esther, it's normal. i aso like tt. at times, e ss for both is e same, at times, 1 side is more than e other. but i aso realised when i pumped in e afternoon at work, e side tt i latched on bb in e morning is lesser.

the breasts that are more stimulated, will produce more. if ur baby suckle more on the right, then the right side will produce more and hence bigger in size.

for me, it's the same, my right breast is bigger. both my boy and girl like to suckle on the right.

no worries abt the size, seriously.
Hi, anyone have use both Medela Mini Electric Plus Breast Pump and PIS? What the different between the pumping ? I bought the Mini Electric Plus for my 1st bb. it doesn't seem to let down well. now consider to get the Ameda Lacterine Dual pump for my 2nd bb as i heard it work the same as PIS is is much cheaper.

btw, i m looking for confinement lady around mid of 2008. Do u still have your CL contact? can u share with me a bit more on your CL and her price?
No agent pls.

when I have 2 rounds of breast infection (masititis), i went to KKH's 24hr Women's clinic. Over there the nurse only let me use one side of the pump of PIS at the room while helping me to clear the blockage.

The suction of PIS is stronger as compared to Medela single mini electric pump.

I'm currently using 2 single mini electric pumps as my 2nd hand Ameda lactaline broke down on me. going to get another set of Ameda soon.

Let down is faster when i use Ameda lactaline and it's so much quieter than the mini E. PLus u can choose the suction and the speed. while mini E can only choose the speed and not the suction power. after a while, my body just got accustomed to the suction power of Mini e and it takes quite a while to have the let-down effect.

For Ameda, u can adjust both the suction power and speed to cater to ur personal comfort level. and yes, Ameda Lactaline is half the price of PIS.

if u want to try and see the difference, pop down to Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group's office. check out their website for opening hours. www.breastfeeding.org.sg

for myself, i tried Ameda at my fren's place and love it immediately! (but due to budget, i can only get 2nd hand set a few months back)
san4, i'm using Ameda pump too. i saw e pump selling at Robinsons centrepoint but when i asked, they told me it is not entitled to 20% sale, so u might want to check it out first.
hi bunnybluey, thank for the inf. ya lo. that day i went to their 20% sale but was disappointed that so many items not entitled to 20%. John little much better. at least 85% of their items got discount. but their things alway out of sock one.
hi bunnybluey, thank for the inf. ya lo. that day i went to their 20% sale but was disappointed that so many items not entitled to 20%. John little much better. at least 85% of their items got discount. but their things alway out of sock one.
Hi Mummies,
I have few questions on BFeding:

How long do you usually latch your baby? Initially, I started 30mins and gradually reduce to 15-20mins per feed. However, my baby seems not enough.
I feed him every 3hours interval. When he still demand for milk, I gave him Formula milk instead. Is it too much milk for the baby?
Hi mummyfel,

How old is your baby? The LC will ask u 1st question.

I latch on my son when he was 2 mths old about 45min per breast. Even if it empty breast, LC ask me to just let baby suck. The milk will come. I miss out the 1st mth. and is a important Days to build milk supply. DO NOT GIVE FORMULSA MILK. LATCH ON 45min, even if baby not enough, just latch on. He will stop if he has enough. I feed 2 hourly.

I have the same problem before when i started my BFeeding 4 mths ago. Now is okie liao but still low supply. taking fenugreek to increase supply.

He may try this wed site but is from america. Trainee LC online to assist u every tue and thursday. Look out for the schedule and international time different.

Dear Mums,
This finding in what is known to be the largest randomised study trial on human lactation might be interesting for you all and also, spur breastfeeding mothers on! Have a read.. =)

In a report published in May 5 in the Archives of General Psychiatry:
The study subjects were 17,046 healthy infants enrolled at 31 maternity hospitals and clinics in the Republic of Belarus in 1996-1997, of whom 13,889 were assessed again at age 6.5 years and this is reported as the largest randomized trial ever conducted in human lactation.

Exclusive breast-feeding for 3 to less than 6 months was associated with a mean verbal IQ higher by 4.7 points than that seen with exclusive breast-feeding for less than 3 months. Exclusive breast-feeding for 6 months or more was associated with a mean increase of 5.2 points.

For performance IQ, the mean effects were 1.2 points for 3 to less than 6 months of exclusive breast-feeding and 2.1 points for 6 months or more. Similarly, the mean effects for full-scale IQ were 3.3 points and 4.2 points, respectively, Dr. Kramer and his associates said.

“Because protection against infections in developed country settings does not have the life-and-death implications for infant and child health that it does in less-developed settings, cognitive benefits may be among the most important advantages for breastfed infants in industrialized societies,” they added.

If one breast has better milk yield than the other side, how to increase the amount of milk produced for both breasts? Anyone can advise? Thanks.
hi smurfygal

i also looking for this answer, my diff is abt 40-50ml leh per session, quite strange hor?
I breastfed my daughter for 18 mths. Had the same imbalance milk supplies on either side too. Going to deliver 2nd one soon and hope to breastfeed. Hope to get solution for this imbalance problem
can ask a dumb question - can take folic acid while breastfeeding? I think shud be ok, but i just wanna double confirm.

