but very ex lah..never try before so i duno..

3. Yes - fungus finds its way into our system - not only vagina. it can be seen under the microscope too if someone has fungus in blood stream. so targetting only the vagina like most gynae's do won't help. I went gynae a few times but to no avail, so I started on my own experiements. My clinic lor..take my own supplements and keep trying- key here is not to give up. SO what your gynae draw and expain IS VERY TRUE.. I am beginning to like her. who is she and which clinic she from? I love 'educating doctors'!! =) happy u found her..=)
yes it's true oral meds like diffucan will work that way but like she said, yeast is naturally occuring in our body in good balance = no prob, prob start when the environment change and become good for yeast party...haha..

Yes TCM - also correct - the Qi low = low immunity/ suppressed immunity - so Im guessing what she gave u is to boost it and regenerate Qi so that ur own body can take control of ur syste, now its in a battle..u gotta put in good nutrition to boost up everything, so supplements can work too.. cuz if system low also take supps sometimes dun help cuz body too weak to respond positively to it..=) so i like TCM too..=)

Yes, eat rice products - not wheat cuz it has gluten - tts why she say vegetarain food also dun eat cuz the mock meat is all gluten! haha..

Enzymes - these are made for cellular level uptake and extracted.. not exactly sure I have to read up too.. but they say do they help cear up yeast in the bloodstream - and I know enzymes have their benefit, we lack alot of it, so tts why have probems too...they have their benefits in terms of boosting immuniyt too and cleaning the system - must read up myself to know more..

Difflucan - yes it's chemical = toxic to body = if liver is weak or body can't take then side effects appear this is al body dependent - so it's a risk we all take - took difflucan too.. I was so petrified Ihad heart palpi too after taking and cld not sleep til like 3/4am - maybe cuz I was paranoid too..haha..but i had sweats and i just didnt take the other pill the next time round..bcasically - any drug is toxic to the body... just degree of toxic level drugs same ah...well, some herbs too so need to also be cautious..tts why on supplement bottles they always put not certified by FDA and to consult doctor if necessary..haha.=)
Memchoc - u shld take alkala daily - no pt taking only during ovulation cuz, if the fungus know when the body alkalize they will tahan...since it's for a short while.. but if it's daily..the cannot take it..then run away..haha..i know u dun want to be reliant on it but if it makes it flush out all at once then I suggest do it. =) I can try buy it at a discount if u really want..put under my name..itry k? let me know if not enuf.
Naturopathic concept - yes change the terrain so they have to flee. =)

Enzyme therapy - currently Im taking this product called Maru-man - quite nice to drink compared to a previous enzyme drink i tried for my parents. im experimenting.. im gonna view my blood cells under microscope then see i have improvement or not..=) gonna do this for the next 2 monhts til my wedding.. hopefully i look radiant as the lady said i bottle of 1L is 198$ - expensive - im taking the minimum of 10ml x 2 daily = 50days will last me. If I increase dosage as she suggested after 2 weeks, it will probably last me 1 month... not that cheap also but im trying..=) as a maintainence instead of popping herbs n digestive enzymes..=) cuz Im slowly trying to find soemthing formy mom and i think i found this wld be good for her.. previous enzyme drink too sour she dun this tastes nice but it's 3x the price. dad has to stick to the cheaper one cuz it's specialised for diabetics..=) so all the more me have to take care cuz famiy line hv diabetes..and must bao zhong now..

herbalife also abt that price - inclusiv eof the suplements all (this is only for weight loss though) my friend worked for her..=) she lost alot hehe..she looks good..still on fleshy side but so much better..=) anyway, I realy hope it helps u so u can have bby..I m also worried abt concieving..i hope YI dun come back...=Z be so tough..

memchoc - thanks for tips.. I will remind myself to drink drink drink..=) and true can't leave wo the bride..hahahah... I will take it as MY day...and dun fear that im keepng ppl up..hahahah...

Olive leaf cheap ahh.. good buy good buy..=) yeah original OL at Nature's farm abt 43something. so very cheap..=) great.!

I love CJr. outlet at NEX - the new serangoon hubby's place nearby..hahaha.. next time can just bus few stops down..hahaha..=)

These few months i keep eating junk liao.. so im trying to get back on track...=( yeah it's hard cuz everywhere have not so healthy food...but we have to live life too..=) so don't forget to enjoy ok? =)

Hugs everybody..=)

bunny, if u need any advise or questions answered, post them here, I can ask my doctor and see if i have solutions for you..=) where memchoc posted IS the clinic where I work..=) hehe.. yes it is EXPENSIVE..BUT....i cant write here but I PM you...k?

It was a female naturopath(no longer works here) tt told me to put pro-bio inside but i think best not to. dun like the idea..haha...hard to get it in all the i think just dun bother- dun waste - take it and consume it better. haha..I can give u her no if u cant. not sure how much she chrages - she runs her own clinic at peninsula plaza..=) let me know..

1. bacteria - gotten rid off (try not to contract it again- even simple genital contact w/o penetration can kena - so be careful - maybe get ur hubs checked... no offence though - better to be safe than sorry, not pointing fingers here but finding the root cause of it... just sharing my thots) =)

2. focuz now on changing your terrain by following the supps like memchoc..the longer u've been a sufferer and on drugs the longer it wi take to if its TCM - do it for the recommended month that she's putting u on to boost etc and follow thru..=) update me k?

