postnatal massage

  1. C

    Recommendation for postnatal masseur

    Hi mummies Any recommendation for post natal masseur that is affordable? Preferbly with home visit, Indonesian masseur (heard it is better?) Thanks in advance! Regards Carrie
  2. J

    Postnatal Thai Slimming Massage (with results)

    Hello ladies!!! Are you the first time mother? Or are you frustrated with Jamu/Malay styled postnatal massage and wrapping which shows no results? If so, read on! I'd like to share my personal experience and story with you all. Highly recommended for all mothers! My background I put on 23kg...
  3. A

    Post Natal Jamu Massage

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for Post Natal massage but specifically the Jamu Massage which is a old traditional method from Malaysia and Indonesia. Anyone has contact for Jamu Massage experts and trainers?
  4. Cherylcxe

    Postnatal massage and Confinement Meals

    Hi Mummies, I'm currently at week 27th and will give birth in 3months time, EDD on 10th Jan 2019, I'm looking for someone who can do my post natal massage, and a caterer to cater for my lunch for 28days. I was wondering how many days on post natal massage is required and who is really good at...
  5. N

    My Pre and Post natal massage experience.

    This is my first thread and finally have time for myself i think my masseuse deserves a review. Since she does not have any Social Media account. Here will do. SHOUTOUT to all mommies who are searching. I know its hard to find a good masseuse with good experience right because i’ve tried pre...
  6. I

    Confinement Nanny/Bidan - 2018

    Hi beautiful ladies, Could you please share contacts for confinement nanny? Maybe this thread could be a useful directory for mums to be and future mums to be. Thank you for your support ☺️☺️
  7. Yash Yadav

    Hair Loss post delivery

    Hi Ladies - I have faced lot of hair fall due to my pregnancy and with baby now. It has become very tiresome to maintain hair and it is continuously on downfall. Pls suggest any good shower heads or products(I am tired of trying them, looking for sustainable solution). Thanks
  8. T

    Looking for good postnatal massage lady

    Dear mummies, Hope to get a good massage lady. My due date is end oct 2017, going for c section.
  9. M

    Post natal massage - TCM or Jamu

    Hi guys, I am torn between choosing a TCM or a jamu post natal masseur. I chanced upon the bongqiuqiu post regarding the TCM massage (madam partum) and it seems pretty good, but it looks like a sponsored post to me. I also found a malaysian chinese masseur (non-jamu) who uses slimming ampoules...