Melissa Low,
Gina Ford wrote in her book that cluster feeding and overfeeding (i.e. ur every 1hrly feeds) are key causes for babies with colic... My ger oso became colicky after i let her drink every 1/2 to 1 hr when she cry. She was colicky for a whole month crying (old pple will think tat it's the dirty things making fun of her cos she will start at abt 8.30 to 9pm and stop at 10pm on her own).

Anyway since ur baby is already taking solids, u might want to feed more solids in the day with balance of milk intake and see if she can sleep btr aft ur last feed. ;)

Good luck!

hi everyone.
im in distress over my baby breastfeeding and really nede some help. i had visited parent craft and even call him hotline for counselling but seem that everyone just offer me advice on theory.

my baby is about 7-8 weeks now and i total BF. last time i read from books saying let your bb nurse as long on the breast as he wants and after he is full he will unlatch which is waht i did. so for the first month, he normally take about an hour to nurse from both breast and after that he is quite sleepy and goes to sleep without much fussing.

and when i recently bring him to see my gynae and even a lactation consultant (LC), they all told me that too long to BF. max 20min each breast and i shouldnt let him nurse so long cos he become nursing for comfort.

so i try to cut back and i realised he will cry and fuss when i unlatch him after 20-30min. and during BF, he drink so slowly n suckle. when i bring him to LC to check,they told me he is slow drinker and most of the time he is only suckling for comfort.

now i was told to nurse him about 20min n if he fuss, top up with express breastmilk. EBM. and smoe time he is ok after a ful feed but most of the times even bottle EBM. he still fuss. then i ahve to put him back on my breast for 5min and then he will doze off and then i can put him to bed.

so it seem like he need to suckle for comfort to sleep. else he will cry and i have to cradle and rock him for anhour before he can calm down to sleep. it really pain me to see him cry and cry and eventually i give in to let him nurse onmy breast again although LC and counsellors told me that i need to break his habit.

can anyone advice and share with me if u having similar experience and waht i can do?
i feel so stressed out.
Hi,is it true that if bb latches on correctly,sore nipples will not occur??im not sure if mine does latch on correctly,but it seems to me he does..as he covers most if the aerola liitle can be seen.
Or could it be the way he sucks?thks
Yah, should not be sore.
hi wish-to-be-mum,
i tink i haf a similiar prob...my boy is now coming 10 weeks old...he used to nurse like 1hr...i noe his is juz suckling for comfort else he cant get to sleep...i read from the internet dat its alrite to let the bb nurse for comfort...so i cont doing it hoping he will outgrow it
now things juz get better without me doing anything or seeking help...im still on tbf...he latches bout 15-20mins...but he stills needs to nurse to sleep at nite...daytime i need to walk n rock him to sleep...previously he will latch till he KO in the daytime
but im goin back to work v soon...luckily he doesnt latch on so long...but i got a prob wif bottles now...sometimes he rejects the bottle
Hi Sharon and Wish-to-be-mum, are your babies falling asleep when nursing? slow drinkers they may be but you have to take note of their drinking pattern and swallowing pattern. One of my friends had the same problem. Her baby used to drink for 1 to 2 hours. Unlatch him and he cries like crazy. Really freaks her out. She called one of her friend who is a nurse with special interest in breastfeeding, to help her. This nurse did quite a number of home visit with my friend. Situation improved and her baby manage to cut his latching time to 30min. If you guys still need help, I can try to get the nurse contact for you. PM me if you still need help.
I like to ask you gals how to treat a sore n bleeding nipple.
I breastfed my girl during my stay at hospital, and at the 4th day, I tried to latch on, and she keeps demanding for milk, so I gave her formula milk n latching as well.
But my latching skill is so poor, that now both my nipple is sore n bleeding.
Tried pumping as advised by the KKH LC but this morning, saw my stained milk with blood.
Really wanted to make it work as my first boy, I also had this prob and gave up breastfeeding.
Now I dun give her breastmilk..will my supply drop?How to maintain the supply.btw, my milk is only 20mls or lesser after 2 sides pumping of 10mins.Really trying to be positive n trying not to give up..
keep latching on, don't wear bra,
air your breast & nipple.