3. don't lose heart - YI will be conquered! be healthy - it will a be a long still on mine(hopefully gone for good) we'l journey together ok? we're all here for each other..=)

God Bless
any kind of alcohol bad because it is the easiest to break down into glucose.
Carbohydrate - 4kcal for every 1g.
Protein - 4 kcal for every 1g
Fat - 4kcal for every 1g
Alcohol - 4kcals for every 1g

above when we eat, CP&F all breakdown slowly to give energy & nutrition.. for alcohol - it wil; be the first o breakdown into gluscose and that's what feeding the fungus..=) so alcohol no matter what is a no no...besides this fact -prob also have other reasons but this is what I know..=) u wanna stay away from any 'sugars' whether fermented w yeast or not, it's the same thing.. =)

hard hard bread.. i duno..unless she got name...haha
My friend just told me:
(Mei Jun Xing Yin Dao Yan)


(Jiao Mu Jun Gan Ran)

酵母感染 can also do, Chinese doctor should be able to understand. This was copy from my friend, I'm not good in reading Chinese, or else I be searching the Chinese World Wide Web.


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memchoc, yes i understand what u mean about there being no feeling inside the vagina. thats what the gynae mentioned too.

may i know, for you girls who dun wear panties at home, lets say u wear pants or nightgown, and if u dun change the PJ pants or nightgown everyday, doens't it mean that it will be dirty and not hygienic? coz like when we sit down or move about, bound to have some contacts between our private parts and the inside of the PJ pants or nightgown right? and i think ppl dun change their PJs every single day, wun be mean wun be as fresh as if use panties? sorry may be a silly question heheee...

Now I am on the crossroads...I have taken one does of diflucan last Thur, and supposed to take one more tmlw, and one last one next Thur. total 3 weeks. but the same day last thur i also started a mth of TCM. now am very dilemna about whether to take tmlw's diflucan....
few days ago i had 2 episodes of sudden gastric pain, dunno if its due to diflucan a not. i have gastric prob but it will never happen for no reason, and that day its for no reason, just a sudden pain for a few mins, twice that day. sigh...and knowing its toxic, plus the fact that I am sick now so immune is down so livers more susceptible right? dunno how.... any advice anyone?
onsansg> no prob

bunnyhop> yap we need to be hygienic to change our panties everyday but panties doesn't have good ventilation compare to jus PJs pants. I try to change my PJ daily but sometime i see no stain, i dont change. Keke.
If I dun wear undies which is seldom, i sti change daily. stain no stain. Just think it's hygienic to do so. I try buy cotton undies. =) i buy 1 size bigger so its not sotight.. like if I can fit into a med/large i'd opt for that..but not those auntie panties ah i stil young so need to still be young..haha..

anyway, if u have taken diflucan, it's non anti-biotic, so it's safe to stop, but do db check w your doc i u can. Its ur choice once u know the info abt the meds carfeully then make ur decision.

read up on diflucan side effects - if it can cause gastirc then might be cause..=P but sometimes stress also can cause tummy to go hay wire..just make sure u have ur meals and lots of water..
ok, since u on TCM i suggest take the meds at least 1 hr aprat frm your TCM supps. tedious but better not to mix. Cuz u duno what interactions that might be. But dun over worryabt it too what's comfortable. If u realy feel not comfortable taking the difucan, stop taking it. and jst contnue full force w your TCM.

Boost immunity - take a mutivit or vitamin C(1000mg) 3x per day w meals. Vit C heps but garlic is a better source of boosting immunity..
make sure u ave whole foods and fresh veggies for your nutrition...k? drink lots of water..

as for liver - it's the diflucan and most meds that cause the liver to over work..if ur liver is strong - still can dun worry, take your vitamins...some help to protect liver damage too. =) If u're too paranoid abt it, dun take.

Just to share - but only cuz I believe much in natural help, I took 1 cap to stop the immediate itch for a few days and stopped the other 2 tabs.. I only resort to taking the tabs when I reay cant tahan the itch.. so, like over a period of like a month of natural, and YI come up again and cannot tahan, I take the tab and follow thru w my natural supps... and did my own natural stuff until i feel better... took longer and months but im on my way i guess.. I use it as a very very last resort when it gets bad then mentally it's torturing..i take and take it w peace of mind that it will stop temporarily whie u 'buy time' to use natural meds.

Integration lah..hahaha..=) right or wrong if it works for me and I know im spacing out the medical dosage, I feel better.. so in between u keep your heath and immunity in check so your body is in good state to recieve the drug..=) understand what I mean? =) Im no doctor but I do what I feel is comfortable from my understanding of medicine and reactions and good n bad read mine with open mind and each body is different, so I really can't say this will work for you..

Just feel if you're too worried abt the 'toxic stuff', dun take. cuz the mental stress wil also cause a chain of bodily stimulations of hormones and stuff, so best try not to stress over it ok? =) hugs..

