Hi Maple, you're welcome..

Btw, can any mummies share with me how do you store your EBM? by glass bottle or milkbag? Which way is better? Thanks!
Hi Leng Leng,

Kellymom website really has a lot of info. regretted din spend enuff time reading. must spend time to read a little everyday from now on. but the problem is, just too much info, dun know which one to read.

found something interesting - oversupply. i was having forceful let down. bb often just let go n i have to use a towel to quickly cover (afraid milk sprayed on bb eyes), wait till the spraying stopped then continue. i was wondering if there is any way to remedy it. then the mention of nipple shield. should have consulted lact consultant on nipple shield. but i did always nurse on one side only. and bb used to poo only once a day (but pees a lot) though on bm.

now with fenugreek she poos more often. oso, observed she has stomach upset (crying a lot) just 2 days ago. she never have this before. maybe due to fenugreek.

must quickly establish enuff ss and stop fenugreek liao.

but oversupply before i have fever? no ler ... my ss couldn't meet bb demand still. now i still short of abt 200ml a day.
line a towel/hankie around BB's neck when you BF,
when the letdown is too strong, BB will unlatch,
use the towel/hankie to press on your teat,
the behind can wipe BB's face at the same time.. hehe...

After a few days of this, our breast will "tune" to suit BB's suction.

Best to nurse on both sides alternately,
else it'll be heavier on 1 side only.
Try getting the other side to produce more milk & meet demand.

Drink more often sure Poo more often lah...
Try rubbing RU YI YOU on BB's tummy to get rid of wind.
Hi lengleng,
Thanks for the advise..I purchased the milk tea...wha the taste really not my type...besides this milk tea what other method can try...
Ok will go n look for fridge to go..so that at least I can go out with friends while still pumping..
Hi fatmamalove,
you are most welcome.
You can try fenugreek.
Don't let BFing stop you from doing what you want & like.
Hi Mummies,
Need some more advice. Any idea how long freshly expressed BM can stay fresh in cooler bag b4 it turn bad? I need to go out tmr and will be expressing outside. Intend to put the EBM in the cooler bag after expressing. So need to know how long the EBM can stay fresh inside the cooler b4 I reach home and transfer it to the freezer.
Hi Leng Leng,
Going for my TCM appt tonight. The waiting time there is damn long, so thot of bringing my pump to standby, and maybe to pump while waiting. But now got another problem, bcos I just recalled that there is no place there for expressing. So now, maybe I'll adjust my timing and pump b4 I leave home and hopefully I can tahan till I return home to pump again.

You got any other better suggestions if there's no place to express?
I am so distressed by my baby poo.Sometimes watery yellow sometimes green and sometimes blood streak in her poo.
As her poo is inconsistent.My mil said its becos of inconsistent feeding that lead to her intestine cant take it.
As my milk supply sometimes can be 60mls sometimes 80mls when i pump out.I always try to provide in her each feeding followed by fomula.
So she will sometimes ask for feeding at different timing.
How to give my girl breastmilk n formula but at the same time be consistent all the way..
My mil has told me to stop breastfeeding she said its enough.
I really dun feel like giving up but all odds are at me as nobody in the house is supportive.
does she have constipation? esp when there's blood streak?
Formula milk babies need to drink water.

Tell your MIL,
Maybe the formula is not suitable for your baby?
Fatmamalove: how old is ur bb? I hv been thru a similar experience on the breastfeeding part. Try to boost up ur milk supply n go on full breastmilk.

To break your mil's perception, for consistent feeding, schedule feeding times. At each feed, feed the same amount of breastmilk and same amount of formula. If u can only pump 60ml, just give 60ml. Extra ml can keep for next feed or freeze.
Hi fatmamalove,

how old is your bb now? i also have the same experience, as i dun have enuff for my bb too. but that was during the 1st 2 months. after that, bb poo is ok already. she continue to be on formula and breastmilk. but i usually give her either all breastmilk or formula each feed. seldom mix, unless she cannot finish her earlier breastmilk feed.

if u r still in your 1st month or 2nd, try to establish milk ss. it would be good when bb go for vaccination - won't get fever so easily.

Hi Leng Leng,

I took your advice! i got the coke fridge to my mil place last min. and during one of the night feed my bb flip when i was preparing ebm. lucky i was there to help her as she doesn't know should rest her head one side when tired of lifting her head yet.

but i was so busy there n i only get to pump twice a day. now ss super low. besides fenugreek, anything else can help to boost ss? r u organising any spree for fenugreek?
Hi Leng Leng,

am taking fenugreek now. but unable to get back to my 1st month ss. any alternatives which can go together with fenugreek?

will continue to take fenugreek. have pm u my email. when is the estimated arrival date for shipment? my stock is running low.
resting & sleeping,
do you drink 3L of water daily?

