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Hi Ladies, had my first appointment today at nuh with Dr Stephen Chew. We were with kkh ivf center for our first so iui cycle and decided to switch to nuh for a shorter waiting time for ivf. Overall experience was pleasant, shorter waiting time for consultation and blood tests results. We didn't had to repeat any of the tests we did at kkh (all cleared) but did a tsh blood test today and unfortunately the results are not ideal, reading is kinda high and I'm going back tomorrow for another blood test. Was kinda sad knowing this because we cleared all tests and thought all was good for ivf but seems like this will cause some delays? Is it true we cant proceed with ivf if i have thyroid issues? Any ladies here proceeded with ivf with thyroid issues? I'm turning 36 this year and really wanted to start the cycle soon. :(
How high is ur TSH?


That is actually very high...mine is 2.7 i think, and my doctor still wants me to reduce it 2.5/2.
Habe u started taking any meds for it?

I think with meds, it can be lowered
I did the rest of the tests and all results came back already.

Tsh dropped abit today to 8.35 (still high), thyroxine 11.4 (within range), anti tpo ab Doctor also ordered FSH, lH, Estradiol, Testoerone and Prolactin, all within range too..

@Anonymousjane - are you also with nuh? I have yet to start medication cuz I just got my results yesterday and doctor ordered another set of tests today..


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Hi, anyone starting IVF at NUH soon? I just completed my course of Nor e and am supposed to have my first appointment with my doc tomorrow. But I received a call from the clinic this afternoon saying that in light of the coronavirus, the hospital will stop all egg retrieval and transfers if the situation worsens, and that will be done in short notice. That may mean all the injections will go to waste should we choose to carry on and the procedures have to stop. Anyone here facing the same situation?
Same situation here for me. Nurse told me the same thing when I went for counselling yesterday. She said the hospital might be on lockdown or something. Now I am considering if i should wait for the epidemic to subside before I start my IVF. On the other hand, I am very eager to start as I have been ttc-ing for 4 years. Not sure if I should take the risk to continue my plan or wait some more


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All ivf fresh/frozen, iui cycle have already halt due to virus outbreak in govt hospital (nuh/sgh/kkh). Those doing next month/following month suspended until further notice


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I called up chr, the nurse said cannot proceed with anything if coronavirus orange status, have to wait to ramp down to yellow status. Cannot start any medicine for FET meanwhile.


Hi Ladies, just called nuh and the clinics are closed and all procedures and counsellings cancelled. I was told to call in when dorscon turns yellow. FYI..