Hope this helped..Anything u can sms me..=) i PM you k?
There are also other causes of YI, coud be hormonal prob, could be heavy metal toxicity, so we need to know. No point doing so much and the source of the problem is still around and you keep working so hard w little effect.

Lifestye change = dietary = maintenance supps (in event you envurnemnt u work in or live in is the cause of it) = not easy road to journey, butone day you will find yourself better. = dun give up..=)

sms easier, sometimes I dun check mail..=) anythng urgent ask i try ask my docs here..


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Hi Sandy and Memochoc, congrats on your big day! Memochoc and bunnyhop, sorry to hear abt your outbreak... im not doing good myself. Its still happening every mth, though the severity is lower, and the "clear days" are longer. I have been taking coconut oil very diligently that my hubby was equally disappointed to see my relapse aft menses end as he saw the effort i put in. I went to see the GP and got a med with 10pills, to take for 10days straight. Forgot the name of the pill, but read online its for chronic yeast infection condition. Took the med before my menses...My menses was over for abt a wk alrdy...still feeling healthy...hope this med works for me and from then on, i just need to take my coconut oil for maintenance... good luck to all!


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13th day after my menses finish, the infections is reporting again. Hope it will go away by itself soon...wonder if there is a dr who will do a thorough examine of the body to make sure its really yeast infection.. if not we'll be treating the wrong problem thats why it keeps coming back


hi, how about to let a dermatologist check. give a call to ask if they see skin problems at private part? u can call dr tham siew nee at gleneagles hospital..
Let me try to explain this as simply as possible.

1. Fungus overgrowth - if prolonged, these fungus take root in your gut lining and make the guts their home. Like trees, they root and stand firm. They become yeasts - same thing fungus and yeast - just different stages.

2. How they come about - it's a natural occurring organism - but hormones, diet, other micro-orgs etc can cause an imbalance.. so you need to find the root cause of it.

3. If its hormonal issue and you dun take charge of or re-balance your hormones, it will constantly be a prob for you even if u take meds from docs and supplements to maintain. = waste of time n effort and money.

4. If you want to find out whether it is YI, gng or swab test from vagina area is the best - to identify if it is yeast, you can also do a test of your fecal matter - if it has overgrowth of yeast, you know that you probably have leaky guts = yeasts have taken root in your guts. Fret not, can help but all these take time to heal.

5. Treatment - normal diet alone will not get rid of them. You need a typhoon to disband their hurricane katrina..disperse and dispel them...haha...the idea is there lah...

A) Fungal killer - You need fungal killer (OLE) Coconut Oil, Oil or Oregano etc - we believe in OLE (Olive Leaf extract) we prescribe this at clinic.

B) plus a balance of pH (Alkala) - alkalize the gut and blood so fungus will not thrive whereever they are. serious caes, blood can see fungal growth too = white blood cells are activated to kill them but insufficient. = Immunity affected.

C) Liver - support immunity and liver detoxification(cuz this is needed to help body to flush out any toxins too- if liver is weak, hard to detox too - slower process) Liver supplement needed.

D) Enzymes - to ease digestion = food broken down well gives no chance for fungus to feast = better digestion process.

E) pro-biotics - good gut bacteria to help re-balance or establish good gut balance.

F) healing of gut - roots have made 'holes' so a good EFA(essential fatty acid) is necessary to heal the gut. If not toxins still leak into your bloodstream = overworked liver & kidneys = cause problems if the function is less, toxins still circulate in the blood stream - on top of that if diet is not in good control - guess what? Overworked systems. But we dun put this on the list together cuz already the above wil cost u some $, so, if u have fish oils good to take too..remember hurricane. But how long the hurricane needs to be around for, i cant say. Each body works differntly and severity varies. so it's all a wait n see game.. who wins, fungus or you...

We have 4 main eliminating systems -
1st - Gut - digestive system, waste gets out thru the anus. If there's to much = overproduction of mucus = problems
2nd - Liver - see above.
3rd - Immunity - see above. allergies, pains etc..
4th - Kidney -

If gut is overloaded can can't fush out toxins fast enuf, toxins overflow into liver - if too much toxins for liver to process -overfows into the immune system - blood - WBC(White bood cells) increase = inflammation somewhere - might have pains in joint etc..and if that's overflowing - kidneys are affected too..etc..

Our body adapts to situations - naturally. It compensates and when u get older - all probs it once seem to be able to handle, slowly surrenders and shows up as problems.

So you roughly understand how the elimination goes? and how by helping these elimination system and boosting immunity naturally, makes it easier for each other(organs) to function, will ease the burdens off each organ to do it's regular functions? hmm..

U ca try derma - but they only see to externals, so to me I think uite pointless. sorry onsang.

so, diet alone cannot get rid of yeast - a proper treatment at good dosage and for a period of time with each area being tackled at one time will give a good impact for fungus to run. know what I mean?

If it's hormones - get a hormone test done - not just TSH, check for others too.. which also mainly starts from bad gut...and creeps slowly to the stage of such need to slowly reverse things.. walk back the same path to healing.. long arduous journey..

Tts why I've suggested the above supps and all need to be followed as closely as possible. If cant, they do your best, but prepared to take time. We need to find a good balance if the docs meds help - use it along side Natural too. It took me 4 years ladies..don't despair.

