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Ivf @ NUH

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by gele82, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. gele82

    gele82 New Member

    Hi.. I am schedule for IVF counselling in 2 weeks time.. anyone here doing and I be happy if i can hear some experience from everyone here.

  2. TTCsince2016

    TTCsince2016 New Member

    Hi, I'm also new here. I just went for my counseling on Monday, due to start oral meds on Friday... A little bit scared and nervous because of all the hormones the jabs will introduce to my body.
  3. gele82

    gele82 New Member

    Ya...I m nervous too.. dunno what to expect during the counselling. Yes to the hormones pills.. dunno how haywire the body will be haha. Let's
  4. Jeanie184

    Jeanie184 New Member

    Hihi, my first post here. Just went to collect my report and was informed that i have low egg count and my cysts are back. Suggested by doctor to go for ivf directly and is scheduled for e counselling next week.

    Hoped both of you are progressing well! Jiayou!
  5. downtherabbithole

    downtherabbithole New Member

    Hey all. I'm currently doing my second IVF cycle. I know you must feel nervous going into it the first time but the jabs are actually not bad and you will get used to it quickly. I did not experience much differences in terms of mood and my body. Just the feeling of bloatedness which will come and go. Just maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water, rest well and stay positive! Good luck to you!
  6. elsies83

    elsies83 New Member

    May I know which doctor you ladies are seeing ?
  7. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    seen prof wong.
    i have also seen dr shakina and dr stephen chew when he is on leave.
    good doctors :)
  8. Jeanie184

    Jeanie184 New Member

    I had met Dr Shankira at Clinic G and she is the one who recommened me to start the ivf cycle. Very nice and encouraging doctor indeed.

    Going to start my jabs next week, yet to meet any doctor specifically for the ivf. :)
  9. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    Yeah.. she is a sweet doc.

    I am scheduled to start in Feb too. Hopefully IUI works this month and i don't need to go thru IVF *cross fingers*
  10. Jeanie184

    Jeanie184 New Member

    Gd luck to you for yr coming iui cycle! Baby dust to us all!
  11. Pandorra

    Pandorra New Member

    I have realised that Low AmH with caused infertility and AMH level will not reverse anymore.my amh is 1.2 in 2017. However my doctor still push me to do iui. As resulted i have failed 2 iui and ivf cycle.

    For patient like me low AMH with husband sperm poor mobility. Shall doctor advise me to straight to ivf instead iui? I am 36 this year and i started consultation in my 34.
  12. grumpet

    grumpet Active Member

    Seems like AMH alone is not an accurate measure of fertility. it can't tell yr egg quality and it may differ slightly off just a few days apart. maybe u want to recheck yr AMH. Antral follicle count via ultrasound will probably tell u better how many follicles u have , ie potential eggs.

    dr's call. think no clear cut answer.
    No doctor tell me to hurry up when I saw them at 38, only one doc told me don't waste time... at 39. 41 Liao, still TTC.
  13. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Hey Beauties

    First time posting here...
    IVF done @ NUH
    Just failed my 2nd frozen cycle (ET 2day 6 expanded blastocyst) on 10 Jan 19.... really don’t know what to do next....‍♀️ Any advice/ fruit of taught beauties? Go for another cycle? Do IVF else where? Just stop and leave to god?
  14. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    U still hv frozen embryos? Why dun u rest and go tcm to prepare ur body for the next fresh?
  15. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    That was my last 2 embryo... and for tis cycle i did acupuncture and drink TCM medicine....
    yar true maybe should get my body to rest abit before start the next round...

    Any idea how to better prepare the body? Currently i only take multi vitamin and folic acid as supplements.
  16. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    I try ubiquinol and dhea to prepare my egg quality. Just continue ur tcm . My tcm say ideally is to go tcm for 6 months before trying for ivf again
  17. Eggscatcher

    Eggscatcher Active Member

    Hi Nusha, i also failed last yr for blasto in nuh,
    Do u plan gg for another cycle, feel lonely and hopeless, hope to find strengths with ladies here..
  18. lishi

    lishi New Member

    Hi Nusha

    I got a biochemical preg for my frozen transfer in Nov last year. But mine is not even a blast yet eventhough it is a day 6 embryo.

    Did your doctor share with you any possible reason? Day 6 expanded blast sounds good to me, since your embryos can survived till day 6 and grow till expanded blast.

