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Hi, does anyone have experience of doung ivf in taiwan and any success cases. Looking to explore Taiwan. Thanks!
Here is information on egg donation in Taiwan:

In Taiwan, the Artificial Reproduction Act (人工生殖法) bans egg or sperm donors from charging a fee, but a “nutrition subsidy” can be given, although the amount has varied widely. Egg donors are readily available in Taiwan, due to the rather generous “nutrition subsidy" remuneration of up to NT$99,000 (approximately SGD$4,661).
  • Egg donors must be between 20 and 39 years old
  • Egg donors are allowed to receive "nutrition" subsidy up to NT$99,000 (approximately SGD$4,661)
  • Foreigners are allowed to receive egg donation in Taiwan. In fact, numerous Japanese patients have done egg donation in Taiwan.
  • There is a limit of one live birth per egg donor. After that, no more eggs are allowed to be donated from that particular donor. Hence, there are minimal risks of accidental incest.
  • Prospective egg donors are extensively tested for genetic and infectious diseases, including the following (as recommended and/or required by ACOG, ACMG, ASRM and FDA):
    • HIV 1, 2 & 0, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea & Chlamydia
    • Full chromosome analysis (karyotype)
    • DNA testing for Cystic Fibrosis (99 mutations), Fragile X, Tay Sachs & Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
    • Fertility evaluation including hormone testing and ultrasound evaluation of the ovaries
    • An extended panel of ancestry-based genetic disorders has been completed for some donors
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Here is some relevant information on egg freezing in Taiwan:

The general regulatory framework in respect of egg freezing in Taiwan

1. Applicable Laws and Regulation—

Ova (egg) freezing process in Taiwan is regulated under the ARA. Applicable legal requirements and permit/license application requirements include but not limited to “Regulations for Artificial Reproduction Institution Permit” for requirements concerning setting up of the licensed medical institutions, and “Regulations for Artificial Reproduction Information Notification and Administration” if the ova would be used for donation.

2. Practicing Institution—

Only medical care institutions licensed by the competent authority are allowed to perform assisted reproduction or store the ova (egg). The requirements, including the qualifications for the personnel and the required facilities and equipment for the licensed medical care institutions can be referred to at “Regulations for Artificial Reproduction Institution Permit” and its attachment “Facilities and equipment requirements for a medical care institution applying to establish an artificial reproduction institution” respectively.

3.Practicing Personnel—

As only the licensed medical institutions are allowed to perform assisted reproduction and ova (egg) storage/preservation, women who intend to undergo egg freezing treatment may solely refer to medical practitioners at those licensed medical institutions.


While in some countries only single woman may freeze their eggs, there is no such limitation in Taiwan. Regardless of marital status, age, or other status, women are all allowed to freeze their eggs.

5.Freezing to donation—

If the egg freezing is for donation purpose, licensed medical institutions are further required to conform to the “Regulations for Artificial Reproduction Information Notification and Administration.