On a personal note, im still free from YI and im happy.. and still worry tt it come back..esp if there's gonna be any sexual intercourse in future after marriage... when pH is disturbed.. I duno how it will be then. I will keep yall posted.. =Z Keeping my fingers crossed. =)

Hope all will be well..=)
and yearly anti-fungal diet w supps will help re-establish good system, it's like a detox and cleanse yearly too..

so it doesnt stop there..

In our world of toxins... we need to do what we can.. eat healthy = lessen amts of toxins, cu env have alot liao..body can naturally get rid. Just boost immunity..we might even be able to do it 1x every 1.5 to 2 yrs.. if u eat lotsa junk then.. 1x every 6 monhts to 1 year - detox..=)

see how your body feels then...when you're older - differnt story cuz body system changes..and our mission, is to prevent it form occuring too eary so we can enjoy what life has to offer instead of keep focussing on probs that come up..=P

so idealistic..whahaha...but if we make it a lifestyle.. and hopefully food stores around us change for the better, then it wil make life ALOT easier... but u think it will? =)

Do what u can k? =) and do ur best.. Never Never never give up..=)
I have been reading abit recently on book i got from the National Library. "Candida Albicans-non drug approach to the treatment of candida infection" by Leon Chaitow.

It says that maybe is due to Leaky guts but it only recommend supplements to heel Liver like what I'm taking Milk Thistle but what can we eat to heel our guts then?

Btw, I'm taking 3 times a day for Olive Leaf Extract after each meal. Many times I'm tempted to take my Sporanox as it was really itchy at times but i restrict myself not to. But in the book it says we can work hand in hand with medicine drug (Sporanox or other drug) but at the same time with Diet n supplement. Do u recommend that? I so feel like taking the Sporanox but scare to relay on it as i know the consequence well w/o supplement n heeling the main prob; my guts/liver/digestive tract.
Hello all,
I have been cutting down alot on sugar esp after the 2011 New Year. With all the good food ard for Xmas n NewYr, is hard to cut back on sugar, so my yet another journey begain now and a new resolution for 2011.

I have also been reading books related to Yeast, just finish two which i wana recommend to everyone here.

This is my first book from the library, its a eye opener. It teaches you a non-drug approach to cure Yeast infection. This book also bring me to my 2nd book.

This is a very popular book in Americal. This has to be one of my fav book. It not only tell you about the supplements u can use but also the drugs that can work along side with supplements. It talke about Sporanox/Defilcan etc too. So highly recommend this to all of u. I borrowed it from the Library too but im planning to get one for myself. Just Love It.

Currently, Im reading this book. If u r still not convince that u shld let go of sugar, this is the book you need. I'm only onto the first few pages as i borrowed it only yday but im loving it already. Sugar not only make ur yeast worse but it can give u all sort of sickness n how it feed cancer and upsad ur immune system which can bring lots of problem to your health. Do read this as a motivation book and gives u additional reason to reduce ur sugar intake.

The days where I watch my diet are the days i felt my yeast is not around. Once I go back to sugar, thats when it comes back. Is not a instance thing but I can feel it the following day after a bad diet. Sugar has no nutritional value but only calories. So if you find yourself gaining weight and hard to slim down, mayb is sugar.

About 100years ago, people only consume 9kg of sugar per year per person but now on an average, we are consuming 45kg a year!!! Human body is amazing and can get used to such diet but NOT in just a century! Our body are unable to cope now that is y more n more sickness are coming. Diabetes/cancer/stroke/heart attack and all kind of degenerative disease.


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The sad thing is, many yummy food contain sugar! So sad when the world is without cakes and ice cream.... im trying to cut down too. Yeast is still lurking around monthly but number of days it is present has been significantly reduced. Lets pray for more yeast free days and seek for total recovery one day!
Ya it is really sad to see all d cakes n chocolate but unable to eat. After reading, our sweet tooth r really being spolit by all those sweet food out there. I think I will still cut dwn on sugar even after I fully recover cuz now I knw sugar cause too much trouble den just "feeling good". We r all sugar addicted where we will crave for sugar. Haha. But after a few diet trial, I'm learning to love veg alot more.

I ever experiment on myself, I though a small slice of chocolate a day is very little but I still don't feel good. Truely so far my true yeast free days r d days where I'm taking those nutritional shakes 3meals a day but that's exp n not for long term. I'm bck to controlling what I put into my mouth. I'm feeling alot better now, used to be super tire at work but now is better n although sometime my discharge is still thick but not as itchy as b4. Jia you everyone.
hi hi....
I'm married!!! haha..=) sorry MIA so long..=)
Ok, frm what I gathered skimming thru the past posts..
1. Heal Gut lining, if I am not wrong..Take EFA, Essential Fatty acids..more broad based.. but if u dun go on proper diet, also no pt taking.
the other one..L Gutamine is specific(usually prescribed by a doc) and same thing if u dun diet no point taing cuz ur gut is not 'cleansed from the bad foods'.
2. stay away from sugarwhen u can.. i try to too. but it's hard.. but if we change our perspective on things, u will find it easier. =) I am...some times I let live.. cuz ife is not al abt diet and's abt finding that balance..=) but when u're in the ruts, find ur way out then find the balance. u cant find the balance when u're not well..
3.Nutritiona shakes like mem choc said, it's ony temporary's utimately a lifestyle diet change..use that to 'reboot' ur system for the time being and find lifetime support diet change..=)
4. It takes time...but hard cuz time moves to quickly.. sugar is everywhere...cuz of the way the world is moving.=) so Jia you...