I am still bf my 17month ger, and may wanna try for #2, so tot let my body get ready by taking folic acid.
hi jessica,
taking folic acid, no harm while breastfeeding. if too much, the body will expel out anyway. good luck on TTCing.
Cna someone give me some tips on how to make babies drink in a bottle? My daughter is 2mths++, frm birth till now i've always give her my breast intead of bottle. When i want to let her drink in the bottle, she refuse to drink and she will cry and cry. She even starve herself for 4 to 5hrs. At last i give in, and give her my breast.
hie, lynnz,

Use breastflow technology bottle, brand; 1st few years,can buy in OG, the bottle look and feel like mothers breast,my bb hates the nuk , the avent,etc...but this bottle she take to it and switches from breast to bottle... good luck, i totalbf too and my bb 2 monthsold
yukiko, my mum gave her the bottle not me...i even hide in my room while my mum gave her the bottle..still no effect. The funny thing is, its my breastmilk inside the bottle..how come she doesnt even wanna drink??

pluf, ok noted.. i'll try to look the brand 1st few years..they only sell in OG is it? i've tried a lot of brands too but still no effect, hopefully this one will work..
Experience mothers, I have a question on breastfeeding. After I express my BM into a bottle and put in the fridge, can I use the same bottle again for my next express if the bottle is not full? Am hoping to save space in the fridge instead of having so many half-full bottles lying in the fridge.
My 2pence worth, i think it's been quoted in all breastfeeding guides that it's not advisable to put freshly pumped milk into those that's been stored to prevent contamination. I face the same problem too.. no choice. You may like to put the milk into bags? Otherwise, direct feed as much as possible.
Hi All

Need some advice. Think the question is similar to above but I am not putting freshly pumped milk into fridge milk.

hmmm, cos disposable bags are of bigger quantity abt 250ml. so u store in freeze of small quantity (per feed quantity) in each disposable bag? wasteful right.

I was thinking of mixing EM(in bottles) extracted on the same day at day end from fridge into the disposable bag and store into freezer. Can? worry contamination. Then when i need, i just thaw the one big bag and divide into smaller quantity via bottles and put into fridge for consumption on the same day.
Hi Srumpee & SY, depending on your own comfort level, you may. To share with you my experience. What I did was to put the half-filled bottle of EBM into the chiller immed. For my next express , I simply take out of the chiller and affix the pump directly to the bottle. Once the bot is full, label and put directly into the freezer to freeze.

SY, if my EBM is stored in disposable milkbags, what I do is to take it out from the freezer the night before the planned feed(s) and let it slowly thaw in the chiller. The next day, it is just nice and cold like fresh milk. You may divide it into your required qty in glass/milk bottles and warm up to feed your baby. Do note that thawed milk can be kept max in the fridge for 24 hrs. Hope that helps. Happy breastfeeding!
hi...I'm going to deliver my first child soon and I also want to try to BF..

I've heard that it is advisable to BF directly as even giving the baby the EBM in a bottle may confuse them. Is that true?

Also, if I express the milk and store in a milk bag / bottle...how long can it be kept if i store it in our normal refrigerator freezer component?

Thanks for any advice....
Lynnz (mama_lina)

If your bb still is not on the bottle, try pigeon latex teats, The japanese made one which you can get from Taka at 2.50 per pc, it is different from the normal pigeon lates 3.50 for 2. It helps the bb to have a correct latch on too
Hi all,i'm having some problem wif bf. seem like the milk amt is kind of nt enough,and dunno if bb had enough of the milk. cos he kind like very greedy,even if he's full he wil still carry on drinking till he vomit it all out.cos i try to feed him timing quite closely..... some advice pls...... thanks..
bluqueen, wats the timing interval for each feed? 3hrs ? 4 hrs? how many mths old is ur baby?? how is ur baby's weight gain now?

I used to have the same concern as well, esp we BF we really dun koe how much the bb is drinking, whether enuff or not...

however the underlying g/line is as long as bb's weight gain is good, healthly/happy & smiling , means ur bb shd be taking enuff milk.

Babies are all like tt, even if enuff they may still wan to latch on..think for comfort too.
I have a few questions here. When I was at the maternity, I only fed my boy with breast milk followed by a fed of FM in the night when he stayed at the nursery.

Since we are back 2 days ago, I still breast feed him (was told 10 mins on each side) but he seems to be hungry after. Then I tried to latch him longer. Like 20 mins on each side. Still hungry. Ended up on the first night at 2AM giving him 60ml of FM.

1. Is it ok to give FM an hour after breast-feeding? He cried more than 15 mins once. It was horrible. Can we mix BM and FM like that?