You need to express every 3 hourly,
supply = demand,
if there's no demand, you won't supply enough.
Hi Leng Leng,

I didn't measure how much i drank. but i did have lots of plain water, soup, hot drink etc every day. however, all these seems to have converted to sweat instead.

ya .. now back to 3 hour pumping. but right now bb down with flu. poor feeding and sleeping. i sometimes can hardly open my eyes. but am desperate coz bb only wants breastmilk. she rejects formula. maybe formula makes her throat uncomfortable. i've gotta quickly establish ss.
Hi Leng Leng,

have u tried nursing tea and organic mother's tea? wonder can take together with fenugreek.

I am currently weaning off from bfing but there is still 1 lump left in each breast. They have been there for 2-3 months already but they don't hurt at all. I've tried massaging it before but they didn't clear.

Is it all right to leave them there even when I've weaned or should I visit a LC to try to clear it?
Hi mummies,

if menses come, does it mean bf going to stop soon??? i intend to buy a 2nd pump to place in office but now not sure ... afraid ss will stop very soon.
menses come meaning you are ovulating,
& your body is ready to have another baby,
that's all.

SS will drop during the few days,
it'll increase again after menses finishes.

Don't be surprise if your menses for the next few months do not come & is late,
it's normal for BFing mummies.
Hi Leng Leng,

kinda worry coz have another record low ss.

i attempted to direct latch bb yesterday when she was frantically looking for pacifier. she sucks a few times then turned away. will continue. gosh, she behaves like drug addict when looking for pacifier ... turning her head left right up down, arms swingng like dunno where she wants them to be, mouth opened closed like gold fish, breathing fast n drooling like dog waiting for food to be served. my girl fills her stomach wif air sucked in wif pacifier. she doesn't cry for milk.
haha... that's very adoreable...
Was she well fed when you try to latch her on?
Cause if she's very full, she will not want more milk,
thus turned away.
No. she wasn't looking for milk. just her pacifier. so i waited till she is desperate then offer nipple for her to suck. she used to turn away whenever she sees nipple. just trying to get her to accept again, before advancing to next stage of offering milk. hope this works.

anyway ... she is sick with running nose and cough. did not drink much. was so worried. she lost 300g in 3 days. milk intake dropped to less than 50% of her normal. my friend who is a nurse advised me to admit her to hospital. but kkh doc did not prescribed any medication for her, as she is less than 6 mth. i desperate, went to another doc opp my flat. she prescribed medicine, said is mild. bb is better now. milk intake increased but still not at normal level. she used to have night feeding but now she doesn't want anymore. if she wakes up, she just want pacifier. maybe she is getting ready to sleep thru the night. am not sure should continue to offer night feed or not, given that her milk intake is really low, would want her to drink as much as possible now. anyway, if she doesn't want, cannot force. if she cries, make her running nose and cough worse.
Dada: My mensus just came back, and ss really dropped a lot!

BTW, you shouldn't worry if your bb wants to sleep thru the night and not drink milk, so long as she has enough intake in the day and is gaining weight. As she's sick now, will lose some weight. Once she recovers, she will drink/eat a lot to make up for this.

When my bb fell sick w flu, the PD does prescribe medicine leh. Strange that KK did not give you any medicine. BTW, it will take 5 days to clear the flu.
none of my kids were given medicine below 6mths old for runny nose,
just nose drop.

BB can't suck well with runny nose,
can't breath, thus will not like to drink milk.

You can try nose drop to "dry" her nose mucus,
else.. be brave, use your mouth to suck the mucus out.

She needs to drink, or try spoon feeding,
else will be admitted to hospital due to dehydration.
my bb sick for more than a week already. she lost almost half kg. now i forcing her to drink with spoon until she discovered the way to blow and spit out the milk.

Leng Leng,

I tried sucking the mucus with mouth especially when her nose is so congested before sleep. but can't suck all the time. after i sucked, her nose is congested again in 5 min.

my mum went back to the doc that prescribed med. she said can dun take the med for nose and throat but have to take the med for phlegm. else, if phlegm gets to lungs, worse. i reduced dosage to once a day for running nose except for the phlegm, coz my bb cough really scarry, cough till like out of breath. i wanted to stop the running nose med but once i stopped, her cough also got worse (nose discharge goes to throat n become phlegm, i think). at night i keep putting my finger in front of the nose to ensure she is breathing .. paranoid. she sleeps on tummy.
does she sleeps in aircon?
Can try to stop the Aircon or set to "dry mode".