    Do you plan to try again?
  19. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Hi Eggscather

    You are not alone, we are on the same boat. I’m here with hope to find strength to pickup myself after failing my 3rd cycle.

    Right now I’m feeling confuse... A part of me want to go for the last 2 subsides cycle and another part of me is having doubts abt it.

    How abt you? Are you gg for another cycle?
  20. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Hi Lishi
    So Sorry to hear on your biochemical pregnancy... How are you doing now? Are you planning for another cycle?

    As for my 3rd cycle failure, I have not meet up with the doctor. My appt will be on this 22 Jan...

    My 1st fresh cycle failure, doctor said it could be because of OHSS and the eggs quality. As during that cycle they retrieved abt 20 eggs but only 1 survived to day 5 blastocyst for the transfer and no frozen. But during the 2WW apart from the crinone gel and progrnova tab, i need to get the progesterone injection on the butt for 14days tat was no joke it’s painful and even after i got to know tat the cycle failed it took abt 3-4 mth for my butt to recover from the 14days of injections. I concluded tat my body is reacting to well with the med. so i rest for abt 8mth and try again.

    My 2nd fresh cycle, 12 eggs was retrieved and 4 survived to day6 expanded blasts. No transfer was done to prevent OHSS. 4 embryo frozen.

    My 1st frozen cycle failure, i did the wall scrapping thingy(painful) on day14 than wait for menses to come do blood test n scan for day1. Lining was 9mm and 2 embryo was transferred. Doctor can’t really explain on why the cycle fail, since the lining is normal and 2 expanded blasts was transferred. They say maybe the eggs quality was not good or maybe the lining needs to be thicker. I conclude maybe my womb is cold so i rest for 2 mth and did another frozen cycle.

    My 2nd frozen cycle failure, i did not do the wall scrapping thingy instead do a 1 time injection on the butt. I did acupuncture and Drink TCM med. Lining was 11 mm and 2 embryo was transferred.

    So now I’m back to square one....Haiz....
    This journey is such a roller coaster...now a part of me want to try again after resting for 6 mth but another part of me is in doubt...
  21. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Where u i get ubiquinol and dhea? GNC got sell?
  22. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    I got from iHerb . U can check GNC. Dhea hv to get from doc prescribed
  23. Alishablond

    Alishablond Active Member

    Hi, Nusha!
    You didn’t go for therapeutic hysteroscopy?
    I’m also with NUH, after first fresh ended with chemical pregnancy, Prof Wong sent to hysteroscopy, Dr Anu found there 3 polyps and a lot of micro polyps.
    After that was BFP frozen, but miscarriage at week 8.
    Now preparing for second fresh, if I’m lucky, thinking to collect eggs, freeze them, go for therapeutic hysteroscopy again to make sure that my lining is perfect.
    Hysteroscopy is claimable from medisave, not so costly in gov hospital.
  24. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Hi Alishablond
    It’s great to know someone positively trying for their next IVF cycle.
    Can tell me more about this therapeutic hysteroscopy? Cos both dr chew n dr sakinah nvr mentions abt tis test to me before...
  25. Alishablond

    Alishablond Active Member

    diagnosis hysteroscopy it’s when Dr insert camera into you to see womb lining, not painful, no harm bc no anesthesia. You also see everything, there is a tv screen. If they see polyps, will send you for therapeutic hysteroscopy to remove polyps under sedation anesthesia. Diagnostic hysteroscopy is 250$ after medisave, therapeutic is 2000$ after medisave for private patients in NUH. No queue, they schedule me in 2 days time.
  26. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Ok great will ask them for tis options during my appt on 22 Jan @ clinic G. Thanks for the info dear...
  27. Alishablond

    Alishablond Active Member

    your 1st and 2nd stim dosage was same? How many days of jab?
  28. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    My 1st stim was using gonal-f (pen injection type) dosage 25. my 2nd was using menupur dosage I forgot. Both stimulate for 12days. Trigger shot on day13. Eggs extraction on day16.
  29. Eggscatcher

    Eggscatcher Active Member

    Hi Nusha,

    For my case, I had rested for 1 yr already since my 3rd cycle, used up all subsidy, 1st soiui was in kkh, 2nd is ivf and 2x fet in kk, 3rd fresh ivf in nuh no fet, u can try rest first and boost up ur body first before try again, after i failed, i quit my job and went holiday to feel happy again then now i look for other alternatives, try chinese essence and do more exercises to regulate my mense cycle, then as i had exhausted all subsidy, i may try other countries or use donor eggs however my SA is not keen on donor eggs/embryos, as age is catching up for me, I feel like giving up already but on the other side i feel shld try before 40...
  30. lishi

    lishi New Member

    Hi Nusha

    I have one day3 embryo left and frozen right now.. so most likely I will transfer this embryo.
    I am still hopeful that one day miracle will happened but just dunno when..