hapy u foundboks to read..=)

5. dun take olive leaf for months in a row. Pls do take it alternatively..too much of soething good is also no good..=) we prescirbe it for 16 to 21 days...and thereafter we can alternate or move on to the next leve of hope we also no not self medicate w herbs w/o understanding it's own way of workng too..=)

6. yes u can take it side by side, but make sure they are spaced out at east 1 hr away from herbals. If u really feel u must, make sure u are wel hydrated and healthy..=) n stuff to prtect liver..=) if u're gynae is open tak to them abt it and see how both can help..=)
Sandy, Congrats to u.

Essential Fatty Acid, oh thats good, I'm eating Fish Oil now (Omega3). Good for pregnant women too. But my hubby always say i have bad breath after eating it. =\ (add up the fish smell + garlic = smelly~~)

Ya, i've stopped OLE, onto garlic instead, doesn't wana relay on certain supplement or turn to become allegic to something if over eating it.
U're preggers? if u are gong xi ni..=)
Do a combination of 3-6-9 - good for women..=) not just 3.

Bad breath..hmm...I take Manuka honey 25+ just before bed and the next day, my morning breath is not amazed myself too..=) but manuka is expensive.. but I like that it helps..=)

If u are preggers, pls do take supplemetns w care o consult ur doc/professional cuz u dun wanna affect foetal growth..

hear ya soon..
Haha. no lar, i wish i am but I'm not. =(

But i read somewhere that fish oil helps yeast infection so i just take and it also has Omega which is good. Ya it has a combination of 3 & 6, not sure about 9.

oh honey, but i now staying away from sugar n include honey for the time being.


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Congrats Sandy!Welcome to the "Mrs" club. :p

I have been taking OLE 2 times a day... though infection still comes every month, each time only last 2-3 days right before, and right after menses. I think the OLE helps, or the coconut oil that im taking helps, i duno... didnt know cannot take for long term cuz i was so happy i finally found something that can help to control. Will perhaps try the combo of garlic and acidophilus after the OLE finishes.
Thank you thank you..=)
You'll be blessed w one soon..=) no worries.=) settle this YI first..=)

OlE is herbs so thats why I say not too god to take like long term.=) u can take alternate months 3x per day or 1x per day as maintenance for 2-3 months break then start again..=) as long as you have a month break in between you shd be fine.=) some longer,, dependednt on your body..=)

Garlic is better cuz it's food.. extract.. of course, too much of everything is no good but I like garlic pills.=) I have tobuy more now that I've shifted into my in laws.. there no supps al in my parent's fridge.. so now gotta slowly build up my stores.. hope my in law wont mind..haha..oops..

yeah honey, u can take though in moderation sine u have YI. it has it's benefits too so, see how u can fit it in.=)

Now my hubby is believing more on what Im doing..=) he takes honey when he's under the weather..I need to buy more...he finished my 500g bottle in like almost a week..=Z haha..he wanted to be good or the wedding okay ah..hahaha..he fell sick 2 weeks before wedding.. sore throat fever all.. I was by him but I never got sick..=P shows I have done well in boosting immune system so i din contract it from him..=)hehe.. happy for myself..=P

I need to start on my detox again...ive been junking out for past 2-3 months though I told myself to stay away from wheat sugar and dairy... i ate n ate..cuz i tried to put on weight..=Z only to put on 1kg per month..=( and losing both the 2kg in just 3 days befor emy wedding..argh...=Z so frustrating..have differnt problem..=( duno why so hard to put on weight... but now wedding over.. no need to worry abt looking too skinny..=P or facial regime also not too bothered mayeb just do maintenance..ast time before edding dun I think I see why I need to..moisturize esp..=P hehe..

okie...anyway, Lilacz - coconut oil can take daily but understand that it is also calories to your diet, so cut back elsewhere if you dun want to have too much weight on..=P hehe..
Hope it wil slowly be gone after a while.=) sometimes it may not just be diet, so if diet is alright n still not gng away it may be other, do update..k? some times is heavy meta toxicity in body, if metal txic still constanty inside, YI wi constantly be there.. if the source is not treated =P

MemChoc, jia not as on as to read so much.. Idun like reading.heheh.=P so somethings maybe u more expert than e after reading, do share..hehe..=)

Jia you jia you.=)

Cheers to being a Mrs.=)


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Hi gals, I'm new to this thread, but also suffering from recurrent yeast problem.
Have been having this every day since June 2010, and am going crazy with worry.
My problems started after taking many courses of antibiotics after delivery of my baby in Jan'09. Had pelvic infection bec of gynae negligence.
Ended up hospitalised for 2 weeks on IV antibiotics in March 2010.

Since then I have been having itching, cottage cheese type of discharge from the vagina. Tried anti-fungal pessaries, oral Diflcan. All with limited success. It just comes back every month.
I'm an emotional wreck now. Even have to see a psychiatrist for depression and anxiety.

