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    Postnatal massage

    Hi there. Any mummies who have already delivered and cannot have postnatal massage due to circuit breaker? Is postnatal massage essential? Any mummy have proper recovery post delivery without any massage? Thanks!!
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    Baby massage

    Anyone sending their newborns for massages?
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    Pre and Post Natal Massage

    Hello! Just wanna find out if there's a trend of more mummies going for pre & post natal massages? And are any of you mummies out there going for these massages?
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    Pre & Post-Natal Massage

    Hi Mummies!! I am Maya, a certified Pre & Post-Natal Massage therapist with an experience of more than 15 years in Traditional Javanese Massage. Thousands of mummies have benefitted from my services. Producing results and keeping with my great work and punctuality is my top priority. For...
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    Recommendation for massage, Ms Diana

    Hello everyone! Just like to share my experience with Ms Diana for her massage. She is a young and friendly lady and very helpful as well. I called her for post-natal massage after my csection. Her massage is great, soothes my tense and aching body. Already felt so much lighter on the first...
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    TTC,IVF preparation

    Yallo! going for my 1st IVF consultation next week. What to expect during consultation and process? Any other suggestions to getting prepare ? I saw from other forum stating supplements to order from iherbs -CoQ10 -DHEA -prenatal -raspberry tea -folic acid or folate Fertility massage A lot...
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    My Pre and Post natal massage experience.

    This is my first thread and finally have time for myself i think my masseuse deserves a review. Since she does not have any Social Media account. Here will do. SHOUTOUT to all mommies who are searching. I know its hard to find a good masseuse with good experience right because i’ve tried pre...
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    Lactation Treatment

    Hi all mummies:), Could not find the thread on Lactation treatment for 2018 just to share my experience on my Lactation Treatment with Rejoice Pregnancy which was introduced by my colleague. I've engaged one of the massage lady from some other platform before, but i develop rashes after the...
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    Confinement Nanny/Bidan - 2018

    Hi beautiful ladies, Could you please share contacts for confinement nanny? Maybe this thread could be a useful directory for mums to be and future mums to be. Thank you for your support ☺️☺️
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    Looking for good postnatal massage lady

    Dear mummies, Hope to get a good massage lady. My due date is end oct 2017, going for c section.