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Looking for good postnatal massage lady

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Tiffany Tay, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Tiffany Tay

    Tiffany Tay New Member

    Dear mummies,

    Hope to get a good massage lady. My due date is end oct 2017, going for c section.

  2. izzymon

    izzymon Member

    Hi, mDM Inah @ 90076578. Reasonable price n a very nice lady.. with years of experience.
  3. Idalady88

    Idalady88 New Member

    Hi,u may wish to call Mdm Asmah @ 84999111. She's a very experienced massage lady n I like her massage too.. very reasonable price:)
  4. azilesliza

    azilesliza New Member

    u can try mdm emma 91822373 or nur 96797055
  5. Ally1125

    Ally1125 New Member

    Do not go for Lynda Dee (+65 9485 3892) if anyone recommend you! I still had balanced package with her, but I coundnt reach her now! She seem change number without any inform, or she disappeared!!! Irresponsible!
  6. Ally1125

    Ally1125 New Member

    Do not go for Lynda Dee (+65 9485 3892) if anyone recommend you! I still had balanced package with her, but I coundnt reach her now! She seem change number without any inform, or she disappeared!!! Irresponsible!
  7. I had Just finished my post natal massage with a Lady . Her name is Rose.

    she also do prenatal massage.

    This was my third delivery and I still get her for my post natal massage.

    She is really very friendly and guard me alot of things, like my health and breast feeding problem. Whatever thing I ask her, shE know how to answer me and guard me. I took her 7 days. Include 90mins Head to Toe full body massage and Herbal steam.

    Her massage help to clear a lot of my dirty blood which clog inside my stomach. And I really sweat a lot during every steam.
    After the steam, she will shower you with the ginger & lemon glass water. she will help me measure my tummy every treatment done and wrap me with two binder.
    And on your last day, she will do massage for your baby.

    I love to sweat alot so she will sometime extend the timing for steam to me. Her massage I can feel every point she pointed was the right place.
    Best thing is I slim down very fast. Tummy first day after steam 33.5inch, last day 28.5inch. And my weight drop down 6kg as I did weight myself on the first day of session. And im Very happy.

    If you are interested on Rose, you can contact her at 92706169.And you can also mention me to her. Jeslyn from Tampines street 33.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
  8. Relaxurmind

    Relaxurmind Active Member

    diana is also a good massage young lady.. her no is 94793566..
  9. weiting123

    weiting123 New Member

    Agree. I have just finished my 7days postnatal session with her yesterday. Though quite young but skillful. She has more than 15years experience already. She is very willing to share her opinions and advices. I have learnt alot from her. She helped to clear my milk ducts and can see my breastmilk squirting out.
    A very friendly, responsive and skillful lady
  10. hannah86

    hannah86 New Member

    Yes i tried a few massage ladies for prenatal. And took post natal massage with them. Can consider.
  11. For those who are interested in my service:
    One session is $80, package price is as follow:
    5 days package : $350
    7 days package : $480
    10 days package : $650
    Each session (about 1 hour) includes the following:
    Full body massage
    Body wrap
    Use of quality massage oil and cream
    Pls note you'll need to purchase a bengkung (binder) at $10 for the body wrap which can be used for your subsequent massage
    Payment term:
    Collection of $80 at the end of each session. Deposit will be used to offset the balance at the last few sessions

    Please email to relaxingpostnatalmassage@hotmail.com or call me at 96944564 for enquiry
    1. hi mommies out there.. :)

      With warm welcome,

      with experience 9 years in massage therapist field.
      Able to manage and arrange moms and babies just come back from hospital to make your body relief from pain.

      i provides treatment for mom..

      Massage for Mom To Be (Pregnant 20 above) $ 60

      Postnatal Massage
      $80 per sessions

      Postnatal Package
      5 session - $350
      7 Session - $470
      10 session - $630

      Massage with Lemongrass Oil or Olive Oil make you much more comfort and feel better after get birth.


      Engorgement Breast Treatment $70

      Baby Massage $20 per session
      Scrub Body $ 30

      For further inquiries or booking slots
      kindly please Whatsapp me -->>81855395 Mdm Zee ;)
      81855395 Mdm Zee;)

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  12. ChiaSeed

    ChiaSeed New Member

    Hi there, may I know what are the things we need to prepare for her? She do breast massage also for engorgrment? Any additional charges? Thanks!
  13. Wendy87

    Wendy87 New Member

    Hi.. You may want to consider Mdm Shera.. I have done few massage with her and done post natal for my 2nd pregnancy.. Result with her post natal massage was very satisfying.. she gives good advice too.. Mdm Shera 97573956.
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