Yes, don't give breastmilk, supply will drop.

Don't just give BB your nipple,
push the whole areola (the brown soft parts) into BB's mouth.

Hi Lengleng,
Thanks for the support.But the milk is stained with blood can I still give it to her?
Last nite when I latch her on, this morning she vomited the milk which is stained with blood...kinda scary n also its red n brownish.
Btw, she dun like to eat the whole aerora after some sucking she will shift her head to a comfy position to just suckle my nipple..
yes, I was pratically feeding our #3 BLOODY milk for 1st 3 days too.
That's b4 milk comes in...

Maybe her mouth is small, thus the whole areola can't go in.
Use your thumb & a finger & hold your breast,
to make the areola "flatter",
then this may be more comfortable for her.

As she grows older, her sucking strength is stronger,
then you won't need to hold already.

it's normal for newborn to vomit, unless she's not taking in milk at all,
don't worry about it.
Rem to burp BB well after each feed.

Don't give up!!!
thanks for the encouragement..I was really sad when I throw away my pathetic bloody milk this morning n stopped pumping for the cracked nipples to heal.
So now I know I can give her bloody milk...later will try to pump n latch n try again..
Hopegully I can succeed..
Pumping can actually hurt & may cause more bleeding if the suction is hard,
stick to latching on for time being.

After healed & you have more supply,
then try pumping again.

Jia You.
I hv a bottle of fernugreek supplement (GNC brand expiry 2012) to sell.
Bought 2 bottles. Only 1 bottle is sufficient to boost and maintain milk supply. Hence selling the extra bottle at $20.

Pl PM me.
wondering how many of you experienced period while breastfeeding..? Mine just came though my baby's 10 months old already. Wondering if this signal the end of my bfeeding journey..
Thanks for the reply LengLeng, but i can't help but feel that my supply is seemingly dwindling too. Perhaps coz my baby is effectively on solids now, but she still get her milk feed every now and then. I wonder if i shud restart the pumping in order to maintain the supply..??
Hi Lengleng,
cos my latching is bad, so resorted to pumping as advised by LC to heal..
but now I got a prob liao..sigh..my cracked nipples has healed n I tried latching her back..
but she simply refuses..
Now resorted to pumping...but after eating the fenugeek...n every 3-4hrs pumping..
I only increased to 30ml for both breasts in half hr..
Was thinking is it my pumping method not correct
just wondering is there any mum that give pacifier to baby and still managed to breastfeed baby for long?

have heard many professional against the idea of giving a pacifier to breastfeeding baby as it might cause nipple confusion and thus might stop breastfeeding earlier. Just wondering is there any mum that managed to combine both and still able to breastfeed successfully?

Hope to hear your experience as I am currently breastfeeding my 5weeks old baby and also given her the pacifier whenever she wants to sleep. (Usually after nursing her)... not sure whether that will result in more breastfeeding problems later on.
Hi jk
i dun hv prob with BF n using pacifier. my maid wld use the pacifier to make my girl sleep in the pm while i m at wrk. i'd BF her when i get home...so far my girl dun hv the confusion prob. think diff baby would react differently. guess u juz hv to try yr luck if u need the pacifier to make her sleep. all the best
hi, are there any working mummies that put your baby in infant care and still on breastfeeding for your baby? hope to hear from your experience on storing and transporting the EBM to and fro..

Hi mummies,

very depressed lately.

just read jk's post that giving pacifier too early will coz bf to terminate earlier. wonder this is happening to my bb.

also, i have cracked nipple for the first few weeks. did not latch bb for 1 week. i just pumped as not so painful if i pump. there was a layer of skin peeling off, so i waited till the skin is almost off before latching bb again. thereafter, i did not latch bb often as well, as bb seems to be feeding on breast every hour and CL was not supportive of bf, keep wanting to bottle feed her. but i was able to latch bb still and thot it was ok not to latch every time.

