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Ivf @ NUH

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by gele82, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. gele82

    gele82 New Member

    Hi.. I am schedule for IVF counselling in 2 weeks time.. anyone here doing and I be happy if i can hear some experience from everyone here.

  2. TTCsince2016

    TTCsince2016 New Member

    Hi, I'm also new here. I just went for my counseling on Monday, due to start oral meds on Friday... A little bit scared and nervous because of all the hormones the jabs will introduce to my body.
  3. gele82

    gele82 New Member

    Ya...I m nervous too.. dunno what to expect during the counselling. Yes to the hormones pills.. dunno how haywire the body will be haha. Let's
  4. Jeanie184

    Jeanie184 New Member

    Hihi, my first post here. Just went to collect my report and was informed that i have low egg count and my cysts are back. Suggested by doctor to go for ivf directly and is scheduled for e counselling next week.

    Hoped both of you are progressing well! Jiayou!
  5. downtherabbithole

    downtherabbithole New Member

    Hey all. I'm currently doing my second IVF cycle. I know you must feel nervous going into it the first time but the jabs are actually not bad and you will get used to it quickly. I did not experience much differences in terms of mood and my body. Just the feeling of bloatedness which will come and go. Just maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water, rest well and stay positive! Good luck to you!

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