    You can see your doctor 1st and then plan your next step.

    Btw the wall scrapping thingy are you referring to endo scratch? I did it too for my fet but resulted in biochemical preg.
    But I did not do the endoscratch for my 1st fet, which was also a biochemical preg.
  31. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    I totally understand how you feel. I think I would take a rest awhile and boost my body and give it another try before 35.

    Praying for miracle... who knows while boosting our body and changing lifestyle and diet it can happen naturally...baby dust to us
    Eggscatcher likes this.
  32. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Yup wall scrapping is endo scratch. Seem like do or never do the endo scratch don’t impact much on the results. That’s nice you still have embryo frozen... wish you success for the cycle
  33. lishi

    lishi New Member

    Yup endoscratch effectiveness is not scientifically proven.

    Thanks Nusha.
    Let’s continue to work towards our dream of our miracle baby ya!
  34. Yohko

    Yohko New Member

    How much did you pay for each cycle? I am keen to do ivf
  35. Eggscatcher

    Eggscatcher Active Member

    My last cycle is ard 1k dollar cash for consultation, medicines and blood tests for myself and SA after govt grant and medisave deduction. It is cheaper in public hospitals depends what the doc prescibe and tests conducted.
  36. Yohko

    Yohko New Member

    Really? I thought we have to pay at least 6k cash for each cycle after govt grant and medisave. My appointment with kkh is on 22 Jan. Good luck to you my dear.
  37. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Since i did my in NUH after govt subsidiary, i paid near to 1k for the medicine and some test. Private hospital would cost more than govt hospital.
  38. Yohko

    Yohko New Member

    How about ER and ET? govt subsidiary enough to cover the cost?
  39. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    For ER and ET both subsidies by govt. i did 2 fresh cycle n 2 frozen cycle.. all 4 cycle I don’t have to pay cash for the ET & ER, except for some medicine and blood tests ( if needed) which near to 1k per cycle.
  40. Yohko

    Yohko New Member

    I am going to kkh today. Just for consultation. If I need to go for ivf, what is the waiting time? Few months?
  41. BlueberryBanana

    BlueberryBanana New Member

    Doc just ask us to go for ivf yesterday. He mentioned that the earliest is Mar.
  42. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    cut cold drink and caffaine
  43. Yohko

    Yohko New Member

    Got it. Thanks
  44. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    Yup now doing right now.... hopefully miracle happen
  45. Nusha

    Nusha New Member

    We can do it
    Yohko likes this.
  46. lemontree3

    lemontree3 New Member

    Hi ladies, im new here and thinking of starting ivf with nuh. Can i ask if anyone went through the polyclinic route to get a referral letter for nuh, or go straight to nuh for an appt as a private patient, what are the differences?

    Would like to get whatever infomation i can before making a decision..thanks in advance!
  47. Jenbluestocking

    Jenbluestocking New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I did one IUI but failed. Can request opt for IVF directly? Is this NUH protocol has to go through 3 times IUI before IVF journey?
  48. Jenbluestocking

    Jenbluestocking New Member

    Referral letter from polyclinic if you don’t have preference gynae. Wait for 1-2 weeks NUH will send sms for your appointment. Usually the appointment about 1 month. Consultation and examination will entitle subsidy rate.

    If you call to NUH direct to make appointment it will be considered private patient and can choose your prefer gynae and no subsidy.

    Once start with IVF journey it will be private patient for all.
  49. thesilentgal88

    thesilentgal88 New Member

    I did two IUIs in NUH. Did not succeed and we proceeded to IVF.
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  50. zyzx

    zyzx New Member

    My experience is to prepare for the egg collection:
    Qoo10, Blackmores conceive well, Exercise regularly, Drink home-made black soy milk
    After egg collection, drink watermelon juice or energy drink.
    After embryo transfer, lie on bed often but don't lie all the time.


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