Can someone please recommend a naturopathic clinic ? I'm in desperate need of help and feel very frightened that I'll never get over this problem.

I cry myself to sleep every night and haven't had sex with hubby since baby was born. He's been very understanding, but I know he's feeling the strain from my physical and emotional problems.

Someone please please help me.....
Hi Audrey,
e-mail me. I'll hook you up with the clinic I work at.
Will share w you what you'll need to prep mentally before you come in k? =) or read up on mem choc's sharing as she has been to clinic I work at.. =)

It will take time depending on your health condition and how long you have had it for. But i've suffered from it before..for 4 years..on n off..n I am proud to say i've tried natural methods for 2 years? and i can say I have been YI free for 8 months...=)
Hi,forgot to intro myself,
Im sandra. I work at a Naturopathic Clinic as patient Health educator.
You may mail me at [email protected] to get details.
Wanted to PM(Private Message) you my but couldn't.
Don't be too worried or stressed ok? We're all here for you and hubs and baby..=) BIG HUGS to you...
I'm so glad you found this link..=)
Hear from you soon.
God Bless


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Hi Sandra!
thanks so so much for your response.
I'm so glad I've found this link too and realised that I'm not alone out there in this suffering.

Congratulations on being YI free for 8mths. Very inspiring :=) There's hope for recurrent YI sufferers.
I was resigned to the possibility of living with this condition and my psychiatrist had given me anti-depressant meds (Zoloft)to take. Altho' they're effective, it caused me a worse problem - inflammation to the bone marrow and abnormal red blood cells (now seeing a haematologist to monitor the condition).
I've stopped taking Zoloft already.

I'm so glad that there are natural alternatives to taking Diflucan and other anti-fungals.
I've been reading all the postings on this thread and it's so informative and an eye-opener.

Mainstream doctors don't recognise 'systemic' yeast infection. Believe me...I've tried convincing my gastro specialist about 'yeast overgrowth in the small intestines and the yeast making holes in my small intestines' . He laughed in my face and said I'm crazy. He put it down to IBS.
I had gone to see a gastro because of some bowel pains, and weight loss (5kg) I was eating up to 5 big meals a day, yet had a hard time maintaining my weight.
I was convinced that the yeast was causing my gut lining to be inflammed and therefore not able to properly absorb the nutrients from food.

Really want to get rid of this yeast and get my life back in order. I'm starting a new job after cny (haven't been able to work after delivery of baby bec of infections and depression) and really need the money and worried that I can't perform - the YI affects my sleep and makes me depressed.

Sandra, thanks for sharing your knowledge on YI and the natural meds. I'll email you now for the details for your clinic.

Hugs !


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Oh yah, just wanna share some info. GNC sells
L-Glutamine (1000mg per tablet).
After reading your posting on it, I Googled it. It's good for healing of the gut lining.
Hi Audrey,
Welcome to this forum, don’t cry, you are not alone. Being depress and cry will suppress your immune system and make it even harder. I read frm books, many women w YI thinks they r going crazy or feeling depress easily. Basically, YI is link to symptoms of memory lost, fatigue, depression, sleepless nights n even diarrhea. These systems are infect d same as ppl who takes too much sugar. I find both are closely connected.

I think the basic supplements to start off with is
1. Garlic & OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) – to kill yeast
2. Pro-bitotic – Introducing good bacterial to your intestine (make sure u buy those w Live Active Culture Bacteria with may require u to refrigerate it once open- lactobacillus bifidobacteria and lactobacillus acidophilus.) Every person has to learn to take this once u r taking anti-biotic to prevent Yeast overgrowth.
3. Multi-Vit like Vit A, C & E which is high in Anti-oxidant, this can prevent many other damages which yeast r doing to your body now.
4. Millk Thistle (to support your liver function)
5. Fish Oil to heal guts lining which is being damage by Yeast (or maybe ur L-Glutamine)

These are the essential items on my own opinion and these are what I’m have been taking. On top of it, I’m also taking other supplements to boost my immune system n other problem. =)

Hugs Audrey, u will b all fine.


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For herb we cant take endlessly for long term. Prob stop for one month after 3 months... what abt probiotics? Can we take for long term daily?
pro-biotics not a prob if no probs w guts n healthy can take 1x per day instead of 2x. =) or u can alternate days if u wish or feel u have not worries abt health..=)

Anyway, Lilacz, mem choc and Audrey.. Hope all you guys fine..

Audrey pls update on condition, hope u're mentally stronger sine this glimmer of hope has been found thru thi thread..