from 2nd month onwards, i would latch at night and bottle feed during the day as early preperation for going back to work. she is 3.5 months now, one night just suddenly reject direct feed. whenever she sees my nipple she will cry and turn away. i used to be able to latch her on lying position. now even holding her in my arms won't work.

the 1st and 2nd night when she rejected latching, i thot she wasn't hungry. so i gave pacifier. the 3rd night, again rejected, but it was obvious she was hungry as she couldn't sleep well even with pacifier. even so, she refused to latch on. so, i tried bottle feed and she took 150ml of milk (used to take 100-120ml only).

it was about 10 days ago since she rejected latching. i tried to latch her on every night since to no avail. just 2 hours ago, i almost gone crazy. i was forcing her to take my breast till she cried like got frightened. i surrendered and gave her the bottle and pacifier again. but spanked her on her thigh a few times after that. pretty hard. she knew and cried even with her favourite pacifier in her mouth. and worse, i refused to carry her when she was crying.

i know doing this to her is really bad. gave her "jin feng san" after she stopped crying. hope she doesn't have nightmare after that.

i didn't bf successfully to my elder girl. really hope to bf the younger one. on top of latching problem, she has feeding problem as well. taking less than 500ml a day. it's very obvious she is skinnier than before. read from somewhere that dun feed bb too much at night so that bb will drink more during the day. but i tried and my girl went for 13 hours milk strike that day.

mummies, any suggestion to get my girl to latch on again? does lactation consultant handle 3.5 months old bb latching problem? my supply has also dropped due to fever 3 weeks ago. been trying to get ss back. has improved but still ss not sufficient to meet demand.
Hi Leng Leng,

I also thot of that. but i ate per normal. also, cannot be for the past 8 days still the same (first 2 nights did not as thot she wasn't hungry). i tried to get her to latch on every night. only when she refused and cried, that i offer bottle to her.
i think she simply prefers bottle over nipple coz i didn't latch her often enough for the 1st 2 months.
am doing that already. but just hope to direct latch. heard antibodies in the ebm will diminish when warming up ebm.

also, when i m back to work, will be very tiring to get up, warm EBM and feed bb. if can direct feed, both of us can doze off together. another reason is when i go to mil place in msia which is 2 storey house, i have to sleep with bb and nobody else. will be dangerous to leave bb on bed while i go downstairs to get ebm from the fridge. oso, will have to leave bb crying till i back to room. she probably will have her face all scratched (she does this when she is frustrated).

hubby will not be helping as on weekdays, he is very busy. he has to drive, so i dun ask him to help out in the middle of night. at mil place, he has to take care of elder girl in a seperate room coz elder girl is noisy, need story telling and song singing before bed and she sleeps like ... after 12am.

but if really cannot get bb to direct latch, will surrender to bottle feed ebm.
EBM is better than FM,
if she can't latch, you don't get too stressed up,
cause you mentioned you are "almost going crazy".

She may be having nipple confusion;

On the other hand,
you may have a very smart baby,
cause latching on requires more strength to suckle,
the bottle is easier to drink from.

My 18mths old, on the other hand, will scream when he sees the bottle,
he only wants to drink from his mama cow.

You can try to use a Nipple Shield & trick your baby;

Jia You.
msia 2 storey house...

My suggestion;
1. Get a matress, baby sleeps on the floor
2. Get a baby cot, baby sleeps in the cot
3. You wake up 20mins b4 baby's milktime to warm to milk
4. get a mini fridge & milk warmer, put in the bedroom

Many other ways, don't worry.

Calm down & discuss with hubby the best way.
Hi Leng Leng,

Thanks for all the suggestions and especially the link to nipple shield. I thot this is only used for short nipple that bb has problem to latch on.

