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    Recommended KKH Gynae?

    Hi there, im a first time mum to be, Anyone delivered their baby with Dr KT Tan or Dr Qi Maili? I've heard a few good words for them but not quite reassuring for Dr KT Tan. How is the stitching done and your recovery period with either doctors? I am looking for Gynaecologist as i wanted to...
  2. K

    Single Umbilical Artery

    Hi, anyone has baby with this issue? I am really worried as my baby was found with this during our 2nd trimester scan.
  3. T

    Gynae Recommendedations

    Hello mummies! Found out I was pregnant a week ago, but we have yet to decide on private/government gynaes.. anyone has recommendations or suggestions? I read some suggestions about staying as a subsidized patient till the third trimester, then change to private. Anyone has recommendations for...
  4. C

    Epidural Pain Management

    Hi Mummies, am curious to know if epidural does help with the pain during natural birth? Can it help you through labour without feeling much pain? Also is there any thing we can do to prevent getting into emergency c sect situation?
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    NUH - Facebook complain from Mee Pok Tah

    Hi Ladies, Not sure if you have seen the FB post yesterday about his wifey’s experience at NUH. They lost their precious baby due to supposed negligence by the NUH hospital staff. Investigations are still ongoing atm but I can’t imagine being in the mummy’s shoes (cries). I had a missed...
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    Review KKH Private-Dr Manisha Mathur

    Hey Everyone, If anyone can address below queries. 1. How much time it takes for each visit in Kkh private? 2. Do you actually get any benefit as private patient in kkh like reduce wait time, special attention by doctor? 3. Is anyone consulting Dr Manisha Mathur for delivery, kindly share your...
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    Single mother desperately seeking for an adoptive parent for newborn baby girl

    I am a single mother and I am desperately seeking for an adoptive parent for my newborn baby girl . It took me time to come to this conclusion of finding a good and caring home for my newborn baby. If you are single willing to adopt or couple I wouldn't mind provided you , you will open your...
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    Quitting job while pregnant

    I was about to quit my current job without another job due to the high level of job stress .. but suddenly I just found out that I'm pregnant. I know i should be happy but it adds on more stress to me now if I should quit my job? Can tide through with husbands earning but will not have enough to...
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    Pregnant after COVID 19 vaccine

    Hi mummies to be. I received both doses of the covid 19 vaccine n discovered i was pregnant. I consulted at KKH yesterday and note that I'm 7 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. Im leaning towards keeping the baby. However, I'm worried about the long term effects on fetal development...
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    Pregnancy with complications...

    Do any mummies here have fibroid or polyp along with their pregnancy? Can share your experience? I'm a FTM and my fibroids grew tremendously along with my baby. I want to opt for C-sect delivery so can one-shot remove the fibroids all at once. But my current gynae is pro-natural and not willing...
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    Endometrial polyps and pregnancy

    Recently I have been diagnosed with 2 endometrial polyps (diameter less than 1cm). Earlier my periods were regular. But before 3 months ago, I had nonstop bleeding for several weeks, and my doctor said that bleeding problem can be due to hormone imbalance. After a series of medicine, the...
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    16 dpo still bfn

    Hi ladies. So I am 16 dpo (late period for one day) and bfn today. I am just wondering if anyone here got their late bfp?
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    Taking hospitalization leave for sciatica

    Hi, anyone ever had to take hospitalization leave for sciatica? Been having it since end of 2nd trimester. Now in my 30th week and I have already utilised most of my MCs. Was wondering if gynaes would be able to give HL for this because my job requires long standing and a lot of walking.
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    Being Pregnant While Working

    Hello! We are two female final year Sociology students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). We are currently doing our Final Year Project (FYP) themed ‘Pregnancy in the workplace’. Our study seeks to find out the experiences that pregnant women face at work – particularly, the...
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    Looking for a Little One ♥

    Hi there. My husband and I are currently looking for a baby to adopt (anywhere from unborn to 1 year old). Gender is not important, but preferably of mixed heritage (Malay/Indian/any mixed race) as our family is mixed as well. We are 34 & 32 years old, and so looking forward to finding a little...
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    Pre & Post Natal Training

    Hi mummies Just like to share my experience with pre and post natal training. My pre natal training made labour such a breeze with all the cardio that was taught to me. With natural delivery, I'm able to start my post natal training a month after. Its been great and I'm loving the results...
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    Alternative methods for TTC

    Hi ladies! I'm new here, 28 this year. My husband and I have been trying for a year now. We are really trying to avoid getting IVF as it is quite expensive. I've done some googling and there is this thing called stork otc (link below), is this worth trying? Has anyone used it before...
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    Doula 1st Trimester - Do we need this?

    Hi everyone, Anyone here has experienced having a doula or would anyone consider having one? I found this site. What do you think of it? Keeping your pregnancy secret for three months contains moments of uncertainty and loneliness. Doula 1st Trimester provides a...
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    Dr Sim Lee Ngor

    Anyone seeing Dr LN Sim? Thinking of seeing her. This is my first pregnancy, any feedback is welcome!
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    dear mummies,