We're here for you ok? =) There's hope...If you are not read to come in yet or to spend the moey cuz it will also cost u for treatment(speak to memchoc abt costing..she has been here and been equipped with some knowledge so she also can share her experience w you from outsider's point of view, instead of ony from me.=) )
Do let me know when you're ready to come in. If you're not ready, try the above sharings on supplements if it helps good, if it doesn.t, come in for consult to ask the doctors(and come in prepared w a list to bombard the doctor..haha..w your questions..thats'w hat u're paying him for..=P something I always tel pre-patients so they make full use of their expenditure, cuz it's really not cheap. =Z anyway, coming in for testing would also be better to find out the cause of it rather than trying to treat an unknown cause.
But from what I see, since it's a recent occurance and not few years, it should be easier and less complex like the 3 of us..=)
so actually if u want to save on consult fees, try DIY first.. u can get those I mentioned above, if u want alkala, I can get it for you..let me know k? alkala impt. if u wnt mik thistle, I have a new bottle havent opened.. havent used.. I bought 1 month back,,i can sell it to you at a discount..cuz I doubt I will take it. My sis bought and we realise we dun need so much..didn't count properly. cuz got 10% discount as members - got rom GNC, so will sell it to you at the discounted price on top of that further 10% disc, so 20% off.. let me know k? =) hehe..
the rest u can buy from GNC/Nature's farm - but they're more ex than my clinic i feel, so it's up to you..=) hehe...

hear from you soon k?

Happy that mem choc's feeling better. =)
oh yeah.. no side effects for long term on pro-biotics.
mem choc, u can just take 1x per day or alternate cuz anti-biotics will kill them anyway, so dun waste money away..hahaha...=P or if u realy want, dun take at all n after the course, take 2x per quickly replenish..=) also can. =)
Sandy> Oh Thanks for the infor on the anti-biotic n probiotic. Haha I always thinks so too, waste my money to eat now... but i still eat, jus incase. Lolx. Ok den I will stop/reduce pro-biotic for now until i finish my anti-biotic.

For those who don't know, My yrly checkup review that i hv UTI but no sysptom at all, so doctor play safe n give me anti-biotic.

Ya my yeast is better now, dunnoe if its the anti-biotic that temporary supress yeast or was it due to after menses as it flushes out those yeast for the time being.

I just finish reading the book on "Sucide by Sugar", is a good book, it talks about homeostatic balance and other degenerative diseases. She even teaches on the different kinds of sugar that is out on the market. Even Diet Cola has sugar but just as other form which is also humful to our body. she did touches very little on yeast but she did mention that sugar (of any kind) causes yeast infection n cancer.

So ppl, we shld consider ourself lucky, atleast now we r not hving cancer or diabetic (touch wood), althou YI diet makes me feel like a diabetic but atleast we won't die from it if we eat something sugary, we just get yeast outbreak. But there r ppl who has 20yrs of YI who can't even work as the sysptoms get worse.

Jia You, is a blessing in disguise that we are now more wary about our health and slowly learn to accept a life style change - healthier. We can do it. I will make it happen too. Still fighting. *Hugs to everyone.


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Hi Memo Choc and Bunnyhop, how was your experience with TCM? Has it helped you so far?

Im still having it this month...haiz...


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Tried TCM today. Given some med and I was told to douche twice a week. Read from many articles its not advisable to douche, will affect the PH level... Should I go ahead to douche as advised by the chinese physical?? Thru my observation, I only have outbreak during ovulation n 2 days before menses...


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Hi gals! thanks for your warm welcome and all your advice. Sandra, thanks for your email and the details for your clinic. I've just started on my new job and things have been crazy hectic! (I've only been there for 10 days). Hence I'm sorry I couldn't find the time to reply your email or post my update earlier.
I think I will have to diy first because I can't afford the package cost (meds and consult fee). I told my hubby abt it and he says to try self supplementation first for a few months.

My daily regime now (have started on it for 2 weeks)
1) Multivitamin
2) Fish Oil
3) Calcium & Magnesium
4) B-complex
5) Biogaia & LactoGG (probiotics)
6) Garlic capsule (3x daily)
7) L-Glutamine (500mg/day)
8) Nystatin (oral suspension: antifungal med)
Prescribed by my doc (2 months already)
9) 5-HTP (this is a herbal mood enhancer to help me cope with depression and stress) (from Nature's Farm)(taken for 20 days already)

So far, I find that the Nystatin is rather effective in killing the yeast in the intestines. My appetite has improved and I'm putting on more weight easily (means better absorption of nutrients)

Over the last 2 weeks, my mood has lifted and more easy to cope with stress (esp new job/envt/boss etc). I think the 5HTP is very effective. Don't know whether any long term side effects or not.

As for the vaginal yeast, I'm still having whitish
patches of discharge on my underwear (I don't wanna wear pantyliners). Most noticeable when I wear black underwear. The discharge is odourless.

I notice that when I stay clear of chocolate/milo/3-in-1 coffee/cakes/sugar, it seems better. Once I take any of these things, the itching will start within the day and I'm so tempted to insert a anti-fungal pessary

LiLacz, just to share with you that I ever went to see a Eu Yang San doc for this yeast problem sometime last year. Was given sachet powder to drink 3x daily. I did that for 1 month, but didn't notice any effect (maybe needed a longer time). However, I did a liver panel test(blood test) after that and found that the liver enzyme levels increased (liver inflammation, doc says it's due to the TCM meds). After I stopped, the levels dropped back to normal after 2 months.
I remember my gynae ever told me that douching is not recommended. don't know why though.

one thing else, I've started using RepHresh vaginal gel (it says it helps to restore normal vagina pH level, to prevent bad bacteria ). So far it is effective. I used it after my period ended, and tested the pH level with a test kit (bought at Guardian pharmacy). pH 4.5 (normal). if u really wanna douche, maybe u can try using rephresh after douching.