My hubby is against getting bb cot and mini fridge, coz mil place, though 2 stories, still very cramp coz mil doesn't like to throw things away. oso, we have 1 playpen for bbsitter n bb cot at home. he said why need so many? i suggested to my hubby to throw away the queen size bed frame so that me and bb sleeps on the floor, he oso against. he said bb not yet able to flip. the room got no place for bb cot and mattress already.

think the only way is to wake up 20min earlier to warm ebm. but sometimes very diff to guess the timing. if i warm the ebm and bb wakes up hours later, ebm wasted. already limited supply.

i think i will bring along the cooler bag. keep a bottle in it after bb last feed. hope it can lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

"almost going crazy" coz i was torturing bb lor. i forced her till she cried like frightened n refused to sooth her after that. got mummy like that?
tell your hubby, the day when baby flips & no one is around,
it'll be too late to prevent the fall,
that'll happen at about 4mths old time...

You can get a milk warmer & put in the room?

Yah, I made our son cry for 1 hour,
he asked me to make milk then refuses to drink...
Hi Leng Leng,

warming up ebm is not a prob. I'll get a cup and a flask of hot water to warm up ebm. this is what i do at home. keeping the ebm on 2nd floor within eye contact with bb is a prob. will try cooler bag for 4 hours first. hope the ebm doesn't turn bad.

disappointed i cannot direct feed after 3 mths.

read your other thread on pacifier. u let bb cry for half hour on 4th mth? how to stand ar? i tried for 15 min then gave up. my hands were sweating already. she cried furiously. plus pressure from my mom. she said i gone crazy. should i leave bb alone in the room or let her cry in my arms without pacifier?
or... get a coke fridge? hehe...

Don't be disappointed, *pat pat on shoulder*
you know you have tried.

Think positive, it's easier to return to work if your baby drinks from bottle.

What's your intention, are you kicking the pacifier off for good?
Or just during the daytime?
You need determination, can't stop halfway...

You can't let baby cry out when there's elders at home,
just do it with your hubby,
tell him before hand your intention,
plan with him what to do, else he'll think you have post-natal synptom,
use a clock/watch to time.

Sleeping time...
After last feed, leave her alone,
make sure she's clean, comfortable, not hungry & safe.
Let her kick/play to sleep.
If you had been carrying her to sleep, then good luck to your arms...
Hi DADA, looks like your baby prefers bottle than direct feeding. Thought that would be better if you are going back to work? Am trying to train my bb to bottle feed now and currently my husband will try to bottle feed at night before sleep but she will only drink the most 2 oz. In the end I will still have to latch her on and make her sleep. on the opposite my bb seems to prefer latching on than bottle feed.. *_*.. that will pose a problem for me when i start work..

btw, can any mummmies share with me how do you manage work and expressing breastmilk out for baby? As I will be putting baby in infant care, just wondering how much milk should I stock up before returing to work.. and how do i slowly introduce bottle feed to my bb successfully?...

Hi Leng Leng,

Hope to kick off for good.

My bb will fuss when she is tired and will request for pacifier. once she calmed down, if bb sleeps in my arms, no need pacifier. but once i put her on her cot, she will fuss and request for pacifier again. the only time she can sleep without pacifier is when she is in deep sleep, and this is only for a few hours at night. During the day, almost need pacifier througout her sleep. if pacifier drops, she will wake up and cry for it again.

how long can i let bb cry? i read from the forum that bb cried and puked when trying the cry out method.

she is coming to 4 mth now. heard easier to kick off earlier than later.

hi jk,

not easy - if bb prefers bottle over nipple or vice versa - both headache. but i wanted to continue to direct latch bb so much, coz did not succeed for my elder girl. i haven't even try bf her in the public. was getting ready for everything to try out. was having problem with low ss. i didn't even take medication when i was having fever, coz heard if take medication, cannot give breastmilk to bb. got to discard. i continue to direct bf her during that time but cover my mouth and nose with a towel (did not get a mask that time).

How old is your bb now? I put my bb to the bbsitter for 1 week trial before i go back to work next month, to c if bb can adapt well and still in time to change bbsitter if i find bbsitter not good. u will need to estimate how much your bb will drink while in the infant care for a day. prepare 1 extra feed just in case. may want to stock up for min 3 days if no prob with ss.

if u r experiencing diminishing ss like me (n i expect ss to go lower as my work rather stressed), u may want to stock up as much as possible.

for me, i did not stock up coz firstly, ss already insufficient. but also, i did not like frozen milk. it's more oily (milk bottle appeared to be more oily) and got fishy taste when warmed up. i wonder if this will upset bb stomach.

heard can try NUK teat which has the shape of a nipple during breastfeeding.
yes, easier to kick off now than later.

