Best Postnatal nanny I ever met.

I had Just finished my post natal massage with a Lady . Her name is Rose. She is real friendly and guard me alot of things, like my health and even my family problem.
What ever thing I ask her, shE know how to answer me And she guide me .
Her package are minimum 7days.
Include one hour Head to Toe full body massage and 20mins Herbal steam.She will help to clear your dirty blood which clog inside you stomach. And after every steam, You will need to go to the toilet wipe yourself, change your Paper panties and pat, and once you go back to the room, she will help you measure your tummy then wrap with two binder.
She will do this continuously for your every massage. And on your last day, she will do massage for your baby and ear candling for you.
I love to sweat alot so she will sometime extend my steam for me. Her massage I can feel every point she pointed was the right place. I even extend with her to 10days. Best thing is I slim down very fast. Tummy first day after steam 32inch, last day 28.5inch. And my weight drop down 5kg as I did weight myself before the first day of session. And im Very happy.
** The weight lose is also depend on individual.

If you are interested on Rose, you can contact her at 92706169.
And you can tell her jeslyn intro you.