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Hi Audrey, thanks for sharing. I am scare now after hearing about the effect TCM did on the liver! The TCM dr asked me to take the med for 3 months and see how it goes! So far, she has prescribed me med for 2 weeks and asked me to go back and see her after that. I didnt buy the douche afterall, cuz i read from numerous webby and all do not recommend douching. Where can i find RepHresh? Is it expensive? Is your yeast prob only occuring for few days a month or is it on-going? I have progressed from on-going to only during ovulation and 2days before menses.Not sure if its the supplements i have been taking for months now or what. Im not very sure, but i think i have taken Nystatin for 10days.This is for chronic yeast infection right? It was ok during that month when i took the med, but the following month, same prob occurred. How long did your gynae recommended for you to take this?
Hi Audrey n LiLacz>
I did not try on TCM for this YI, for what i know, this YI only happen in recent centuries as Antibiotic get more n more commonly used. As TCM is a long long technique (500 yrs?), so i don't think at that time this is as common or even exsit to have the TCM doctor learn how to due with it. I believe in TCM too but not for all this new age sickness.

I thought i can trust drugs/doctor but after i get ammune to SPORANOX, I'm scare. But i still have to rely on Doctor (medical science for certain tests/ checkups or even drugs if can't bare with it). But for treating its root, really hv to use natural remedy (supplements).

LiLacz, i also experience yeast outbreak during Ovulation but my hubby got it even b4 my outbreak after sex. Haizz. how to have baby like this? Now is my Ovulation period but my discharge is also thick n itchy. Baby plan looks so unreachable, we need some sort of miracle.

Nystatin is a drug from New York (NY-Stat-in), i didn't know S'pore has it?! I'm looking for doctor who can prescrib that to me. Do u mind sharing your doc/gynea with me (PM me)? Nystatin is an Anti-Yeast drug which is highly recommented from many books i read. Is a controlled drug, so can't buy from phamacy, need prescribtion from doctor (sad to say, many GP don't prescrib Anti-Yeast medc).

The Yeast and Women's Health is written by a doctor, he give his patient Nystatin for YI and some for even months to years. Nystratin do not have any known side effect so far. Yap, it is for Choronic YI. Sporanox is for one time use, so sad to say, i have abuse SPORANOX for a very long time, thats y now SPORANOX is non-effective towards me anymore.
Audrey> It is true that as long as i stay away from Cakes/dessert/sugar/chocolate/honey/alcohol, i do not feel as itchy. This is the first thing i observed ever since i started this healing journey, i even feel more alart in the day w/o taking sugar (strange as sugar suppose to give energy. Haha). So I'm still strict on what is put in my mouth. (Confesion: i just put a chocolate into my mouth... arhhh~~~ regrat regrat)... not so good, only one candy can rule your effort in treating yeast.

Althou it is not as itchy but Cottage Cheese discharge is still present esp during the ovulation period n before menses.

So it is obvious that sugar cause yeast to b active and causes all trouble. Anyone who has YI should really stay away from anything SUGAR or ALCOHOL.

btw, ur forum account PM is not "on". can email me at [email protected]


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Hi gals....
it's 11pm on Monday nite, and I'm still working....sigh. I'm beginning to hate this job. So stressful!

Nowadays, my yeast problem only gets worse after ovulation and in the 2 days leading up to menses. (touch wood) (I'm guessing it's to do with our estrogen level fluctuations) During menses, no symptoms. Itching starts 1 or 2 days after menses stop.
I think the good bacteria in the vagina actually help produce lactic acid which is acidic and prevents bad bacteria and yeasts from getting out of control.
Not many Guardian outlets sell Rephresh gel (I get my supplies from Guardian Serangoon Gdns - near my house). Tried getting it at other Guardians but cannot find it. It comes in a box of 6 individually wrapped applicators). quite easy to use: just shake, twist off top, insert in and squeeze to release the gel).
Price is about 24 per box (not cheap...haiz)
I'm going to use it a few days b4 menses and immediately after menses.
The pH level test kit is a Vagisil brand (I think every Guardian has it)
My Nystatin was prescribed by my Blood Disorder specialist at Gleneagles. I almost got a serious bone marrow/blood disorder because of the anti-depressant I was taking (Zoloft). Hence my reason to switch to natural herb (5HTP). Still gotta monitor my blood every 2 months. I told him about my antibiotic abuse history, so he thought I should go on Nystatin for 6 months. He says Nystatin is very safe bec it's not absorbed into the body, so doesn't affect the liver (unlike sporanox, diflucan etc)
He gave me a prescription of Nystatin Syrup bec he doesn't hold stock of it in his clinic. It is available at Gleneagles/Mt Elizabeth Hosp Guardian Pharmacy (u can get any GP to write u the prescription and then u can get it from Guardian pharmacy) My blood specialist is Dr Gerrard Teoh (Gleneagles). But I think there's no need to go to him. Just get a GP to write the prescription.
I know Sporanox and Diflucan are VERY toxic. My blood specialist said some of his patients almost kenna leukaemia because of over-using these toxic drugs. Alamak - so scary! Pls don't ever take it....