There's some good reason why polyclinic & KKH do not give babies so young medicine...

Try asking for nose drip to dry nose musus.
If sucking out makes her feels better,
keep doing it lor.

Yes, if mucus goes to her lungs,
need to go hospital liao...
Hi leng leng

I'm currently using food warmer to warm up EBM but feel that the temp seem quite high after milk is warm up... Milk seem rather hot (using those food warmer which had preset settings...). Heard that the nutrients of EBM will be lose if temp too high. Any idea if it's safe to use food warmer in this case? Is there any temp guideline?
Hi ladies,

Need to ask a 'stupid' question. How do I know if I have block ducts anot?

Currently, when I express, the milk will come out from a few ducts. Does this mean that I have block ducts cos the milk only come out from that few miserable ducts? Or does this mean that I'm okay (ie no block ducts) since milk is coming out fine from those few ducts?
where did you "heard that" from?
If it's not safe, I don't think the MFG will be selling them.

My kids love the temp of milk from the warmer,
it's closest to mummy's temperature.
Hi Jiayi,
My bb is abt 8weeks old liao. Nowadays she stopped nagging liao..so hopefully thats the end of it for now..
My baby poo is still the same sometimes got blood streak...today went to kkh for doc to see..when the doc poke her finger into her tiny bottom, she cried like hell..
I felt really bad..as the doc said maybe just tear...so will just need to monitor in this mth again..n if still the same maybe got to do some tests on the poo.
if my girl drink fully on bm..she can cry for milk in less than an hr..and all her feeding will be haywire.
If i give her half formula n bm she can tahan for 2 hrs..but how to drag longer feeding time ar?
now my ss is average 14oz per day.but my girl drinking double..I was tempted to latch her on..but scared she will like it n dun want bottle feed as I will be going to work next mth.
Leng leng,
I just used hot water in a cup to make hot the bm..normally abt 4-5mins when I tested on my hand its hot ar..I also have avent warmer at home but dunno how to use it, as the milk gets very hot ar..
from a mummy to another.

need to use warm water to warm the milk,
when the water is not warm enough, change it,
or use a larger container.
Hot Water will kill the goodies antibodies in the BM, hths.
hi fatmamalove,

how frequent your bb poo? mine once a day most of the time since 8 weeks old, but her poo is still watery with formula n BM, unless she takes >50% BM, then her poo is slightly formed. Is your bb poo hard?

my bb was drinking 27oz a day in her first mth too. but that's becoz she wants to suck, not really hungry, she drinks until vomit. she adjusted the amt lower in 2nd mth coz i intro pacifier. give all the BM that you have to bb! it's good for her. never mind abt her haywire feeding time. i couldn't get hold of my bb feeding time too until 2 weeks ago when she is abt 4 mths. now her timing can be estimated. but even so, their feeding time change from time to time as they grow.

Hi Leng Leng,
how long to warm up BM with warm water? I use hot water too. coz sometimes bb cannot wait ler. also, old ppl said chilled food must make hot hot else stomach got wind.
Dada: your bb poo once a day? I remembered mine when 2 months pooed a few times a day. She was on total bm. U sure bb is not hungry when u gave pacifier? Cos pacifier may cause the bb to feel full from sucking.

Did kk check n ensure the blood streak is from the poo n not urine? I am just concerned that it may be urine infection. If ur bb poo is soft n not hard, shld not cause tear, unless u wipe her too hard.
Hi Leng Leng,

Re: block ducts
Noted with thanks. In that case, I dont have block ducts.

Re: warming BM
I also use hot water from the hot water flask to warm chilled BM. I thot that is ok? But I do know that we should not use hot boiling water (ie 100 degrees) to warm the BM as it will destroy some of the protective properties of the milk.
hihi mummies, any of your breastfeed baby sleep thru the nite? I'm starting work soon and hoping to train my 2 and a half months bb to sleep thru the night now so it won't be so taxing when i start work. Is it advisable for BF bb to sleep thru the nite so young? any advice? thankss...

My breastfed is not sleeping through the night, maybe cos she sleeps with me. It's okie for bfed bb to sleep thru the night. No problem, so long bb has enough for the day.