You can try... when she's 40% asleep, pull out the pacifier,
if she wakes, push it in... If she doesn't then leave it.
Do this again & again...
I did this for 1.5 weeks, hubby thinks I'm mad but kept quite,
after that she's off pacifier.
But she was only on pacifier when she wants to sleep last time.

Not all BBs will cry till puke, every BB is special,
you need to feel your baby,
if it's need or just want for comfort.
1st you must make sure BB knows how to drink from bottle,
so when you are not around, caretaker can feed.

Our #3 will scream if he sees the teat,
I cut-off the tip of a teat,
give him milk bottle via straw, he's ok with it...
Hi DADA, thanks. Looks like u are really determine to latch on ur baby ya..even not taking medicine when u are sick.. why don't you seek help from those lactation consultant on your problem? See how they can advice and help you.. if really can't, just continue to express out afterall most important is your bb getting the breastmilk. If supplies drop, can try taking fenugreek? I heard it works.

my baby is 7 weeks old. Probably I will try to stock up as much as possible now. She only drinks from the bottle when she is super hungry. Otherwise will fuss and cry..ya agreed that frozen milk has a dunno fishy or soapy smell, but i read that it is normal.of coz freshly expressed out milk is much more fresher and more nutrients than Frozen milk. BUt no choice, since gg back to work, have to start stocking up liao..i am currently using the NUK teats and pacifier..

Hi Lengleng, ya i stil have 4 more weeks to 'train' her.. hope she will be guai..btw, has anybody used Pigeon Fridge to go cooler bag? is it good to use?
Hi Mummies,
Can I join? Just wondering, usually how long (after delivery) does it takes for milk to come it and for supply to be established? It has been 1 wk already and my supply is still very low, only 20ml per pumping session.

Hi Leng Leng! *wave wave*
Thanks Lengleng,
My milk supply now sometimes at 60ml or 80ml or 100ml for nite pumping(6hr) for both breast..increased but not so much.
As my girl apptettite is 120mls...sweating liao..so much..Going to try the milk tea in bulk purchase hope it helps..also now i start to pump at 4hrly during daytime n at nite abt 6hrly to catch up some sleep.
want to ask i need to pump the milk outside how can i store without a fridge for 10hrs after pumping?
try purchasing the milktea online,
PM me for the website if you need.

There's a "fridge-to-go",
cooler box, you can try that.
Hi jk,

I started taking Fenugreek 1 week ago, taking 2x3 capsules. has improved but not yet back to 1st month ss. still in the middle between record low and normal ss during 1st month.

but somehow, after my bb rejects direct latch, i seldom experience let down liao, or very short let down. am using medela pis, thought it should help with let down.

Hi Maple,

my gynea told me ss will come 4 to 14 days, varies individually. i find that if i sweat a lot, ss will b more. so, try to drink lots of hot soup/drink. avoid cold drink.

hi mummies,

anyone taking fenugreek? my bb started to poo more often after i take fenugreek. i read that 1 side effect of fenugreek is toilet visit will be more for mommy, but the same for bb? i wonder if bb is having diarrhea. but her poo is watery yellowish not greenish.
try 3 caps, 3 times a day.

Fenugreek increase the foremilk,
maybe that's why BB poos more,
but poo more drink more... grow faster! hehe...

BFed BB should have yellowish mustard stools.
Hi jk, DADA,
Thanks for the website and advice.
One good news - my ss has increased to 30 ml today. Hope it can maintain at this level for the rest of today and increase again tmr.

Hi Leng Leng,
Fenugreek increase foremilk only? What abt hindmilk? Does Fenugreek increase hindmilk as well?

hi Leng Leng,

Thanks for telling me. din know foremilk is more. thot the opposite. so that's why bb poos more often, not diarrhea.

will try 3x3 if still not at 1st mth amt. now trying to pump 3 hourly to c if helps.