2. How much FM should we give for a 6 days old baby?

3. This morning, we tried to start afresh. I was so tired yesterday. Just having my boy latch on for as long as he wanted. My mom gave him 60ml of FM at 8am and he is still sleeping after 2 hours.
What should I do next? Give him my breast or FM? I think I will try breast feeding. But if he is still not satisfied, should I give him FM right away again? Don't wish to repeat the cycle of yesterday.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Soh,

I suggest you pump out your breast milk to feed your baby from the bottle since it appears that you are not confident how much are you feeding. Bringing FM will interfere in your milk supply production since baby will find it easier to take the FM from the bottle and you need constant stimulation/suckling at your breast to encourage the milk supply to flow. As long as your baby is producing 7-8 wet diapers and passing motion, he's doing fine.
How to ensure both breasts hav equivalent ms...i used to have rite side 2/3 more than e left side...i tried full time / tbf for abt 1/2 mth...now e ms on both sides more or less =...

sometimes, there may b some blocked ducts on 1 side, hence e imbalanced ms...someone oso mentioned itz common to have one breast more ms than e other one...

regular sucking by bb helps...

jus wan to ask...ok to bf w flu...if on panadol medication, how long muz it take to resume bfing?

tks so much for ur reply...

fresh bm vs expressed bm...not sure of e real reason but could b tat e bb prefers e experience of suckling fleshy nipples other than plastic teats...plus e warmth of ur body near him...it is tough to transit but we muz b firm w e bb to see results...involve other caregivers...another way is to make bb get hungry...like if itz a usual 2hr interval, stretch to 2.5-3 hr interval, then he has no choice but to have e ebm...

check e difference in taste/ temperature bet bm/ebm* esp refrigerated...

Need advice from mummies who total breastfeed and total latch on.

After sucking for 10 min, does your baby cry because of the slower flow in the hind milk? My baby often gets impatient with the slower flow in the hind milk and cries, unlatch himself, then latch again, and cries. He keeps repeating this. After I changed breast, he is fine and after 10 min, repeats this again. Though this doesn't happen at every feed, but it happens every day and kind of frustrating.

Any mummy experiences this? Can kindly advise what do you do under this situation? Thanks.
Hi lushvelvet,
thanks for your advice.

Hi summerdreams,
i am doing mix feeding. Not total breastfeeding. And my 2 month old baby is similar to yours. He gets impatient and frustrated. When this happens, I just stop feeding him and trys to burp him. Sometimes, he is actually full already and does not demand for more. I can 't really advise you what to do cos I am trying to stop BF as I will start work soon.
Hi Soh,

Thanks for your reply...not sure what to do. I also tried stopping him and burp him and sometimes he is ok but sometimes get even more frustrated that I stopped him. If my mum or hubby is around, I will ask them to carry him. Somehow, it manages to calm him down else he will keep wanting the breast and yet get frustrated with the slow flow. If they are not around, I will end up re-latching him again but very scared with his impatience.

I wonder is it because my milk is not established, hence the slow flow? How do you know your milk has established? When will milk be established? Any mummy can advise? Thanks.
hi Summerdreams,

Baby cried in the middle of a feed due to various reasons such as too slow or fast flow, needs burping etc. Every feed maybe due to different reason. What you are doing is corect. Just try to calm him or switch side or burp. After a while you will understand the different cues.

Your milk is established after feeding for about a month or 2. You will feel that the breast is fuller after a few hours, near to the next feeding time.

Don't worry too much. The feeding pattern of babies keep changing. One week will be ok and next week will be something new cos they are growing very fast.
Hi Red Tulip,

Glad to see your reply...seems like its usually because of the slow flow as it always happens after sucking for some time. Can't do much except to calm him or change breast.

I have been total breastfeeding for about 5.5 weeks. If the baby sleeps for 3 hours (which is rare), my breasts will become full and some times start dripping milk. So this means my milk has established?

My baby clutter feed every day...so he wants to drink every hour and at times, 30 min or less after feeding, wants to drink again. Hence I am wondering the breasts can't produce the milk fast enough, hence, he becomes frustrated with both the low volume and slow flow.
Hi Summerdreams..

Could your baby be going through a growth spurt? Usually their demand for milk goes up much more during those growth spurt phases.

Just a word of advise on switch-breasting.. If baby is not emptying the breast before switching, she may not be getting enough hindmilk. And the imbalance in foremilk/hindmilk intake may result in greenish poo.. just don't be alarmed when you see that. ;)
Hi Lush Velvet,

My baby has been clutter feeding since birth...always drinking non-stop and seldom sleep. Occasionally he will sleep for 2 or 3 hours. Other than that, he always sleep on feeding and wakes up after I take the breast off. Even at night, I have to wake up 4, 5 times to feed him. Actually I don't mind feeding him so often, just that feel very sian when he cries when feeding.

About the switching of breast, when he is frustrated, I still try to make him drink 20 min on a breast before switching unless he really too fussy before 20 min, then have no choice but to switch. I hope he is drinking enough hind milk.

Hi, my baby is about 3 weeks old. I am breastfeeding her as well as giving formula milk. Would like to ask,
(i) when bf, how long do we let baby latch on for one side before switching to the other side?
(ii) normally how long is the interval between feedings?
(iii) is it true that breastfed babies tend to have loose stools compared to FM-fed babies?
(iv) I also see this mentioned in one of the posts - if for one feeding I have fed baby FM, I should not top-up by bf her? i.e. should not mix FM with bf?

Thanks in advance!