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I married my first love. One who initially wanted to back out after he has proposed to me. I was left puzzled and lost till I realised he was cheating on me with his PRC colleague. He begged for forgiveness and said he may not be a good bf but promised to be a good husband. I choose to be together but felt my world fell apart, it was a long journey to recovery.

Fast forward when we had our first child, I realise he was chatting on a site. Not sure what kind of chat site it is but everyone’s profile shared their preferred sex position. He said he will not do it again.

I was faced with secondary infertility. Tried IUI and IVF, succeeded and had miscarriage and finally conceived naturally with my second child. When I was about to give birth, I realise my spouse was visiting the dirty massage parlor. He insisted it was just a normal massage which I had no evidence back then. I choose to let go but it was always on my mind.

Recently I found out he lied that he was working late. I had his location tracked on my hp which was not his workplace. I had a bad feeling. I tried to video calls with no answer till he finally answer and explained he was in a discussion call. Asked for proof for call record. Still trying to lie till I saw the WhatsApp msgs to a PRC lady making appointment for his massage. So I am right all along, he said he does not visit them often and he has his needs. I told him right from start of the marriage, if he ever cheat again. We will get a divorce and the children wiIl stay with me.

Again he said he will not visit the massage parlors anymore and he does not want a divorce. I feel he will never learn because no one knows his true color. Always the good husband and father image.

I feel lost again. What should I do? Perhaps it’s all wrong right from the beginning.
Totally empathise you. For priority is to think through how u want your life to move forward now and the handling of the kids
Leopards won’t change its spot. They will not change no matter how many times they promise you. Your mental well-being is more important than the future with your husband. Focus on yourself and your kid, he doesn’t even deserve all that you’ve done for him